Back door iMIS login using membership webservice without needing password

They want to be able to log as user in without a user password using our web service.   iMIS does not allow this as far as I know.   The membership web service always requires a password.  Yet if logging in from a third party system you may not know the password for the iMIS side :

Here’s the scenario:




    * User access iMIS website.


    * User logs in to access password protected page on iMIS website with custom web part.


    * User clicks link on web part which directs them to one of our websites.


    * User chooses logout button from our website.


    * User is logged out of our web systems and is passed back to iMIS.


    * The user is back at the iMIS website, but logged in.




I would like to pass the user back to the iMIS site but be logged out of iMIS.


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CContactUser has a method that look possible

LoginByWebLogin just takes the username. 

Am I missing something?

Trying to use SOA only



I agree using iBO you can do as using LoginByWebUsername.   Was trying to do it using SOA only.   You solution is what I would recommend too at this point as I see no way to do it with the web service directly.



Use the NetTCP endpoint

Use the NetTCP endpoint instead of SOAP?

(Requires iMIS 15.1.3)