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iMSI 15.1.3 and SQL 2008 R2

Has anyone tried, or succeeded running iMIS 15.1.3  on SQL 2008  R2  ( formerly known as SQL 2010)  yet





Syncronized Contacts

Have you ever had issues with the Net Contacts being out of sync? If you have let me know, I can tell you how to resync the entire users base.


Is there any Special Character Restriction on IMIS?

I’m getting an IMIS Error when searching for the last name O’Sullivan in the IMIS Directory Public view. “Error:  An unexpected iMIS error had occurred. Please try your operation again; if you still receive an error, contact the system administrator.”

Random Login/Passwords not working with iMIS Membership Web Service

We have a client who upgraded from 10.6 to 15.1.1 back in September. They also went from using the e-Series login to the iMIS Membership Web Services on their website. The problem they are encountering is that random member login/passwords are not working, nor will the Password reset work for those users. This isn't happening for all members however. If a staff member changes a member's password within iMIS, they then are able to login on the website via the web service with no problem. We have verified that all IDs exist in Name_Security, Name_Security_Groups, & Name_Fin.

Using IBO to modify VAT registration number

I can't seem to locate a VAT Reg Number property anywhere in the IBO's. Specifically I looked on CContact and its base class.

I then looked to see if there is a way within the IBO's to access the values from the Name_Fin table in a similar fashion to using GetExtTableByName, but this didn't work for me (I'm pretty sure this is because the table is not a user defined table).

How can I modify this property using the IBO's?

Does anyone know how to add a drop down box with the activity type section?

Hi There,

I am a fairly new user to iMIS.

Does anyone know how to add a drop down box with the activity type section.

I have created a lookup table in

Customers>Setup tables>General lookup validation

But I don't know how to connect to a drop down box to an activity.

 If anyone is able to help me it would make my life much easier.


Letter merge doens't work

We have one iMIS workstation in office and letter system doesn't work propery? When I click "New Letter' under Letters tab in Customers module, it brings out Letter text window instead of normal Standard letter window with merge option. Other iMIS workstation have letter standard windows where you can see all of letter reports? I've checked system setup and verified correct path for report folder, this doesn't seems to be issue. Can anyone else experienced this issue? Please help! Thanks,

Credit Card Encryption

Is there a location in iMIS where the cryptographic key is stored and can this key be changed?



TED Talk - Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

This was a great talk on innovation and how chance favors the connected mind.  In this case the speaker is examing how great innovation often grows slowly from two people having half a great idea each and then being in the right environment for the two ideas to meet and grow.  This talk is only 17 minutes and 46 seconds.

iMIS 15 Event Setup Configuration


Regarding setting up and configuring an Event in iMIS 15: I am setting up an Event which just has One auto optioned function and am looking to cut down on a prospective User's mouse clicks before eventually getting to the Submit Payment screen.  I did not see a clear way to do that via the IMIS Desktop and my thoughts were I would need to program some customized process to do just show the Registrant Info Screen, then the confirm the Function screen, then the Payment screen..