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header file equivalent?

In eSeries ColdFusion there was a Header file that we used to look at a variety of variables and then redirect the user to an appropriate web page.  If the membership was expired, redirect to a custom Membership Expired page with a link to the Bill Dues page.  If heading for Events registration and a non-member, redirect to a custom Select Non-member Type page to select and set a registration class.

CContact to CWebUser

Greetings all,

I'm trying to develop a dues-payment system for our website using the iBo's, however we're trying to do something a little different.

As part of our membership organization, there are times when a person may have to pay dues for more than one member.  However, when paying dues for a contact, according to what I've read, you can only use a CWebUser, otherwise it will throw an error.  I'd like to be able to pay the dues for these other members without having to require them to log in as a CWebUser, so I'm trying to find out if  there is any way to either create a CWebUser object without a clear-text password, or by casting a CContact or CContactUser as a CWebUser?

Upgrade to issues

We are trying to update iMIS from version to version.

We were using Opportunity module from the version 10.5. with custom BOs.
We decided to drop .NET tables as they were causing a lot of errors when trying to upgrade to 15.0.1 on the test server (about a year ago ).
Now we are trying to go from to the newest version
The steps we are taking (as instructed by ASI support) are below:
-  drop 10.6 .NET tables using script from ASI,
- I also deleted our custom tables (OpportunityMainAACUDonor, OppportunityMainAACUMember) and views using those tables (vBoOpportunityAACUDonor, vBoOpportunityAACUMember) as I was getting error on views if I didn't do that and the update would fail.
- manually drop the SP called asi_CheckImisNetPrivilegeLevel
-Check if we can login to IMIS as Manager not only Manager!sa
-Run script for bad views and clean them up. I deleted all views using those .NET tables we dropped. 
- run update

Order of insertion when CContact saves to the database

Right, who thought it was a good idea to insert into the dbo.Name table AFTER the user defined tables!

This is crazy given that a user defined table can have a trigger defined which expects, understandably, that a record in the primary dbo.Name already exists. I am pretty much lost for words, and feel like swearing.

Because that's not going to help matters, I just want to say that this has surely got to be one of the least brilliant things I have seen in a LONG time.

Styles for dynamic drop down in WCM

Does anyone know the style name for the dynamic drop downs on the WCM primary navigation menus? 

Also, if you have used these, have you used the primary navigation menu for your site or have you created a new one specifically for this site? Reason I ask is b/c changing the styles on will change it on the iMIS Web View drop downs as well.

Integrating .js files into WCM template

I am trying to integrate a 3rd party web template into WCM template 1600 however I am unable to make the includes to several .js files work properly. I enabled the ability to add javascript to the editor but didn't work. I have even tried to add the files in the master page but no luck.

Original Site URL:

Rendered page contents displayed back to content area?

We are trying to implement a third party search solution for a client.  The tool generates aspx, asp, php, or CGI code.  We have come up with a snippet of code to drop into an HTML Content area that is working part way.  When we initiate the search, the results page renders back to the entire browser window instead of in the content area.  Nothing we do seems to make any difference.   There are options in the tool to force the page to render in a new page or a specific page or to a frame.  Is there a way - an attribute or something - that would force the results page to load into the content area?

Emailing Crystal Reports

For sure someone out there has several ideas.

Some of my customers want to email the Statement of Account or other types of iMIS Standard Crystal reports.    I am not that familiar with Crystal but I could not find anywhere to EMAIL the report.

Is this a feature thats availalbe in Crystal?

How are others sending out statements / invoices from iMIS ?

IQA Navigation Needs Improvement

I just wanted make a comment about IQA in iMIS15. The navigation through and around IQA in iMIS15 could be a lot better.

For example…Why can I only get to the ‘Report’ option after editing an IQA and its opened in its separate window?

AND After running an IQA, why do I have to go all the way back to the beginning by clicking on IQA on the side menu? Why can't I be able to close the report or easily return to the last IQA folder I was just in?

Are iParts Compatible with

After importing the XML file in the Content Types section and attempt to add any dll to the C:\Program Files\ASI\iMIS_Train\iMIS15\Net\bin iMIS throws an error.

This is from a ASI.dll release

Could not load file or assembly 'iMISProfile.AddressInfo' or one of its dependencies. Access is denied.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.