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iMIS 20.2 not the best

Just wondering if others are as frustrated with iMIS 20.2 as I am. Some basic functionality has been removed that makes no sense for ASI to do so. A good example is the loss of sending a registration notification to the staff contact setup in the events. ASI informs us we need to setup an IQA and then use Communication Suite to schedule the email.

TaskCentre - added connection to new testing server/db, but how to get Server to show up when configuring a SQL Trigger step?

In TaskCentre, we have several live tasks running against SQL server IMISSQL, database OURDB.
We developed them in a "Test" folder; at that time we went against the same SQL server, but database APWATEST.
Now, the test database we have to use is on a new server, TESTIMISSQL, database APWATEST.

So in TaskCentre I went into Manage / Tools / Input / Database Query (ODBC), and added a connection, for which the Test button shows Success.

SOA and Change Log for customizer tables

I'm using GenericEntityData to update user defined or customizer tables using SOA, which is the only method I have been able to find, and is very data specific to SQL (ie - there is not benefit to using SOA over just plain SQL)

And on top of there being the additional over head of using SOA vs SQL, SOA is not recording to the change log. So not only is there more coding to use SOA, but there is even more SQL coding to update the change log.

How to get a Customer Service Alert button to display a "Success!" msg / go to new page after it has run the designated steps?

Hi all,

Customer Service Alert (CSA) question here.

We have a page on which a Continuing Ed student will view a potential Mentor's profile, and click a Select This Mentor button.
The button is a CSA (an add-on created by McGladrey).
When the button is clicked, it'll run a stored procedure to insert into the Relationship table and also insert into an "Events For TaskCentre" table to trigger a Task which will email the Mentor and Student.

Crystal Runtime Error during invoice generation

Upgraded to V20

Customized Dues renewals invoice getting error Crystal Runtime Error   Error in file....... Specified value type is different to the current value type

any way to find out what specifically it is complaining about.

I have opened in crystal reports and repointed at new database fields and it says that the database is up to date. but still getting this error. How do I debug?

Override ContentArea

I have an InteriorPageContent designated on my Master page along with a content area "Sidebar" in WCM. It appears correctly on all the interior pages, including Communities. I have written a little css to hide it on the communitiy home page, but when the user clicks on any of the additional pages (Discussions, Blogs, Wikis, etc.) it shows up again because the links to those go to the locked core content folder.

IQA Date Filters

Hello All, 

I'm trying to create an IQA for Informz that will pull IDs only for company records that expired on the last day of previous month.  Does anyone know a way this can be acomplished?  It's appears that SQL cannot be used as a filter. 

Multi-Registrations - how to determine who is currently selected registrant

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to determine who is the selected registrant on the standard Event iParts page when there are multiple people being registered. You know as you add each new registrant they get a little box with their name and you can select your different registrants and make choices for each person? Has anyone figured out how to determine the person that is selected. I already tried "Selected User" but that did not work.

Upgrading from iMIS 10 to 20. What to do with mission critical DTS objects?

We are in the midst of upgrading iMIS 10.6 to iMIS 20.2. Our implementation of iMIS 10.6 relies heavily on two DTS objects. One is absolutely mission critical as it imports data from the Government that forms the basis of our membership; as in a member is considered Active only after they are imported with a payment record. Basically the object imports CSV files and do a lot of data updates, additions etc. We also run an ASI supplied "Post Upload" script, that performs IMIS 10.6 related back end table updates etc.

Custom 404

Has anyone configured a custom 404 page for a standalone RiSE site?

Currently, we're getting an ugly server error message and not the set ~/404.aspx page:

Server Error in '/' Application.

The resource cannot be found.

Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.