asiweb in the toolbox?

I got home and tried out the iParts examples with my team and bumped into an unexpected surprise: it doesn't appear that I can access the asiweb controls from the toolbox in Design mode.

That means I can't:

  • See a list of controls in the toolbox
  • Drag and drop a control onto my iPart
  • Double-click a control to create and bind a default event (_Click or _Change)
  • Right-click the tag in Markup view and get options I get for ASP.NET controls.
  • Refactor>Rename the control in Source view and update the markup automatically.

Is there some way I can educate Visual Studio about the existence of these controls so I can work with them more naturally?  I hope I'm not forgetting something obvious.


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Works for me

In Visual Studio 2010 I am able to add the Asi.Web controls to the toolbox and use them in the way you mention above.  To do this I created a new tab, right clicked on the tab and picked "Choose Items..."  Then I browsed to where Asi.Web.dll was and checked all the items I wanted on the toolbox.

Now I can drag and drop, right click, rename, etc. without any issues.

Did you use these same steps?

That was it

So it WAS something obvious.  I'm used to seeing controls from the same project, never thought about adding them manually.

Bruce Wilson
Director, Technical Services
RSM McGladrey, Inc.