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iMIS and Citrix - errors


We're having an iMIS and Citrix issue that we're not able to resolve. It all began when one user received the following error message:





CContact.NewAddress(string purpose) behavior

One would think that calling CContact.NewAddress("somePurpose") would give you a CAddress with the purpose you specified.  However, that is not the case.  The following NUnit demo passes:

[Test, Explicit("Just a demonstration of weird iMIS behavior.")]
public void Demo_NewAddressDoesNotSetPurpose()
    var imisContact = new CContact(user)
        Prefix = Prefix,
        FirstName = FirstName,
        MiddleName = MiddleName,
        LastName = LastName,
        Suffix = Suffix

    var address = imisContact.NewAddress(TestAddressPurpose);
    var actualPurpose = address.AddressPurpose;

Public View, WCM & Communities

I would like to implement WCM/Communties only while maintaining the Public view?  Has anyone done this before? 





Opening the Customer Portfolio from a custom application

I just poseted to the Contributed Solutions area about how to open the Customer Portfolio from a custom application.  I thought I would post a link here as well for discussion.


iMIS Mobile

Is it possible to add NAME_DEMO fields to iMIS Mobile.  We are running v2.5.

Back door iMIS login using membership webservice without needing password

They want to be able to log as user in without a user password using our web service.   iMIS does not allow this as far as I know.   The membership web service always requires a password.  Yet if logging in from a third party system you may not know the password for the iMIS side :

Here’s the scenario:




Disaster recovery for using iMIS username/passwords with iMIS down

I have a client that wants users to be able to login using iMIS usernames/password without iMIS being up.   What they would like to do is copy hashed password field from iMIS to current system (for disaster recovery.) I know this is stored in aspnet_membership table.   Thing is without iMIS up you won’t be able to validate users with it unless ASI development shares how our encryption is done as far as I know. Is iMIS using standard Crypto which is part of the .NET framework?  Is there another way to meet this requirement?   

Some questions about var entityService = new EntityManager

 Some variations on a failed theme.



 //var entityService = new EntityManager(new Uri("https://win2k8/iMIS15"), "manager", "manager", EndpointType.NetTcp);



//var entityService = new EntityManager(new Uri("net.tcp://localhost:16000"), "manager", "manager", EndpointType.NetTcp); 

LoginandProvideCookies Webservice

Can someone help me understand the process of what happens one the webservice LoginandProvideCookies is called, user is authenticated and a ASP .NET session id similar to ASP.NET_SessionId=djvzn5vir55s2r5511rdjy45|Login=|Login=080759921DB8DC19411C4890497B3D3F9E347D609F06EE89A40B16163241A83365FB46443821154EBD3E12E347652129BEC84EA5AAEF6CE457A46A7D1BF8BF5DD8C5E3BC8EDF599F0A258F073694660D4050F06D5C15B6206CEA92B2C5671CE57F3AEF16E9E125FCF98F2ED0A4FEFD328E048009C85D43223647B07C531673E28D4DFB09 is created.

SSO stopped working all of a sudden

Using Eric Means document titled "Technical Description Use of WebMemberServices To Provide Unified Login for Third Party Sites" (attached), we successfully implemented SSO and it was working great for three months. Today it stopped working all of a sudden.

This morning we started receving the  Error Message The value '08/28/2007' is not valid for the system setting System_Control.DateInstalled. ASI told us that this is a known issue regarding the install date and public view. Could this have affected the SSO in any way?