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TaskCentre running multiple instances?

I've got a question about a task possibly running multiple instances of itself creating duplicates in imis db.

99% of the time this task runs fine every 1min and creates rows and sets a flag to indicate these rows don't need to be added again, but for some reason 1% of the time this task seems to repeat the creation of the row causing duplicates. One of our providers suggested we set the maximum concurrent instances option within general tab --> options --> advanced --> to unlimited instances from the previous setting of single instance in hopes of solving this issue. Reasoning being it would give taskcentre more opportunity to catch up if it was behind from running this task every 1min. My thinking is this might not work because allowing concurrent instances would mean the task could create more duplicates by running multiple instances of the create row step before creating the flag step.

RiSE Public Profile Link In IQA Search Result

In the search results for the RiSE Directory, I am trying to link the individual's name in the search results to their public profile, however, I cannot get the ~/Party.aspx&ID=[id] link to work unless I also include the id field in my displayed search results. I obviously don't want the ID of the member to display in the search results when a member searches, so is there a way around this?


Connection to SOA blocked by firewall. Baffled.

I'm configuring a Vyatta gateway/firewall in front of several web servers I have hosted by Softlayer. Those servers host a combination of RiSE, eCM, and Kentico websites, all of which talk to the iMIS SOA, which is hosted on a webserver *outside* of Softlayer (on my LAN). An example URL for the SOA is

we have the normal set of rules configured on the firewall (allow inbound traffic on ports 80,443,1433,25, etc), and in almost every respect, the firewall is doing it's job correctly.

iMIS Crystal Report Permissions (Cross Posted)

Hello All,

Currently users need to have a system admin level of 8 (which I'm not liking) in order to run some crystal reports (new & old) out of iMIS ( I've gone through the elimination process of rights via our SQL server (where I'm creating the reports), key word access and other user security levels within iMIS.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so how did you resolve it? Also, is there a setting somewhere I can check or change.

Unable to update Address and Demographic data using IBO coding - iMIS

Below IBO code works fine in earlier versions (IMIS 15.13, IMIS 15.2, iMIS ), but not working in iMIS

Client having three address type: Main, Journnal, Home
Trying to update Address and Demographic table.

Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContact _CurrentUser = null;
Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CAddress _MainAddress = null;
//Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CAddress _JournalAddr = null;

Using Order_Meet.UF_6 in WCM site


How would I use the Order_Meet.UF_6 in a WCM site?

What I'm trying to achieve here is using the UF_6 field as a 'Dietary Reqs' so to capture user input values to be stored in the Order_Meet table for that registrant.

Is using Panel editor the way to go? If yes, how do I create a new panel using Order_Meet as a source?


Mobile phone app authentication against iMIS


I'm trying to support the business who wishes to have a mobile app developed that will authenticate users against our iMIS database before it will show them the mobile app's content.  (In this case a version of our monthly member only publication).

I'm aware of the instructions on imiscommunity on how to integrate third party sites with the requirement to have them both on the same domain.  (e.g.  We have this set up locally with a third party web content management system installed locally that integrates with our local iMIS environment.  In order to get this working we created a new full user in iMIS that handles the authentication, rather than using the MANAGER account.

Imis Activities not visible in staff site?

In Imis, there seems to be a possibility to store “activities”. In this piece of the documentation!activitytypeswindow1.htm a description is given about how to configure activity types.
When I log in into the staff page, and find a person through “find contacts”, I am able to create a activity of the type “call” on the history tab. I also see that the activity is stored in the ACTIVITY table in the database.

Linking Relationship Table


This is a Crystal question... In our dbase we have setup a key contact relationship between a person & a company. A person can be the key contact at more then one company that's not linked via CO_ID.

I'm trying to get the Crystal report to return the company name for both companies the person has a relationship of key contact to. However, when I run the report it's returning both of the CO_ID based on the relationship but only showing the company that's listed as the persons company. I've linked ID from the Name table to the Target_ID in the Relationship table. How do I get both company names and Id's to show?

iMIS 20 Responsive themes - Move secondary navigation from right Hand side to left hand side


This is a question about the new responsive themes in v20.1.

Has anyone been able to switch the default secondary navigation from the right hand side of the web page to the left hand side.  Am using the Austin responsive theme.

I logged with ASI technical support and they suggested posting here so I assume they don't know.

There also appears to be nothing on about modifying the new responsive templates for left hand side navigation like there is for the older iMIS versions.