iXtend Partner Program

iXtend logoASI serves a base of 3000+ non-profits through its core iMIS software products. However, there are numerous specialized functionality areas that our core offerings do not and cannot provide quickly enough to meet all needs. Fortunately, ASI has a large community of partners (80+ AiSPs and Authorized Consultants) that are knowledgeable about these diverse needs, and over 30 have already developed proven iMIS add-on applications that are sold separately, either as standalone applications or true extensions. ASI now invites this community of partners to co-develop the next generation of iMIS add-on applications, and it extends this invitation to new developers, be they third-party companies, individuals, or customers.


The iMIS iXtend Development Partner Program (iXtend) is here to help this expanded community in developing, integrating, promoting, and selling new iMIS add-on applications. Details about the iXtend Program are being announced at the 2009 iNNOVATIONS Conference.

Approved applications

See the current library of iXtend applications on the ASI website.

Joining the program

Selection to become an iXtend partner begins with you. You email ASI that you'd like to request enrollment into the iXtend Program for your proposed iMIS add-on application. When you receive the enrollment form, complete and submit it. If it's approved, complete the iXtend Partner agreement and sign up for iXtend training.

Getting support

  • SDK Center, for API references and guidance on working with iMIS
  • Development Center, for coding standards and best practices
  • Collaboration Center, for knowledge-base articles, ASI and third-party applications, and shared solutions
  • Forum for iXtend