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Direct Debit - Mimimum reference of 6 digits

Taking Direct Debit - BACS

iMis ID's can be a minimum of 5 digits.  Has anyone managed to get around the problem of Direct Debit payments where the reference number needs to be a minimum of 6 digits?   I would greatly appreciate any advise on this.

Thank you


nice easy question (i hope)

This is probably a very stupid question so apologies in advance for asking it, as its a basic functionality, so expect it is quite easy to do when you know how.
With the Contact Sign In ipart - how do I set a separate page to be loaded when a member has logged in.
The ipart is on our homepage. When someone has logged in I want them to be taken to a page where they can check all their membership details (address, qualification details etc) and update them if necessary.

Introduction to iMIS SDK

Has anyone taken the Introduction to IMIS SDK course that ASI provides? Did you find it beneficial?

IQA - Concatenating Fields and Text as SQL expression

We're using

Have an IQA query and wish to display concatenated output using a SQL expression on Display tab.

I can get plain text to display.  For example, entering 'My test text' in quotes displays as expected.
I can get a field from my business objects to display.  For example, entering 'vBONetContact.FirstName' (without quotes) also works.

Attempts to concatenate both text and variables fails.  My syntax is in the form:-

Small Business Server 2011 and iMIS Error

When trying to install iMIS on a Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard 6.1 With SQL add on, I received the following error: The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running.   Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or X64(64-bit version of the program,
and then contact the software publisher.

User activity in WCM

We have an application that will be authenticating with the WCM login to provide access to some generated html pages.  We need to be able to keep track of the activity (clicks) on these html pages. In ASP.NET this activity could be captured in a Global.asax page. Since we don't have access to the Global.asax, I was wondering if there is a mechanism in WCM that keeps track of user activity? If not, is there a way to customize the functionality of the Global.asax so we can capture the request event? 

Is there a particular reason ASIPublishing15 stops working?

Hello All,


Just wanted to post a quick question as I am an iMIS noobie. 

One of the requests I am receiving on a weekly basis is that a client's webpages are not publishing, to which I then go into the services manager and manually re-boot the ASI publishing service.  My question is, why does this service stop working periodically?  is there anything that can be done to permanantly leave it in an "on" status so the manual restarts can be avoided?

SEO with WCM

I would like to know what others are doing for search engine optimazation? I know there are 3rd party SEO plug-ins but wanted to see if anyone had any luck using any of them with WCM.



Select Values Dialog box not showing OK button

I have changed the directory IQA (ContactManagment -> DefaultSystem -> Queries --> Directory --> Contacts) to have a filter on a multi-select box, which works nicely when doing this on the IQA and from the casual view of imis.



But when its shown on the website the dialog box hides the OK button it is current size. If you expand the box you can see it fine, but this will be frustrating for users.

I've tried looking at this with firebug, but can't work out how to change the behaviour. Does anyone know how I might be able to do this.

IQA that uses an SQL function?


Hi All,

We have some add-hocs that use SQL functions to limit the data set, but now we want to put these into IQA but at a glance I thought I could do this but now seems it can’t.

So Is that actually possible at all, or am I correct in my thinking that I need to create a view based on what the function was looking for, and then import that as a BO and link that way.