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IBO Access Error

We have an issue with a third party vendor trying to access imis via IBO. When they get to a page it States an IBO error "run cs update sql logins before accessing the IBO". Does anyone have anyinsight into this. We have run the prepare imis database, reset the persmissions and have not resolved this. Their imis version is 15.1.1.xxxx Thanks in advance

Ultrawave template and Events

We are using the 1700 template for one of our customers (long story).  We haven't had many issues with the Public View components not being compatible, until now.  They heavily use the feature to allow members to register others for events, which, of course, is one of the controls that is not compatible. 

Will more of the controls be compatible with ultrawave in 15.2?  If not, is there anyway to work around this?  Any thoughts/ideas? 

Convert magazine content to web on Imis Website

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to put a magazine's content on the web, to be precise I am dividing the several articles into different contents items on the web to make them searchable by topic. However, the problem is that simply cut and paste does not do the job as web content should look differently from a paper magazine.
I was therefore wondering if any of you know someone or "something (e.g. a program)" that can convert this pdf/word content for the web? The idea is that it is done quickly with not too much work involved as our human resources to do that are limited.

Event Registration Link from Content Page to public View Event Registration


I have tried the above suggestion of linking to the event registration with parameters but unfortunately i simply get directed back to the Event Listing. Is there another way to do this or is the link im trying incorrect?

Copied the parameters directly from the event details -

also tried with only the event code passed through

Replacement for Extenders? Trying to get away from OCX development.

We are in the process of finally upgrading to 15.

I am wondering if there is a new preferred method of developing extenders or a replacement method to using OCXs? I would much prefer to use .Net

Any pointers or links to documentation would be much appreciated.



uploading text files from iMIS to 3rd party systems

Looking for some advice.    I have a customer who needs to upload data from iMIS to a 3rd party custom database.

I have initially created the extracts for testing purposes in MSAccess.  So here are my questions.

1 -- has anyone automated uploading TXT  files through FTP and having the file name to include todays date.

2 - Can it be done from MSAccess or does it have to be rewritten in SQL?

Best Practices for Managing Preferred Emails


We want to be able to store mulitple emails for each customer and be able to specify which email is the preferred.

What is the best method that you have experience with? We want our solution to be as intuitive as possible and minimal chance for mistakes.

Currently, the solution we are thinking about is:

  1. Storing emails in the out of the box Business and Residence Tabs
  2. Adding a Email preferred UD field with allows staff/customers to select which email is the preferred (drop down for: business/residence)
  3. Based on what is selected in the Email preferred UD field, the Name.EMAIL field will auto populate with the correct email.
    We also want to make the Name.EMAIL to be read-only such that staff must input emails in business/residence.

I would really like to hear about how others track preferred emails in their organizations/their clients or you have some suggestions related to our solutions.

Link to external site on Public View home page

Is it possible to add a link to an external website on the Public View home page? I know there is a config file that may be edited, but it appears only text may be modified or removed.

If it is possible to do this, please let me know how we may go about it.


Bob Lane


Problem with localization/culture of WCM site for international users


We have created a WCM site for the client and this site uses custom payment gateway with Authorize.NET.

This WCM Sites payment processing screens works great for US based users. But for some users outside of US in Chile and Brazil, the amount of $95.00 comes in as $95,00 (with a coma) and that is processed as $9500.00 by

The code here - 
public override PaymentGatewayResponse ProcessPayment(TransactionType transactionType, CPayment payment, CAddressBasic billingAddress)

Delete Cart Items


I'm trying to best work out how to automate deleting cart items older than a certain number of days.

A bit of background:

Our organisation has hundreds of events a year.  Entries (registrations) close for these events approximately 6 weeks before the event takes place.  Currently members can go through the registration process, but not submit the order, and the item remains in their cart.  They can then go back during that 6 week period and finish the registration, thereby gaining entry to the event *after* entries have closed.