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On Behalf Of

How does the "On Behalf Of" feature work? Is there documentation that fully explains it? I need to know how it works for members and staff.


IQA link to iMIS ID

I have an IQA Query that I want to display the name or iMIS ID as a link - and when clicked on will bring up the record in Customers. Can anyone help with this?
(we are using iMIS 20)


Left navigation configuration

Has anyone setup the left navigation column/panel in the Austin/Cities template? I have tried it but I believe the code was for a previous version. It works most of the time but now my page loads behind the left navigation then shifts into place when its done loading. THanks, Terry

IQA to display the "Logged In" users registered events


I'm looking for an iQA to display the logged in users past events (already registered) *not the upcoming*. Since we don't close the events straight away (at least not until the accounting is completed) since I can't use the activities table to obtain the results.

I tried using the following:

Source - NetContact and CsEvent

Publishing services not publishing and giving an error


I have a client in iMIS 15.1.2. We created the WCM but Publishing services is not publishing content pages and giving an error.

This is the error in PublishErrorLog table.

PublishMessageLogKey PublishRequestKey PublishRequestDetailKey PublishServerCode MessageNumber MessageText MessageDateTime Location DisplayFlag
------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ ----------------- ------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
B3315396-32E9-4976-AD8C-005B2C6F227E 338E13BD-C459-4994-909E-A23BE18F2D25 284548D4-D522-483F-9834-618961182C0E A NULL Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: document 2013-07-09 14:03:17.987 Asi.Atom.AtomBaseHierarchy.LoadFromDocument 1
BAE09F67-1900-4468-9E92-00AA9F0A093D 473BBA72-14AE-454C-B2F8-098E8A6AA64B 68129CDA-9101-4C80-80C1-07A4CC3E9C49 B NULL Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: document 2013-07-18 10:57:09.297 Asi.Atom.AtomBaseHierarchy.LoadFromDocument 1

I restarted the publishing services but that did not fix it.

I deleted the WCM and recreated a new one, hoping that will resolve the problem but it did not.

ecommunities update to subscribers going with timeout message


ecommunities update to subscribers going with timeout message instead of the content as shown below-

Your session has timed out. Please try your operation again.
Log On
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]Remember me on this computer.
[Log On]
Forgot my logon
Forgot my password
Create a new account

Error in Exposition - Error When Executing Procedure Win/91

I have one user that is having a sporadic problem. Right after she processes a booth order, she clicks on View Exhibitor Information and the following error comes up: Error When Executing Procedure Win/91
Unable to find format BatchShow
It is not happening every time, but quite often. Any help would be appreciated.

Customer Service alerts - Bug

CS Alerts is executing all enabled queries twice. We traced this by Sql profiler and a easy way to find out is to assign a pop-up and we can see that the pop-up appears twice.

When raised with Asi, we were informed to raise it with Chadd in mcgladrey. They are having a very bad support and not even replying to emails.

1. Has anyone found the same problem with CS alerts. (We are using iMIS v15.2.*)

Closing iMIS batches synchronised with PayPal


Just wondering if its possible to automate the process of closing batches in AR Cash? Can we use a stored procedure of some sort or something similar to perform this action?

This would definitely help our accountants.



linkbutton and businesslabel definitions

I have a client who is using PV functionality and has a French and English site - both sites are using the same labels and links. At the very least we'd like to be able to make the labels bi-lingual. The client also uses a custom events page and does not use the 'out of the box' ../core/events/events.aspx event list.

for example:
<asp:LinkButton id="lnkRegister" ... >

<asiweb:BusinessLabel id="currentLogonCaption" ... >