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Hiding IQA Folder

In iMIS, under IQA's, I have a folder that I eventually will get deleted but until then I need to hold it but I don't want users to see it. Is there a way to hide a folder within the IQA hierarchy so that it can be restored if necessary?


incorrect syntax near '*=' error, iMIS Standard Report (Rosters, Directory - Individuals by State)

When this iMIS Standard (OMNIS) report is executed, SQL Profiler indicates the following is part of the statement being executed: select ... from Name,State_Codes WHERE Name.STATE_PROVINCE *= State_Codes.STATE_PROVINCE

Is there anyway this '*=' in the WHERE clause can be modified?

From Report Specs
Ctrl. Procedure: MemberRep1/1
SearchDialog: MemberSearches
Rpt. File / Format: MDState1

Dynamically reference a tab from IQA

I am trying to dynamically reference a tab in a content collector iPart. So from the results of an IQA, I'd like to link it to a RISE page that has that iPart on it and open the second tab. I am sure this can be done but I am drawing a blank. Can anyone assist?

Address Purpose and address editing limitations

I was quite excited to see that I could create different address purposes. However, the excitement ended there when I found that I could not display an address for editing according to the address purpose.

It seems that the only way to edit an address is using the address editor ipart - which displays them all on their tabs. I really wanted to be able to enter and maintain an address for a specific purpose on a separate tab on the contact account screen - separate from the other contact addresses and displayed with other data elements relevant to the specific address.

Getting back on track with Name_Indexes

Hi all

I am trying to move forward from a combination of issues involving Name_Indexes. We're on 20.1.13, and are integrating with a Drupal site using web services (and a little custom SOA). What I find is that updates and inserts made using the desktop client update Name_Indexes (we're mostly concerned with email addresses), but that inserts and updates via SOA or web services do not. Can anyone verify?

Installing iMIS20.2.26.310 - Error: WCF Activation - non-HTTP Activation

We are installing iMIS20.2.26.3109

We followed the steps to prepare the server.
One step was to activate WCF Activation - non-HTTP Activation. This is done.

The installation stops with and error saying that we need to activate WCF Activation - non-HTTP Activation, even though it is done.

Error and server settings shown in the attachment.

Anybody having an idea what can be the matter?

Stored Procedures in Crystal Reports Crashing Imis

Good day,

We have a number of Crystal Reports that use Stored Procedures that worked in 10.6 but now crash 20.2.  The reports will work fine in Crystal XI and will also work in an external app that uses the 13.0.15 Crystal Runtime.  Any ideas?

Thank you,

UD table fields in Rise email Communication template

I want to include UD tables fields (like Name_demo, Demographic etc..) in email communication template ($/Common/Communications/Templates) in Staff Rise site.
Is there any way get those fields?


Populating profile photos

Our client has uploaded the profile photos into member records using either PV or the iMIS Desktop, so there are values in the Name_Picture table for a myriad of their records - or should I say copious amounts of records. It's a significant number of records.

However, we're currently working in RiSE and the images do not exist on the server in the images/Profile folder. We've got an IQA query that is pulling the information and the images are not loading because while the information is in the Name_Picture table, the actual image does not reside on the server.

iMIS Add non UD Tables to iMIS for Custom Tabs

Ok, so I know how to create UD tables and connect those to new windows but I am lost when it comes to taking a table that was built in SQL and adding that to a custom Window. I have a table, one that was put into SQL for Informz integration that Informz dumps data into. I want to create a custom tab to show this information on the open record. The problem is that I don't know how to get iMIS to see that table in SQL under Set up Module->General->Additional Windows->Define Table. I can't create a new table through this application as Informz is set to auto dump data into the one that has existed for quite some time. I assume this is easy but I just have never done it.