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Reducing version dependencies?

So I've got these iParts, see?  They have references to several ASI dlls, typically Asi, Asi.Business.ContentManagement, Asi.iBO, Asi.Web, Secure and Telerik.Web.UI.  I have those files in my project folder, it builds my dlls just fine and works great...until the client upgrades.  At that point, my code refuses to run because it can't find the file it was compiled against.  Telerik is the most common offender.  Moving from 15.1.1 to 15.1.2 required a new dll even though I was using only features available in both flavors.

iMIS 15 and SQL Server


There was a thread on this forum from last September about compatibility of iMIS 15 with SQL Server 2008. The message wasn't a good one ("failed miserably" was once phrase used). Has anyone tried or have there been any updates since that post? We're really hoping to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 and iMIS compatibility is a big obstacle.

Thank you!

*Database deadlocking -

I have a client running with an intermittent on-line payment issue which I would like to throw open to the community for comment. All suggestions appreciated :-)

The issue is, about 2% of on-line transactions are failing with database deadlock issues. Stored procedure asiGetCounter deadlocks when retrieving next TRANS counter value.

The deadlocks happens when

iMIS 15 and Call Center Screen Pops

Does anyone know if iMIS 15 is TAPI compliant or if there is a 3rd party tool that can integrate with iMIS for a call center screen pop?

Why. Is New Content. Generated. From the Bottom?

I am having an extrememly difficult time in MOVING a Web part once I've created it within a content record. It seems that if I have a content record with too much content on it, I get this error: 

Error: The collection already contains the specified content item.

This is as was already catalogued previuosly here and as was submitted as a ticket. I do not know if ASI has bothered to resolve it.

TaskCentre MailMerge Error


We are setting up TaskCentre v4.5 with Word to MailMerge but when running the MailMerge step get the error: "Microsoft Word could not initialize properly" Have tried multiple documents but no solution found as yet....

Has anyone experienced this or has any suggestions?

UPDATE July 14 - All fixed, turned out to be an issue with the server setup and permissions on the account running the TaskCentre service. Big thanks to Paul at ASI for helping resolve this! iMIS 15.1 payment gateway

Hello all,

I am running iMIS 15.1 and am searching for an payment gateway.  I am looking for one that is forward compatible meaning it will upgrade easily with any future iMIS releases.  It needs to be able to handle the full range of payment processing options including eChecks.



ASIUtil requirements?

Back in the iMIS 4/iMIS 10 world, ASIUtil.dll required ASIDBUtil and ASIDBUpgrade.  I can tell that the .NET parts of iMIS use Secure.dll instead of ASIUtil, and I know some things changed in 15.1.2 for the Advanced PCI support.

Does ASIUtil 15.1.2 still require either ASIDBUtil or ASIDBUpgrade?

Is ASIUtil 15.1.2 different enough from previous versions that I would need a new Interop?

off-topic - need suggestions for a Lead generation service/tool

I am looking for a lead generation tool to collect contact info from visitors when the download some white papers on my site. Could any one suggest a serice they have used for this? i would prefer to have a landing page on my site that lists the documents and gathers info from visitors or use an email bulletin that send out these links to a group of people with our target market (R&D professionals).

IQA query to list IQA queries

Here's a way to create an IQA query to list IQA queries and display their full document system path.

First, create a view to wrap the asi_PublishedDocumentPath function.  This view definition is for published documents only (status = 40), but change it if you need different results.

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[vDocumentPath] AS
 SELECT dbo.asi_PublishedDocumentPath([DocumentVersionKey]) AS 'DocumentPath', [DocumentTypeCode]
   FROM [dbo].[DocumentMain]
 WHERE [DocumentStatusCode] = 40 AND dbo.asi_PublishedDocumentPath(DocumentVersionKey) IS NOT NULL

Next, in Business Object Designer, create a business object named DocumentPath.  On the Database tab, add vDocumentPath, and both columns as properties.  Save and publish.