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Auto date batch numbers


We are using iMIS

It was set to 'Auto date batch numbers' for the batch creation but I changed to 'Operator assigned batch numbers'.

I changed it back to 'Auto date' but it did not give the auto batch number any more..


I have restart iMIS server and IIS but still doesn't work.

Can anyone help me sort out this problem please?

Promoting from one environment to another

Any suggestions on how to promote from dev to test to prod and manage the database without re-keying the configuration please?

Adding Fields to Task Detail screen in Process Manager (Opportunity Module)

I am wondering if it is possible to add new properties to Tasks detail screen under Process Manager (Opportunity).  We would like to add two new fields.

I tried to create a new BO that inherits from TaskItem BO and add fields but then there is no way to tell iMIS to use the new BO. It seems like it is all hardcoded.

I also tried to add those fields to TaskItem table and edit TaskItem BO to add those fields although I know that would be overwritten by the upgrade but that did't work either.

public views login integration with separate website

We would like our members to login into our association website but be instantly logged in our public view system without logging in twice.My concern is that we do not have access to the source code within the public view system, only the compiled version.

So my question is there any way technically that this can happen without touching the public view system.


Hi Everyone,


Somehow we have two different builds of TaskCentre, one on the server and one on the clients.  This is causing a major headache.  However, we only have one set of install files so can't figure out how we ended up with different builds.  Any ideas?

"about:" generated by Ektron Edtor in IE8


We have found that Ektron Editor in eCM will add extra characters "about:" in all hyperlinks if we don't use full URL addresses.  Has anyone found a fix to resolve the issue when editing webpage in Ektron Editor in IE8?  This was working fine in IE7 but we just upgraded our browsers to IE8.  I have checked with ASI Tech Supoort and they suggested me to install the Ektron Editor from the client installer found under "AM\Admin\eWebEditPro30\clientinstall".  I did that but it still did not fix this issue.  I am wondering if anyone has the same experiences and has found a resolution.

WCM search in 15.1.3 with app server and publishing server

We have included a search box within the template for a client website. The search field is implemented in the template simply as:

<asiweb:SimpleSearchField ID="SearchField" runat="server" />

This is running the search on the app server even when the search is performed from the external WCM server.  So a search performed on (temporary URL for development site) returns results with a URL of (currently externally visible site on app server).

This means that the user is from then on browsing to the app server, which will not always be externally visible, and defeats the object of having a separate publishing server.

Any hints on how to resolve?



Add Events to Cart code works ... but not quite: Please Help...

here is my code:

it gets loaded after the user clicks the link for the EVENT they want to register for., the redirect at the end goes to the CART page.

it works the first time around , I get to the cart page and see what I just selected , then if the user hits "Register for a different event" it goes back to the Event Selection page as expected and when the user selects a second event to register for they get redirected to the Cart page again (as expected) but the subsequent EVENT is not reflected on the page.  Only the first Event selected is shown.  However, The Cart Tables in iMIS are populated correctly. 

Converting Quotes (QUOTEREADY) to Orders via the imis interface

Hi All

I'm currently writing code that creates orders in iMIS using The orders are created for the given customer and the status of the order is "QUOTREADY". From what I have read in here and elsewhere it is pretty much impossible to create full orders using and I have come to accept that. So I understand that the order is really a quote whos status is "QUOTEREADY". So how do I make the quote a full order? This is the process I'm following at the moment:

Populate the count of non-responses


I am trying to create a campaign structures and the issue I ran into is how to populate the count of non-responses. We are not generating output or have output process because we will be sending marketing emails out through 3rd party software (informz).

ASI tech advised that we use a list type of External List and define the list name / quantity. On the Source Code, select Source Code Type as External List. In the External File Name field put c:\externaltest and in the Count field put the number of query result.