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Getting WCM site to recognize that the browser is a mobile device

Is anyone using the WCM mobile sites? If so, how are you getting your primary WCM site to recognize that the browser is on a mobile device so the site can be redirected to the mobile site?

Drop Down menu for a UDT in iQA


We are developing a search functionality for our client. The public needs to be able to perform a search for a 'Translator' from one language to another. I've set up a custom table in iMIS with 'Multiple Instances Allowed' option and also the validation from the General Look up containg about 50 language options.

I'm createing an iQA query to be able to perform this and implement the iQA in WCM. I got it to work except the fact that there is no drop down option available for users to select the languange but they have to type it in manually like:-
From = Chinese
To = English

Is there anyway I can get the drop down menu in the iQA for selecting the language?


setting up 15.2.4667 Website in WCM

I am trying to create a website in and has defined the website. However when i try to pull the website in browser, it goes to webview.

Environment: single server housing application server, webserver and database.

What am i missing?


Pro Rated Dues


Can anyone post any example of CASE statements for special pricing of dues product or prorated dues?

Any help is appreciated!


Thank you,


How is QUANTITY_BACKORDERED, QUANTITY_ON_ORDER, LAST_ORDER_DATE in Product_Inventory table being used in iMIS 15.2?

We are running on a zero inventory model and everytime a customer place an order, we would need to make an upstream order. Quite often we need to make a second upstream order even before the first upstream one has been fulfilled. I am trying to develop a report/query to show how many needs to be ordered from the upstream vendor (I am using Product_Inventory.QUANTITY_AVAILABLE) but has trouble isolating the quantity of the upstream orders that have already submitted to the vendors. Has anyone experienced the similar situation and has any good ideas?

WCM - Command Bar (next and previous buttons) top of page

Hi -

On certain WCM pages the command bar is activated to allow you cycle through various pages in a form.

This bar appears at the top and bottom of pages.

<div class=CommandBar>
            <input type=button name= value=Previous Page id= disabled=disabled title=Previous Page class=Disabled TextButton>
            <input type=button name= value=Next Page id= title=Next Page class= TextButton>
            <select name= id=>
                                <option value=1>1</option>
                                <option value=2>2</option>
                                <option value=3>3</option>
                                <option value=4>4</option>
                                <option value=5>5</option>
                                <option value=6>6</option>
            <input type=button name= value=Go id=ctl00 title=Go class= TextButton>

Does anyone know if it is possible to hide the Command Bar from the top of the Content Area.


iMIS App server IIS app pool auto recycle error

Our iMIS users (staff and members) cannot log in after the IIS app pool automatically recycles on our produciton iMIS installation. Once we manually recycle the application pool, the problem clears up.

The specifc error message on browsing the app server website (i.e. http://server-url/imis15) is: "Document not found or insufficient permissions to read document. $/Business Object Schema/User"

"Desktop Home" Customisations and providing staff with information about IQAs

We are starting to look to use the imis "Desktop Home" page as a communication tool for our iMIS users about what is new (e.g. new IQA's, new Reports) etc.

We are currently on

We do have a Corporate Intranet, but I'm thinking may be better to centralise this type of information in iMIS.

What I'm wondering is how others tell users about new IQAs they are available and also the documentation around the IQA.

Modifying the online donations page in public views


I have a customer who is running iMIS and wants a few minor customisations to their online donations in public views. 

I've made a copy of Gift.aspx and Gift.ascx.  The client would liike to call the donations page with a predetermined amount so I've added some javascript to populate the amount value from a query string parameter.  The customer would also like to change the prompt next to the Amount field (currently  "Other") to be "$".  The Other label is part of a radio button list and therefore not defined (or changeable) the way some lables are in the ascx file.

Events iPart Dynamic Registrant Class


I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone has had success dynamically changing a registrant class for an iPart based event registration process. So if a user for example enteres a correct coupone code, we would want to assign them to a registrant class that gets a discount? Has anyone had any success with this sort of approach?