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I am looking to see if you can hyperlink results of an IQA to another IQA. I have an automated email that I have sent to me telling me of potential issues in the data in my iMIS instance. I want to turn that daily email into a dashboard in WebView where I can click on the results of the error value and be taken to an IQA that has those specific results. Here is a snippet of what I am looking at right now for data coming to me:

Absolutely No Email Address (NoEmail) = 63627
Invalid Email Addresses (InvalidEmails) = 0
ORG and IN3 records missing Email (ORGIN3NoEmail) = 99
Mismatched Emails between Profile & Address Screens (MisMatchedEmail) = 146
Mismatched Profile EMail Addresses (BadProfileEmail) = 0
Informz Bad Email Addresses - Bounces (MemberswithBadEmailInformz) = 260

I have an email full of these notices. These notices pull from a view that has dozens of UNIONS between queries. I then have IQA's in iMIS for each of these. Right now, if I look want to look at any of these numbers to see what comprises those numbers, I just go to an IQA, run it and those results are displayed. I want to take these results and hyperlink the number value to the associated IQA.

Any ideas if this is possible?



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Hi Jayson, If I'm

Hi Jayson,

If I'm understanding you correctly, I think the easiest way to achieve this would be to create a new content record for each of those queries, containing a Query Menu iPart pointing to the respective queries you have already written. Then in your email you can write the links to those pages.

Does that answer your question?