Developing for iMIS

How to start ID TRACKER (XTENDER) as you click the Customers tab.

I am developing a custom web page making use of Ideally I would like to get details of the current contact during the page load event. I would like to know how you can access the current Contact Id obtained in the Customer portfolio.

I thought I would use the ID TRACKER Xtender which writes the contact id to a cookie. However ID TRACKER needs to be manually loaded in order for this to work. Is there a way to automatically load ID TRACKER as the user clicks the Customer tab in iMIS desktop?

Registrations using CRegistration

I've been trying to create an event registration using the CRegistration class. The registration seems to work, but when looking in the iMIS desktop application the Total Registrants increases but the Attendees count does not. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Also I'm doing this testing on a backup version of the production iMIS system where the credit card processing is not work. When I use a PO, the registration object saves, but the attendee isn't tied to the event. Any Ideas?

Accessing custom table by way of a business object by way of the iMIS Api

Hello Group,


I am trying to get to the data in a custom table in the iMIS database, we'll call TableY by way of an iMIS business object created via the Business Object Designer, we'll call BOY by way of the iMIS API.

The general direction I am trying to go is as follows (C#):


using Asi.iBO;

using Asi.LExicon;

using Asi.Business;

iDashboards doesn't display right on UltraWave

We've used the example iDashboards.aspx file to put dashboards on the initial page in Staff Web View after login.  It looks fine in 15.1.2 (BlueWave theme) -- the dashboards occupy everything below the module tabs at the top down to the print and email buttons at the bottom.

We upgraded to 15.1.3.  The BlueWave-based theme still looks fine.  As an experiment, I applied the UltraWave theme.  The site looks OK in IE8, but in Firefox the dashboards are only about 150 pixels tall.  This is strange, because the non-script part of the example is simply:

Telerik DatePicker doesn't display in IE in 15.1.3

In one of my iParts, I'm using a Telerik RadGrid using the EditForms mode for editing a row.

<asp:Panel ID="body" runat="server" CssClass="PanelBody">
<telerik:RadGrid ID="RADGrid" runat="server" CssClass="MultiDE" >
    <MasterTableView CssClass="Grid" EditMode="EditForms">

When my grid includes a datetime field, this is rendered as a text input followed by an icon to open the DatePicker calendar.  At least, that's how it is on 15.1.2.

Modify the event grid (for Event List) - ASPX/IMIS Newbie

Hello Everyone, it's the Newbie again.

I want to alter the appearance of the event grid found in Courses/Core/Events/Events.aspx  => ie. asiweb:Lister2 id="EventsGrid"

but I am a complete newbie to all things iMIS and ASPX etc.  Where do I find a list of avaliable asiweb objects (ie. Lister2)? And any tips / references on getting started with aspx etc?  I love the forum but many of the questions/discussions are over my head right now....

getting and inserting cash accounts

For automated tests, I need to get CCashAccounts from the database and insert CCashAccounts into the database.  How can I do this?  Is there some parent object I need to use to obtain or insert CCashAccounts?

NullRef on ContentItem.ContentItemName

I'm working on a general library to use in all my iParts.  As part of that, I want to be able to log not only which iPart had an error, but which specific content item experienced a problem.

So the constructor for my library class looks like:

public MyLibrary(Asi.Business.ContentManagement.ContentItem ci)
    string s = ci.ContentItemName;

CPayment unexpected exceptions and workaround

The following NUnit-driven demos demonstrate that setting CPayment's CashAccountCode before setting the CreditCardNumber will lead to unexpected errors:

    [TestFixture, Explicit("demos")]   
    public class UnexpectedExceptions
        public void TestFixtureSetUp()

        public void Demo_Setting_CreditCardNumber_After_CashAccountCode_CausesUnhandledException_1()
            var payment = new CPayment(CStaffUser.GetDefaultStaffUser())
                CashAccountCode = cashAccountCode,
                CreditCardNumber = "4007000000027"  // VISA test number, eh?

        public void Demo_Setting_CreditCardNumber_After_CashAccountCode_CausesUnhandledException_2()
            var payment = new CPayment(CStaffUser.GetDefaultStaffUser())
                CashAccountCode = cashAccountCode,
                CreditCardNumber = "011201539123"   // it's irrelevant how I came up with this number.

Broken Publishing Server

I have a publishing server that is throwing an error when I try to 'show all' errors in the error log.  I can not delete any errors for this particular server because the buttons do not display.  The error is below. 

The publishing is still working to the web server that this publishing server is dedicated to.  I have restarted the service and both my app server and web server but no change.