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Order API - 15.1.3 - processing an order via API

We have done some testing and are trying to determine if it is possible to process an order thru the API that results in a complete order in iMIS with full Transactional entery (order, order_lines, Invoice, Trans and Activity) without walking thru the order stages in the desktop.

At this point the only order we can get with the API is a proforma and we are seeing missing DIST lines in Trans.  We are working in 15.1.3 and need to determine if the API can do this as part of the design, if we are calling it correctly or if there is a bug in the version we are working with.

SMS from iMIS

Has anyone managed to implement the ability to send SMSs direct from iMIS? Thanks. Regards Lewis

Where can I obtain the iBO for .Net dll file?

I've searched and searched.  I would like to do some testing to present it to my boss.

how do you get Address Purposes using Ibo

how do you get Address Purposes using Ibo?


iMIS print issue with Windows 7 64 bit

I have currently installed iMIS on windows 7 professional 64 bit.  We are not able to print due to the migration.  Whenever I hit the print button it will try to send the document to the printer but iMIS will freeze and give a not responding error.


Here are the steps I have tried to solve but with no luck:

Made sure the permissions were correct on the folder and shortcuts

Duplicate a Committee

Hello All,

I have a rather large committee that I'd like to replicate (with a different name) within iMIS 15.0. Is there an easy way to do replicate/duplicate committees in iMIS?


Documentation for creating iParts? Where

I am trying to create some iParts to replace some old xTender applets.

I am very familiar with creating web parts and have created a number of iParts successfully. What I am not able to find is any information on what values, variables and parameters are available to me inside those iParts. i.e. How do I retrieve the selected user ID?

Is this documentated someplace?

This would be for both web and desktop views.

CPayment - CreditCardNumber Exception

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using Asi.iBO;
using Asi.iBO.Financials;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
                IiMISUser user = CStaffUser.Login("Manager", "Test1234");
                CPayment Payment = new CPayment(user);
                Payment.Amount = 120;
                Payment.PaymentType = EnumPaymentType.CreditCard;
                Payment.CreditCardNumber = "4444333322221111";
                Payment.CreditDebitCardHoldersName = "Name";
                Payment.CreditDebitCardAuthorizationCode = "123";
                Payment.CreditCardSecurityCode = "123";
                Payment.CreditCardExpiration = "12/50";
                Payment.CashAccountCode = "VISA";
            catch (Exception exception)
                throw new Exception(exception.Message);

Session Variables

Session variables are getting lost after I do a Response.Redirect.  I am getting a user object from this code:

user = CWebUser.LoginByWebLogin(lgnLogin.UserName, lgnLogin.Password);Session["LoginUser"] = user;

Then I am redirecting using one of the following:

How do I: Get a selected ID in the Desk View?

I have a iPart that is very simple.

It displays the selected ID by using the following code in the ASCX file: 

<%= IWC.Utilities.GetCurrentUserID() %>

This works great in the web view and returns the number exactly as expected. But in the Desktop View it returns a much longer string of numbers and letters. My guess is that it is encoded in some way. How do I go about getting the plain value?