New Remote Desktop Client Version

Microsoft released the latest version of their Remote Desktop client yesterday. Those of you who like to RDP into multi-monitor setups will be happy to note that this release supports monitor spanning. (Note that enabling this feature requires starting the client with the command line "mstsc /span".)

More info, including download links,

Technology demo: human-computer interaction futures

Had to share this! Recorded from the TED conference, here's a fascinating look at how emerging technologies could profoundly transform how we use computers:

SQL best practice : comment your objects?

I was wondering what each of your Business Practice is of creating header comment for each of your SQL objects (views,functions,triggers)...I know I have a really bad habit of not always doing it with everything I create and or leaving parts out.. I want to start documenting these things for my company..

Do you all give examples, define the Pre and Post conditions? etc....

Do you have a different format for each type of language.. your VB,ActiveX,Coldfusion,Javascript,CSS... all have the same format?

IE Dev Toolbar

So.. Since MS released IE 7 as a urgent update, I'm thinking it's about time to go ahead and install. I did a little googling to see how bad this would make life, and found

Here's a quote

Develop high-performance web applications: For web developers, two tools are absolutely invaluable: Fiddler and the IE Developer Toolbar. Fiddler is a general purpose debugging proxy, giving developers complete control of all the HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. The IE Developer Toolbar enables DOM exploration and modification, viewing of DOM element details, and has built in HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS validators.

Note on effective use of disconnected data

So, Stacey and I where chasing down this bug where when you added a PackageItem to a SourceCode's Package, only the first got added. Well... Until someone came back to the page and found that they had been added, they just never showed up in the list. It reaked of disconnected data caching issues.

Turns out, the issue was adding a PackageItem object that points to a Supplement Object that did not exist in the container. Once the SourceCode.GetSupplements() method was called it (correctly) set the ChildLoaded for Supplements to true, so subsequent calls to the Method would never check the DB for the underlying Supplement Object, and wouldn't hit the db to find it (since ChildLoaded was set to true for supplements), but it would add the PackageItem object since that only needed the key. In other words,

#1 SourceCode.GetPackageItems();
#2 SourceCode.AddPackageItem(key);
#3 SourceCode.GetPackageItems();

#3 DID NOT end up returning the PackageItem added on #2.

Scott Guthrie's Blog on ASP.NET and .NET

A few of us went to a Microsoft presentation at Cambridge University last night on ASP.NET and AJAX (aka Atlas). It is currently on Beta 2 and should ship by the end of the year.

The presenter recommended taking a look at Scott Guthrie's Blog on ASP.NET and .NET:

There is a lot of interesting stuff there.

Scott is the General Manager within the Microsoft Developer Division. He runs the development teams that build the following products/technologies:

Answering the Where question in your reports

Ok I hear all this talk about iMIS 15 and I am really excited about it but I can't sit still until I ask this question

will iMIS 15 support geocode? I soo wish iMIS had a geocode (Lat,Lng) float fields in the Name_Address table. I had to go to a third party to provide my company geocodes and it seems kind of silly since we already have a Address validator built in with Accumail.

With having a geocode for all the addresses, lets you do things like compare distances between two addresses. List how many members live in my zipcode...etc

Fine Tuning your SQL code

Here is a great webpage that any SQL developer should read once in a while. It is a refresher course on some of the things you might have learned in college but forgot. sometimes we get in the habit of coding a certain way and get lazy

Tonight I was doing a little coding (girlfriend and I had a huge fight so I went back to the office) I just happened to change a couple things in the where clause around and noticed that the speed was improved. Since I was amazed and confused at the same time. My ADHD got the best of me and I quickly ignored my script I needed to write before tommorrow morning and spent the next 2 hours of my life solving this little puzzle.

IQA on the sidemenu

If you attended the 2006 Discovery conference. I spoke in a short but sweet workshop on the very last day on the very last timeslot about how to display various IQA queries on the dashboard.

Well that was only a step in my goal, which is to provide my users a way to quickly access their favorite IQA queries at any time during their iMIS workload.

I have developed a pretty neat way to include the IQA queries on every module's sidemenu without having to update each client's machine after every new IQA query is created.

Screenshot below

Basic workflow

I have two files stored in the ../system framwork directory

  • MyIQA-Submenu.html
  • Department-Submenu.html

For each sidemenu I want my IQA menu options to appear
I just add the raw html syntax not to forget to include the javascript that ASI uses to interact the popup window.

Inside each Submenu.html file contains an object tag. For those HTML coders out there: Since ASI uses windows.createpopup for their menus, a popup window does not render all html tags including the useful iframe.

the object tag just calls an .ASP page that pulls the names of the queries from the iMIS DB and displays the list.

How does it know the queries to pull

In our shop, we have organized our IQA into various folders. every iMIS users has their own folder Report view/Personal/userid and every department has their own folder Report view/Department/departmentname. I have create a SQL view that includes all the iMIS userids. their matching iMIS ID and their department.

Download iBO for .NET

Can someone let me what to do to download iBO for .NET?

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