Finishing the Clipboard

This is another informational item to make life a little easier and more productive. Some days there is even a joke.
Microsoft never finished the clipboard. They stopped when computers still ran off of floppy disks and so when you copy a second item, the first one disappears. Come on, we have a huge powerful computer here with billions of bytes of storage – how can it not have room to remember the previous clip? So, there are many clipboard extenders on the market to fill that gap. I use ClipMate from (of course) It grabs everything put on the clipboard and saves it in a searchable SQL database. It pops up a list of the most recent clips and lets you double click on one to paste it into the current spot. It does a lot more too (such as clearing out all those >> in e-mails and doing a spell check).

I recommend it highly. ASI people have version 6 available through a mass of licenses purchased several years ago by the Law Department and about 80 people at ASI use it. Look on the N drive under Shared/Tools/AccuracyTools. Try it, it grows on you.

Do not compare this with the wimpy Office Clipboard. That is an annoying bit of junk. To keep it from popping up, you can run the attached reg file for your version of Word that adds the new key “AcbControl” to the registry (don’t trust reg files from anyone but me). This site also does not trust reg files, so these have been relabeled as txt files. Change the extension to reg to run them.

Joke of the day
What's the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer?
A good lawyer knows the law.
A great lawyer knows the judge.

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