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Cookies for unified logins across sub domain





I am working with a client that is having problems using cookies for unified logins across sub domains.  My understanding is using different sub domains do this should work.  Has anyone else go this working?   IE the only thing that matter is that the domain is the same.   If this true?   Below is more detail from the 3rd party developers I am working this for this client.

Add function to existing event registration


Is it possible to add new function to existing event registration?

Thank you!

Create/Import order to IMIS using IBO.NET or SQL Stored procedure.

Hi, Guys!

We are trying to import order data to IMIS system using IBO for .NET. But totally lost how to complete it. Will can consider using SQL Stored Procedure.

In general we are not using IMIS to process Credit Cards but we need store orders info.

Single Sign On Solution with iMIS Web

Has anyone had any experience wrapping a custom Single Sign On solution around iMIS web? We'd like to leverage our existing solution and pass the credentials over to iMIS.



strange error in iBO Gift entry

I'm trying to insert a new donation via iBO in .net and the save function is throwing a "Connection string could not be initialized" error.

Sounds like a strait forward problem but here is the odd thing... From everything i can see, the record is getting inserted just fine!  The batch, activities, trans records, it all looks exactly the same as a record that is entered though the regular iMIS user interface. 

How to start ID TRACKER (XTENDER) as you click the Customers tab.

I am developing a custom web page making use of Ideally I would like to get details of the current contact during the page load event. I would like to know how you can access the current Contact Id obtained in the Customer portfolio.

I thought I would use the ID TRACKER Xtender which writes the contact id to a cookie. However ID TRACKER needs to be manually loaded in order for this to work. Is there a way to automatically load ID TRACKER as the user clicks the Customer tab in iMIS desktop?

Registrations using CRegistration

I've been trying to create an event registration using the CRegistration class. The registration seems to work, but when looking in the iMIS desktop application the Total Registrants increases but the Attendees count does not. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Also I'm doing this testing on a backup version of the production iMIS system where the credit card processing is not work. When I use a PO, the registration object saves, but the attendee isn't tied to the event. Any Ideas?

Accessing custom table by way of a business object by way of the iMIS Api

Hello Group,


I am trying to get to the data in a custom table in the iMIS database, we'll call TableY by way of an iMIS business object created via the Business Object Designer, we'll call BOY by way of the iMIS API.

The general direction I am trying to go is as follows (C#):


using Asi.iBO;

using Asi.LExicon;

using Asi.Business;

iDashboards doesn't display right on UltraWave

We've used the example iDashboards.aspx file to put dashboards on the initial page in Staff Web View after login.  It looks fine in 15.1.2 (BlueWave theme) -- the dashboards occupy everything below the module tabs at the top down to the print and email buttons at the bottom.

We upgraded to 15.1.3.  The BlueWave-based theme still looks fine.  As an experiment, I applied the UltraWave theme.  The site looks OK in IE8, but in Firefox the dashboards are only about 150 pixels tall.  This is strange, because the non-script part of the example is simply: