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Do I need to have Donate Module/Fundraising module to use the Donation Creater iPart

Do I need to have Donate Module/Fundraising module to use the Donation Creater iPart

Can you use or create content within WCM using Public View Pages?

I have seen another post on here about a similar question but with no answer.  We are about to use WCM and now want to use the public Views pages within WCM as one coherent site.  How does one build content that points to the Public View pages?  Or is this not possible and you have to use two websites?

Passing ID as paremeter in IQA to SSRS and Back

I am creating some reports for a client that are easy enough to do - I have created the query in IQA but there is one parameter, and that is the ID of the person running the report. For now, I have hard coded an ID - I could have the user enter their ID but ideally I would like to get their login name, run it against the contactmain table to get the ID and use that as the resulting value.

I was hoping to be able to do this using IQA, saving to RDL, going into BIDS, formatting the report, importing the template, creating the report, and then creating the content. I have a feeling it's not going to be that simple. I know once I touch the SQL code, I cannot use the iMIS template system.

Deploy new OMNIS key to existing users


We've acquired some new iMIS full licenses and been issued with a new OMNIS key and tech support is advising have to do following on each desktop client:-

"You would need to doubleclick on the OmnisSerial.exe file in the C:\Program Files\ASI\iMIS15\Omnis7 and then the 3 lines would come up. You'll need to change your OMNIS license there".

They suggested it must be done on Full's, but gave impression not needed on casuals.

Displaying a members profile picture using the API

How can I display a profile Picture on the web using the API?  I'm not using iParts.



access to Content Designer on iMIS desktop


We are in process of upgrading IMIS to 15 and are new to iParts.
Right now we are trying to setup a security access to different parts of the imis and website management.
We need to remove access to Site Designer from iMIS Tools and Content Designer and Site Designer from Management Console.  We tried to use the security settings, but couldn’t get exactly of what we need.

iMIS Workflow Service and WebFormZ in 15.2.0

iFINITY's WebFormZ uses the iMIS Workflow Service to handle things like email dispatch, reading from and writing to iMIS.  I have been developing a (very) simple form for a client in WebFormZ which is working and can be submitted.  However, there is a status change action in the form designed to create an activity in iMIS, and the activities are not being written.  I have these status change actions working perfectly at another client.

Anybody using ASI Cloud


Anybody using ASI Cloud for hosting your iMIS application.

We are evaluating it for a client. Right now we have them on our servers inhouse but for some compliance needs we are planning to put them out on ASI Cloud.

Please let me know if you faced any issues or concerns with having iMIS application on cloud.


restricting access/protecting for pdfs (document manager)

We have a client that is migrating from 10.6 to 15.2.15 and they're going through the process of updating 2000+ content records migrated from eSeries to WCM using the Document Manager (correcting the link location, updating the CF URLs, etc.) and are noticing the issue that WCM is unable to protect or restrict access to the pdfs. Some of the pdfs (reports) need some sort of security/access restrictions. While there is access restrictions on the content record that contains the link to the document, the document link wide open to the world. The good thing is that the documents are organized on the server in separate folders, so if we could place a security role (WCM) based restriction on the Reports folder, this would solve the problem.

un-nesting tags

Working with Tags in WCM, I've come across an issue with using nested tags and the 'match all tags' option in the Tagged List iPart (SMR 284989)

We've a client who is in the process of migrating from 10.6 to 15.2.15 and uses tags - a LOT. They have a significant amount of archived, and tagged, content dating back to 2003. I've tried to un-nest the tags via the GUI by dragging and dropping to the root (Tag), but that ended up not doing anything useful (nothing in chrome and in IE, it creates an error (Exception message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Asi.Business.Common.HierarchyController.MoveBranch(Guid moveHierarchyKey, Guid targetHierarchyKey, HierarchyAddType addType)