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MemberWebService Cookies required for login

I have created a login page consuming the MembershipWebservice and invoking the LoginUserAndProvideCookies method.  It is giving me back 2 cookies:
•         ASP.NET_SessionId
•         Login
I create the cookies and send  the user to the mycart.aspx page.  The page is asking me to login.  After I login using the iMIS interface, I see that many more cookies have been created. 
I don’t want the user to have to log in twice.  Are these two cookies the only ones I need to create in order for the user to navigate the iMIS public site?

IQA variables


Does anyone happen to have a full list of all the IQA variables that are available and the actual values returned by those variables?  I have found five variables but not much documentation detailing their use or what actual values each variable returns.  Here is what I found so far:

@LoggedInUser - filter by the currently logged in user
@Me - filter by the currently logged in user
@SubjectContact - Filters by a selected contact, such as contacts selected through user impersonation
@Date - Filters by the current date
@Now - Filters by the current date and time

Finding no supporting documentation, I assumed @LoggedInUser and @Me would give me a contact's imis ID so I could use it to filter records from ibos such as CsContact.  I was wrong, those both return lovely GUIDs which do not help.  Does anyone have information on all available variables for IQAs?  More specifically, a variable that returns the actual imis user ID of the member logged into the website so it can be used within an IQA filter?  Unless there is some other way to access the current logged in users imis ID inside an IQA...

MembershipWebService LoginUserAndProvideCookies And IIS setup

The code below is in a file in the imis_public directory on my laptop(which is a default install of imis).  The membershipwebservices call to the method LoginUserAndProvideCookies returns the cookies.


The given path's format is not supported error when publishing in WCM

I am trying to republish an entire WCM site after going live on the new domain. When doing so the following error is generated for every content record: 

The given path's format is not supported  -

Everything was publishing fine before we went live last week. HELP!

Telerik RadMenu Nightmare

Hi All,

I am trying to edit the new 1700 template to fit with a website I am building. Most of the conversion is going well and I have to say that the new 1700 template is a lot cleaner and easier to understand than the previous templates. However, I am running into a lot of problems around the RadMenu component for the navigation.

RadMenu is inserting it's own styles and I can't find any way to override certain things like the background images.

processing payment but not saving transaction/order info

I am having an issue with an order payment process. I am sending the payment through iMIS and it is being charged in our PayPal account, but the payment is not being recorded in iMIS. The batch is generated, but keeps a $0 total and no product sale info is created. I have been researching it for many hours and cannot pinpoint the cause of my problem. If you have any ideas please share. Thank you. - JK

iMIS-Import Utility


I am importing Member import and "Effective date of status change" window pops up. What is name of this field that I can add to my .csv file so it doesn't bring this pop up windows?

Access commerce web components but not the rest of system setup


Wasnt able to find anything that helped so I am hoping someone here will be able to point me in the correct direction.  I am trying to accomplish the following:  Allow specific bookstore management staff the ability to utilize the 'Set up Commerce Web Components' area of 'System Setup' so they can manage the online bookstore yet not allow them access to the other areas of the 'System Setup' tab that they should not have.

iMis 10.6 SQL Server upgrade


I'm looking at a situation where I'd really like to upgrade our iMis SQL databse from SQL 2000 to 2008, and was wondering if anyone else has tackled this?  If so, what were your experiences?

Thanks much!

Printing Double Sided Badges?

I’m trying to find a way to print double sided badges in iMIS for an upcoming conference. We are trying to avoid printing them all out on one side and then sending them back through to print on the other side. This would be too much of a headache because of paper jams.

Does anyone know of a report or an add-on feature that would help me with this? What have other people done in the past to create double sided badges with iMIS?