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Changing content embedded in template from page to page

Does anyone know a way to change the content that is embedded in the WCM template to change depending on the page you are on? 

For example, on the home page I may want to display advertiser information, but on the events page in the same location I may want to display sponsor information.

This was easy to do in eSeries b/c you could just pass a value in the url. Just looking for ideas.

State Senate and House

Hello All,

I'd like to be able to pre-populate a couple of fields under [Other] tab in the [Manage Customer] section.

The fields are:

  • State Senate
  • State House

I'd like to be able to tell right away by looking at these fields what State Senate district each of my members belong to and the same thing with State House.

Having said that, I have two questions:

CContact.PayDues: Business rule violation. The payment amount 650.0000 does not match the amount due of 750.0000

errors.ErrorCount: 1
errors.PrimaryErrorMessage: Err Num: 1 - CContact.PayDues: Business rule violation.  The payment amount 650.0000 does not match the amount due of 750.0000
errors.WarningCount: 0


Attempt to code around this issue with the function AddTransaction

The commit seems to work but no records are written to the Trans table.

Google tracker


has anyone added the google tracker script to track stats on page visits to iMIS specific pages. I've tried to do it with the directory.aspx out of the box page but receive a script error message.

Using 15.1.1 at the moment.

Thanks Justin.

iMSI 15.1.3 and SQL 2008 R2

Has anyone tried, or succeeded running iMIS 15.1.3  on SQL 2008  R2  ( formerly known as SQL 2010)  yet





Syncronized Contacts

Have you ever had issues with the Net Contacts being out of sync? If you have let me know, I can tell you how to resync the entire users base.


Is there any Special Character Restriction on IMIS?

I’m getting an IMIS Error when searching for the last name O’Sullivan in the IMIS Directory Public view. “Error:  An unexpected iMIS error had occurred. Please try your operation again; if you still receive an error, contact the system administrator.”

Random Login/Passwords not working with iMIS Membership Web Service

We have a client who upgraded from 10.6 to 15.1.1 back in September. They also went from using the e-Series login to the iMIS Membership Web Services on their website. The problem they are encountering is that random member login/passwords are not working, nor will the Password reset work for those users. This isn't happening for all members however. If a staff member changes a member's password within iMIS, they then are able to login on the website via the web service with no problem. We have verified that all IDs exist in Name_Security, Name_Security_Groups, & Name_Fin.

Using IBO to modify VAT registration number

I can't seem to locate a VAT Reg Number property anywhere in the IBO's. Specifically I looked on CContact and its base class.

I then looked to see if there is a way within the IBO's to access the values from the Name_Fin table in a similar fashion to using GetExtTableByName, but this didn't work for me (I'm pretty sure this is because the table is not a user defined table).

How can I modify this property using the IBO's?

Does anyone know how to add a drop down box with the activity type section?

Hi There,

I am a fairly new user to iMIS.

Does anyone know how to add a drop down box with the activity type section.

I have created a lookup table in

Customers>Setup tables>General lookup validation

But I don't know how to connect to a drop down box to an activity.

 If anyone is able to help me it would make my life much easier.