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The collection already contains the specified content item

We've had a series of issues with the content for this client.

We are now running into issues where when we save a piece of content, we're getting the following message within the content designer:
Error: The collection already contains the specified content item.

what does this mean and how can we fix it? Thanks

What is impact of page base? Should Asi.Web.UI.TemplateGalleryMasterPageBase be changed to Asi.Web.UI.UltraWaveMasterPageBase

I just encountered a new customer with a WCM template using Asi.Web.UI.TemplateGalleryMasterPageBase.

All of our new templates use Asi.Web.UI.UltraWaveMasterPageBase.

Is it important, and possible, to change the reference from Asi.Web.UI.TemplateGalleryMasterPageBase to Asi.Web.UI.UltraWaveMasterPageBase?

Is it possble that there would to functionality issues using the old page base?


Is iMIS webserver version dependent (i.e. cannot have multiple versions on same web server)? I am new to installations and wondering if I can set up a iMIS 20 site on webserver where 15.2 test sites reside.


data showcase ipart c# code

is it possible to use C# code in the WYSIWYG editor on the data showcase iPart?

We are using this on the event display page for a client and would like to conditionally display a link to a document (but only if the document exists), trying:

protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
string fileName = Asi.Web.Utilities.GetTildeExpansion()+"/docs/eventreg/{#event.EventId}.pdf";

WCM/RiSE page load times

I've submitted this as an SMR through TS, but I figured I'd get others' input as well. We do have a series of clients on 15.2.x running WCM/RiSE and almost all of them have complained about page load times. Some more loudly than others.

A particular site is continually taking 8-16 seconds to load pages (while they claim it takes upwards of 30 seconds to log in). Another client is taking up to 12 seconds to load pages - other sites running WCM/RiSE are taking 5 seconds to load a page. screenshots from 3 different clients:

Duplicate Merge Manager - DMM issue with iMIS 15.2.15

Hi guys,

having an issue with DMM and iMIS 15.2.15
its throwing the following error when clicking on Build Tables :

-2147217900 Incorrect syntax near global

Anyone come across this before??

any help would be appreciated

Omit shipping charge for certain products

We are learning to use online store (Order module) and wanted to know if it is possible to omit shipping charges for certain products?

For instance, we are looking to sell pins, books etc and also looking to implement a way to sell memberships as a products but not charge them for shipping if users opt to buy memberships as product.



Content Block "Community Item not found"

Running into an issue with the Content Block iPart. It's been added to a content record. When we save/publish and go to Add (provided the access requirements to do so have been met), we get a pop up with the message "The requested community item was not found."

With this iPart, there isn't a community configuration option - the client does have communities, but I don't see where that comes into play here.

Logins on sql server related to iMIS

Hi there, I searched to forums and couldn't find a similar question. So here is a new one I guess.

Event Survey Questions - Is it possible to...

On the Event Survey questions has anyone had success in, or thought of a work around for the following:
1. Single or multiple Selection answers - listing more than the limited 10 answers
2. Displayed Terms and conditions?

For point 2, the registrant must say that they have read the terms and conditions. These can't be written out in the question because of the length of the text, but I'd like to be able to provide a link to those T&C. Each time I try iMIS throws me an error.