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Updating or Adding to the Change Log

I have a client that wants to update the change log with the before and after value of their multi-instance UD windows? Has anyone done this before? Also, the same client said that they saw a sales demo in which th change log was used to 'unwind' an entry??

Printing Event Registation Invoices

I am looking to see if anyone has created a stored procedure that automates the Invoice Numbers without manually clicking the Print button for Invoices. I have a client that has over 100 meetings each day and the manual printing of invoices is very cumbersome. Suggestions, ideas welcome.

Gateway Providers other than VeriSign

Has any ever used Network Solutions as a gateway provider for credit card authorization?

What object to use when creating a query that pulls a solicitation

I need to know where the Contact data is stored when you Generate Output for a particular source code; or what data sources do I need to create my own query that shows everyone that was solicited for a particular appeal mailing.

I know that the RFMMain and the Net Contact - can be used to identify the universe of people - but I don't know how to associate a Net Contat with a particular appeal and segment and source code.

Acquisition Manager - A few Questions on basic structure

This is my 1st time working with Acquisition Manager. I want to be able to associate my Prospects to a List and to other attributes (Catholic, Non-Sect, Spanish) + I have a few questions on some of the Prospect fields.

1. Prospect ID - this needs to be unique - what values are typically populated here? Can this field remain blank?
2. ListName - this is where I would like to add the List# but I see that this really is the iMIS Mermber Type. Where would I insert the List#?

Need help on a Campaign Target List export - this is a setup issue

During my testing I have been unsuccessful at getting my desired results for a Campaign Target List export.

• For clarity I have defined 2 segments (Segment 1 and Segment 2)
• I am sharing a single query within the 2 segments (Last Gift $11-$20 – Catholic)
o This query is using the RFM definition business object and the NetContact
o When I run this query in ISA I get 69 records

• In the segment I am asking for segment 1 to retrieve 10 records

Change Logging

I need to have some mechanism for tracking changes made to the iMIS UD multi-instance windows/tables. Suggests and ideas are welcome.

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