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Invoicing on Discounted Registrations


A client has noticed and issue when processing registrations through one of our applications. Within this application we utilize iBO for .NET to perform the registration processing. In addition we handle discounting using functions containing negative unit prices. So a registration may have the following functions:

Registration Fees @ $100
Discount @ -$50

Discounts may also completely offset the cost resulting in a complimentary registration.

IQA query for company roster?

How do I build a query in IQA that will list only Company Records* with at least 1 current Member** on their roster?

I have a hunch that I will need to use multiple instances of CsContact and involve the Company ID field somehow, but I can't seem to parse out the Join and/or the Filters properly. Everything I have tried comes out wonky.

All it needs to show is the record ID and company name of those company records. No individuals on the roster need to show up in the results.

Email Template Window Not in Menu

I'm trying to set up email notification templates in RiSE for iMIS 20.1, but the Email Template Window does not appear in the menu where it should (System Setup > Set up web components > Email Templates). It's not in any of the RiSE menus.

Has anyone experienced this? Do I need to 'turn on' the email capability somewhere to allow this feature? I'd appreciate any advice.

SOA's - Bill Me Option - Company Pricing





RiSE - two merchant accounts for two different RiSE sites on one iMIS DB

We are working on a project proposal and we need to make sure our understanding is correct before we quote the work. The client has a requirement to have different member sites pay to different merchant accounts but store data in the same iMIS database.

I came up with a solution that we haven't tried before: duplicate the iMIS application in IIS - configure both instances to use the same DB. Use the first iMIS instance for the first RiSE IIS site and the second iMIS instance for the second RiSE IIS site. Since the merchant account is specified in the web.config, this would allow the sites to have different web.configs and different merchant pay-to accounts.

Imis Desktop Reload or Redirect

I have a custom control that I have added to the Desktop view navigation. When it is done I would like to reload the customer window or redirect it to a new ID. Any ideas?

Common Search Issues - RiSE 20.1

I'm trying to implement a Common Search iPart for a sub-set of pages on RiSE site. I have created 82 Content records with the Content HTML iPart that I want indexed, and have all of these pages inheriting the tag I want to use for the search filter (the tag is named 'SWONArchives'). All of the pages I need tagged are restricted to several member types.

When I configure the Common Search iPart on the page that is meant to search over those page, I have the following options chosen:

Web_login value was changed to use the email address, CAN'T login into iMIS desktop

A script was executed to update the web_login for our users to the email address that is on file.  We have a few license staff accounts that access the desktop version of iMIS.  After the execution, i can't log into iMIS with any of the licensed accounts.  What could be causing the problem?



Common Search iPart Query String Parameter example

I am using the Common Search iPart to filter an Events list page. I have a working example with the InitialText query string parameter working, which looks like this:

It appears that the Common Search iPart filters based on the Title of the Event as per my example above. Does anyone have a working example of the InitialLogic query string parameter? My assumption is that it just filters multiple words against the Event Title.

iMIS 15.2 <=> Moodle Integration

I am currently looking into deploying a Moodle LMS on my network, and I have iMIS 15.2 installed locally. Ideally, I want to have integration between iMIS and Moodle.

Has anyone ventured out and completed an integration between these two systems? If so,

      what pieces were integrated?
      Are there 3rd party tools that exist?
      Was custom coding required (if so, what approach was taken)?