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Putting document link in content, with button class

Looking at all the posts in here it would seem that ASI still have not come up with an elegant solution for uploading documents for links in content.

There is of course the Content File iPart, but that will display the nasty blue link and if you are wanting it in the middle of some text that then has a border around it (or in our case I changed that ipart control to do a shaded rounded box) that will not work, and I also cannot see how to put a button on the link.

sp_asi_UpdateNameIndex failing due to new clustered primary key for dbo.Name_Indexes (PK_Name_Indexes)

Since upgrading to iMIS 20.1.13 (from 15.x) users have been encountering a Customer Portfolio shutdown we have traced to a new clustered primary key for dbo.Name_Indexes. The primary key is "PK_Name_Indexes". This primary key did not exist in iMIS 15.x. The stored procedure "sp_asi_UpdateNameIndex" executes against dbo.Name_Indexes. It is unchanged between 15.x and 20.1.13, and will now occasionally fail because violations to this new primary key.

Customer Service Alerts (CSA) - Not Found message

We have created an instance from our working web iMIS installation & created new database restored from product db. After setup & installation, everything is working perfect however we are using CSA button action alert (customized button in webapge that redirect to another page) and every time we click CSA alert button it shows "Not Found" message popup. We have reinstalled CSA 2.01.00022 and still not working. Any thought will be appreciated.

Drop down list on contact window of admin console sourced from IQA

I am going round in circles with support on this one and cannot get a coherent answer so I thought I would try you folks.

I have an iqa that is returning the names of contacts that are set up as organizations.

I would like the results to be available in a drop down list for selection on a contact/customer additional window so that the users can select the organization the contact works for (we cannot use the company field as our contacts can work for multiple organizations so we have a custom multi instance table to capture their employers.

content background image with buttons on top

new to css

I am trying to see how to have a content section i.e. new_contenthtml  that has an image for the background and buttons on the top. I am wanting to define the image in the template file so that my person who would be changing the buttons occasionally cannot accidentially delete the image - but I just cannot seem to get it working

I have put the following into the teamplate at the end of the master page styling but i cannot see it available in the css selections in the content confuration drop down, I also tried it with #Homepagebanner above the .Homepagebanner - what am I missing?

iMIS Multi Value Look Ups

Hello all

You may have recently found that all the multi-value look up fields in the iMIS desktop have stopped working, and give an error:

"Duplicate description detected. Please correct the lookup table."

This seems to be caused by a recent MS Update - KB3008923

Once this update is removed, the look ups should work.

copy iqa from one instance to another on the same server

I am looking for how I can easily copy iqa definitions from one V20 instance to another on the same server. any ideas?

Panel Sequence in cutom iPart

I have a custom iPart with various panels.  Panels come out in sequence that they are defined in the code EXCAPT when the panel is c# code in which case that panel comes out at the top of the web page instead of in the middle of the page where it belongs...  Is there a fix for this?

Login Script redirect based on Language preference

I would like to redirect a user upon login based on their language pref. We have their language pref in a UD table and ideally I would like an IF or some sort of CASE statement. We only have two languages (English and French) so IF UDcontact.preflang ="F" then /MemberHomeFR.aspx ELSE /MemberHome.aspx but I don't know how to code that.

We use the standard auth login script below as part of the login.

Order Processing - never printed - need to recreate

In the process of processing orders this morning we found that our printers are not working, and so all of the reports that print as part of the process of processing orders did not print. Unfortunately, all of the orders were moved through the process. My question is this: how do I recreate the papers that should have printed at each step of the order processing process? I've got the list of order numbers, I'm just not sure what to do with them.