Cancelling and adding registration - CRegistration exception (imis20)


As part of integrating moving from iMIS 15 to iMIS 20 (v. 20.2.25...), I am getting this exception when the constructor for a new CRegistration object is called.

- This works on iBOs, our current website
- Register a user for an event on the website -> log in to iMIS cancel registration -> register the person again on the website -> works fine

on iBO
- Register a user for the same event -> works fine
- Cancelled user registration in iMIS
- Try to register the same user for the same event again -> Exception in the new CRegistration Call

Please see screenshots here -->


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Some more detail

Tracing the SQL that gets executed (SQL Profiler) shows this:

exec sp_executesql N'SELECT * FROM Orders INNER JOIN Order_Meet ON Orders.ORDER_NUMBER = Order_Meet.ORDER_NUMBER WHERE Orders.ST_ID = @ST_ID AND Order_Meet.MEETING = @MEETING',N'@ST_ID varchar(6),@MEETING varchar(7)',@ST_ID='165495',@MEETING='V160226'

The order is cancelled in the DB / iMIS, but the above statement doesn’t determine this

Post code here

Post entire code here to trace out the issue.