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Join Now member type

I am having a play with the Join Now feature that is in the v20 web pages. However, I cannot see where I can set the member type it should use when it does the contact create. I have created an Applicant Join Now button, product and bill cycle and I can get the contact in and the charge into their cart. but where can I set the member type that it should use when it creates the contact record? We do not have the acquisition module so I am wondering if it is in there - but I am also looking for the doc on that feature and there is nothing in the doc site.

Creating multiple Domains/SubDomains

I am responding to James Question and very excited to have my first Blog entry

Creating multiple domains

Instructions for creating multiple domains

  • Configure sub domains in DNS that will be used
  • Configure separate domains in RiSE – see below
  • Modify existing links that reference old URL’s
  • Forward old links to new sub domains in DNS

Configuration of Separate Domains in RiSE

Committee pages

I thought it would be fairly straight forward to create a set of committees for our provincial council committees, add users to the committee and then give the council their own page (like the community page) secured from the public and members on the web site - apparently not.

We have a council made up of several different committees. I would like to have the committees defined and the members added to their appropriate committee (some are one more than one committee)

Exhibition- Product codes

My product codes for my booths are not showing up yet those for additonal products are there when I try to register someone.  Can anyone help me?


Get State names using IBO c oding - IMIS 20

I want to populate state drop down using IBO.
I did below coding, but drop down filled with State codes. How we can get State names instead of codes.
// Load states from DB
if (drpState.Items.Count == 0)
string[] _States = Asi.iBO.iboAdmin.ReferenceData.StatesProvinces;

foreach (string _pr in _States)

RiSE Access Settings problem

I have a few sites live on RiSE (, and I've yet to find a combination of access settings for content records that actually work the way they should.

I find that if I check 'Content requires user to login' on the profile tabs, and then make the page available to only Specific Member Types on the Access Settings tab, when I save and publish the record, then browse to in in a browser where I am logged out, I'm immediately presented with this message:

Track user profile updates

I'm looking to provide some information regarding our users. The following question has come up How many users have logged in to update their profile? My thought is that there is a table that shows a Last Updated By column with the userid and also a timestamp column. My concern is that any save event will cause the timestamp to update. Is there any way to show the ones that updated any portion of their profile?

Programatically creating a new record in iMIS 20.1


I have a custom application that we were using with iMIS 15 and eCM; the site is being upgraded to iMIS 20.1 and RiSE, so I'm converting it to .NET.  Previously, we had a stored procedure that was being used to insert a new record in the iMIS database.  When I try to use this sp in the new version, it executes successfully, but then when I try to access the record in iMIS I get an error that the customer portfolio is shutting down.

Activity class in v20

I'm migrating some code from 10.6 to 20 and am wondering whether the Activity class maps to anything in the current version - I don't see any obvious equivalent in the SOA API.

Does anyone know what SOA class is used to create/edit Activities?

Gen table Codes iPart

Is there an iPart that allows display and selection of Gen table Codes?