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accidently deleted 'guest' account, now cannot login

Hi, our version is

I accidently deleted 'guest' account and now I cannot use imis desktop to login, it complains: 

the application server version may not match the database version.

Browsing imis15 site also generates error:
Asi.Security.UserValidationException: Validation Failed

And idea how to fix this issue?


New membership activation, not recognized as member until re-login

Hello all,

This question is sort of related to a previous posting by me here:

I have captured when a user has paid for their membership, and have updated their status (CustomerTypeCode) to a Member.

Error during logon: the application server version may...


I am getting this error when I try to logon to iMIS;

Error during logon:the application server version may not match the database version. Please see your system adminstrator.

using iMIS 15.1

I am not sure what could have created this issue, deleted some duplicate records in iMIS...

Please help!


iMIS Wordpress or CMS Intregration

I am the lead developer and webmaster for my organization but not the devloper for IMIS. My nonprofit does a lot of thier core membership management with IMIS15+. We have been using it for the past 3 years and I am hoping a solution for authenticating with PHP is made by now. I am interested in using a Wordpress CMS which is coded in PHP but I would like to use the IMIS authentication LDAP tables for valid members only. This would be separate from any IMIS development. I only need a way to authenticate users and passwords in Wordpress. Is there a plugin out there? Our main site uses IIS and the default iMIS authentication. Please help. Thanks.

Cart Discount how or why override PriceCache:35218;3742665;1: 112.5000


PriceCache:35218;3742665;1: 112.5000

Could I set this value to 1/2 price something like

PriceCache:35218;3742665;1: 56.25

The  page

Has a reference to

namespace IWC.UI.WebControlspublic abstract class CartPage : DisplayPageBase, IImpersonationPage

The stock iMIS page reveals that  /iMISpublic/AM/ContentManagerNet/ShowVariables.aspx

Style not affecting login text

I am using template design 1510.

I changed the background color of the top nav.

I was able to change the font color in the utilitynav_style to blue, but when I change the color of LoginStatusMenu it does not change.

Here is the code for the login:

<asp:LoginStatus ID="LoginStatus1" runat="server" LoginText="Log On" LogoutText="Log Off" AccessKey="l" OnLoggedOut="LoginStatus1_OnLoggedOut" CssClass="LoginStatusMenu" />

Error Type Asi.iBO.MissingSystemSettingException

I created a meeting in iMIS and enabled it for online registration. I walked through the Event Setup and was able to view the event for online registration. I get to the end and received the following error message. I'm not sure what to do with this.

Error Type Asi.iBO.MissingSystemSettingException


Error Date 2/11/2010 8:05:04 PM
Error Message iBO.CStandardOrder.Ctor : The system setting for Order_Control.WebOrderType is missing. It must be set before performing this operation.


Stack Trace at Asi.iBO.Errors.CErrors.NewError(ErrorNumber errorNumber, String errorLocation, ErrorCategory errorCategory, Object[] errorValues) at Asi.iBO.Commerce.CStandardOrder..ctor(IiMISUser user) at Asi.Bae.Data.Cart.CreateCStandardOrder() at Asi.Bae.Business.Cart.Cart.get_OrdersTotal() at Asi.Bae.Business.Cart.Cart.get_SubTotal() at Asi.Bae.Web.Checkout.MyCart.iBtnGoToCheckout_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

Exchange Settings Clarification Request

I'm working through set up for WCM. I'm in System Setup > Set up Web components > Exchange Settings.

iMIS Reference materials for public View Setup state the following:


This window defines the Microsoft Exchange account in your organization from which event meeting requests are sent to users who register for events through the Public view of iMIS.

iMis 15 Licensing with Multi-Instance

When upgrading multiple co-existing instances to 15.1 does anyone have a good process suggestion for being able to upgrade the databases seeing as how it requires an update to the license? We're using the multi-instance process for the web server but hate to install/uninstall the application on my desktop that many times to go through the upgrade process. If we didn't have to worry about the license we could just use the dbupgrader.exe directly. We are upgrading from 10.6 to 15.1.2 so we do not have the proper licensing to allow the upgrade using dbupgrader.exe without having the new licensing in place first.

WCM > System Setup > Organization Configuration

Release/Version 15.1.2

In WCM I'm working through setup  for Web components.

System set > Organization Configuration > URL of Registration page

Documentation state:

URL of registration page

Specifies the URL of the page for new account registration.