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Manager Password Not Working After Upgrade

My client upgraded from 15.0.3 yesterday to iMIS 15.1.2 yesterday.

The Manager password was working, but after I ran the iMIS DB Repair Utility to Reset the Permissions and Prepare the database I am no longer able to login.

The error states the login is not valid. (Please see screenshot.)

The staff that is currently logged intot he desktop is able to continue working, but none of the staff are able to login to iMIS either.

Removing left nav from 1600 Template

I am working on template 1600 in iMIS

Customer would like to get rid of the left navigation. We have the drop down menus working on the horizontal menu, and consider the left nav redundant.

I tried editing the master page by removing the div and/or the panel for the left nav. In both cases iMIS threw an "unexpected error".

Any ideas on how to replace that panel with another content area?

trouble using asi webservice to login user through coldfusion

I was recently immersed into a new project that already has iMIS (ASI) running using Public Views on a ColdFusion platform. The users of this project have expressed numerous challenges with using Public Views. I am looking to see if I can still use the ASI webservice methods, such as validateLogin, from within ColdFusion. Unfortunately, the previous programmer left no information in reagrds to this program and no one here can tell me where the ASI webservice exists.

MembershipWebService Error (CreateImisUser) in eSeries

version: eSeries; iMIS

We are testing our eSeries authentication and have no problem logging in. I can change the password and have it recognized by eSeries. I am now attempting to reset the password using eSeries. After filling in the "New Password" and "verify New Password" text boxes in the form from the link on the email sent by the system, I encounter an error when I submit the form "/source/Security/cSecurityChangePasswordEmail.cfm". The message is:

Pasting a clickable hyperlink into an Outlook 2007 message

I'm reasonably sure this was working as I expected it to (i.e. copy a URL from the browser, paste it into a message, and it created a clickable hyperlink), but recently stopped working, such that I had to go through the extra steps of Insert / Insert Hyperlink.  Maybe an Office update changed the setting, I don't know...

Anyway, to switch it back, Tools / Options / Mail Format tab; Editor Options / Proofing / AutoCorrect options; check "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks" on the "AutoFormat As You Type" tab.  Note that the identical checkbox on the "AutoFormat" tab didn't affect this.

Updating an iMIS standard Crystal Report?

I need to update the ARStatement crystal report to be able to select  Meeting codes to exclude from the statement reports. How do I add a field with a label that says: Specific Meeting Codes and make it work in iMIS. I tried putting a parameter field in the report, but can not select it.

I attached the screen shot of where I need to put this info. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Task Centre Trigger Failing

I cannot figure out why my trigger is failing.  It is a very simple task.  Someone orders a product, task centre looks to the order_lines table and sends out a email.  If I select the Insert option for the trigger type in the options the trigger fails and no data is written to the order_lines table.  I've been banging my head on this for a few days now and could really use some help.

WCM Navigation Code

Is there a way to have the site map display links to Anonymous Users but as soon as they login, those links go away.  Example when a member comes to the site anonymously, he would see the Join Us link but as soon as he logs in, that link should go away.  It looks like you should be able to use the navigation code field but I have tried everything i know to do to make this work, short of a complete custom solution.

header file equivalent?

In eSeries ColdFusion there was a Header file that we used to look at a variety of variables and then redirect the user to an appropriate web page.  If the membership was expired, redirect to a custom Membership Expired page with a link to the Bill Dues page.  If heading for Events registration and a non-member, redirect to a custom Select Non-member Type page to select and set a registration class.

CContact to CWebUser

Greetings all,

I'm trying to develop a dues-payment system for our website using the iBo's, however we're trying to do something a little different.

As part of our membership organization, there are times when a person may have to pay dues for more than one member.  However, when paying dues for a contact, according to what I've read, you can only use a CWebUser, otherwise it will throw an error.  I'd like to be able to pay the dues for these other members without having to require them to log in as a CWebUser, so I'm trying to find out if  there is any way to either create a CWebUser object without a clear-text password, or by casting a CContact or CContactUser as a CWebUser?