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Com IBO in 15.1.2


I am in the process of upgrading a client to 15.1.2 and need to know where to find the COM IBOs for this version. Anyone know where I can get these?



eCM Support

How long will eCM be supported for? considering WCM is out and there are no more enhancements being made to eCM?

Considering eSeries is still supported, so I would presume eCM would be supported for a while.

However, if it isn't then it would be wise to let the client know not to invest in any eCM customisations as they will have to be re-developed in the near future.

Also, it would be a good way to get clients to move to WCM.

How to obtain particular versions of a an Asi assembly

As part of my efforts at trying to get the AsiMembershipProvider working, I have hit against problems because I've got old versions of certain referenced Asi assemblies.

This came as a surprise as I am using assemblies copied from the ASI\IMIS15\net\bin directory on an installation.

Just having a quick look through the assembly versions and I observe I have a mix of and versions. My suspicion is that because we upgraded from, for whatever reason some of the assemblies where not upgraded.

Building a Communities iPart

I'm looking for some direction/information on building a custom iPart that uses communities information.  Specifically I need something that will display a headline for each blog post based on the ID of a blog.  This sounds like something that one of the standard iParts should cover - but there doesn't seem to be one that's appropriate (unless someone can point me in that direction).

iMIS fails to create a new account (Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AS'.)

Hey guys,

I'm having an issue with creating an account on our Production database through the out-of-the-box iMIS create account page. The iMIS database was upgraded from version 10.6 a few months ago (we're now on 15.1.2). (It might also be worth noting that the same error happens when we use iBO to create a customer record)

This functionality works fine on my test databases that were originally created from the Demo DB - the error only happens on our production database.

ibo for net project access?

How can I get access to:

I am getting an access denied message.


AppPrincipal and IiMISUser

I've been spending more time than I wanted, trying to figure out how to use AsiMembership provider and how it's meant to work alongside RoleProvider and Asi.iBO.dll in general. Frankly, I'm a fair amount unhappy that this kind of stuff is not documented - it seems crazy that I'm having to dig around to find out how things are supposed to integrate together.

It seems that in certain areas the custom Membership provider (AsiMembershipProvider) is not going to work well with iBO.Net.

Asi.iBO versus Asi.Business.Contact

I notice there are two Asi assemblies that seem, on the surface at least, to serve the same function - to provide an API to expose contact information to a .Net application:

  1. Asi.iBO
  2. Asi.Business.Contact

Looking under the covers at the implementation, Asi.Business.Contact seem to be based on Business Objects, whereas Asi.iBO, erm is not.

So my questions:

Note tab-how to export note field on a report

I want to add our Note prompts field #3 to report fields on detail report patameters. When I export membership report, I like to see membership note colume?  What is table name for this field? eg. name.MEMBER_TYPE,

Using IQA results set with Letters

I would like to use the results set from an IQA to merge to a Word template in the Letters system and therefore create activities on each record.  Is this possible within iMIS or would I have to use Task Centre?

Thanks for any assistance.