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Linking Relationship Table


This is a Crystal question... In our dbase we have setup a key contact relationship between a person & a company. A person can be the key contact at more then one company that's not linked via CO_ID.

I'm trying to get the Crystal report to return the company name for both companies the person has a relationship of key contact to. However, when I run the report it's returning both of the CO_ID based on the relationship but only showing the company that's listed as the persons company. I've linked ID from the Name table to the Target_ID in the Relationship table. How do I get both company names and Id's to show?

iMIS 20 Responsive themes - Move secondary navigation from right Hand side to left hand side


This is a question about the new responsive themes in v20.1.

Has anyone been able to switch the default secondary navigation from the right hand side of the web page to the left hand side.  Am using the Austin responsive theme.

I logged with ASI technical support and they suggested posting here so I assume they don't know.

There also appears to be nothing on about modifying the new responsive templates for left hand side navigation like there is for the older iMIS versions. - Incorrect or unknown source query at login

We just rolled out iMIS for one of our customers and sporadically users are having an issue when they log in. This is happening with all logins, as well as MANAGER.

Upon login, only two of the modules show up at the top (Home, Subscriptions), and under "Welcome", they are getting IQA errors:

Incorrect or unknown source query. Please verify that the IQA Query: $/Samples/StaffHome/Members By Region exists and (or) you have enough permissions to run it. install failing because of false-positive on WCF non-http activation

I'm attempting to install the release on a Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) server, which was previously running without problems.

When I run the installer (as the server's root admin) I'm getting this error message:

“.net non-http wcf activation must be enabled”

The thing, it already IS enabled, and this wasn't an issue for the release.

The installer won’t let us proceed until this “problem” is corrected, and rebooting the server to clear out the cobwebs didn’t help.

access to content record user defined fields (UDF)

Is there a way to get access (perhaps through the Asi.Web.UI.ContentRecordPage or similar object), to the content record user defined fields? (the UDFs creating in RiSE > Maintenance > User defined fields).

I realize they're available in iMIS 20 in the ContentFilter table, but we have a client still running 15.2.15 and the ContentFilter table does not exist. And short of dissecting the Blob field (which is expensive), I'm not sure where I can get at the UDFs...

Looking for Document Manager hack for Event Display page

In order to give staff a fast and easy way to upload documents to the RiSE system, I created a hack to the \Net\AsiCommon\Controls\ContentManagement\ContentDesigner\ContentHtmlEdit.asc file. The hack was found on somewhere on this Community website, specifically here, I think - It essentially adds an icon to the Content HTML iPart called Document Manager, placing it right next to the Image Manager icon. While it works great for the staff, it only works in that iPart. When clicking on the Edit button from the Event Display page, the same WYSIWYG editor appears, including the Document Manager icon. However, it doesn't work from this iPart, presumably because it's a different one than Content HTML. The main problem is that when you click on the icon, iMIS starts off looking in what appears to be the Images folder rather than the Docs folder I created for this purpose. Can I make the same hack to another control file, which would allow me to use Document Manager from the iPart on the Event Display page?

View Products on Website Without Signing In

What is the best way to display all products for sale on web using the $/Store/DefaultSystem/Queries/All Products for Sale on Web iQA where the users can view all products without having to login to the website.

I created a new query and changed the security setting to see if that helped but it didn't.


Uploading or Downloading Documents via RISE


This is a two part question - We're about to start using RISE (which I know very little) & the question was asked:

1. "Can you (presenters) upload documents via RISE and make them available for downloading?"
2. "Can those docs be saved in iMIS as an attachment even if it's attached to an activity?"



Renewal Fees and late fees calculated at renewal time, not before

We are upgrating to v20 very soon and would really like to add the ability for the user to change their status at renewal time (i.e. from practicing to non-practicing). However, the dues amount is different for the different statuses. At the momnet the invoice charges are generated yearly and the amount generated is according to their current status. When they want to renew if they need to change their status they have to call or email and we have to change it in the admin screen, reverse the original invoice and generate a new invoice for the amount for the new status. We really would like to have it that they can change their status when renewing and the amount is derived at renewal time according to the status. an additional kicker is that we have a series of asp pages that they must work through to verify and update various data elements in order to complete their registration per regulatory requirements.

Communities vs. Committees

Does Communities replace Committees or how are they related? How do we access Communities? Under Community all we have is Dashboard, Find Contacts and Add Contact. We are on iMIS 20.1.14. Thank you.