Developing for iMIS

Find Party by Major Key with SOA

I'm trying to use SOA to find a Party by Major Key.  If a record exists with a specified Major Key then update the Party information, otherwise an insert needs to happen.

An example or sample code of how to find a party by Major Key would be helpful.

Create account return url

I've got a membership application iPart that requires a user to either log in or create an account prior to accessing the form. I'd like to replicate the functionality of the event registration process, which allows you to create an account and brings you right back to the event page for registration. My login link works perfectly with the return url, but the create account link does not. The user is required to login after creating their user name and password and then sends them to the site home page  rather than back to the membership application. The return url is obviously lost during the create account process. Is there a way to resolve this?

asiweb in the toolbox?

I got home and tried out the iParts examples with my team and bumped into an unexpected surprise: it doesn't appear that I can access the asiweb controls from the toolbox in Design mode.

That means I can't:

  • See a list of controls in the toolbox
  • Drag and drop a control onto my iPart
  • Double-click a control to create and bind a default event (_Click or _Change)
  • Right-click the tag in Markup view and get options I get for ASP.NET controls.
  • Refactor>Rename the control in Source view and update the markup automatically.

Is there some way I can educate Visual Studio about the existence of these controls so I can work with them more naturally?  I hope I'm not forgetting something obvious.

updating a customers record from .net page

I'm working on a project where we pull member data from a view and display on a page inside a sharepoint site. The view pulls Name, Address, affiliation, location, email, web link, and a couple of custom fields. These fields are pulled from multiple iMIS tables. When I try to update the view I get an error stating I cannot update a view that updates multiple base tables. How can I update a customers demographic information? It doesn't appear I can use the membershipwebservice? 

How do I change the order of menu choices in the left hand menu - Site Designer

How do I rearrange the order of menu items in the left hand menu via the Site Designer?


Unrecognized configuration section paymentGatewayService.

I am trying to test out iBO for Dot Net and I followed the initial instructions for set up.

When I run my app I immediately receive an error in my Web.Config file: "Unrecognized configuration section 'paymentGatewayService'."

the section surrounding that area was just copied from the code examples on the SDK Area and looks like this:

<add name="DataSource.iMIS.Connection" connectionString="Data Source=dnntest;User ID=sa;Password=P@ssw0rd;Initial Catalog=BlackBox"/>
<add name="DataSource.SqlClient.Connection" connectionString="Data Source=dnntest;User ID=sa;Password=P@ssw0rd;Initial Catalog=BlackBox"/>


creating password for a user

I am trying to create page, so the a user can register online and do a payment,

in the below code, the user is created, but the user id is set in name_security table, but the password still empty.

what am i missing?


IiMISUser user;
             CContact contact;

                if (Session["LoginUser"] != null)
                    user = (CContactUser)Session["LoginUser"];
                    contact = new CContact(user, ((CContactUser)user).ContactId);
                    user = CStaffUser.Login(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["LoginKey"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["LoginPW"]);
                    user.ThrowExceptionOnError = true;
                    contact = new CContact(user);
                    contact.CustomerTypeCode = "MEMB";

                contact.FirstName = "John";
                contact.MiddleName = "c";
                contact.LastName = "Smith";
                contact.Designation = "?";
                contact.InstituteName = "SMi";
                contact.Title = "Mr";
                contact.EmailAddress = "";
                contact.WorkPhone = "04213542321";
                contact.HomePhone = "09";
                contact.InstituteName = "klaysoft";
                contact.DefaultAddress.Address1 = "fg dfg";
                contact.DefaultAddress.Address2 = "g g";
                contact.DefaultAddress.Address3 = "f g";
                contact.DefaultAddress.City = "fgfgs";
                contact.DefaultAddress.StateProvince = "fsgfg";
                contact.DefaultAddress.PostalCode = "3025";
                if (contact.Validate())
                    throw new Exception(contact.Errors.PrimaryErrorMessage);

                contact.CreateUserSecurity("john", "xdsds443");

                if (contact.Validate())
                    throw new Exception(contact.Errors.PrimaryErrorMessage);

                catch(Exception d)

Credit Card Number -CPAYMENT


I am getting an exception :The type initializer for 'Asi.Security.AppPrincipal' threw an exception

  var payment = new CPayment(CStaffUser.GetDefaultStaffUser())
                CashAccountCode = "VISA",
                CreditCardNumber = "4007000000027"

Order API - 15.1.3 - processing an order via API

We have done some testing and are trying to determine if it is possible to process an order thru the API that results in a complete order in iMIS with full Transactional entery (order, order_lines, Invoice, Trans and Activity) without walking thru the order stages in the desktop.

At this point the only order we can get with the API is a proforma and we are seeing missing DIST lines in Trans.  We are working in 15.1.3 and need to determine if the API can do this as part of the design, if we are calling it correctly or if there is a bug in the version we are working with.

Where can I obtain the iBO for .Net dll file?

I've searched and searched.  I would like to do some testing to present it to my boss.