iMIS Community going away?

It's been announced that iMIS Community will be frozen at the end of the year, and will be retired at some point in the future. I find this very discouraging, as I refer to the site about 4-5 times a week. There's a wealth of important knowledge here that doesn't seem to exist in the documentation. (The docs even refer to this site in places.)

There's not a lot of new activity, but I'm not sure that's a good measurement of its usefulness. The posts that are already here cover a lot of important fundamentals. Some main areas that I visit often:

  • iPart standards (including old versions -- we still have to support them!)
  • SecurityHelper, and the changes from old iParts to new
  • SOA usage examples
  • Diagnosing problems publishing content
  • Configurations for multiple entities
  • SQL standards used by ASI
  • Non-Microsoft examples
  • Business object designer, and how features of BOD are intended to be used

ASI asked for suggestions of any areas that should be migrated to the new Developer Resources site. I thought to sit down and make a list, but it was apparent that my list would end up with two items:

  1. The first half of the site
  2. The other half of the site.

Anyone else out there in my situation? (I'm not sure anything will turn the ship at this point, but maybe we can ask ASI to create a static archive of the site before it goes offline?)

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It's not just the topics

It's not just the topics in many cases, but the discussion that follows that contains much of the useful knowledge. What people tried, how they went about diagnosing, that sort of thing. Migrating threads to another platform would no doubt be difficult, since many of the contributors may not even be around anymore.

Bruce Wilson
Senior Director, Technology Solutions