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Looking for iBO.NET (ver. 10.6 or lower) documentation

Hi, I could not find the documentation online for iBO.NET version 10.6 or lower. Does anyone have it? A link would be very appreciated. Thanks,

state/province conditional requirement based upon country

Is it possible to condition the 'required' setting for the state field based on country in the public views in iMIS (creating an account or joining)?

It seems that public views requirement for state can be turned on or off.  It is currently required for us but for international users, they are forced to select a state.

Exporting website throws System.OutOfMemoryException errors

We are in the process of setting up a staging server.  Our customer built out their site with one of the templates from the gallery and is unhappy with it, so we are pulling their site into a dev site so we can replace the template with a hand-built template/master page.

iMIS 15.1.3 is installed on the staging server and a copy of their database has been restored to the staging server.  I am in the process of exporting their current site and am having lots of problems.

Cannot delete some types of activity records

We use informz to send out emails.  Informz creates an activity record with the type of iUnsub for unsubscription and iBadEmail for an bad email address  in our IMIS database. We used to be able to delete the activity record from IMIS desktop interface. However, we noticed lately that the delete button on the activity interface is grayed out, even logged in as the database admin - sa. Does anyone know why? how to fix it?

Custom iMIS 15.1.3 OCX


I am developing a .net dll that is registered as an OCX (COM interop) that iMIS calls successfully when CC is set-up in iMIS as a custom gateway.
The dll/ocx is called by iMIS OK, the call to the cc provider web service is made OK, and the response from the CC provider is received and passed back to iMIS OK. A 'success' and a 'Declined' transaction are being tested. The 'success' works fine passing back the CC auth code info to iMIS that is then inserted into tables like Trans successfully. The 'fail' transaction also works with the decline code/message shown by iMIS and no updates made to the iMIS tables like Trans.
There is only one problem getting this dll/ocx completed for the iMIS customer - after a fail/decline message appears, if I try to save the iMIS transaction again iMIS abends with and OMNIS error.
I used the Innovation 2009 C# template as a base and information from the community. This was very helpful but did not provide a complete example with signatures for the passing in of parameters from iMIS and return codes to iMIS from the OCX. I used the DebugView to debug using writeline for the parameters that appear to be fine. For the return codes, I am using return signature/codes I used for previous OCXs I created using VB6 for 10.6 and 15.0.3.
I am wondering if the return signature/codes have changed in 15.1.3 that maybe creating this problem.
Is it possible to get the official return signature/codes from ASI and any examples – maybe cut/paste code from the production verisign ocx source that can be reused for a custom OCX.
Any help would be appreciated to help complete this OCX.

Thanks Nick

iMIS Desktop Client

I currently have iMIS desktop clinet running on my laptop and up until recently have had no problems. Recently though i had a problem which came out nowhere in that the desktop seemed to be working but i now get a number of script errors asking me "Do i want to continue running scripts on this page" every time i change to a different module, which is quite annoying.

Has anybody else had this problem, and if so, have you found a solution??

Unified Login Integration Tips

Integrating Third Party .Net website with iMIS through Unified Login

My organization wants me to application forms to our website and secure them with iMIS authentication.  We decided to integrate through unified login so we could use iMIS public view for Events Registration and account creation to avoid reinventing the wheel.

This however requires that I identify users detail after login.

ECM Compatibility

We have a client who currently run a heavily customised ECM site on iMIS 15.0.3. They wish to upgrade to version 15.1.3, but don't wish to lose any of their ECM customisations. Is it possible to keep their 15.0.3 environment whilst still upgrading the database application to 15.1.3? Alternatively, can these customisations be safely applied after an upgrade? I'd be interested to see if anyone else has been through something similar.

Can WCM generate an RSS feed?

One of my clients is transitioning from another Content Management solution to WCM.  Among other things, they have a number of RSS feeds coming from the site.  These were custom in the old site, not part of the CM, but obviously they just pull the same content data and generate XML instead of HTML.

Now that they are moving to WCM, they would like to continue to offer the feed.  Since the data must come from iMIS, I wonder if there is a practical way to generate the feed using a TaggedList page and apply a special master page/template/theme turning the results into something an RSS Reader would approve of.

Missing information on badges

Has anyone seen any information missing from the badges that are created during an online registration? It is not consistent but occassionally the city will be missing from a badge record. I have also seen the City populated but not displayed in the FULL_ADDRESS. Any ideas? Thanks, Terry