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Query Menu iPart returns one result set then control can't be updated

We have a page where we allow anyone to be able to look for our members in their local area.  This is using the Query Menu iPart and when you start the query, you can return a results set once.  After the results are returned, any change to the filter and refresh by clicking the find button results in no update on the screen.  All the features of the iPart are suddenly lost.  You cannot move a page at a time through the results, you cannot change the number of results you see, re order the columns in the query.  Its as if the first data set displayed is the only one you can see, and you cannot refresh the results at all.  If you refresh the entire page, the query will let you pull new results, but the same problem happens after the results are pulled, the control again stops responding.

Filestream option in SQL 2012

If anyone familiar the Filestream option offered during the installation of SQL 2012 Express?  What is best practice for iMIS with regard to it?  Include it in the installation or leave it out?


David Cook

iMIS 20 RiSE and guest badges

Does anyone have a work around or a solution for allowing registrants to enter guest badges? I do not want the guest to have a record in iMIS.

Thanks, Terry

SSRS Reports - Validation Failed Error

Hello all

We are running into an error when trying to deploy SSRS reports. Any user created RDL (based on a user created IQA) gives the error:

Validation failed:

I can run the samples with no issue. But if I create a new IQA, save the RDL back into iMIS, and then create the SSRS runtime, the error will always occur. I can amend my SSRS runtime to point at the sample IQA and RDL and all is fine.

Great iMIS users conference coming up Jun 24-26

Hello fellow iMIS users!

I want to just let everyone know about the awesome iMIS conference we have coming up end of June in Toronto. I have found that it's great for learning about the latest and greatest in iMIS, get training on core topics like IQA and best of all - networking! Every year, I pick up a few ideas/solutions to business problem from other iMIS users.

Hope to see you there!
Silvie Zhang

Query Help

We're a trade organization and our members are companies.  We have a User Defined Table called Tradeshows.  it's a multi-instance table where we store booth information for each member that exhibited in each show .

I'm trying to create an IQA to be able to report on show participation.  Ideally, I'd like to give our staff users several optional parameters for which shows they want info on.

Relationships and change logging


We're running iMIS 15.2.15.  After submitting an SMR with ASI and getting the following response:  "Unfortunately there is not a way to track Relationship changes. " , I decided to post the question here.

We are a company based membership ogranization and we use relationships to define certain roles of member employees.  We need to have a way to track the changes and report on them when persons change roles as they pertain to us.

Missing properties in indexing service

We ran into a plethora of issues with a new web server and ended up uninstalling and reinstalling IIS and iMIS. the indexing service got all janky too (and yes, that's the technical term).

So i used the MIU to delete and recreate the indexing service, which it did. HOWEVER, in working through the troubleshooting tips (, I see I'm missing several properties.

The collection already contains the specified content item

We've had a series of issues with the content for this client.

We are now running into issues where when we save a piece of content, we're getting the following message within the content designer:
Error: The collection already contains the specified content item.

what does this mean and how can we fix it? Thanks

What is impact of page base? Should Asi.Web.UI.TemplateGalleryMasterPageBase be changed to Asi.Web.UI.UltraWaveMasterPageBase

I just encountered a new customer with a WCM template using Asi.Web.UI.TemplateGalleryMasterPageBase.

All of our new templates use Asi.Web.UI.UltraWaveMasterPageBase.

Is it important, and possible, to change the reference from Asi.Web.UI.TemplateGalleryMasterPageBase to Asi.Web.UI.UltraWaveMasterPageBase?

Is it possble that there would to functionality issues using the old page base?