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Access commerce web components but not the rest of system setup


Wasnt able to find anything that helped so I am hoping someone here will be able to point me in the correct direction.  I am trying to accomplish the following:  Allow specific bookstore management staff the ability to utilize the 'Set up Commerce Web Components' area of 'System Setup' so they can manage the online bookstore yet not allow them access to the other areas of the 'System Setup' tab that they should not have.

iMis 10.6 SQL Server upgrade


I'm looking at a situation where I'd really like to upgrade our iMis SQL databse from SQL 2000 to 2008, and was wondering if anyone else has tackled this?  If so, what were your experiences?

Thanks much!

Printing Double Sided Badges?

I’m trying to find a way to print double sided badges in iMIS for an upcoming conference. We are trying to avoid printing them all out on one side and then sending them back through to print on the other side. This would be too much of a headache because of paper jams.

Does anyone know of a report or an add-on feature that would help me with this? What have other people done in the past to create double sided badges with iMIS?

An error occurred while loading the product list

Well this is my first time blogging here so hi everyone.

We recently launched our new WCM site, but before this I upgraded us to 15.1.3 build 8125 as there was some bug fixes in there that needed to be fixed.

However due to time constraints the shop and event registration didn't go live, but to still show some thing I set all the products to be sold as "View on Web". However when going to the shop online and browsing the categories an "An error occurred while loading the product list" error occurs. Then I get an email with an error message of

TransactionType.Sale vs TransactionType.DelayedCapture.

Does the TransactionType.DelayedCapture method propogate the Qty_Shipped and the method TransactionType.Sale does not?

//public PaymentGatewayResponse ProcessPayment(TransactionType transactionType, CAddressBasic billingAddress);

payment.ProcessPayment(Asi.iBO.Commerce.TransactionType.DelayedCapture, myOrder.ShipToContact.PreferredShipAddress);

payment.ProcessPayment(Asi.iBO.Commerce.TransactionType.Sale, myOrder.ShipToContact.PreferredShipAddress);

Is there a method to resend order confirmations via email?

Could only find email addresses in the API and nothing about how to resend the confirmations.


Added Membership WebService reference, but say it is not defined. Any suggestions on how to fix it. Also need help with code/ instructions on how to inplement change password .



IQA Query on aspx page

We have a client that had a page created that calls an IQA query that gets a url querystring parameter. The query works fine but does not accept the parameter.

The issue is that the person that developed it for version 15.0 did not provide the code behind page. We have updated the client to 15.1.3 and the page no longer functions.

Most of the issues were that the ASI.dll was updated and the inherits were wrong. I have since fixed those issues.

There is a 3rd party application that needs to commit a form post to iMIS.

This seems like it should work but it is not working.

WebUserLoginID = "any valid loginID"
IiMISUser login_user = Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContactUser.LoginByWebLogin(WebUserLoginID);
user = Asi.iBO.ContentManagement.CWebUser.LoginByPrincipal(login_user);

SOA - Create order with new person

I've taken the majority of the SOA samples and updated them to run on a web page. How ever the "CreateOrderWtihNewPerson" function is throwing an error at the following line:


results = imisEntityManager.Add(cart.ComboOrder);

I'm getting the "object not set to an instance of an object" error! I have no way of getting inside of this function. I've checked all properties and they are correct. I saw a reference to the sample code having problems. Has anyone else had this issue? If not, can someone help me debug this error.           Tom