IQA query to list IQA queries

Here's a way to create an IQA query to list IQA queries and display their full document system path.

First, create a view to wrap the asi_PublishedDocumentPath function.  This view definition is for published documents only (status = 40), but change it if you need different results.

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[vDocumentPath] AS
 SELECT dbo.asi_PublishedDocumentPath([DocumentVersionKey]) AS 'DocumentPath', [DocumentTypeCode]
   FROM [dbo].[DocumentMain]
 WHERE [DocumentStatusCode] = 40 AND dbo.asi_PublishedDocumentPath(DocumentVersionKey) IS NOT NULL

Next, in Business Object Designer, create a business object named DocumentPath.  On the Database tab, add vDocumentPath, and both columns as properties.  Save and publish.

Create a new IQA query.  On the Sources tab, select DocumentPath as the source.  On Filters, add a filter on DocumentTypeCode equal to "IQD".  On Display, set DocumentPath as the only Display column.  ON Sorting, add an ascending sort on DocumentPath.

Run the query, and you'll see something like this:

You can change the filter on DocumentTypeCode to view other document types - "RSP" for SSRS Reports, "DOC" for Word documents, etc.  You can also add a filter on DocumentPath to restrict the output by document system folder location.

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