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imis 20.2 Home Tab Editing


When logging into imis 20.2 desktop (not staff site or web version), the first tab (the Home tab) shows some charts - where are the queries that power these and how can they be updated?

Any help would be appreciated. I've attached a screenshot.

Thanks very much!

Process Automation - Duplicate Emails (When Separate App and Web Servers)


I've been developing some Process Automation tasks for a client. They are now moving to an environment where they will have a separate application server and a separate RiSE server. Today a scheduled task sent out duplicate emails (this is still in test mode so no member actually received duplicates). Tracked it down to the fact that the application server and the RiSE server are both running the task at the same time. Checked with ASI and development knows about the issue when you have two app/web servers causing duplicates but no resolution yet. Has anyone encountered this issue before and have you been able to resolve it?

SOA promo codes to fix early bird plus normal pricing.

I'm trying to allow users to buy event tickets both before and after the early bird cutoff for an event, (2 different price points. The user buys 3 tickets, waits a week, then buys 5 more.) I use SOA to actually sell the tickets with a CartManager and EventManager within it.

I can use the EventManager's OverrideFunctionPriceInCart method to change the price of ALL the tickets being sold, but even if I calculate the weighted average of the early bird and regular tickets that doesn't always line up to a nice exact dollars and cents value.

Relationships - What API calls are available to perform CRUD operations on relationships?


I am looking for documentation on how to perform CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on relationships in iMIS. I've searched the documentation and the community, and what I've found is at least four years old and suggests writing custom SQL to do what I need to do.

Is that still the case? Or are there API calls available? It can be REST, SOA, iBO, or anything else currently supported.

Connecting fields in the Panel Editor iPart

I am creating a panel using the Panel Editor iPart. I have a field that I am creating using a predefined list from an IQA . Once that is selected, I'd like another field to be limited to predefined list based on the data from the first field. Does anyone know of a way to do that?


Changing AppContext


Does anyone know how to change the AppContext upon sign in or if there is a way to actively set the AppContext.CurrentIdentity?

I want a user who has a role "Company Administrator" to be able to login as themselves, but act as their parent company. I want them to be able to edit company info, rosters, etc using out of the box iParts, but from I can tell all of the iParts out of the box require you to be logged in as the company.

Effective and Expiration Date Error

Hi Everyone,

My apologizes if this isn't in the correct place. I have ran into an issue on the 'user credentials' page on iMIS Desktop for any customerID. In the section 'User Information' when a user inputs an effective or expiration date not within the specified date range, red text would appear. The red says "Date must be within 01/01/53 to 12/31/99" besides both effective and expiration date.

Using an IQA in a Query Menu to display an image


Does anyone know a way to have an IQA return an image given the path of that image?

We are using a query menu iPart to display past event details, and the IQA will return the relative path to the image, but it won’t actually display the image.

I was thinking something using the @url dynamic query item might be useful, but if someone has a better idea I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance.

Business Object Display Field from an IQA with a SQL Expression

I am trying to make the display field of a custom business object, a field from an IQA that uses a SQL Expression. I am concatenating a string and a field from the business object. The IQA works but the display field doesn't show up as an option in the Business Object Designer. Before I changed the SQL view behind it, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to do this?

Thank you

iMISApp Pool remains stopped

I'm having a problem keeping the iMISApp pool started.  This client had Case-Sensitive collation and decided not to change it back when they were on iMIS 10.6, when converting the collation to CI would have been so much easier.  Starting with this version, ASI requires that the collation be CI.  To say that getting the collation changed in iMIS20 was difficult is probably an understatement.  Now the client wants to upgrade to 20.2.26 and we are finding what appear to be ghosts from that effort a few years ago.  For starters, we tried to upgrade the database but ran into an issue where a number of tables had a handeful of columns with the wrong length.  In response, we ran a table analysis from the DB Maintenance utility and found numerous tables with errors.  We proceeded to Rebuild them one-at-a-time with the DB Maintenance utility and were successful in all but four of them - ContactMain, Contact_Link, GroupMain, and GroupTypeRef.  The Contact_Link has a problem with a Foreign Key, and DB Maintenance is unable to rebuild it.  For the other 3 tables, the Rebuild Table button is grayed out, so we can't rebuild them with the utility.  Now when trying to launch iMIS 20.0.9, we are unable to open the staff website.  The iMISApp pool keeps stopping.  It shuts down again after starting, trying to get to the staff website, and before it is able to get to the staff logon screen.  We are finding numerous errors in the Windows logs, mostly System errors, but a couple of Application errors too (see below).