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WCM search in 15.1.3 with app server and publishing server

We have included a search box within the template for a client website. The search field is implemented in the template simply as:

<asiweb:SimpleSearchField ID="SearchField" runat="server" />

This is running the search on the app server even when the search is performed from the external WCM server.  So a search performed on (temporary URL for development site) returns results with a URL of (currently externally visible site on app server).

This means that the user is from then on browsing to the app server, which will not always be externally visible, and defeats the object of having a separate publishing server.

Any hints on how to resolve?



Add Events to Cart code works ... but not quite: Please Help...

here is my code:

it gets loaded after the user clicks the link for the EVENT they want to register for., the redirect at the end goes to the CART page.

it works the first time around , I get to the cart page and see what I just selected , then if the user hits "Register for a different event" it goes back to the Event Selection page as expected and when the user selects a second event to register for they get redirected to the Cart page again (as expected) but the subsequent EVENT is not reflected on the page.  Only the first Event selected is shown.  However, The Cart Tables in iMIS are populated correctly. 

Converting Quotes (QUOTEREADY) to Orders via the imis interface

Hi All

I'm currently writing code that creates orders in iMIS using The orders are created for the given customer and the status of the order is "QUOTREADY". From what I have read in here and elsewhere it is pretty much impossible to create full orders using and I have come to accept that. So I understand that the order is really a quote whos status is "QUOTEREADY". So how do I make the quote a full order? This is the process I'm following at the moment:

Populate the count of non-responses


I am trying to create a campaign structures and the issue I ran into is how to populate the count of non-responses. We are not generating output or have output process because we will be sending marketing emails out through 3rd party software (informz).

ASI tech advised that we use a list type of External List and define the list name / quantity. On the Source Code, select Source Code Type as External List. In the External File Name field put c:\externaltest and in the Count field put the number of query result.

iMIS main pages will not load-iMIS desktop client V15.1.2.6369


My iMIS desktop client suddenly stop working. I can log in okay, but the main page doesn't load and it just goes to blank screen.
When I click about iMIS>error pop up window shows;
The ASI Desktop has encountered an internal error and has become unstable. Please restart iMIS or contact your system administrator. An error has been logged in C:\DOCUME~1\tkim\LOCAL~1\Temp\asiTEMP.

15:48:30  Type: 'Information' Source: 'ASICrystalCtl ctlASICrystal.UserControl_Initialize' Desc: Initializing Crystal Control...
15:48:32  Type: 'Information' Source: 'ASI Framework ControlXDesktop.UserControl_Initialize' Desc: Initializing Framework Control...
15:48:32  Type: 'Information' Source: 'ASI Framework Control.LoadFramework' Desc: Loading framework: http://amebc-imis/imis15/Framework/HiRes/System/iMISDesktop.htm
15:48:35  Type: 'Error' Source: 'ASI Framework Control.Desktop.XD_PreEData' Desc: Object variable or With block variable not set
15:50:33  Type: 'Error' Source: 'ASI Framework Control.DesktopAbort' Desc: Aborting ASI Desktop.
15:50:34  Type: 'Error' Source: 'ASI Framework Control.Desktop.XD_PostEData' Desc: Object variable or With block variable not set
15:50:34  Type: 'Error' Source: 'ASI Framework Control.DesktopAbort' Desc: Aborting ASI Desktop.
15:50:41  Type: 'Error' Source: 'ASI Framework Control.UpdateImislink' Desc: Member not found.

Display information from iMIS database on website not built using iMIS WCM


I'm looking for information on the best way to display information pulled from the iMIS database on webpages built outwith the iMIS WCM. The information would be similar to the out of the box directory feature in iMIS but with a much improved look and feel.

What is the best way to achieve this using the iMIS toolset e.g. IBO (Net), SOA or API?

I'm really looking for some guidance on where to start with this and what components would be used to do this. The website is built on .Net framework.

Secret Question/Answer Functionality and Password Creation/Retrieval

Has anyone developed any Secret Question/Answer Functionality for use during Web View Password Creation/Retrieval?

if so, How...was it just a customized iPart?  Something else? Is it difficult ?

Thanks in advance for help!

Dictionary for SOA?

I'm trying to figure out where several details of contacts and organizations can be found within SOA.

Some fields still giving me problems:

  1. Name.CATEGORY
    Note that contrary to the documentation, this field is often used for things that have nothing at all to do with dues billing.
  2. CO_ID for company records.
    Party and ComboParty both have ParentOrganization, but what about companies with a parent company?
  3. Name.PAID_THRU
  4. Name.TITLE

I know I'm not supposed to be thinking of this in terms of the database schema.  I'm just using the database names to communicate unambiguously.  At the end of the day, I don't care where iMIS and SOA store the category or paid-thru date, but when a user points at the screen and says "I want it there", I have to know how to put it there using SOA, or else I can't use SOA.

How to authenticate from an ASP site, not ASP.NET, get user ID using MembershipWebService

I had a customer today that asked the question below. Also figure to have another one shortly. So I am seeking guidance on how to approach the need to authenticate with the membership web service and get an iMIS ID. It is not clear how or if you get a cookie that can be read, or can return the ID. I know that getting an ID was not available in the membership web service in previous versions.

Please post suggestions on how to approach.

This is her question:

 I now need to generate a list of conference participants on our site (an ASP site)

You do not have permission to view this content: unhelpful error

When our client sets WCM content up that requires login, and is restricted to specific groups of users (roles and/or member types) using the access settings, and then link navigation items from the site map to that content, they want people to be directed to a login screen.  Instead, site visitors are directed to a generic (and unhelpful) screen with URL and message: You do not have permission to view this content.  The message is preceded by the standard iMIS warning triangle with red text ERROR.