Adding Fields to Task Detail screen in Process Manager (Opportunity Module)

I am wondering if it is possible to add new properties to Tasks detail screen under Process Manager (Opportunity).  We would like to add two new fields.

I tried to create a new BO that inherits from TaskItem BO and add fields but then there is no way to tell iMIS to use the new BO. It seems like it is all hardcoded.

I also tried to add those fields to TaskItem table and edit TaskItem BO to add those fields although I know that would be overwritten by the upgrade but that did't work either.

I submitted this to ASI and was told that there are no documented methods for modifying task details screen but  there is a way to change this screen in a supported manner.

Anyone willing to share the supported manner method? 

Thank you!



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You can find some

You can find some instructions here: