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Write off info storage?

Hi folks,

Does anyone know what business object stores the fields circled in red in the attached screencap?

Context: I'm trying to create a simple "deadbeat" report that will allow me to identify repeat non-payment of balances on particular records.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Creating a SSL cert with cmd

Found this on a stackoverflow post

I would suggest you look at the IIS 6 Resource Kit:

There is a tool in the resource kit called selfssl.exe - it automates the creation, assignment and even trusting of the newly created certificate. We use it quite a bit where I work to ensure that our dev boxes have certificates we can use during testing/development.

Flat Rate Late Fee for those not renewed yet

Have been around this soo many times.

Has anyone got a solution to generate a flat rate late fee using a product and bill run that will charge the late fee to all members of defined member types that have not yet renewed. Th.e charge has to then appear on the payment page for online payment when/if they do renew.

We have tried soo many different ways and none of them work - why is this soooo hard - it really should be very simple!

iMIS 20.2 REST API Examples

As many of you may already be aware, iMIS 20.2 comes equipped with a built-in REST API layer that allows developers to communicate with the SOA API via the URL using REST.

This feature is not yet supported or documented by ASI, but seems to be working really well so far, so I have started a blog post with some example queries. If anyone has any sample queries they would like to add, or if you would like to request additional examples, feel free to leave a comment on the blog post.

Using Step-Through Debugging in Visual Studio when IMIS is involved. How To?

When I try to run an application in the Visual Studio Debugger, it fails (trace below). I have never been able to debug anything where the ASI security is in place. Can someone tell me their experience and/or how to use Visual Studio to attach and step through my custom code, when the Asi.ContentManagerNet.SessionState.get_IsLoggedIn() is called?

I assume since I am starting the app without moving through IMIS Authentication (essentially skipping it), then the objects for security are not created.

iBO Asi.iBO.CStaffUser Dues Error

We just upgraded a customer from iMIS 15.1.3 to 20.2 and are running into this issue with their iBO.Net dues processing. The error occurs when a user tries to join – it processes their dues, and the error occurs when trying to add a subscription. Below is the stack trace so you can see at which step it’s failing and how it got there. This is not happening for commerce through the online store or with registration.

Old iBO.NET CContactUser.LoginByWebLogin() Broke in 20.2 Upgrade

Looking at some old iBO.NET code. Upgraded from 15.1.3 to latest version of 20.2 and am getting the following error when calling Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContactUser.LoginByWebLogin():

System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Asi.Security.CommonToken' threw an exception. ---> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Asi.Business.Common.SystemEntityController' threw an exception. ---> Asi.Business.SchemaLoadException: Unable to load object schema definition for SystemEntity ---> Asi.Business.Common.DocumentNotFoundException: Document not found or insufficient permissions to read document. $/Business Object Schema/SystemEntity ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Procedure or function asi_DocumentMainByPath has too many arguments specified.

How to get AuthorizationCode / SecurityCode of CreditCardInformationData after paying by CartManager


I am working on a custom online payment page. After customer paid, I need to display a confirmation page which contains some credit card information (Authorization code / Security Code etc.).
My code is almost a copy from the iMis SOA documentation example code.!commercecartmanager.htm

ValidateResultsData results = cartManager.SubmitCart();
From results, you can find a CreditCardInformationData, but it was not updated. AuthorizationCode and SecurityCode are all null.

RiSE LoginUserAndProvide Cookies: Domain IP Cookie ColdFusion

Working to implement RiSE LoginUserAndProvide Cookies: Login using IP with ColdFusion programming
Documentation notes to specify Domain. Our client has only provided IP for the development servers.
Several Issues:
ColdFusion cookie tag will not accept IP in place of Domain
Other workarounds seem to hit similar issue.


un-collapse program option listings

We've got a client who has had several issues with event registrations where the registrant didn't see/understand that the 2nd/3rd day of program options were available just needed to be expanded, so they've requested that all days/groups of options are expanded by default all the time.

I've submitted to ASI, but all that did was get submitted as an RSE - with no potential workaround to accomplish this.