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PayPal User Authentication Failed in IMIS 15 iBOs

Greetings all,

I'm having some difficulties processing a payment using the CPayment.ProcessPayment method for the IBOs on IMIS 15.  Within the desktop IMIS interface, we're not having any trouble processing credticard payments via PayPal (the out-of-the-box payment gateway), but whenever I try to invoke the ProcessPayment method using the IBO's, PayPal comes back with a "User Authentication Failed" message.

Tip: How to import Excel spreadsheets into iMIS Community

If you would like to bring in a spreadsheet as an editable table in iMIS Community, you can do so in a few steps:

  1. In Excel, select and copy the range of rows and columns you want to bring over.
  2. In iMIS Community, click the Paste from Word (clipboard + W) button on the editor toolstrip.
  3. In the dialog that pops up, paste in your rows and columns and click OK.

That is the process for importing it. However, to make the table display correctly and be editable via the WYSIWYG options (such as to insert/delete rows), a bit more clean-up will get you there:

Creating user credentials using mCreateImisUser.cfm

I have a customer with a custom ColdFusion process that creates an user online. Since they have upgraded to iMIS 15 we need to implement the new user credentials process into their custom process.

I am adding the call to the cCreateImisUser.cfm file which makes the call to the web service (as it is in eSeries): 

<cfmodule template="mCreateImisUser.cfm"

1 yr contract position - Application Support Technician with good iMIS and crystal report programming experience- Toronto

I am looking for an Application Support Technician with good iMIS experience for a 1 year contract position based in Toronto. If anyone could recommend a suitable candidate, I would greatly appreciate. My contact email address is Thanks

Creating content via API

I created a utility that bulk loads content from an Excel spreadsheet into WCM. When I run the code to create a new folder, the folder doesn't always show up on the Manage Content screen.

The code to create the folder is based on this sample code provided by Eric in 2009:

When I inspect the DocumentMain and Hierarchy tables in the database, everything looks exactly the same as folders that I created manually with the WCM tool:

Change Titles on Public View .aspx Page

Is there a way to edit the mycart.aspx page to change where it says 'Dues' here in iMIS15 public view?

Error registering custom payment gateway

Hi all,

I have a custom payment gateway developed (.dll). I have successfully managed to register this payment gateway on our local development environments, but when attempting to register it on an ASI hosted server, I get the following error:
"RegAsm : error RA0000 : The specified registry key does not exist."

The command I'm using to register the dll is:

regasm.exe "C:\Program Files\ASI\iMIS15\ActiveX\CustomPaymentGatewayPayFlowProExtender.dll" /tlb:CustomPaymentGatewayPayFlowProExtender.tlb /codebase

The CustomPaymentGatewayPayFlowProExtender.dll is the custom gateway, and it also requires use of the eSELECTplus_dotNet_API.dll. I am unable to register either of them.

It appears to have half-registered, as the iMIS Desktop now throws an error saying "The Xtender component for Credit Card Authorization cannot be loaded. Please check your system setup."

iMIS Customer Module----Change Log

Does anyone know if in the iMIS Customer module, under the change log tab, if additional fields can be added for tracking purposes.  For example if an employee goes in to change a record, is there a way to add a field to see which employee made the change and which employee talked to that customer last?

Please let me know your thought and/or if this can be done!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multiple currencies

Hi there,

How can we support multiple payment currencies in iMIS?

Scenario: the organization I'm working with receives donations in both Canadian and US dollars. They update exchanges rates every month. They need a mechanism to track the original USD amount and the exchange rate so that they report CAD equivalents in financial reports.

How can currencies be setup for the desktop application?


Modified Control for Impersonation reset without redirect in Roster Management

Does anyone have code for a modified control to reset Impersonation to the logged in user's account in Roster Management?

The product button titled My Account, turns impersonation off, and returns the user to the personal.aspx page. I have an application where that redirect is disruptive. So I want the same control with either no redirect, or a user configurable redirect.

I got some imput that if I created a control with these in it  it would work, but I am not familiar enough with Control syntax to do the rest.