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Error in Initialize(): 429

I'm trying to use the sysresHashPwd function to return a value in SQL thinking that this may be the function that is hashing the Password field in Name_Security. When I use the following:

SELECT dbo.sysresHashPwd ('password')

I receive the following message:

Error in Initialize(): 429

So there are 2 questions:

  1. What can I do to work through this error so that I can use the sysresHashPwd function?
  2. Is this the function that iMIS uses when it hashes passwords?

Brad Cady

CCAuthTemplateCSharp updated

Attached is an updated C# CCAuth template for use with the custom gateway.  It resolves the problems described here:  .

MasterPages and Cookies

I am trying to create a cookie using the masterpages.  The site that reads the cookie doesn't see it.  They are both in the same domain.  I am creating the cookie in the load event.  The  cookie isn't being created.  Here is my code:



HttpCookie aCookie = new HttpCookie("DDPASecurity");


Multiple WCM sites for multiple clients on a web server.



We are trying to consolidate our public web servers. I was wondering if anyone has tried setting up multiple WCM sites for multiple clients on a web server.

All ASI documentation refers to multiple WCM sites for a same client using the shared database connection but we want to go a step further and put multiple WCM sites for multiple clients.

Has anyone tried this. We use iMIS 15.1.2.  Please share your experience.

Webinar: Managing technical debt in Agile

This week I attended a webinar on "Managing Technical Debt with Agile" by Michael Hall, of Three Beacons. “Technical Debt” often comes from choosing a design approach for expedience that, over time, increases complexity and costs. The financial metaphor is that of credit: to get something now, pay for it later, but with interest — which can worsen to the point that all money (effort) is going into servicing that debt, which can never be paid off. Mike offered three areas of suggestions: how to prevent new debt from occurring, how to deal with new debt that happens, and how to bring down legacy debt:

Robo Help - Has anyone implemented?

Has anyone implemented Robo Help and integrated with eSeries or Public?

If so, do you have any resources that we can use? Are you hosting it on the same site as eSeries or Public or a separate site? 

Importing SiteMap to WCM Site

How to import the SiteMap xml file to WCM Site using C# code.

I am able to import the business objects and IQA queries using C# code and able to publish them. But not the Site Map it’s not imported properly.
Here is part of C# code from my console application

WCM Performance/Speed

Has anyone successfully implemented a WCM site that loads/performs quickly that is hosted on a web server (application is hosted on a different server)? If so, what is your secret?!?!?!?!?!

CStandardOrder _order = new CStandardOrder(_user)

The Order and payment collections are created and populated but the batch is not properly propogated.

The batch is created. It can not be viewed in iMIS desk Top.


 CStandardOrder _order = new CStandardOrder(_user);CPayment payment = _order.Payment;CBatch batch2 = new CBatch(cWebUser); "";"ID " + _imisID + " Paid " + cPayRes.AuthorizationCode + "_" + System.DateTime.Today.ToString("ddMMyy");EnumPaymentType.CreditCard;

Activity Action_Code and Gen Lookup table

Is there a way to set up a gen lookup/validation table for the "Action" field in an activity? Aside from the obvious typo issues, Informz uses this field as a filter for e-mail lists.