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Can anyone tell me where can I download the iMIS SDK?



MasterCard credit cards with 2-series BINs

Hi All,
Does any one created work around solution to allow payments with new master card series number start with '2'?
When we test from IMIS Desktop, able to do payment with master card 2 series, but from web page getting script validation error.
As per ASI, enhancement was added in iMIS Interim Update.


Load External JavaScript

So we are are on a cloud based version of iMIS and what I'm wondering is if it's possible to load an external javascript or css file on every page automatically. We don't have access to the masterpage files, so is there another way to do it?

Script Errors in iMIS Customer Tab

Hi Everyone,

I would like to ask some tips on how to prevent or stop the reoccuring script errors on iMIS desktop > Customer Tab > Manage customers > User credentials. I have already tried fixing the IE settings using this solution:

-In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > under Browsing History > Settings > Check for newer versions of stored pages should be set to "Every time I visit the webpage.".

How to escape the & character in Events module

When trying to enter the ampersand (&) character in the second line of the Address field in the event setup area of the iMIS staff website, iMIS is converting the ampersand to &amp.  For example, "Grandover Resort & Conference Center" once saved displays as "Grandover Resort & Conference Center."  The key seems to be that you have to escape the & character.  I have tried the following:

Community Notifications

ACCP recently converted from SalesForce, Higher Logic, Cvent and a proprietary CMS to iMIS. Our members are pushing back hard on the changes to the way Communities work in iMIS versus Higher Logic. Specifically, they are in revolt mode over the fact that the only choices for notification frequency on subscriptions are none at all or has they occur. Our members want a Daily Digest.

Has anyone created a Daily Digest for their Communities or found a work around?

Single Sign On Documentation

We have upgraded our database to 20.2 iMIS Cloud. Does anyone have documentation on setting up a Single Sign On? We use HigherLogic for our communities and in order for our members to access we need to have an SSO in place. ASI has been less then helpful providing documentation. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Logon error - The application server version may not match the database version

When trying to logon to iMIS Desktop everyone is seeing the "application server version may not match the database version" error.  I tried all the normal suggestions in our bag of tricks plus the ones found in previous community postings on this issue.  So far nothing has worked.  No one has any problem logging into the staff website.  Here's what we have tried so far:

iMIS 20.2 Staff Site, Community Tab Editing

Hi All,

I would like to ask for your help on where can I find the queries that pulls all records of the User's Profile under the Security > Users on the Staff Site.

When you go to the Staff Site > Community > Security > Users > Select All Full and Casual > Click Find > Then select any User > Then a User page with Login and Password is displayed. I wanted to know on what IQA queries or content records the page that shows up is located? Or if I wanted to modify the layout of that page and the validations on it, where can I do it?

Looking for good examples using foreach command

Does anyone have some good examples of the foreach command being used in Communication templates?  The only out-of-the-box template that appears to be available in iMIS is the Event Confirmation.  I have followed the logic of this template in trying to build another one, yet keep coming up short.  The out-of-the-box template lists all of the functions within the registration, but only the functions of the registrant listed in the email.  Makes sense.  Joe Smith only wants to see his own functions, not someone else's functions and not eveyone else's function.  Following what appears to be a similar line of logic, I’m trying to build a different kind of template, one that lists all of the company admins of a company member.  This feature of the tool is proving to be particulary quirky.  If I include the Default query under the Additional Data Sources area, the template finds no one, even though the Recipient query finds about 900 individuals.  The recipient query also includes the NetContact.ID field, which is what you must have in order to feed it to the Default query's NetContact.ID filter.  If I take out the Default query and just use my query with repeating rows, giving it a Filter of NetContact.ID, the query sorta works, except that instead of listing out each company's admins, all admins (regardless of company) appear on all 900 messages.   What's weird is that I took this approach earlier today and the admins appearing on each company's email message belonged only to the company being previewed, only they were being listed twice.  Therefore I was tryingt to eliminate the duplicates.  Now we're back to seeing all admins on all companies being previewed, in spite of not being able to identify any differences between the queries before and after.  To say this exercise is frustrating would be an understatement.