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Orders Special Pricing

We have a client upgrading from to 15.2.15. One item that we are trying to get working for them is special pricing for web orders by category.

They currently have a partcular customer type that is not flagged as a member, but they want certain records with a special Category to get member pricing. We can only currently get it to work using Record Type, and it seems to ignore the Category. So, for instance, I have entered the Type as Record Type/Category the same way it is done in Subscriptions. Then, I enter the price in the Flat Amount field. iMIS totally ignores the fact that there is a Record Type and Category.

getting error when upgrading database from 10.6 to 15.1.3

can someone explain this error to me?  I'm trying to figure out how to find the duplication so i can correct it.


Importing Contacts into new tables ...

*** ERROR importing contacts ***

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__@InsertKeyMap__56E4FB26'. Cannot
insert duplicate key in object '#55F0D6ED'.
Msg 2627, Level 14, State 1, Server OHIO, Procedure asi_Name_Insert_Update, Line 501

add an attribute to the <HTML> tag on a web pag


on Imis

I have a WCM Website running with no issues.

I would like to update the <HTML> tag to <HTML lang="en"> but when I try to edit any page I am only take to the iParts that are added to the page and cannot get to that level of HTML Detail on the physical page.

The *.aspx pages are of no help.

Is there a way to accomplish what I am trying to do.

upgrade from 10.6 to 15.2

We currently have a 10.6 installation running on Windows Server 2003 and SQL2000. We have built a new server environment on Windows Server 2008 R2(64-bit) and a new Sql2008R2 installation. We intend to install 15.2 in this new environment.

What steps do we need to take to accomplish this? There doesn't seem to be a direct path to do so. I'm assuming we'll need to upgrade to some lower version then upgrade again to 15.2. The question is how we go about accomplishing this in the environment described above.

thank you,
paul Chesney

XML file size limit?

Is there an size limit on the xml file exported from WCM? I have a client who built their web site on a test server, and when everything was working fine, I had him create the export file. The file didn't complete. We can export single documents with no problem. The file stopped at 113KB (right in the middle of a blob). We tried several times with the same results.


Sheryl Johnson
Business Systems Consultants, Inc

Required field validator control - Find Me / request Log on page

Hi -

Does anyone know if it's possible to disable / turn off the postal code field at /imis15/Core/FindMePage.aspx.

The only way to do this seems to be editing the actual FindMePage.aspx which contains the label, form control and an ASP required field validator control for postal code.

<asp:requiredfieldvalidator id="rfvZipCode" CssClass="" Runat="server" ErrorMessage="Zip/Postal code is required" ControlToValidate="txtZipCode" Enabled="false"> </asp:requiredfieldvalidator>

IQA - Display Tab - SQL Expressions to control how output is displayed

We're using

I have a query (IQA) which presents via iPart a listing of customer's 'Specialties'.  The data is maintained in a custom table which the customer updates using checkboxes.  The db stores this as either 1 or 0 (True or False)

Currently the output displays as something like:-

Example 1

Breast Cancer True
Palliative Care False
Paediatrics True
Education False

and I would, at a minimum, prefer the display as:-

Not able to retrieve field from Gen_tables with CContact.GetContacts method.

When using the method "CContact.GetContacts((IiMISUser)user, addlFrom, where.ToString(), sqlParam)", is it acceptable to add the "Gen_Tables" in the following manner?

String addlFrom = String.Empty;
addlFrom = " INNER JOIN GHP_Company on Name.ID = GHP_Company.ID";
addlFrom = addlFrom + " INNER JOIN Gen_Tables ON GHP_Company.NAICS_1 = Gen_Tables.CODE";

StringBuilder where = new StringBuilder();
where.Append(" AND Name.ID = @ContactId");
where.Append(" AND Gen_Tables.TABLE_NAME = 'NAICS_DESCRIP'");

T don't get an error but, I'm not able to find the field "DESCRIPTION" from "Gen_Tables" in the results. I've tested this in sql to be sure that the field has a value.

Any suggestions?



Registration.Payment Error

When attempting to set the either the credit card #, security code, or expiration date of the "Payment" object under CRegistration an exception is thrown - "Could not load file or assembly 'Asi.Lexicon' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

Code snippet:

var reg = new Asi.iBO.Events.CRegistration(IBOSystem.SystemUser, obj.EventCode, obj.RegistrantContactId, false, false) API and retrieving contact info from multiple tables.

I just want to retrieve some member company information from the imis database which would also include a couple user defined tables. I'm using C# and the api. How do I perform this task? I tried CContacts.getcontacts(), but I am unable to join the user-defined table to get all of the info returned. Is there a way to use a view that would include all the necessary tables.

I can do this in sql but I'm trying to stay with so that we don't have any upgrade problems in the future. We are just getting started and want to re-write many of our online functions. I've looked at iParts, but they are just not flexible enough for now.