Developing for iMIS

Adding a button on a desktop form

Is it possible to add a custom action button at the top or bottom of a desktop form, say the Fundraising Enter and Edit Gift form? I know it's possible to add a link in the left navigation (the task area) but I'm more interested in the form itself.

For context: we're building a "cancel gift receipt" feature to clear out the receipt # and the best user experience in my opinion is to add that option on the same screen where the user is viewing the transaction.

Custom CC Processor Parameters

I'm creating a custom CC processor for iMIS that will be used by Chapter administrators. The gateway will be the same for all chapters but each chapter will have their own account. Is there a definitive list of the value names passed in the name/value string? Can the string be manipulated based on settings in iMIS? For example, can I add "ORG=[selected org name]" to the value string based on the currently selected or logged in user, or are all the parameters fixed?

Smart Control to Business Object Data Source binding question


I've been reading documentation found here concerning the SmartControl and Business Objects.  I've read about writing typed classes to represent the BO. 

I'm primarily interested in binding the smart control to the CsContact business object.  I see I can accomplish a lot of the coding in conjunction with

I'm just looking for a little clarification on what smart control properties need to be set  in order for the binding to work.   I understand there is a BoundPropertyName

Retrieving data from the Documentmain.blob

Has anyone retrieved data from the documentmain.blob field?

I have a client that would like to pull the data from this field into another website.

Just interested in the level of effort to do this.


Problems using Secure.dll

Greetings all,

I'm having some trouble with the Secure.dll file, specifically with the Secure class, on an iMIS 15.1.x installation, using iBO.Net.

On my local machine, I'm able to instantiate an object of the Secure class, encrypt/decrypt data without any problems, etc. However, when I move the code out to my production environment (it's on an intranet), I keep getting a null reference error in the Secure.cs file, which I'm guessing is the name of the .cs file compiled to make the DLL. Specifically, I'm getting the following:

CMS Express Engine

Has anyone written an API for CMS Express Engine?

We are looking for iMIS 15.2.

Procedure/utility to clear out abandoned shopping carts

Has anyone seen or written a utility (report, stored proc, task centre) that deletes abandoned shopping carts? I know this can be manually managed through System Setup > Set up commerce web components > Cart manager, but my client has a large number of stale shopping carts (>1 year old), making that Cart manager page unmanageably long.

It seems like a common problem that's likely already solved. Or maybe it's in 15.2? (I haven't found any evidence of it, but I could be wrong.)

Public users lose images/styling after authentication

Hi Guys,

After we deployed our wcm site, public users lose images and styling on the member home page after they login, while Full Users can see the page as normal.

What could be cause behind it?

user type? roles? groups?

Please guide me.





15.2 SOA with Dues and Billing

Has anyone seen or have any sample code for handling Dues and Billing via SOA?



PayPal User Authentication Failed in IMIS 15 iBOs

Greetings all,

I'm having some difficulties processing a payment using the CPayment.ProcessPayment method for the IBOs on IMIS 15.  Within the desktop IMIS interface, we're not having any trouble processing credticard payments via PayPal (the out-of-the-box payment gateway), but whenever I try to invoke the ProcessPayment method using the IBO's, PayPal comes back with a "User Authentication Failed" message.