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Crystal reports not opening from iMIS on Windows 10 Laptop

We are currently testing Windows 10 platform. I came across this issue.
The iMIS versions both and iMIS 20 works fine on Windows 10.
But when it comes to report built in iMIS reports (native&crystal) works fine.
But custom reports that is on the network drive are not be executed.
iMIS throws an error saying 'Can't Find report X:\network path\crystal.rpt'.
When I copy the same report on to the local drive of the laptop. It opens up just fine.

Making changes to Register Someone Else Option

Good morning,

This should have a simple solution, but I'm stumped. I'd like to make some changes to what information is required when a member registers someone else (and is adding that person as a new contact). I know how to edit shortcuts and all that jazz, but I'm not quite sure which shortcut to edit to make my changes apply in this situation.

We've been dealing with a lot of duplicate accounts through the Register Someone Else popup, and I'm tired of them!

Rise -> Community Dashboard -> Recent History -> Types?


I am new to RiSE and was wondering what sort of object lies underneath this:

Rise -> Community Dashboard -> Recent History -> Types?

What I am looking at currently is the site that comes out of the box, and the community dashboard has "Recent History"
When I go and edit / configure the iPart, at the bottom it says "Type of recent items to include -> Choose type(s)" and I have options to enter "Contacts" and "Events"

Process Automation - Export / Import Task Setup


I've been doing development in Process Automation in a Dev database and now I would like to move the task setup itself to the Production database. Has anyone figured out how to script out a task and move it from one database to another?

Thank you.


Automated Banking Reconciliations

Client wants to be able to automate bank reconciliations. Download statements from banks; upload into iMIS and automatically receipt against open invoices or create unapplied transactions against member accounts in ARCash, Dues, Events and Orders.

This is a common requirement for several clients in iMIS20-300 but only now do we have the funding to go ahead and build a generic .Net module as an add-on to the Staff View to accomplish this. We want the solution to be reusable for other clients across Australia/NZ. Before we finalise the specs let me know if you might have any interest in this functionality. We will have the specs finalised by end of June 2016. Below is a high-level plan of the functionality -

ASITableSizes stored procedure

As the name suggests, here's a stored procedure that will sort all the tables in a database by row count descending, then data size, then index size.   It's handy for looking for unusually large  tables and indexes.  Once you've created the stored proc using the attached script, invoke it like this:


Sample results:

IQA Query for Marketing

I have yet another IQA question...

I am trying to pull a list of contacts from iMIS that does the following:

If one person at an organization is registered for a specific event, the query should exclude all staff at that organization.
or, in reverse,
Only pull contacts linked to organizations that don't have anyone registered for a specific event.

I have the basic skeleton of the query complete, I just can't figure out how to do this.

Get Registrant Class - How to determine which event a registrant is registering for

In events, I am using the stored procedure method to determine the registrant class. This is working as designed, it accepts the registrant ID input parameter and returns the class in the result set.

However, we also need to know the event being registered for to accurately determine the class since it can differ from one event to another. In other words, he can belong to multiple classes and the stored procedure cannot determine which one is appropriate without knowing the event context.

Search all uniqueidentifier columns in a database for a value




THIS CONTENT MOVED TO Developer Resources and is NOT CURRENT.




Another variation on

...for those times you need to find occurrences of a GUID value in the database.  The attached script also includes a query for the special case of the value in the ParameterValue column of the SystemConfig table.

Once you've created the stored proc, invoke it like this, for whatever value you need:

SearchAllTables_uniqueidentifier '8E5C7C1D-170B-4294-B646-2E60D2091DF8'

Sample results:

PrimaryOrganizationSelect IQA Query

So, I accidentally deleted the custom SQL expression from the PrimaryOrganizationSelect query - which is making the Primary Organization field at account creation not display any results. I'm just wondering if someone could share with me the text for the SQL expression so I can fix this!