SQL data file strategies

I've shared many times over the years the recommendation to split the iMIS database into multiple data files. This was based on some notes I read about Microsoft's Terraserver. Without solid guidance, I have been advising clients to split their databases into enough data files so each file was between 512MB and 2GB. (Originally, my thought was that a 2GB file can be transfered on a FAT partition if needed.) This was largely a guess with some useful side-benefits.

Community Roster

I have set up a new Community but I am unable to link the correct community roster in iMIS. I had the community previously set up but It was deleted. How do I reconfigure the community roster so that it points to the correct community ?

Conditional Javascript not allowed??

We have a very basic <script> tag placed in the content placed holder header of a custom aspx page.  The javascript causes a text box to appear when a radio button is selected.  However, the for loop (that parses selected radio button options) as well as the conditional (if/else) statement are NOT firing.  When i developed the page on my local host before integrating it, it worked flawlessly (it's a simple function). However upon incorporating it into wcm......broken! i placed alerts all throughout the function to see where it's not firing and it refuses to execute the conditional or the loop. Is there something in wcm that must be enabled to allow conditionals? Is there something else I'm not aware of in WCM?? Any assitance is appreciated.

How quickly the computing world is changing

Here is a great visualization of how rapidly our technology is changing. These steep velocities speak volumes about how disruptive the rise of mobile devices has been, and is:

Troubleshooting Search in the 15.2 Member site

Here are things to check if you don't see any products or events on the member site.

First, get the Protected Path location with this SQL query.

select PublishServerCode, IsDefault, LocalProtectedPath from PublishServerRef

Look in the folder specified by LocalProtectedPath; there should be Search\Events and Search\Products subfolders, with an .htm file for each event or product that will be visible in search results.

fxing your indexing service

If you don't see any events or products listed on your site, and your services are running, and apparently configured well, there is another thing to check.

go to you IndexServiceProtected folder, right-click, hit properties, and Advanced.

Make sure that "Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties." is checked.

If you had deleted & recreated the folder, this may have become unchecked, and the indexing service won't see what's there.

An Agile fortune...

...from Fire Bowl Cafe in Austin.

This one is from Lotus Restaurant in St. Paul, MN.  The next time I ate there, I got "You can prosper in the field of medical research", so I disregarded it.

Security Context Change 15.2


We have been using a security context in tha past with 15.1.3 to identify an individual as follows

string contactID = ((Asi.Security.AppPrincipal)Asi.Security.AppPrincipal.CurrentPrincipal).AppIdentity.ContactMaster;

I have since loaded the new 15.2 on a server and this context no longer works.

Dues payment selection checkboxes are checked and disabled in Web view

The dues payment selection checkboxes are checked and disabled in the Contacts \ Contact managemennt \ Billing screen. Is there a way or a setting to enable these checkboxes so that when a member is paying only a specific dues payment, the rest can be un-checked?

The same is true in Public veiw.



Tip: How to import Excel spreadsheets into iMIS Community

If you would like to bring in a spreadsheet as an editable table in iMIS Community, you can do so in a few steps:

  1. In Excel, select and copy the range of rows and columns you want to bring over.
  2. In iMIS Community, click the Paste from Word (clipboard + W) button on the editor toolstrip.
  3. In the dialog that pops up, paste in your rows and columns and click OK.

That is the process for importing it. However, to make the table display correctly and be editable via the WYSIWYG options (such as to insert/delete rows), a bit more clean-up will get you there:

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