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auto run prompted IQA

Has anyone found a way to automatically run the IQA query for a Query Menu iPart when an optional filter prompt has been added to the IQA?

works great no prompts, but when I add an Optional prompt (if it were required, I get that) - the user has to take an additional step to load the query results.

I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to pass a URL parameter or some other magical trick to get the query to load without the need for an additional action by the visitor.

iEmail User Guide

We are in the process of installing iEmail.  I have asked the creators of iEmail for a user guide - no response. Checked links from creators web site - links don't exist anymore.  Checked ASI, bare minimum information.  I understand the basics of iEmail, but when I have to train staff, I will definately miss something.  Anyone know of where I can get a copy, if one exists?

Custom Change Logging with Accurate User Info.

I am looking for options to create a change log and include the user who has updated the data, using a trigger or another method.
This is for additional fields that are not being logged by the standard iMIS change log.

At the trigger level, I am unable to get the individual user who is connected to the database because iMIS is connecting to the database with the same session user id each time. Is there a way to get the user level audit at the trigger level? In the past iMIS 10.6, this wasn't an issue so in the past I could log the entries using a trigger and the session user would reflect accurately who the person is who has changed or added the records.

View/hide tabs

I'm using iMIS 20.1. I created a new user and gave him Full/entry privilege to all the module in the Staff Access section. However, the only tab the user sees is 'Home'. How do I add the other tabs for the other modules i.e. Customers, Billings, Events,...?



Switching from Cash to Accrual Accounting

I need to switch my database from cash to accrual accounting. Our dues are on the calendar year, not anniversary. Should I wait until the end of the year to make the change or can I do it now? Thanks in advance!

committee error


We are testing iMIS upgrade from 10.6 to 15/20. the upgrade was done and iMIS desktop seems functioning. However, every time we click on Committees, it gave "Omnis7.exe has stopped working" error and shut down the desktop. and here is the detail information --

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Omnis7.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 34cdf57c

Program Display iPart

Does anyone know how to default the Program display ipart to "View All" in Imis 20.0

I have looked into javascript to cheat it but cannot get anything to work as it rely's on an onchange event to change the view. Would be good if you could choose this in the ipart setup.


Invoicing on Discounted Registrations


A client has noticed and issue when processing registrations through one of our applications. Within this application we utilize iBO for .NET to perform the registration processing. In addition we handle discounting using functions containing negative unit prices. So a registration may have the following functions:

Registration Fees @ $100
Discount @ -$50

Discounts may also completely offset the cost resulting in a complimentary registration.

IQA query for company roster?

How do I build a query in IQA that will list only Company Records* with at least 1 current Member** on their roster?

I have a hunch that I will need to use multiple instances of CsContact and involve the Company ID field somehow, but I can't seem to parse out the Join and/or the Filters properly. Everything I have tried comes out wonky.

All it needs to show is the record ID and company name of those company records. No individuals on the roster need to show up in the results.

Email Template Window Not in Menu

I'm trying to set up email notification templates in RiSE for iMIS 20.1, but the Email Template Window does not appear in the menu where it should (System Setup > Set up web components > Email Templates). It's not in any of the RiSE menus.

Has anyone experienced this? Do I need to 'turn on' the email capability somewhere to allow this feature? I'd appreciate any advice.