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iMIS Rejects Special Characters in Customer Data - e with an accent mark - é

We have a customer record with the last name CHEN (accent over the E - a French name). We tried searching multiple ways to locate this record, search resutls below:

Search By

CHE             Produces no CHEN records

CH                Returns CHEN, however, in an unexpected, non alphabetical, location (below CHIP and above CHOA)

Smart Control to Business Object Data Source binding question


I've been reading documentation found here concerning the SmartControl and Business Objects.  I've read about writing typed classes to represent the BO. 

I'm primarily interested in binding the smart control to the CsContact business object.  I see I can accomplish a lot of the coding in conjunction with

I'm just looking for a little clarification on what smart control properties need to be set  in order for the binding to work.   I understand there is a BoundPropertyName

eSeries with 15.2

We have a customer with a heavily customised eSeies 10.6. They want to upgrade to 15.2 then transition the custom eSeries functions to iParts. Has anyone found it possible to connect a 10.6 eSeries install to work with iMIS 15, without upgrading the eSeries?

iQA to display 'online' registrats for an event?


I've just started using iQA's to make life of data entry staff a lot easier. But it'll be great if I could have some help from the pros.


We are looking to display only registrants who have registered online for a particular event. I'm sure there's no out of the box report in iMIS but I tried to look around for BOs that might do this and after some help.

Retrieving data from the Documentmain.blob

Has anyone retrieved data from the documentmain.blob field?

I have a client that would like to pull the data from this field into another website.

Just interested in the level of effort to do this.


iMIS PK error generated in Pre Posting Accrual dues stagewhile Dues Billing.

I noticed that the PK error was due to the process not generating a IN AR line item for an ID but creating it in the next transaction number. In the next transaction number the value for line ID was twice that of what it should be.

To explain further, we are billing 10 line items, based on special prices. Process picks up all ten items in insert statement but does not add the 11th line as the IN AR line to give total due. Then next ID transaction number is correct from 1 to 10 line numbers but has a IN AR item with line number as 21 and not 11.

eCM Admin Portal is not working after ISP change


We are having issue to login eCM admin portal after we switch to another ISP yesterday.  We have updated all the possible config files to new IP address from Web server and had also tried recycled application pools and rebuild permissions.  None seems to work.  I have sent ticket to tech support but I have not heard anything further.  Does anyone have similar situation and had found a resolution?  We are able to login iMIS desktop and website but just not eCM admin portal.

pre-poplation of multi-instance customer table/window


New to iMIS. I am trying to figure out if it is possible to prepopulate a finite number of rows/instances in a multi-instance table/window when a  customer/member is first created - and then also need to be able to stop them from adding or removing any rows.

For example, we need to capture a Primary Employer, Secondary Employer and Third Employer. There must only and always be one of each.

Problems using Secure.dll

Greetings all,

I'm having some trouble with the Secure.dll file, specifically with the Secure class, on an iMIS 15.1.x installation, using iBO.Net.

On my local machine, I'm able to instantiate an object of the Secure class, encrypt/decrypt data without any problems, etc. However, when I move the code out to my production environment (it's on an intranet), I keep getting a null reference error in the Secure.cs file, which I'm guessing is the name of the .cs file compiled to make the DLL. Specifically, I'm getting the following:

Ability to leave threaded comments on WCM articles

I am sure someone presented this tool at Innovations this year... we have a client on WCM that would like visitors to the site to be able to leave comments on pieces/articles they read on their WCM site.  This is something you see on most major sites, like

Has anyone added this to their WCM site?