Data formatting

I've recently started using IQAs. One thing I'm trying to resolve is the formatting of the date, data, for example, if I run a report with a thru date column, this also includes a times stamp of 00:00:00. I image that somewhere within iMIS I'll be able to amend this to just the date format but I can't see where. Has anybody else been able to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.


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Data formatting

Hi Chris

You control the display in the properties of the Business object - so it applies to anywhere the Business Object is being used.

Hello JohnThank you for

Hello John

Thank you for your reply and comment. I've tried to edit the Business object, unfortunately this then thre up an error screen which I've now had to lodge with tech support. Will hopefully bne able to resume following this-up very soon.

Thanks again.

Format IQA Display

If you are just trying to get a display and not doing any further evaluation of the field you could add a custom sql statement to your display.
Look at the SQL CAST and CONVERT functions.

For example, if I just want the year of an activity record thru date I could add this to a custom sql expression (where vBoCsActivity.ThruDate is the actual view name and field needed when using the sql expression display feature):
CONVERT(char(4), DATEPART(yy, vBoCsActivity.ThruDate))

For today's date without datetime:
CAST(getdate() as DATE)

Both functions also allow a Style parameter for a desired date layout