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FedEX and UPS change in Shipping Methods. How did you approach this?

Recently FedEX and UPS changed their shipping method from freight by weight to dimensional shipping. I was hoping to get some feedback from the community on how your teams have addressed this change and how successful your solutions have been? Did you encounter any obstacles beyond the obvious?

Taskcentre - Default HTML Editor

In TaskCentre I don't seem to have a default HTML editor identified anymore. How/where do I set that up?

Restrict access

Is there a way to restrict access to staff site externally but still have access to it in the internal network.



IQA hyperlink transfers to Page 2; how to have it open Page 2 in a pop-up window?

Hi all,

I've created an IQA with the last column being a "Comments" link, which transfers to a different page that shows that comment text area for the User ID on that report line. The comments will probably often be several paragraphs long.

When the user clicks the browser's back-arrow, the IQA report reverts to its initial "no run params typed in, no results displayed" state.

Is there any way to make the link pop up a pop-up window? This would leave the original window unchanged.

Modifying "Register Others" IQA to return

I'm trying to modify the IQA that populates the "Register Someone Else" drop down in the Event Display iPart. The client want "companies" and "individuals" to be able to login to the web site and register for events. When logged in as a company the "Register Self" is disabled but they can register "someone else" which should be staff in the companies roster.. I need the IQA to meet four use cases.

iMIS Error when processing Create GL Journal

We've been trying to run the "Create GL Journal" from Process Month End in A/R Cash and we keep getting the following error message:

Error: No Due To - Due From information for:
owner entity ACA - cash entity V.

I've checked the ASI log file after attempting to run this report and don't see anything specific in the report.

I've been searching online but I'm not finding anything specific to this message in iMIS. I'm looking for any pieces of information any of you might have.

iMIS 20.2 not the best

Just wondering if others are as frustrated with iMIS 20.2 as I am. Some basic functionality has been removed that makes no sense for ASI to do so. A good example is the loss of sending a registration notification to the staff contact setup in the events. ASI informs us we need to setup an IQA and then use Communication Suite to schedule the email.

TaskCentre - added connection to new testing server/db, but how to get Server to show up when configuring a SQL Trigger step?

In TaskCentre, we have several live tasks running against SQL server IMISSQL, database OURDB.
We developed them in a "Test" folder; at that time we went against the same SQL server, but database APWATEST.
Now, the test database we have to use is on a new server, TESTIMISSQL, database APWATEST.

So in TaskCentre I went into Manage / Tools / Input / Database Query (ODBC), and added a connection, for which the Test button shows Success.

SOA and Change Log for customizer tables

I'm using GenericEntityData to update user defined or customizer tables using SOA, which is the only method I have been able to find, and is very data specific to SQL (ie - there is not benefit to using SOA over just plain SQL)

And on top of there being the additional over head of using SOA vs SQL, SOA is not recording to the change log. So not only is there more coding to use SOA, but there is even more SQL coding to update the change log.

How to get a Customer Service Alert button to display a "Success!" msg / go to new page after it has run the designated steps?

Hi all,

Customer Service Alert (CSA) question here.

We have a page on which a Continuing Ed student will view a potential Mentor's profile, and click a Select This Mentor button.
The button is a CSA (an add-on created by McGladrey).
When the button is clicked, it'll run a stored procedure to insert into the Relationship table and also insert into an "Events For TaskCentre" table to trigger a Task which will email the Mentor and Student.