Developing for iMIS

Logging a User Into Public Views

I am looking for some code to log in a user into public views from a custom page within the public view site.

This is pretty easy, in that you should be able to use:

ValidateUser from the MembershipWebService.asmx Web Service, and be all set.

However, I have a bit of a twist.  I have an ID number and do not have the user's password.  I can get the record's username, but I have not way of knowing the password.  

Anyone know of a method that will allow this process?

Retrieving HTML Content from WCM 'blob'

I may have missed the easy way to do this, but our client wants a splash page for each event that they will create and control in WCM. 

We can create a separate content record for each event, but not a separate navigation item for each event as there are many.

Using eCM it would have been easy enough to call the html in a custom page for any content record in the db based on it's name or some other element.

Company Administrator role and paying dues

We have a customer who wants to allow Company Administrator to update the company record and also pay dues at the company level.  The company pays dues for individual members.  We have modified the stored procedure to allow the admin to update the company record and they can even pull up the dues billing record and select Add to cart, but when the cart displays the cart is empty.  iMIS is trying to create the cart for the company ID instead of the individual ID.  But even the company cart is empty when I look at it in Cart Manager - but I don't really care about that I don't think.  Is there some other stored proc I can modify to allow the company dues to be added to an individual (company admin's) cart so they can pay the dues?

ASIUtil.CCrypto 64 bit version?

I am in the process of converting from a 32 bit to a 64 bit server.  We have a custom registration application in Coldfusion that calls the COM object ASIUtil.CCrypto.  I get the following error:




D:\ColdFusion9\jintegra\bin\ntvinv.dll: Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform null

How to obtain particular versions of a an Asi assembly

As part of my efforts at trying to get the AsiMembershipProvider working, I have hit against problems because I've got old versions of certain referenced Asi assemblies.

This came as a surprise as I am using assemblies copied from the ASI\IMIS15\net\bin directory on an installation.

Just having a quick look through the assembly versions and I observe I have a mix of and versions. My suspicion is that because we upgraded from, for whatever reason some of the assemblies where not upgraded.

Building a Communities iPart

I'm looking for some direction/information on building a custom iPart that uses communities information.  Specifically I need something that will display a headline for each blog post based on the ID of a blog.  This sounds like something that one of the standard iParts should cover - but there doesn't seem to be one that's appropriate (unless someone can point me in that direction).

ibo for net project access?

How can I get access to:

I am getting an access denied message.


Saving CContact object is very slow.

I have been having an issue with slowness involved with calling the Save() method on a CContact object using iBO for .NET.  When saving a CContact object, it consistantly takes 8-12 seconds to complete. We have a rather large database (over 600,000 records in the Name table), and it seems that the issue lies within the asi_Name_Insert_Update trigger, more specifically the asi_FixDuplicateIndividualRows stored procedure that runs when the MEMBER_TYPE, COMPANY_RECORD, or MEMBER_RECORD columns are edited.

accidently deleted 'guest' account, now cannot login

Hi, our version is

I accidently deleted 'guest' account and now I cannot use imis desktop to login, it complains: 

the application server version may not match the database version.

Browsing imis15 site also generates error:
Asi.Security.UserValidationException: Validation Failed

And idea how to fix this issue?


New membership activation, not recognized as member until re-login

Hello all,

This question is sort of related to a previous posting by me here:

I have captured when a user has paid for their membership, and have updated their status (CustomerTypeCode) to a Member.