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Display numbers if search is less than a page in Query iPart (iQA)


I'm using the Query Menu iPart for a new WCM site in 15.2.5.XXXX. The iQA works fine but if I set the number of records to display per page to 20 and if the search result is less than 20, then I can hardly see the 'total' in numbers (7 of 7 or 9 of 11).

I understand that it is less than a page and the work around would be to reduce the display result per page to 5 or something but if the actual result is going to be 5000 than it would look inappropriate.

Mass email feature in WCM


We are redeveloping a new WCM site in 15.2.5.XXXX for existing client who had an eSeries site (10.6.XX).

Back in eSeries days, the committee can perform a search based on certain filters and can also hit 'Email Members' buton on top right to perform a mass email operation only for the results returned.

I'm wondering if this 'Mass email' feature can be achieved in a WCM site (15.2.5.XXXX)?

Profile Pictures IQA

I have a client who would like to display a list of committee members via IQA and use their "Profile Picture", along with their name, title, etc. I have found the Name_Picture table, a good start I suppose - but how would I get the actual profile picture to force into an '<img src="{{path/to/profile/photo.jpg}}"/>' in the IQA? I was hoping that the Query Profile Picture List iPart would be a little more useful, but that just shows the profile images and none of the other elements in the IQA query.

SSRS iPart


We developed a SSRS report and using the out-of-box SSRS iPart (version 15.2.5) to be embedded into a content page and we would need the report to be displayed based on an invoice number (the parameter defined in the underlying query). We can enter the parameter when running the SSRS runtime directly, but cannot make it work when trying to pass the parameter through an URL parameter (using linking an IQA).

Public Profile Page

I'm trying to implement a public profile page for a client and am running into security issues.

The page has some content on, e.g. a mini profile iPart and a Query menu iPart. Both of these have been configured to allow display for unauthorised users. The IQA is set for everyone to read, and the business objects used are set to everyone read. These are on a page where the content is open to everyone.

WCM iparts Null Reference Exception

We're on version 15.2.10. iMIS and WCM with iparts are working fine on the imis application server. However we recently installed WCM (standalone installation) on the web server and have set up a wcm website (copy of the members site) on this server. The site seems to load okay but when we tried to access any iParts we get a null reference exception below. SOA appears to be working fine.

Any suggestions on solving this is appreciated.

iMIS 15.2.10 Who tried?

Hi All,

I'm wondering if someone had a chance to play with a new version of iMIS 15.2.10. We plan to install it on top of our current version 15.2.5, as according to ASI, they fixed some App Pool and memory issues in that version. Would be helpful to hear some feedback from those of you who already have it installed. What is positive, what is negative, etc.



Letter System iMIS 15.1: Fail to Merge

Hi everyone,


I tried to modify an existing letter in our iMIS 15.1. basically I want to add two new fields into the letter. Originally, the letter has fields from two table, say table A and B.

Now, I want to add two new fields from table C. I have set it up in iMIS, and modifed the Word file.

However, when I tried to merge it, it display this error:

GetMergeData - [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The objects "C" and "C" in the FROM clause have the same exposed names. Use correlation names to distinguish them.

Disable "Show all 500" results on QueryMenuCommon ipart that displays results of an IQA


How can I disable the "Show all 500" results link on a particular QueryMenuCommon ipart that displays results of an IQA.

Using and ASI tech support say they cannot assist.



using System Setup product sort in iQA

I have a client who is utilizing the Set up commerce web components for their product setup (set as featured), category setting and sort. While this is intended to be used for the PublicView store, this information should be writing to the database somewhere to be able to use to sort the iQA query for the ProductDisplayList iPart, should it not? This is found at System Setup > Set up commerce web components > Store home.