Developing for iMIS

Modified Control for Impersonation reset without redirect in Roster Management

Does anyone have code for a modified control to reset Impersonation to the logged in user's account in Roster Management?

The product button titled My Account, turns impersonation off, and returns the user to the personal.aspx page. I have an application where that redirect is disruptive. So I want the same control with either no redirect, or a user configurable redirect.

I got some imput that if I created a control with these in it  it would work, but I am not familiar enough with Control syntax to do the rest.

Page-to-page communication

I have two pages, both with iParts, which need to communicate with each other.  Some of the details I want to communicate are a bit sensitive.  It's not credit cards or other personal info, but it could potentially be used to manipulate the system to gain access to records that shouldn't be seen by the current user.

I know the first page can pass parameters to the second page using the URL, but the security is non-existent.  Even my mother-in-law can manipulate URL params.

Using OAuth with iMIS - Logon with Facebook or twitter

I have been asked by an AE whether it would be possible for us to create a custom login page for iMIS that allowed users to login to iMIS using either their Facebook, google or twitter credentials, 

All these apps now use OAuth 2 - which I have been reading about here  and here

iMIS member login redirect

New here and new to iMIS, but not dev or .net.

Anyhow, I am working on a clients site whereas a user would go to their site (in this case, it is still beta = and if a member, should click on the "member login" in the upper right corner of the site. Once the login info is entered and validated, it should then take the member to the "members only" page (in this case: ). What is happening though is that after a member logs in, it just redirects the member back to the home page, the

iBO for .net Coldfusion 8 integration problem

I'm experimenting with using iBO for .net with Coldfusion 8 (which offers .net integration). I'm on iMIS 15.1.3.

I have a basic app skeleton set up that during initialization attempts to create the iBO object, like this:

function setupApplication()
application.iBO = createObject( '.NET', 'iboAdmin.InitializeSystem()', 'c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bin\Asi.iBO.dll' );

Way to attach custom field values to AdditionalAttributes?

When we request a member:

$query = new QueryData ( 'Party' );
$query->addCriteria ( new CriteriaData ( 'PartyId', CRITERIA_EQUAL, $imis_profile_id ) );

We get back a set of properties in the AdditionalAttributes section of the object. For example:


    [AdditionalAttributes] => GenericPropertyDataCollection Object
            [GenericProperty] => Array
                    [0] => GenericPropertyData Object
                            [Name] => ContactStatusCode
                            [Value] => A

Adding Business Object Constraint for Member Type

I've been trying to get a very simple Member Type constraint to work but am having no success.

What I've done so far is added a property constraint to NetContact and CsContact Member Type field with the following code:

string proposed = (string)proposedValue;

proposed = proposed.ToUpper();

if (proposed == "CH")

constraintPassed = true;

I think this constraint should return an error if the selected record's member type changes to something other than CH.  However when I select a record, go to the Personal link, change the member type to something other than CH and save, I do not receive an error.

iBO Connection Error

Hi All,

I am getting this error on an eseries page:

Err Num: 3231 - iboDataServer.CConnection.fdrqInitConnection: Error opening connection.

And the following error shows up in the Windows Event Viewer:

The VB Application identified by the event source logged this Application iboUserSecurity: Thread ID: 896 ,Logged: IBO VBRuntime error - Source: (Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server - iboDataServer.CConnection.sOpenCloseConnection) Description: Login failed for user 'iboDataServer_iMIS10_LIVE'.

Never programmed .NET for iMIS. Need help on basics, please.

Our iMIS is hosted offsite and we access it through a remote terminal session.  I am trying to figure out how to write some very simple code to connect to our database, but I am very new to APIs, iBO, etc.  I have VS2010 and my first question is probably a personal preference, but what is more commonly used C# or VB?

Next, can someone walk me through how to set up a very simple example of what pages I need to create to just connect and login using iMIS credentials?  The only help I have received is the following:

Promoting from one environment to another

Any suggestions on how to promote from dev to test to prod and manage the database without re-keying the configuration please?