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WCM Editor strips Freelink braces

In reference to FreeLinks


When using a FreeLink in a HTMLContent Entry, the editor strips one set of braces, leaving [Content_ID] rather than [[Content_ID]. The published page renders [Content_ID] as normal text.

The same behavior is evident (for my system) whether the link is relayed from the clipboard or entered by hand.

Adding a third brace [Content_ID] renders Content_ID in the editor, but [Content_ID] in the published text.

Reassign Full User License

I need to reassign a full user license. I followed the iMIS insights November 2009 directions on how to reassign user classes, but I still get an error stating "Error - Addition of this user for this user class exceeds the number of licenses available at this site" when trying to assign a full user license to the new designee and when trying to assign it to the previous owner.  I have asked ASI to look into this for me and tech support said that this was an issue with my version of iMIS (  The log number is 213623.

Looking for experienced type to bounce programming issues/questions off

I'm a little late getting to the party, but the best parties don't start until later anyway. I'm working on some basic ibo.NET integration work and am running into a couple of gotchas that have slowed me down. I made the mistake of starting the project using the 15.0.3 release of ibo.NET (just because I had it handy and got lazy) - now that I've bumped up to 15.1 I'm getting some new errors. I'm looking for some advice and direction from those that have already made it work. Couple of quick ground-rules (if I may):

Could not decrypt data error

We have iMIS version installed and are using the "public view".  Some of our users are getting an error when they try to log in.  Only our international customers seem to have the problem so far.  One is in Russia and one is Isreal.  They have tried using different browsers and different computers but still get the same error.  Does anyone have any idea how I can help them?

Breadcrumb shows "~" when no navigation link associated with content

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to find a solution for the breadcrumb issue where iMIS shows a "~" for the breadcrumb when a content item doesn't have a navigation item associated with it.

The content page will show you the breadcrumb for the last page you were viewing, but the issue is when you take the URL for a page that doesn't have a navigation item and browse directly to that page, then you will see the "~" in the breadcrumb.

ipart Rad Error message

I am getting this error message when using the UDT iPART  --- does anyone know why?



  • Error: Could not load user control. Error: Could not load file or assembly 'RadGrid.Net2' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Cannot get Flowdown to work

We are having very little success at getting flowdown to work.

For example we have tried to configure things so that NAME.STATUS flows. We have followed the ISA help that says for this to happen we need to also include NAME.MEMBER_STATUS and NAME.MEMBER_STATUS_DATE fields. But when changing the from an active to inactive status, this change is not flowed down to any child records.

Error in editing and saving a Community Page (made up of community iparts and HTML content)

Error started occuring in
upgraded to still occuring.

Have previously created pages for communities, in the creation we added community iparts and HTML content iparts. Posted and publised and all was fine, all viewed on the website (all good). Come back a month later to edit a HTML Content part on a given community page and hit save and receive the erro below: (The page includes a mix of HTML content and community iparts with community keys in them)

Brochure popup opens behind parent window

When I add a link to a brochure in an iMIS event, the brochure opens in a popup window.

The problem is that on some browsers, the popup window opens behind the parent window, so the users won't even know the window opened.

Is there a way to prevent this from being a popup - or can we at least ensure the popup opens in front of the parent window??


iMIS WCM overwriting images/documents

I'm having an issue with updating images/documents in iMIS WCM, and I was wondering if there is a way to prevent this from happening.

Basically, let's say I have a version of an image or a document, and I insert it into WCM content using the iMIS rich text editor. Let's say I've done this with hundreds of images and hundreds of documents.

Now I want to update 50 of those documents or images (for example, I want to bulk add metadata to a bunch of PDF files). So I upload the files directly to the file system.