Developing for iMIS

Tracking Session ID in WCM

We're trying to track someone's path in WCM.   

The .NET session id (HttpContext.Current.Session.SessionID)does not get reset when someone logs in or out of WCM.  We need to recognize separate logins as separate visits.

Is there something in iMIS that we can use for this? something like Asi.ContentManagerNet.SessionState.SessionID

We want to consider each login to WCM to be a unique activity.

PHP Toolkit?

I am at a loss. Where is the php toolkit?

Running an IQA with Multiple Parameters via SOA

I'm trying to run an IQA query via SOA and to pass through multiple parameters. I couldn't find any documentation though a found a couple of samples here in the community.

The base code I grabbed from Paul Rogers example is:

var em = new EntityManager(AppContext.CurrentIdentity.UserId);
var query = new QueryData("IQA");
// The first query criterion MUST be named "QueryName"
query.AddCriteria(CriteriaData.Equal("QueryName", "$/ContactManagement/DefaultSystem/Queries/SingleContact"));

Putting Custom Page in Checkout Process

I'm trying to interject a page during the checkout process to collect additional information from the user (language of books, location etc.).   We can't use attributes for all of these. 

Everything works, except when I try to send the user back to the Shipping.aspx or Checkout.aspx, it instead loads the mycart.aspx page, creating an endless loop.

Even if I remove my redirects and just type in the URL the page I want to go to, it sends me back to MyCart.aspx.  This is true even if I've already submitted past this - so anything this page sets is already set.

Product payment causes exception in payment properties on some servers


The following code creates an order, attaches contacts and order lines where required and processes the order using a credit card. The code is being used within a Sitefinity 3.7x based website using .Net 4

This code works fine in the following situations:

- Debug on my machine. Windows 7 64bit, VS2010
- Dev server. Windows 2003 32bit SP2

This code fails in the following situation:

How to connect.

Are we assigned additional credentials for the SVN access?

1700 Rad Menu - How to use your own skin (Hack)

Hello all,

I have solved the mystery on how to use your own skin on the 1700 template Telerik RadMenu. This is definitely a hack and a workaround, so please be aware of this.

Basically the main issue is that the iMIS control PageNavR does not give us any access to change the skin we use on the Rad Menu, as all of the code is locked away in a dll. This is a workaround to get PageNaveR to allow you to do this.

Find Party by Major Key with SOA

I'm trying to use SOA to find a Party by Major Key.  If a record exists with a specified Major Key then update the Party information, otherwise an insert needs to happen.

An example or sample code of how to find a party by Major Key would be helpful.

Create account return url

I've got a membership application iPart that requires a user to either log in or create an account prior to accessing the form. I'd like to replicate the functionality of the event registration process, which allows you to create an account and brings you right back to the event page for registration. My login link works perfectly with the return url, but the create account link does not. The user is required to login after creating their user name and password and then sends them to the site home page  rather than back to the membership application. The return url is obviously lost during the create account process. Is there a way to resolve this?

asiweb in the toolbox?

I got home and tried out the iParts examples with my team and bumped into an unexpected surprise: it doesn't appear that I can access the asiweb controls from the toolbox in Design mode.

That means I can't:

  • See a list of controls in the toolbox
  • Drag and drop a control onto my iPart
  • Double-click a control to create and bind a default event (_Click or _Change)
  • Right-click the tag in Markup view and get options I get for ASP.NET controls.
  • Refactor>Rename the control in Source view and update the markup automatically.

Is there some way I can educate Visual Studio about the existence of these controls so I can work with them more naturally?  I hope I'm not forgetting something obvious.