Membership and Roles

Does anyone have any information on using iMIS as the membership provider for .net sites? We currently have a login.aspx page, but need to make this work with iMIS login/password with roles to only give access to certain folders in the site. FYI, we are using 10.6 at the moment.

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10.6 doesn't support the use

10.6 doesn't support the use of iMIS as a membership provider (natively; you could write a custom provider to do so).

15.0 and up use the standard .NET membership and profile providers (with some custom logic on top to do things like enforce expiration dates -- you can use the Membership Web Service to access this logic in a format similar to the .NET provider).

The upcoming 15.1 release includes a full custom .NET membership provider that enforces all iMIS business rules relating to authentication.

Thanks Eric, I was kind of

Thanks Eric, I was kind of afraid of that. Any information on writing a custom provider for 10.6? Not sure where to start?

Writing a custom provider is

Writing a custom provider is pretty easy; there are instructions here:

The tricky part will be getting the iMIS-specific logic right. Do you need a membership provider for e-Series/eCM users, or for iMIS .NET users, or both?

Thanks for the link, I will

Thanks for the link, I will check it out. I will need both eventually, but first for .NET users.

Okay, for .NET users you'll

Okay, for .NET users you'll need to use the UserMain and Users tables to check expiration dates, IsDisabled, etc to validate whether the user should be allowed to log in.

For other users you'll use Name_Security (eventually).

Eric, thanks very much for

Eric, thanks very much for your help!

Membership and Roles

You could also use the iBOs if you want to validate membership and login info. The iMIS Mobile Product is setup that way, you can also custom build in other criteria based on using the tables Eric suggested.

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That's definitely an option

That's definitely an option I should have suggested. However, note that availability of the iBO.Net objects on 10.6 is limited to ETP participants, which may not make it an option here.

Also, I'll note that using a custom provider here will make it easy to convert to using the ASI custom provider if/when the customer upgrades to 15.1; it will just be a swap out in the .config file, no code changes required.

Eric, I've created the

Eric, I created the custom membership provider using the login info from the Name and Name_Security tables along with the ASIUtil DLL and the CCrypto method. I'm wondering if you can now tell me what tables (and methods/dlls if any) I need to use to create a custom role provider.


Well, it depends on where

Well, it depends on where you want to get the roles from. If you're looking for the e-Series security group membership, that's in Name_Security/Name_Security_Group, although that's pretty limited. If you're talking about .NET users (in UserMain), then you'll need to check RoleMain and GroupMain (via RoleMember and GroupMember respectively).

You could do further things like use chapters or activities, but as we don't use those natively for roles it's not something I'd be able to give advice on offhand. :)

Thank you!

Thank you!