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SOA and C# and imis15.1.3

I've just started testing the SOA in C# and have successfully developed the add person function and added the other items such as informal name, prfix, suffix etc. Now I'm trying to add address and other informatio about the person but having very little luck. I'v been reviewing the documentation but found it to be a little confusing. Could someone just point me in the right direction or maybe furnish some real world examples.

Create account page with login for WCM

Has anyone created a page that will allow someone to create a username and password and log them in to WCM at the same time? 

We have a page using iBOs that will create an account with username/password, but then have to pass the user on to the login page to login.  Would be much nicer to create the account and log them in one step, instead of two.



UD fields in SOA

Do we have sample code of how to insert / update customer UD data using SOA?

If possible I'd like to see examples for both single and mutli-instance tables.



payment gateway response

We are creating a custom gateway through We are getting an error saying "The Method or operations is not implemented" while using PaymentGatewayResponse response Object.

Has anyone had a similar issue and have you been able to resolve? It also to submit a response string. Does any one know how the string should be formatted?

Please see the attached code segment.

WCM is very SLOW


We just upgraded our iMIS to in order to add "Community" from WCM to our site.  After the Community site was launched last fall, we experienced very slow performance from the site and it's almost useless for member to want to login and use the site.  Our core website still remains in eCM after the upgrade and unlike Communities in WCM it is working fine.  Below are our configurations:

Custom Email Confirmations

Is there a way to implement custom email confirmations in Events ( 1 for registration, payment received,.. )?  Also a manually generated email?


Shanti. or soa Clone/Create an Event

Has anyone tried to Clone or Create an event via IBO.NET or SOA or at a very very last resort SQL?

User defined fields within Subscription workflow.


When our members pay for their subscription, we require them to answer a couple of questions. Until recently, renewals have been all paper based with administrative staff entering the details from the renewal form directly into IMIS Desktop. The extra fields we require are defined in iMIS as User Defined Fields, so currently our admin staff simply browse to the "Contact managment>User defined fields" screen in imis desktop, enter the values, then complete the order for the member under "Contact management>Billing"

Crystal Report 2008

Has anyone used Crystal Report 2008 with iMIS 15 ? Please advise if there are any compatibility issues ? Thanks.

Error during login to iMIS desktop

One of our clients is reporting that they are receiving "Error during login: the iMIS website may not be functioning properly. Please see your system administrator".  This started happening after the New Years weekend.

On Windows XP Pro machines, if they try logging in few times they are eventually able to login successfully but it takes a long time for iMIS to come up.

On Windows 7 machines, they are not able to login at all even when trying multiple times.