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Enabling iMIS Security When Validating User Credentials Against Another Database.

Introduction to Problem:

We had a client who moved to another CRM provider but wanted to manage their website’s content with iMIS WCM. The challenges were 1) validating user credentials against the 3rd party CRM when they log in through iMIS, 2) after validation is successful, activate the iMIS website security and 3) add a record in iMIS when the user exists in the 3rd party CRM but not iMIS.

GL export error on glint file

When running a GL export as you normally would, this error comes up after entering date range.  This is on


Custom Membership Provider

I am currently attempting to write a custom membership provider that integrates iMIS with another database to authenticate against. Currently everything is running smoothly except after a successful login I get an iMIS error message stating 

"You do not have permission to view this content."

What am I missing?

Can user update event registration in iParts

I am trying to find out if a user can update their event registration in the iParts product.

Right now, my company is using Public Views and any time a user registers for one of our events and then later needs to make changes to that registration, they must call our Customer Service line to make those changes. We are considering upgrading to iParts but I would like to find out if this un-usability has changed. In iParts, can a user make changes to a meeting registration on the website? If so, is there a website that can show me how this is done?

Removing Key word search from imis WCM Masterpage

I have a client who is wanting to remove the following Join now and Keyword search from the main landing page in imis wcm.
Can anyone advise where we can do this?

Entity type __Table__ does not have an identity property and can't be updated.

I have created a custom table via the iMIS desktop client and I am receiving this error when I try to update a record in the table via the SOA:

Entity type __Table__ does not have an identity property and can't be updated.

What causes this error and how do I fix it? I am able to update other tables via the SOA without errors.

new custom ipart need to not display in design mode


we have a custom ipart that was created by Visual Antidote under v10. After the upgrade to v15.2 I cannot display it and save it in content designer as it has mandatory data entry fields and content designer wants me to populate the fields -  the ipart is running in content manager. I need to have it not render in design mode. which I know is something that you can have controlled by your content type.

Display 'public profile' page based on iQA search result


We are building a new WCM site in version.

We created an iQA and used the query menu iPart to display in the WCM. All went good but when we click on the search result, we wanted the perseon performing the search to be able to view the 'Public Profile' of the search result but instead it gives me an 'Access Denied' error.

There are certain points to be considered:-

Getting WCM site to recognize that the browser is a mobile device

Is anyone using the WCM mobile sites? If so, how are you getting your primary WCM site to recognize that the browser is on a mobile device so the site can be redirected to the mobile site?

Drop Down menu for a UDT in iQA


We are developing a search functionality for our client. The public needs to be able to perform a search for a 'Translator' from one language to another. I've set up a custom table in iMIS with 'Multiple Instances Allowed' option and also the validation from the General Look up containg about 50 language options.

I'm createing an iQA query to be able to perform this and implement the iQA in WCM. I got it to work except the fact that there is no drop down option available for users to select the languange but they have to type it in manually like:-
From = Chinese
To = English

Is there anyway I can get the drop down menu in the iQA for selecting the language?