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Annual billing and handling prorating???



I am currently facing an issue an issue with billing, iMIS is setup for annual billing with special prorating, (i.e: 100% for 1-8 month then 9-10 at 75% and 11-12 at 100% with bumping to next year).

following is the piece of code I am having issues with:


DateTime startOfYear = new DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year,1,1);


Customizing a history tab

Hi there,

For a given activity type, say GIFT, I have selected to have a history tab for this activity. Is there any control over which fields are displayed on the history tab? (e.g. GIFT description appears on Activity All but not Gift History)

The only option I can think of is creating a custom tab that has SQL queries as calculated fields to pull data from the Activity table.

Perpetual installments

Hi there,

When entering a pledge as an installment in the Funraising module, you're required to specify the payment frequency and # of years. Is there a way to make the installment perpetual / indefinite? Unfortunately the # of years field is mandatory on the gift entry form so I'm wondering if there's a configuration option somewhere.



iMIS 10.6 new dues billing behavior with account receivable?

Hi everybody,

I have a question for the community.

We had migrate to imis 10.6 few weeks ago. We have a new behavior and I'm not sure it is good. In iMIS 10.2, if a create a new bill in the customer/billing tab with a dues item and after I make a payment, I receive a pop-up with this message :

There is and underpayment of ####

Click Yes to confirm the creation of an AR item

iMIS member login redirect

New here and new to iMIS, but not dev or .net.

Anyhow, I am working on a clients site whereas a user would go to their site (in this case, it is still beta = and if a member, should click on the "member login" in the upper right corner of the site. Once the login info is entered and validated, it should then take the member to the "members only" page (in this case: ). What is happening though is that after a member logs in, it just redirects the member back to the home page, the

Add to Calendar in public view not working

We have tried all possible ways to make Add to calendar to work but it doesnot work at all. Does anyone worked on it and made it to work?   If yes please let us know about it.

iMIS Version:

Does anyone use major key (-) on the Customer Profile?

Do you know if the dashes can be removed?  So, when a search is done, it can be done without using the major key........  If you know how to do this, please share!!!





iBO for .net Coldfusion 8 integration problem

I'm experimenting with using iBO for .net with Coldfusion 8 (which offers .net integration). I'm on iMIS 15.1.3.

I have a basic app skeleton set up that during initialization attempts to create the iBO object, like this:

function setupApplication()
application.iBO = createObject( '.NET', 'iboAdmin.InitializeSystem()', 'c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bin\Asi.iBO.dll' );

WCM server logins redirecting back to APP server

We have an enviroment containing an app server and an external WCM server. We are experiencing a problem where if a user requests a page on the WCM server that requires login the user is redirected back to the APP server. Everything else works fine. Any ideas on the possible cause of this. Just thought someone must have run into this before.

Campaign List Export

I'm running into an issue with a campaign list export, I can run the definition fine when I am only extracting columns from the NetContact business object, but if I add any columns from a custom business object the export fails. The workflow process returns a successful status, but the file that is created contains only the text "There was an error creating the query" or similar.

The query itself will run fine in IQA, and the BOD is published. The custom BOD links to NetContact by means of the iMIS ID (not the contact key).