InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.

The error extract that is contained below comes from the application event log from the App server. It is registered every time any of the following are attemepted:

Try to create a new object - when selecting the table to include in the Database tab.
Try to add a new field into an existin object
Try to create objected from the user defined tables

In order to try to address I have:

Run a series of functions from the DB Repair utility
Rebuilt the business objects using the DB Upgrader
Run a trace and extracted the SQL, run it, and had no errors returned.

I also had a look through the Community and thought that this link was relevant (but beyond my scope of understanding).

When I ran the 2nd query in this item I got the following

vGroupInfo The object 'vGroupInfo' does not exist or is invalid for this operation.

This object was the only item not in the list of the first query,

Web Server different to IMIS App Server

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with using 15.1.3 WCM and having a web server different to the application server IMIS is installed on.

We are experiencing a few issues with things having this like:

•    Editing content through the application server doesn’t give the correct links when doing preview, where as surf to edit does.
•    Content approval emails linking the page to the [web server]/Admin/CM.Tasks rather than [Application server]/Admin/Cm.Tasks

I’ve been reading from but I seem to be going around in circles when it comes to working out quite what to do.

Can anyone point me in a right direction please.


uploading text files from iMIS to 3rd party systems

Looking for some advice.    I have a customer who needs to upload data from iMIS to a 3rd party custom database.

I have initially created the extracts for testing purposes in MSAccess.  So here are my questions.

1 -- has anyone automated uploading TXT  files through FTP and having the file name to include todays date.

2 - Can it be done from MSAccess or does it have to be rewritten in SQL?

Link to external site on Public View home page

Is it possible to add a link to an external website on the Public View home page? I know there is a config file that may be edited, but it appears only text may be modified or removed.

If it is possible to do this, please let me know how we may go about it.


Bob Lane


Public View Dues Payment Process

I am looking for someone who has found a solution to the public view dues payment process.

Here is the background information:


Dues are billed to a company by using BT_ID on the  members record.  iMIS backshop works perfectly and the outstanding dues are all on the Company record..

In Public View the Dues billed to the company ( for the members) do not show up.  The dues still show up on the members record and there is no way a company can pay their members dues.

Reverting the Online Shop to Previous Version

Long story short, the online shop for WCM doesn't display the correct price when doing anonymous browsing for our site (let me know if you have the same issue). So while ASI are looking into this issues, I am trying to work out if I can revert the shop back to a previous version - which display the products correctly.

So has anyone done anything like this before, and if so, how hard/easy is it?

Office 2010 and imis letter system

I am having issues with the iMIS letter system and Office 2010.  We have embeded a few Word documents we use for e-mail confirmation for various events and when we complete the merge and send this off via email it just sits and hangs?  We have been doing this for years and all other versions of Office work just fine.  Any idea what may be wrong?



iMIS-Import Utility


I am importing Member import and "Effective date of status change" window pops up. What is name of this field that I can add to my .csv file so it doesn't bring this pop up windows?

Printing Double Sided Badges?

I’m trying to find a way to print double sided badges in iMIS for an upcoming conference. We are trying to avoid printing them all out on one side and then sending them back through to print on the other side. This would be too much of a headache because of paper jams.

Does anyone know of a report or an add-on feature that would help me with this? What have other people done in the past to create double sided badges with iMIS?

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