Unified Login Integration Tips

Integrating Third Party .Net website with iMIS through Unified Login

My organization wants me to application forms to our website and secure them with iMIS authentication.  We decided to integrate through unified login so we could use iMIS public view for Events Registration and account creation to avoid reinventing the wheel.

This however requires that I identify users detail after login.

Obscure but potentially useful shortcut and list of other shortcuts

Yesterday someone had need of an obscure keyboard shortcut.  Their IE Developer Tools window was hidden off screen somehow.  More perplexing was that right-clicking on the Task Bar icon would not give the System Menu (Restore-Move-Size-etc) .  There was a strong preference not to kill IE and start over because of information that was thought to be on the Developer Tab.  What to do?

Customer Portfolio Shutting down

Our Customer Portfolio keeps shutting down when we are changing the member type of certain members - Not all members.

It happens when we are changing that customer type to a customer type that has been ticked as a company type in the setup modules/customer types.

also if I try the field COMPANY_RECORD for that member to a -1 (True) in SQL I get the following error message.

Imis billed amount for previous year.

I Have a question about reporting for a previous years billed amount for Dues. I am reporting with crystal using the Subscriptions table and linking to Activity and am having no luck. Reporting for the current year worked fine right after billing. The data shows in activity just not sure how to go about getting it on paper???

State Senate and House

Hello All,

I'd like to be able to pre-populate a couple of fields under [Other] tab in the [Manage Customer] section.

The fields are:

  • State Senate
  • State House

I'd like to be able to tell right away by looking at these fields what State Senate district each of my members belong to and the same thing with State House.

Having said that, I have two questions:

CContact.PayDues: Business rule violation. The payment amount 650.0000 does not match the amount due of 750.0000

errors.ErrorCount: 1
errors.PrimaryErrorMessage: Err Num: 1 - CContact.PayDues: Business rule violation.  The payment amount 650.0000 does not match the amount due of 750.0000
errors.WarningCount: 0


Attempt to code around this issue with the function AddTransaction

The commit seems to work but no records are written to the Trans table.

Does anyone know how to add a drop down box with the activity type section?

Hi There,

I am a fairly new user to iMIS.

Does anyone know how to add a drop down box with the activity type section.

I have created a lookup table in

Customers>Setup tables>General lookup validation

But I don't know how to connect to a drop down box to an activity.

 If anyone is able to help me it would make my life much easier.


Letter merge doens't work

We have one iMIS workstation in office and letter system doesn't work propery? When I click "New Letter' under Letters tab in Customers module, it brings out Letter text window instead of normal Standard letter window with merge option. Other iMIS workstation have letter standard windows where you can see all of letter reports? I've checked system setup and verified correct path for report folder, this doesn't seems to be issue. Can anyone else experienced this issue? Please help! Thanks,

TED Talk - Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

This was a great talk on innovation and how chance favors the connected mind.  In this case the speaker is examing how great innovation often grows slowly from two people having half a great idea each and then being in the right environment for the two ideas to meet and grow.  This talk is only 17 minutes and 46 seconds.

IQA - SQL Expression FIeld

Well I have canvassed Tech Support and NiuG and cannot seem to get an answer or else no-one is using SQL Expressions with IQA reports.

Here is what I would like to do with an example:

1 -- Gender field has M or F

2 - Need to have a field Called Gender on my IQA which shows 2 if its an M and 1 if its an F

Surely that is something thats possible?  

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