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Any way to force user to do conscious SAVE when editing their data in panel editor iparts or panel collection editor

I noticed that the address editor or multi instance panel editors the user must do save to save their changes and close the window, but other panels they do not have to hit save. It would be nice if we could have a page on which we could have html content items, and panel editor items, i.e. text (heading and instructions) panel, text panel and have a save at the bottom and their changes are only saved if they use the save button, This capability would work great for online renewal where you ask them to enter re-registration info that they must enter in order to keep in good standing with the regulatory body (this system was sold to us as a regulatory system) we require members to enter certain information at yearly renewal, and then they move onto pay their membership fee. I am trying to build a form in the same manner as I built an application form based on the join now capability - but I am having trouble getting it to all hang together.

Imis 20.1: Tag Events

Hello, and thank you in advance for the help (or for the pointer to the correct place to ask for help).

In Imis-300 20.1, is it possible to either:

1) Tag events? 
2) Search using the Event Code?

My desired result is to limit a Common Search of events.  Ideally I would do this by the Event Code, which allows us to definte events by location, department, age group, type, etc.  But it might be easier if we could add Tags to Events.

Communities Resource Library File Types

I sent this to ASI, but thought I'd post here too to see if anyone has encountered this.

In iMIS, I have reviewed what is currently in place for the AllowedUploadFileTypes in the web.config for the Communities resource library and also have reviewed the allowable file types from the list below from iMIS docs. I do not see the newer Office extensions (i.e. .docx, .xlsx, .pptx) in the allowable file extension list. Should the DOC, PPT, and XLS file types encompass these?

Video streaming of educational events after purchase in iMIS shop


Two years ago I made a post about purchasing_of_electronic_media_through_imis_shop. I'm wondering if anyone has any success stories or how they have tackled similar challenge in the time that has passed.

Our business requirement still stands (to allow members/non members to purchase video streams via our iMIS shop and have them accessible to them), but we are yet to progress.

remote desktop acces, no longer have access to Content Manager v15

Strange issue. I used to get to Content Manager with no problems. I have an admin remote desktop login and manager imis user login. I have not been into our production server for Content Manager lately as I have been working on a dev server and all of a sudden when I log in throught the remote desktop and log into imis I can access tools. site manager, bo manager etc, but no Content Manager. If I use a different admins imis user, same issue, if I use a different  remote user and manager or their imis user, same thing. but their remote user and imis user is ok on their desktop. Nothing has been done to my laptop lately that I can think of. I find it wierd that Content Manager is the only feature that I can see that I cannot access.

RegisterWebUser TimeoutException

I am running a mass creation of user login/passwords utilizing RegisterWebUser from the Membership Web Services and about every 20 - 30 records the service times out with the following error. I made sure all passwords meet the requirements defined in the web.config (6 characters) and that no usernames are larger than 60 characters. I also had thought that maybe some of the email addresses (which we're using for the usernames) may have had bad characters, such as a comma, etc, but after running several traces and viewing the records it's failing on that doesn't seem to be the case.

Putting document link in content, with button class

Looking at all the posts in here it would seem that ASI still have not come up with an elegant solution for uploading documents for links in content.

There is of course the Content File iPart, but that will display the nasty blue link and if you are wanting it in the middle of some text that then has a border around it (or in our case I changed that ipart control to do a shaded rounded box) that will not work, and I also cannot see how to put a button on the link.

sp_asi_UpdateNameIndex failing due to new clustered primary key for dbo.Name_Indexes (PK_Name_Indexes)

Since upgrading to iMIS 20.1.13 (from 15.x) users have been encountering a Customer Portfolio shutdown we have traced to a new clustered primary key for dbo.Name_Indexes. The primary key is "PK_Name_Indexes". This primary key did not exist in iMIS 15.x. The stored procedure "sp_asi_UpdateNameIndex" executes against dbo.Name_Indexes. It is unchanged between 15.x and 20.1.13, and will now occasionally fail because violations to this new primary key.

Customer Service Alerts (CSA) - Not Found message

We have created an instance from our working web iMIS installation & created new database restored from product db. After setup & installation, everything is working perfect however we are using CSA button action alert (customized button in webapge that redirect to another page) and every time we click CSA alert button it shows "Not Found" message popup. We have reinstalled CSA 2.01.00022 and still not working. Any thought will be appreciated.

Using SOA to override UnitPrice when registering for event


we're working on custom conference registration iPart mainly using SOA EventManager to register members for various event functions. There is a number of Registrant classes for the event and registrant can belong to more than one so we need to do the following:

1. Determine lowest price for registrant for each selected function or option. I was able to do that using iBO CFunction.GetFuncFeeByRegClass(registrantClass)