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Custom Join options ("Relations") as defaults for custom business objects

When attempting to join a custom business object based on the Trans table to a standard business object that has ID while choosing sources for an IQA, I want it to automatically join ID = ST ID. Does anyone know how to do this? What forces that dynamism?

Recovery Mode with TaskCentre.


I have logged a case with ASi support asking about a recommended recovery model for IMIS (I would expect Full on a Production system).

They suggested Simple because of TaskCentre.

My Question is: 

Why would TaskCentre required the database to be in Simple mode rather that Full?

Is this some funky trigger issue this application (TaskCentre) has or is something not documented?

Google Analytics not tracking eCommerce...what gives?!

Hi again!

I have one more issue here.  Could anyone provide me with some insight into the fact that Google Analytics is not tracking my RiSE website's eCommerce data?  Is this a RiSE issue or a Google one?  How can I fix it?


Thanks in advance!


RiSE Shopping Cart Issue

Hi everyone,

Long story short, I've made some customizations to the default iCore shopping cart by copying it into my WCM site and editing the copy.  Can someone please explain to me how I can route all checkout links to this new version of the cart?

Your help would be immensely appreciated!




Angular.js app in a custom iPart

I would like to use Angular for client side operations in my iParts but am having trouble. The problem is possibly related to the fact that iMIS is also loading angular.js.

Does anyone know how to implement angular in a custom iPart?


Meeting setup in iMIS 20.1

Good morning:

I am setting up an event on the desktop side of iMIS. I have defined my registration classes and event detail with pricing. However, when I test a registration the error message "Individual registration has no pricing information for Registrant Class". Not sure what else I need to do to get this meeting up and running.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


How to get linked-to IQA report to pop up in new window?

Hi all,

We have a working IQA in which the person’s name is a link to go to another IQA query to show details about the person. In the IQA definition, that column’s Link value is:
~/MyAPWA/DCS/Mentor_Profile.aspx?MentorID=[code_ID] like you'd think; of course our ID column has that alias of "code_ID".

However, this opens the next IQA in the same window. So, when the user clicks the browser’s back arrow to return to the list of people, s/he must select the run criteria again and click a button, which is the like worst thing in the world apparently.

Member only access webpage message

Good day,

Our website has quite a bit of content that is only available to members. When a non-member clicks on member only material they are redirected to the log in page, but after logging in (for non-members) they are then redirected to the lovely unexpected IMIS error page. I looked at the configuration in Rise of the content and the properties on the content designer page are display within the template, content is restricted to members and content requires user to log in.

iMIS Duplicate Merge Manager - Tracking Merged ID Numbers

I know the iMerge product has a specific table for tracking merged ID numbers, but I need to find a way with the iMIS Duplicate Merge Manager to report the same results. I see where DMM will insert a Name_Log record for the ID number that is being deleted along with the Name of the person in question, but it doesn't tell me what ID number had information merged to it from that ID number that is being deleted.

IQA Query to pull all contacts who have not attended an event within a specific timeframe?

Hi everyone,

I'm recently self-taught in IQA and I've been able to write almost any query I can think of... except for this one.  I don't know what I'm missing, or if it's even possible, but here is the end result that I'm looking for:

I would like to pull the IDs and names for all contacts in iMIS who have neither registered for nor attended an event within a specified timeframe (for example: those who have not registered/attended in the last 6 months).