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Upgrade to 15.1.3 (Webserver) App Error

Just competing an upgrade of 15.1.2 to 15.1.3.

An error on our seperate Webserver, APP Server seperate and is ok, our websites displaying the following error.

Could not load file or assembly 'log4net, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1b44e1d426115821' or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference.

Member Services link on WCM site


I have created a WCM site for a client using standard Template. Client wanted Member Services link available to only certain users. I have given these users access and they can get the screens.

But they want this 'Member Services' primary link to show up only when those users with access rights log on.

Right now it shows up for all and when users who do not have access click on it, they get the error message. 

Reverting the Online Shop to Previous Version

Long story short, the online shop for WCM doesn't display the correct price when doing anonymous browsing for our site (let me know if you have the same issue). So while ASI are looking into this issues, I am trying to work out if I can revert the shop back to a previous version - which display the products correctly.

So has anyone done anything like this before, and if so, how hard/easy is it?

WCM Database Tables

Can anyone advise me on what tables the communities  and website are housed? I have found the tables that ECM uses but need to find the ones for WCM.




Office 2010 and imis letter system

I am having issues with the iMIS letter system and Office 2010.  We have embeded a few Word documents we use for e-mail confirmation for various events and when we complete the merge and send this off via email it just sits and hangs?  We have been doing this for years and all other versions of Office work just fine.  Any idea what may be wrong?



List of Tagged Content through the API

I need some help navigating through the API to find a way to get a list of tagged content. I'm happy to do this through iBO, Webservices or the iMIS business objects directly.

My goal is to produce a custom .NET control that passes in a tag and returns the title and description for content records that have been 'tagged' with that tag. I know that I can use a Tagged Content List iPart to do this - however the output is not controlled enough for what I need it to do.

MemberWebService Cookies required for login

I have created a login page consuming the MembershipWebservice and invoking the LoginUserAndProvideCookies method.  It is giving me back 2 cookies:
•         ASP.NET_SessionId
•         Login
I create the cookies and send  the user to the mycart.aspx page.  The page is asking me to login.  After I login using the iMIS interface, I see that many more cookies have been created. 
I don’t want the user to have to log in twice.  Are these two cookies the only ones I need to create in order for the user to navigate the iMIS public site?

IQA variables


Does anyone happen to have a full list of all the IQA variables that are available and the actual values returned by those variables?  I have found five variables but not much documentation detailing their use or what actual values each variable returns.  Here is what I found so far:

@LoggedInUser - filter by the currently logged in user
@Me - filter by the currently logged in user
@SubjectContact - Filters by a selected contact, such as contacts selected through user impersonation
@Date - Filters by the current date
@Now - Filters by the current date and time

Finding no supporting documentation, I assumed @LoggedInUser and @Me would give me a contact's imis ID so I could use it to filter records from ibos such as CsContact.  I was wrong, those both return lovely GUIDs which do not help.  Does anyone have information on all available variables for IQAs?  More specifically, a variable that returns the actual imis user ID of the member logged into the website so it can be used within an IQA filter?  Unless there is some other way to access the current logged in users imis ID inside an IQA...

MembershipWebService LoginUserAndProvideCookies And IIS setup

The code below is in a file in the imis_public directory on my laptop(which is a default install of imis).  The membershipwebservices call to the method LoginUserAndProvideCookies returns the cookies.