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Adding Business Object Constraint for Member Type

I've been trying to get a very simple Member Type constraint to work but am having no success.

What I've done so far is added a property constraint to NetContact and CsContact Member Type field with the following code:

string proposed = (string)proposedValue;

proposed = proposed.ToUpper();

if (proposed == "CH")

constraintPassed = true;

I think this constraint should return an error if the selected record's member type changes to something other than CH.  However when I select a record, go to the Personal link, change the member type to something other than CH and save, I do not receive an error.

TaskCentre Run Program problem

I cannot get the Run Program tool to do anything. I will try to make this as simple as possible.

After I started having problems I created a task called test program tool. All it does is run one batch file in the C: drive called test.bat which renames a file.

If I just browse to it in Run Program, it fails saying it cannot locate c:\test.bat.

If I add double-quotes around it like "c:\test.bat" it does not error, but does not rename the file.

The batch file is on a terminal server with the TaskCentre client.

Can Run Program only run programs on the server where TaskCentre Server resides? I am trying to run a .net program in the iMIS app server, and the TaskCentre server is on the SQL server.

I really am trying to run a createuser.exe file that takes one parameter, ID. I tried that at c:\Program Files (x86)\ASI\iMIS15\net\bin\createusers.exe and it either failed if not in quotes or acted like it executed in quotes. Same as the simple batch file. The program works when executed at the command line.

The exe takes just one parameter no output, input dialogs or anything. It does output a success message at the command line, but the program is done by then.

In any case, the simple batch file should work, a. What are the tricks to getting this to work?


cart click thru reverts to "ADMIN" page

I have set up my iMIS Public web sites as a web site and not an application. One web site specifically designed to allow for only Event Registrations (EVENTS) is working fine.

The other web site designed to allow for only publication purchases (ORDERS) is behaving strangely, as follows:When I get to the CART/Products page right before the shipping page everything is good, then when I click on next I get a Certificate Error. When I click thru the certificate error the CART/Products page re-appears as the ADMIN VIew(not via the iMIS Web View.) After clciking next Ido get to the Shipping Page but I am no longer in the Web View Frame with the normal web view logo, I am withing the ADMIN frame with the IMIS 15 logo.

iBO Connection Error

Hi All,

I am getting this error on an eseries page:

Err Num: 3231 - iboDataServer.CConnection.fdrqInitConnection: Error opening connection.

And the following error shows up in the Windows Event Viewer:

The VB Application identified by the event source logged this Application iboUserSecurity: Thread ID: 896 ,Logged: IBO VBRuntime error - Source: (Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server - iboDataServer.CConnection.sOpenCloseConnection) Description: Login failed for user 'iboDataServer_iMIS10_LIVE'.

Never programmed .NET for iMIS. Need help on basics, please.

Our iMIS is hosted offsite and we access it through a remote terminal session.  I am trying to figure out how to write some very simple code to connect to our database, but I am very new to APIs, iBO, etc.  I have VS2010 and my first question is probably a personal preference, but what is more commonly used C# or VB?

Next, can someone walk me through how to set up a very simple example of what pages I need to create to just connect and login using iMIS credentials?  The only help I have received is the following:

Auto date batch numbers


We are using iMIS

It was set to 'Auto date batch numbers' for the batch creation but I changed to 'Operator assigned batch numbers'.

I changed it back to 'Auto date' but it did not give the auto batch number any more..


I have restart iMIS server and IIS but still doesn't work.

Can anyone help me sort out this problem please?

Promoting from one environment to another

Any suggestions on how to promote from dev to test to prod and manage the database without re-keying the configuration please?

Adding Fields to Task Detail screen in Process Manager (Opportunity Module)

I am wondering if it is possible to add new properties to Tasks detail screen under Process Manager (Opportunity).  We would like to add two new fields.

I tried to create a new BO that inherits from TaskItem BO and add fields but then there is no way to tell iMIS to use the new BO. It seems like it is all hardcoded.

I also tried to add those fields to TaskItem table and edit TaskItem BO to add those fields although I know that would be overwritten by the upgrade but that did't work either.

public views login integration with separate website

We would like our members to login into our association website but be instantly logged in our public view system without logging in twice.My concern is that we do not have access to the source code within the public view system, only the compiled version.

So my question is there any way technically that this can happen without touching the public view system.


Hi Everyone,


Somehow we have two different builds of TaskCentre, one on the server and one on the clients.  This is causing a major headache.  However, we only have one set of install files so can't figure out how we ended up with different builds.  Any ideas?