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Corrupt CsContact BO - need help fixing please.

I have a customer on 15.1.3 initial release.  We upgraded them from 15.1.2  over a week ago.   We had a problem last weekend where a member was getting an error when trying to update his record.  The error indicated that the CsContact.UpdatedBy field was not long enough - 15 characters.  I contacted TS and went ahead and changed the field length in the BO to 60 to match the Updated_By column in Name.  Everything seemed OK.   TS indicated that they could not duplicate the problem, and indeed I could not either.  I changed it back to 15 and watched the event logs for new errors.  They appeared Thursday this week, so I connected back to the database and changed the length back to 60 and saved and re-published the object.  It errored out the first two times but I got it to publish finally.  After I got it published, desktop users started getting portfolio shutdown errors - odbc timouts.  I rebooted the server.  Upon rebooting I have not been able to log on to the casual view, public site (WCM) and in the desktop, I can connect to the Customers tab, AR, Billing, Events, Expo, etc, but not home, System Setup or Tools.  I get the error posted below.  When I look at the vBoCsContact view, I notice the UpdatedBy column is missing in the view.  I cannot get back in to the BO Designer to edit the BO and try to republish.  Editing the view directly does not help.  Is there any other way to get to the BOD?  Is there any way to force a rebuild of the CsContact BO?  Restoring from backup is a very last resort as the customer has entered numerous event registrations and billing payments during the day prior to the backup.  Any help would be very greatly appreciated. 

Customer Directory export in WCM or PublicView

Our customer wants the ability to export Customer Directory for its members. I saw that this ability is available in Customer Directory of Web View which is not available to members.

Most members connect to WCM site and the Customer Directory of WCM or Public View does not provide abilty to Export to Excel or PDF or Word.

Please see the attached image and see the circled Export options I am talking about. Please let me know if you know the trick to make export buttons available in Public View or WCM.

Read only account fields

We have several clients that would like to have some fields on the personal information web site screen read only. In system setup ->set up customer web components ->  personal information configuration you can make member type read only but that is the only one. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding making fields read only on the web?

Thank you in advance for your time,

Create/Import order to IMIS using IBO.NET or SQL Stored procedure.

Hi, Guys!

We are trying to import order data to IMIS system using IBO for .NET. But totally lost how to complete it. Will can consider using SQL Stored Procedure.

In general we are not using IMIS to process Credit Cards but we need store orders info.

Single Sign On Solution with iMIS Web

Has anyone had any experience wrapping a custom Single Sign On solution around iMIS web? We'd like to leverage our existing solution and pass the credentials over to iMIS.



Exhibit Rules and Exhibition Complimentary Registrations window



I would like to know how exhibit rules for complimentary registration works, here is some iMis documentation , but it doesn't give me a clue on how to use it:

on this iMis documentation page: there is only one line of description:
Exhibit Rules - Opens the Rules for Exhibition Complimentary Registrations window used to enter text table rules and calculations for awarding complimentary registrations.

iEmail credentials

A customer has recently begun to have an issue where iEmail always prompts for user credentials, once the details are entered everything works as it should, and whatever action the user is trying to do can be completed. However, if another action is attempted, the credentials are requested again. This has only recently started to happen, has anyone experienced anything similar, if so, did you find a resolution?

strange error in iBO Gift entry

I'm trying to insert a new donation via iBO in .net and the save function is throwing a "Connection string could not be initialized" error.

Sounds like a strait forward problem but here is the odd thing... From everything i can see, the record is getting inserted just fine!  The batch, activities, trans records, it all looks exactly the same as a record that is entered though the regular iMIS user interface.