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Event Calendar Source

A couple of related questions:

1) Can the source query for the Event Calendar be editted?  We have hundreds of classes (Events) and need to limit which show on the calendar.

2) Does anyone know if there are plans to allow for using different source queries so that we could have multiple calendars, each with a different set of displayed Events?

Many thanks!

OT: How CSS works

Can I get an amen?

Consumable RSS Feed through iPart

I like to hear from anyone that has accomplished displaying a consumable rss feeds through an iPart using WCM 15.2.15?

The RSS examples I’m finding discuss striping all the HTML mark up from the page so on the WCM content record that I’ve created to display my XML has the ‘display within the template’ property unchecked. I’m using a complex iPart the initial control configuration setting displays and are saved. Where the data should display I get error problem loading this area. When I try and access the url direct in a browser I get the same thing. 

RiSE website CSS change

Ok, so I am trying to make a change to my iMIS website that exists in RiSE but I am having troubles. I need to change the size and location of the NAV bar for my Mercury themed website. Using both Firefox and Chrome developer tools, the line that needs to be changed is this:

'<div id="ctl00_TemplateMainNavigation_Primary_NavMenu" class="RadMenu RadMenu_Mercury rmSized" style="width: 100%; z-index: 1000;"'>'

How to find where a Customer Service Alert (CSA) is used?

Hi all,

We have a couple of CSAs which use a certain stored procedure; the SP has to change, so I'll need to test the CSAs.
How can I find out which pages the CSAs are used on? I don't see anything helpful in the ASI Content Browser or Query Browser.


What the stored proc does is to count the number of committees the current user is on, and, if none, create a link with description "Link to join a committee page", Action Text = "~/blah/pagename.aspx?ID=" + @ID... etc, nothing too interesting.

App_Theme Styles in Telerik editor

Has anyone figured out a way to only display the Styles specific to the site Themes in the Telerik tool? Right now it displays all styles which make it almost impossible to find the styles you want to use in your content.

SOA - Post Order with Paypal payment

I am tyring to complete an order using Paypal/Paypal Express and can't seem to figure out what is wrong.

here is a Unit test I have to set the payment method of a cart order to PPE and get the Paypal payment url:

public void SetPaypal()
            var userData = memMan.FindUserByUserName(UserName);

            var partyData = (PersonData)memMan.FindPartyById(userData.Party.Id);

            cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder.Payments = new RemittanceDataCollection() {
                new RemittanceData() {
                    PaymentMethod = new PaymentMethodData { PaymentMethodId = "PPE"
                    Amount = new MonetaryAmountData(cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder.Order.OrderTotal.HasValue ? cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder.Order.OrderTotal.Value.Amount  :
                        0, cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder.Order.Currency),
                        ReferenceNumber = "1"


            PayPalExpressPaymentRequest request = new PayPalExpressPaymentRequest() {
                CancelUrl = "http://localhost:52546/",
                ReturnUrl = "http://localhost:52546/",
                ComboOrder = cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder

            var result = em.Execute(request);

            Console.WriteLine(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(result, Formatting.Indented));

NetTcp endpoint no longer works after iMIS20.2 upgrade

I. I had the following C# code working with the NetTcp endpoint in iMIS 20.1, but after the 20.2 upgrade it stopped working.

new EntityManager(new Uri("net.tcp://MASHTUN:808/IMIS20/NetTcp"), "MANAGER", "xxxx", Asi.Soa.ServiceModelEx.EndpointType.NetTcp);

After the 20.2 upgrade I got an error:
"there is no endpoint listening at..."

II. So I tried using a path recommended by the 3rd-party vendor that sold us iMIS:

iMIS 20.2 Rise | Edit text/label during Create Account

Wondering where could I edit the text about the password strength in RiSE site.

At the bottom of a 'Create Account' page (Create_Account_no_Sign_In.aspx) and CreateAccount iPart, down the very bottom, there is a piece of text 'The password must be at least 7 characters long'. Wondering where to edit them to include 'The password must be at least 7 characters long and at least one number'?

Multiple iMIS 20.2 ASiScheduler applications (i.e. Publishing Service)

We run two different company websites off the one database, (SSL x 2 two different IP addresses etc etc.)

Traditionally in 15.1.3, we have been using two separate publishing services to deliver published content to the two separate websites.
IMIS 20.2 does this differently: Instead of a windows service, the publishing service is handled by the AsiScheduler application.

How do we install a second copy of the ASiScheduler application to publish to our second site on the same server?