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iMIS Community going away?

It's been announced that iMIS Community will be frozen at the end of the year, and will be retired at some point in the future. I find this very discouraging, as I refer to the site about 4-5 times a week. There's a wealth of important knowledge here that doesn't seem to exist in the documentation. (The docs even refer to this site in places.)

There's not a lot of new activity, but I'm not sure that's a good measurement of its usefulness. The posts that are already here cover a lot of important fundamentals. Some main areas that I visit often:

SQL data file strategies

I've shared many times over the years the recommendation to split the iMIS database into multiple data files. This was based on some notes I read about Microsoft's Terraserver. Without solid guidance, I have been advising clients to split their databases into enough data files so each file was between 512MB and 2GB. (Originally, my thought was that a 2GB file can be transfered on a FAT partition if needed.) This was largely a guess with some useful side-benefits.

Browser Share and Search Engine statistics

I came upon this site ( reading an article about Bing momentarily being ahead of Yahoo! search.  That was interesting enough, but when I checked their homepage, the statistic they lead with (and which apparently is of the most interest to visitors) is the browser share. They also have statistics on specific browser versions, operating systems, and mobile browsers.

New name(s) for iBO

Is it just me, or are all the "business object" named things starting to become confusing? Here's the ones I can count:

  • The original COM-based iBO
  • iBO for .NET
  • The core Business Objects which make up iMIS
  • Business Object Builder, Business Object Architect, Business Object Designer, or whatever else it becomes
  • Stephen Moseley's iBO Wrapper
  • The Active Matter iBO Wrapper
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