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ECM Compatibility

We have a client who currently run a heavily customised ECM site on iMIS 15.0.3. They wish to upgrade to version 15.1.3, but don't wish to lose any of their ECM customisations. Is it possible to keep their 15.0.3 environment whilst still upgrading the database application to 15.1.3? Alternatively, can these customisations be safely applied after an upgrade? I'd be interested to see if anyone else has been through something similar.

Can WCM generate an RSS feed?

One of my clients is transitioning from another Content Management solution to WCM.  Among other things, they have a number of RSS feeds coming from the site.  These were custom in the old site, not part of the CM, but obviously they just pull the same content data and generate XML instead of HTML.

Now that they are moving to WCM, they would like to continue to offer the feed.  Since the data must come from iMIS, I wonder if there is a practical way to generate the feed using a TaggedList page and apply a special master page/template/theme turning the results into something an RSS Reader would approve of.

Missing information on badges

Has anyone seen any information missing from the badges that are created during an online registration? It is not consistent but occassionally the city will be missing from a badge record. I have also seen the City populated but not displayed in the FULL_ADDRESS. Any ideas? Thanks, Terry

iMIS esereies - handling transaction volume spikes


I know this is a broad question, may have many answers, may not be an iMIS problem (but infrastructure) and is probably only related to this customer, but thought I would ask in case anyone had a similar scenario and how they handled.
The customer is running iMIS 15.1.3, uses eseries 15.1.3 for web and has a custom CC provider. The site runs properly processing eseries and CC transactions for events and dues. There are two times a year when there is a spike in volume when 100’s of people want to register for a specific series of events at once when the events are opened at noon. As one indictor, we saw on Coldfusion 200+ connections shortly after noon. The login and registrations are slow, there are some timeouts, and we have found reconciliation discrepancies between the CC provider and iMIS CC transactions – there were probably timeouts after checkout and CC processing and before the iMIS table inserts/updates for the registration.
We are exploring a number of options, that include business and technology, and are considering a load/capacity planning exercise.
If anyone has had scenarios like the above and information on how to handle, we would appreciate any comments, guidelines or solutions you implemented. I am hoping there are some specific iMIS/eseries performance tuning tips that can prevent a major load/capacity project

Thanks Nick

Error response from credit card gateway

Yesterday I spent a bunch of time helping a 3rd party developer getting his order processing code working. We got past his first several issues and then ran into an issue we could not solve. The problem occurs when communicating with the Paypal Pay flow pro gateway. I verified the web.config matches If you have any ideas I would be very appreciative. // process payment PaymentGatewayResponse response = cOrder.Payment.ProcessPayment(new CAddressBasic(imisUser) { Address1 = cOrder.Address1, Address2 = cOrder.Address2, City = cOrder.City, StateProvince = cOrder.StateProvince, PostalCode = cOrder.PostalCode }); The error returned from the gateway is "index was outside the bounds of the array" when the line above is submitted. I have already submitted it as an SMR. I searched all our resources and nothing I found helped. Full code is attached.

Obscure but potentially useful shortcut and list of other shortcuts

Yesterday someone had need of an obscure keyboard shortcut.  Their IE Developer Tools window was hidden off screen somehow.  More perplexing was that right-clicking on the Task Bar icon would not give the System Menu (Restore-Move-Size-etc) .  There was a strong preference not to kill IE and start over because of information that was thought to be on the Developer Tab.  What to do?

Concatenating Fields for Lookup

I have a many to many situation in a business object I am trying to use for a query (IQA)  We created a UDT with a field called "District".  In this field is a number.  This number is not unique - for example, someone could be in dictrict 4 in one county and someone else could be in district 4 in another county.  I want to create a lookup where the District field in a particular record is concatenated with the County field so that when the user goes to run the IQA, they can choose the district by county.  E.G. I want the lookup table to look something like this:

CRegistration + Complimentary = FAIL

I'm trying to register a user using complimentary registration. But when I attempt to save the registration I am getting an error..

iboFinancials.CPayment1.Validate : Missing required field CashAccountCode

Is there a way to save a CRegistration without the need to supply a CPayment? The Reg Class is setup for complimentary registration on the event. I may just be missing something completely obvious here.

Customer Portfolio Shutting down

Our Customer Portfolio keeps shutting down when we are changing the member type of certain members - Not all members.

It happens when we are changing that customer type to a customer type that has been ticked as a company type in the setup modules/customer types.

also if I try the field COMPANY_RECORD for that member to a -1 (True) in SQL I get the following error message.

Best Practices: Where does your iMIS subject matter expert live?

I’m trying to collect some information on how organizations using iMIS as their primary database satisfy their need for an iMIS subject matter expert. This would include maintaining the database, making changes/updates to the database and exploring systematic solutions to new business processes.

  1. Do you have internal staff with the necessary knowledge of iMIS or do you use an outside contractor or 3rd party company? Or a combination depending on the situation…examples would be great.