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Browser Error Messages when Opening IMIS 20.2 Desktop

We recently began having trouble with our IMIS 20.2 installation, for all users, but have not been able to locate a cause, and hoping someone else has experienced the same, with a good resolution.

Whenever we load up the desktop, we begin to receive a series of browser/Javascript error messages being generated (see attached). Some of the messages show up blacked out and unreadable (usually indicating a Javascript Out of Memory exception), others show up properly, but do not always display the same messages. Sometimes it points to Asi.js, other times ASP.NET's WebResource.axd file, Telerik's WebResource.axd, etc. All of them lead me to the conclusion that something is going on with Javascript within the embedded browser inside IMIS Desktop. The top navigation menu frame loads fine, and the left menu frame loads fine until the Javascript kicks off to start loading the main frame, which is where the errors start.

Email Error: General Mail Failure - code 2.

We are having this weird issue with send email confirmation from service central.
If we click on the email icon it open correctly in the outlook in the membership module.
But when we bring a record in service central and click on the email icon it comes out with weird
Email Error: General Mail Failure - Code 2.

Kindly let me know how to fix this.


Cascading fields in RiSE

It seems the current version of IMIS doe snot (yet) allow for cascading fields.

The Business Object Designer does have an Cascading option, but it does not work.

I have multiple places in a project we are doing where I need this. And I find it hard to believe that nobody else had this need before us.

Anybody perhaps have a work-around? Or ideas on how we can create it?

iMIS 20.2 Publishing server

I don't know if anyone else have this issue...

I am working on RiSE on iMIS 20.2. Problem is that it takes forever to publish new and/or changed pages. In most cases it takes more than 4 hours.
I am sure this cannot be correct.

Anybody that have advise as to what I can look at to speed this up?

Thank you


Is there a way to speed up the animations on the megamenu dropdown? The speed is entirely too slow and and not good for UX. I myself am constantly clicking a link even though I know there's a dropdown.

Also, does anyone know what version of Telerik Tools iMIS is using? And lastly is there any chance of the tools getting upgraded soon to use something like the RadNavigation vs the RadMenu?

iMIS Crystal Report Printing Issue

We are having issues with reports printing doubled sided from the crystal reports preview page in iMIS Desktop. The printer settings have been set to 1 sided but when printing from the preview page it prints 2 sided. If I change the report destination to Printer so that it prints immediately upon running report, it works. Our users need to be able to preview the report before printing.

Has any

IMIS Desktop AR/Cash Crystal Report Errors

As of today (9th August) the iMIS desktop throws errors when running AR/Cash crystal reports. The errors are similar to "Exception: Source=ASICrystalCtrl Name=CrystAX_InitReport Msg=Object Variable or With block variable not set"
This seems to have impacted iMIS versions from 15.2 to 20.2. and applies to those crystal reports with parameters, including trial balance; AR Statements; AR invoices. UPDATE - As at start of day 10th August the issue is no more - confirmed on iMIS 15.2 and iMIS 20.2.

Editing Company_Sort in iMIS 20.2.25

So we're moving from iMIS 15.1.3 to iMIS 20.2.25 next month. One thing I'm stuck on is that we use the COMPANY_SORT field for the general location of our churches. In iMIS 15.1.3, that's no problem because the field is editable in iMIS Desktop so we just change it to what we want. However, in iMIS 20.2.25 staff site, the field is read only. I edited the CsContact business object and removed the read only flag, but Panel Editor still refuses to allow edits to the field.

IQA exports to Excel affected by Microsoft Security Update

A recent Microsoft Update appears to be preventing the export to Excel functionality from IQA. Exporting to CSV works fine, but when an export to Excel is attempted (Open, and Save as) the result is an Excel file having a blank, gray window.

I found the following when googling this issue, which sounds very much like what is occurring with IQA and the export to Excel:

"What is wrong?
JIRA’s feature to export issues as an Excel file (.xls) works by creating a html file with the relevant data and saving it with the .xls suffix. Up until recently, this has been an effective solution for our customers.

Membership Join and Renew using SOA


We are doing SOA testing, which will call IMIS SOA services from external source, and able to create order in IMIS like book purchase etc... But we are unable to accomplish Join\Renew functionality using SOA service. Any one done join\renew using SOA?

Getting error while add comboOrder to cart using entity manager.
"Business rule violation. There is no primary subscription associated with this contact"