Letter merge doens't work

We have one iMIS workstation in office and letter system doesn't work propery? When I click "New Letter' under Letters tab in Customers module, it brings out Letter text window instead of normal Standard letter window with merge option. Other iMIS workstation have letter standard windows where you can see all of letter reports? I've checked system setup and verified correct path for report folder, this doesn't seems to be issue. Can anyone else experienced this issue? Please help! Thanks,

TED Talk - Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

This was a great talk on innovation and how chance favors the connected mind.  In this case the speaker is examing how great innovation often grows slowly from two people having half a great idea each and then being in the right environment for the two ideas to meet and grow.  This talk is only 17 minutes and 46 seconds.

IQA - SQL Expression FIeld

Well I have canvassed Tech Support and NiuG and cannot seem to get an answer or else no-one is using SQL Expressions with IQA reports.

Here is what I would like to do with an example:

1 -- Gender field has M or F

2 - Need to have a field Called Gender on my IQA which shows 2 if its an M and 1 if its an F

Surely that is something thats possible?  

CContact.NewAddress(string purpose) behavior

One would think that calling CContact.NewAddress("somePurpose") would give you a CAddress with the purpose you specified.  However, that is not the case.  The following NUnit demo passes:

[Test, Explicit("Just a demonstration of weird iMIS behavior.")]
public void Demo_NewAddressDoesNotSetPurpose()
    var imisContact = new CContact(user)
        Prefix = Prefix,
        FirstName = FirstName,
        MiddleName = MiddleName,
        LastName = LastName,
        Suffix = Suffix

    var address = imisContact.NewAddress(TestAddressPurpose);
    var actualPurpose = address.AddressPurpose;

Public View, WCM & Communities

I would like to implement WCM/Communties only while maintaining the Public view?  Has anyone done this before? 





Some questions about var entityService = new EntityManager

 Some variations on a failed theme.



 //var entityService = new EntityManager(new Uri("https://win2k8/iMIS15"), "manager", "manager", EndpointType.NetTcp);



//var entityService = new EntityManager(new Uri("net.tcp://localhost:16000"), "manager", "manager", EndpointType.NetTcp); 

adding an image to an IC post

Here's how to illustrate an iMIS Community post; I'm not sure if it's noted elsewhere.

First, create your new post.  Scroll to the bottom and click "File attachments", which expands to show a file path entry field and Browse and Attach buttons.  Click Browse, find the image you want, and click Attach.  After the file is uploaded, under the Description there's a URL string in very small font.  Copy the URL, then in the editor toolbar, click the Insert/Edit image icon (next to the Anchor).  In the popup, paste in the URL, then tab out of the field; if all is well, you'll see your picture in the preview.  Click OK.

WCM Gallery Templates not displaying interior content correctly

There seems to be an issue with some of the WCM templates from the Template Gallery in that they don't display interior content correctly.  Templates that behave properly are 1501, 1502 and 1506 but we'd like to use 1503.

The body of text for the interior pages is presented as 'aligned left' but the left margin is displayed about halfway through content area.  Screenshot attached.

Asi.iBO.Errors.CErrors.NewError may throw

Since this doesn't seem to be documented anywhere online (particularly in the API documentation), it is worth noting that CErrors.NewError will throw an exception if the ThrowExceptionOnError property of the associated IiMISUser object is set to true (assuming you are creating an Error and not a Warning).  In this case, it will always throw and never return.  At least that's what I gather from digging around in reflector:

Raiser's Edge Conversion (pdf files)

Has anyone converted pdf files from Raiser's Edge to iMIS 15?

I have been told the pdf files are actually stored in the RE database.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

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