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Hi All,

I'm wanting to create a web site portal for staff to log into so that can see some basic information about members while they are out on the road. However I'm stuck with the first section of creating a page in which they can select some details to search, which gives them a link to move onto a section, something similar to the roster manager page in public views. The query ipart works to give me my selection based on an IQA, but can't do much with it from there.

I'm on 15.1.3 and would like to do this before upgrading to 15.2. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ooh may have just found my

Ooh may have just found my solution *fingers crossed*

Question: how do you get the

Question: how do you get the query panel iqa to work directly. I want to add things like activities and subscriptions to the page but can't work out how to link them.

I thing you will need to use

I thing you will need to use 15.2 to accomplish this. The link you provided also states "The Query Menu iPart released in 15.1.3 does not support this hyperlinking functionality from IQA Query."

iParts in 15.1.3 were just en Emerging Technology Preview (ETP), so I assume there will be features missing and bugs as well. 15.2 is the way to go for the new iParts.


  I have done this with


I have done this with 15.1.3 but you do need to create a calculated field to generate the link. The reference listed has more details on it. It gets a little easier to do in 15.2.


I'm having issues with

I'm having issues with installing 15.2 so still trying to do this with 15.1.3. So can you send me some more details on that thanks John?

  Look at this post:


Look at this post:


You just need to create a 'calculated field' that generates a link based on data returned in 15.1.



Errr mute point sorry

Errr mute point sorry John. The first link I posted sorted that issue out. Now I'm just trying to pass an Query Menu ipart an ID to use without having to prompt for it.

Set the ID to: "@Me" for the

Set the ID to: "@Me" for the person logged in - there are other parameters that can look at other things.

Great stuff Thanks!!!

Great stuff Thanks!!!

For more dynamic filters

For more dynamic filters you can use in queries, also see

The "@SubjectContact" was

The "@SubjectContact" was the exact thing I was looking for Fantasitc!