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Disable "Show all 500" results on QueryMenuCommon ipart that displays results of an IQA


How can I disable the "Show all 500" results link on a particular QueryMenuCommon ipart that displays results of an IQA.

Using and ASI tech support say they cannot assist.



using System Setup product sort in iQA

I have a client who is utilizing the Set up commerce web components for their product setup (set as featured), category setting and sort. While this is intended to be used for the PublicView store, this information should be writing to the database somewhere to be able to use to sort the iQA query for the ProductDisplayList iPart, should it not? This is found at System Setup > Set up commerce web components > Store home.

How can we determine user role for script in WCM

I want to use a script on an html content record that will determine the logged in users role or member type. The purpose of this is to redirect them to a specific page once they are logged in. The sample Member site has some scripting on the Default page but it is just checking to see that the user is logged in and is not "GUEST". Need to do some additional filtering.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Can WCM handle home page/interior page layout and styles being different from each other?

I am looking to implement a WCM site that has one layout/styles for the home page and another layout/styles for the interior pages. I plan on using the Forest master page and the Aspen themes. Has anyone tried this and if so, did it work and would you mind sharing your how you accomplished this? This will be implemented in the latest version which I believe is 10 or 12.


Field Denoting Each User Sign-in to Website

Is there a field that will indicate each and every time a user logs into our website?   That is a table, aspnet_Users which contains, "LastActivityDate", but my 'guess' is that if I go by that, the average visit per users in any given range will always be '1'.      :0(

Any suggestions?  Google Analytics', by the way, has visitor reports that do not provide enough information, as this level of engagement analyis would need to be driven by our database.  Also, even that aside, the level of information that is based on single visits or greater on Google Analytisc has many anomalies.  (This is tangental, but, for instance, if a user visits the site with more than one IP address, such as using mutliple PCs, or a variation of PCs, laptops, and/or  mobile device, Google counts each IP address as a single 'user' visit.  I figure that probably impacts the response distribution around 20% or greater.)

Adding Informal Name to Results Search Grid

I would like to include the Informal Name in the Results search grid.  Can someone please let me know how this is done?  Thank you.

iMIS 15.1.3 Version



Is it possible in WCM that page URLs can be shortened -

For example - and

could be rewritten something like: and

10.6 on Windows 7 - issue with drive mapping

We have run 10.6 on Windows 7 64-bit successfully for quite a while now without any issues other than those listed elsewhere in the forums, which are all manageable. We just installed it on a new Windows 7 64-bit machine and we have problems with iMIS recognizing mapped drives for Letters and Crystal Reports. We have to go into the File/System Setup and re-save the drive paths before iMIS sees the drives. The odd thing is that we have other Windows 7 64-bit machines where we don't have to do this? Any thoughts?

Purchasing of electronic media through iMIS Shop

Hi guys,

Looking to expand our offering to members.

Is it possible to have a product available for purchase on our iMIS website that then provides access to that user to an imis WCM content item.

If user has not purchased that product they cannot see the content item.

If user has purchased item then they see a list of items which are available to them.  Content items could be a range of media (e.g. pdf, video etc).

Task Centre SMTP

I am new to Task Centre and just created a task which contains a query that results in 2 records with names and email addresses I then link this with an SMTP tool to send a test email to them. I have {=Steps("Database Query (ODBC)").RecordSet("EMAIL")} inserted into the To field on SMTP->Main screen. When the task runs only one email was sent to the first record. Could someone please advise what is missing here. Many thanks.