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Legal News: 2007 License Agreement

Every year the Law Department issues a new License Agreement that will apply (within a year) to all users. The 2007 version has 13 major changes with four relevant to the Development Community. Here is an extract of the Change Notice Memo. A recycled joke follows.

VBA Signing Certificate Available and another way I can help you

Do you use controls or write code to run in Office files? The Law Department does both with the License Agreement to screen that the form is properly filled in. The TradeMark Buttons on the Word/PowerPoint/Excel toolbars that fix up iMIS and other trademarks also use macros. However, when you open a document with macros or controls, you get a warning message that a virus may be hidden within. However, an author (like ASI) can be added to a trusted publisher list and once the publisher is trusted, the warning never appears. So, if you need a macro or control signed for a document, just send it to the Law Department and I will sign it for ASI.
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Word Tip: Justification can look good

This is another informational item to make life a little easier and more productive.
Do you avoid full justification in Word because it sometimes results in huge       gaps       between       the words on a line? This happens because Word only adds spaces between words for justification. WordPerfect, on the other hand, narrows spaces between words to get a similar result. You can get Word to do full justification like WordPerfect by choosing Tools/Options/Compatibility and checking the box next to "Do full justification like WordPerfect 6.x for Windows"

Joke of the day
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why does my disk have free space?

Finishing the Clipboard

This is another informational item to make life a little easier and more productive. Some days there is even a joke.
Microsoft never finished the clipboard. They stopped when computers still ran off of floppy disks and so when you copy a second item, the first one disappears. Come on, we have a huge powerful computer here with billions of bytes of storage – how can it not have room to remember the previous clip? So, there are many clipboard extenders on the market to fill that gap. I use ClipMate from (of course) It grabs everything put on the clipboard and saves it in a searchable SQL database. It pops up a list of the most recent clips and lets you double click on one to paste it into the current spot. It does a lot more too (such as clearing out all those >> in e-mails and doing a spell check).

Site Advisor

This is the first in a series of informational items to make life a little easier and more productive. Some days there is even a joke.
Today it is about a new plug-in for Internet Explorer and Fox Fire that identifies malicious sites. It is free from that was recently purchased by MacAfee. They use bots to download software from 700,000 sites to see if they are malicious. They have looked at even more sites for pishing and excessive popups. They have signed up at hundreds of thousands of sites and measured the number of e-mails they get. They have analyzed the links to and from these sites to see if they link to bad sites.

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