Business object designer error after creating object with wrong Properties.


I have created a business object in BOD and somehow saved it with the wrong properties and published. Now when I try to open BOD from iMIS I am getting following server error:


Server Error in '/iMIS15' Application.

MaxLength applies to string data type only. You cannot set Column 'DecisionDate1' property MaxLength to be non-negative number.


Business Object only returns column names.

The SQL returns 3 rows and the rows shows an array of 4 rows including the field names.

Normally the ds would be filled with a data adapter.


private DataSet getCommitteeCodesObject(Guid transactionID, string credentials, string error)

                DataSet ds = null;
                Asi.iBO.ContentManagement.CWebUser user = null;

SOA bindings and 'rest' service

A couple questions.

1) The SOA services are setup by default with a netTcp binding. I noticed right away the configuration changes they had made (amazingly high maximum lengths), and I'm wondering if there's a listing of other example bindings anywhere, say for SOAP connectivity.

(If not, I'm just going to continue with the plan of modifying a base configuration, which I assume will be fine, but having worked with iMIS ...)

Appyling patch generating error

Trying to install this patch I am getting the following error:

Truncating iMISTable...
Bulk-Loading iMISTable... 
SQLState = S1000, NativeError = 0
Error = [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid format file version


Can anyone shed any light?

Method to Set LookupCodeDescription

This was an easy function to use GetLookupCodeDescription.


Is there a method to write to the gen_tables?

Is there a BO like

 Asi.Business.BusinessContainer container = new Asi.Business.BusinessContainer();
     Guid groupTypeKey = Asi.Business.Common.GroupType.iMISModuleUsers;         
     Asi.Business.Common.GroupController controller = Asi.Business.Common.GroupController.NewGroupController(container);
     Asi.Business.Common.Group newGroup = controller.Add(groupTypeKey);
     Asi.Business.Common.Group newCommitteeGroup = controller.Add(groupTypeKey);
     newGroup.Name = "My New Group";
     newGroup.Description = "Group for managing contacts";

ASP.NET MVC Web site authenticating against iMIS Membership Web service

We have a number of custom administrative tools that we're moving into a separate, internal-only, Web site.

Currently the applications use their own ASP.NET authentication tables, but it would be ideal to leverage the information contained within iMIS directly. Not single-sign on, but sign-on validating against iMIS.

Since we've already got the site setup, I wanted an addition that would impact the site as little as possible. For that reason, I decided to first look at the Membership Web services - methods returned by the service and some detail on as well - and see if we could successfully leverage that.

Duplicate a Committee

Hello All,

I have a rather large committee that I'd like to replicate (with a different name) within iMIS 15.0. Is there an easy way to do replicate/duplicate committees in iMIS?


How to get high-quality images out of Visio (especially if you need them to make PDFs)

While Visio makes great diagrams and flow charts, it does not make great JPGs (or really, any other file formats other than their own VSDs.) I've struggled with needing to make PDFs from annotated JPGs created in Visio, and the resulting PDF looked grainy and blurry. After some digging on the Internets, I found a forum post made by a Microsoft employee who works on Visio, and discovered that Microsoft knows their JPG converter is terrible (even if you are saving them as 100% quality) and that the best way to get a high-quality resulting image is to save it as an EMF file. You can then paste the EMF file into Word (where it looks great), or use Word to create a PDF (also great).  Problem solved!

InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.

The error extract that is contained below comes from the application event log from the App server. It is registered every time any of the following are attemepted:

Try to create a new object - when selecting the table to include in the Database tab.
Try to add a new field into an existin object
Try to create objected from the user defined tables

In order to try to address I have:

Run a series of functions from the DB Repair utility
Rebuilt the business objects using the DB Upgrader
Run a trace and extracted the SQL, run it, and had no errors returned.

I also had a look through the Community and thought that this link was relevant (but beyond my scope of understanding).

When I ran the 2nd query in this item I got the following

vGroupInfo The object 'vGroupInfo' does not exist or is invalid for this operation.

This object was the only item not in the list of the first query,

Web Server different to IMIS App Server

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with using 15.1.3 WCM and having a web server different to the application server IMIS is installed on.

We are experiencing a few issues with things having this like:

•    Editing content through the application server doesn’t give the correct links when doing preview, where as surf to edit does.
•    Content approval emails linking the page to the [web server]/Admin/CM.Tasks rather than [Application server]/Admin/Cm.Tasks

I’ve been reading from but I seem to be going around in circles when it comes to working out quite what to do.

Can anyone point me in a right direction please.


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