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Ability to leave threaded comments on WCM articles

I am sure someone presented this tool at Innovations this year... we have a client on WCM that would like visitors to the site to be able to leave comments on pieces/articles they read on their WCM site.  This is something you see on most major sites, like

Has anyone added this to their WCM site?


Moving iParts on an existing page

We get requests from casual users (volunteers) to reorder the iParts on an existing page. What process allows this (drag & drop?) other than rebuilding the page?

iMIS 15 Login for WCM.

We upgraded our client to iMIS 15.1.2 and we are seeing a Login issue.

Once members login and close the browser without logging off and they decide to come back to the login screen, they get 'Change Your Logon' and 'Change your Password' screen.

Have others seen this issue. Can we change it so it doesn't appear and members go directly to required page if the users session is already logged in and they don't need to login again.

CMS Express Engine

Has anyone written an API for CMS Express Engine?

We are looking for iMIS 15.2.

Dues payment selection checkboxes are checked and disabled in Web view

The dues payment selection checkboxes are checked and disabled in the Contacts \ Contact managemennt \ Billing screen. Is there a way or a setting to enable these checkboxes so that when a member is paying only a specific dues payment, the rest can be un-checked?

The same is true in Public veiw.



Procedure/utility to clear out abandoned shopping carts

Has anyone seen or written a utility (report, stored proc, task centre) that deletes abandoned shopping carts? I know this can be manually managed through System Setup > Set up commerce web components > Cart manager, but my client has a large number of stale shopping carts (>1 year old), making that Cart manager page unmanageably long.

It seems like a common problem that's likely already solved. Or maybe it's in 15.2? (I haven't found any evidence of it, but I could be wrong.)

How to stretch WCM primary menu bar to fill 100%

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way to make the primary menu bar stretch to fill 100% of the containing DIV.

I am using template 1600.

I have tried adding a width: 100% to the ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_PageNav1_NavMenu Table but this does not seem to work.

Thanks, Jon.

Public users lose images/styling after authentication

Hi Guys,

After we deployed our wcm site, public users lose images and styling on the member home page after they login, while Full Users can see the page as normal.

What could be cause behind it?

user type? roles? groups?

Please guide me.





15.2 SOA with Dues and Billing

Has anyone seen or have any sample code for handling Dues and Billing via SOA?



Timeout error in ibo code


I am getting timeout errors on the following line of code and it does not happen very often, like once in every twenty times it does happen.

19 times the following line doesn't give any error but all of sudden it gives the time out error.


Any help would be appreciated.