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Added Membership WebService reference, but say it is not defined. Any suggestions on how to fix it. Also need help with code/ instructions on how to inplement change password .



IQA Query on aspx page

We have a client that had a page created that calls an IQA query that gets a url querystring parameter. The query works fine but does not accept the parameter.

The issue is that the person that developed it for version 15.0 did not provide the code behind page. We have updated the client to 15.1.3 and the page no longer functions.

Most of the issues were that the ASI.dll was updated and the inherits were wrong. I have since fixed those issues.

There is a 3rd party application that needs to commit a form post to iMIS.

This seems like it should work but it is not working.

WebUserLoginID = "any valid loginID"
IiMISUser login_user = Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContactUser.LoginByWebLogin(WebUserLoginID);
user = Asi.iBO.ContentManagement.CWebUser.LoginByPrincipal(login_user);

SOA - Create order with new person

I've taken the majority of the SOA samples and updated them to run on a web page. How ever the "CreateOrderWtihNewPerson" function is throwing an error at the following line:


results = imisEntityManager.Add(cart.ComboOrder);

I'm getting the "object not set to an instance of an object" error! I have no way of getting inside of this function. I've checked all properties and they are correct. I saw a reference to the sample code having problems. Has anyone else had this issue? If not, can someone help me debug this error.           Tom

Required fields in SOA

I am loading a record in SOA and saving it straight away .. without modifying any fields, but get the following error:

"The supplied value, '' is not defined in in the Contact Management system and is invalid"

That error message is verbatim, including the "in in".
I am simplifying the issue here, we were orignially trying to set field values, but decided to make it a simple as possible.

What are the required values in SOA? ie What fields could it be looking for and not finding a value?

Flexible width on 1700 template for mobile

I am building out a mobile site on my demo image and came across the following issue – The typical resolution of a smartphone screen is 320x480 – i.e width is 320px (Most new smartphones are similar) I have created a website with the 1700 template in 15.1.3, and stripped out as much functionality as possible to make it really easy to read on a mobile. However, the 1700 template will not decrease in size below 750px - which means, when I access on my phone, it scales it down in size, making all the fonts hard to read. I thought this template was meant to be scalable for mobile. Does anyone know what I need to do to get it to have a flexible width down to 320px?

SOA and C# and imis15.1.3

I've just started testing the SOA in C# and have successfully developed the add person function and added the other items such as informal name, prfix, suffix etc. Now I'm trying to add address and other informatio about the person but having very little luck. I'v been reviewing the documentation but found it to be a little confusing. Could someone just point me in the right direction or maybe furnish some real world examples.

Create account page with login for WCM

Has anyone created a page that will allow someone to create a username and password and log them in to WCM at the same time? 

We have a page using iBOs that will create an account with username/password, but then have to pass the user on to the login page to login.  Would be much nicer to create the account and log them in one step, instead of two.



UD fields in SOA

Do we have sample code of how to insert / update customer UD data using SOA?

If possible I'd like to see examples for both single and mutli-instance tables.



payment gateway response

We are creating a custom gateway through We are getting an error saying "The Method or operations is not implemented" while using PaymentGatewayResponse response Object.

Has anyone had a similar issue and have you been able to resolve? It also to submit a response string. Does any one know how the string should be formatted?

Please see the attached code segment.