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You do not have permission to view this content: unhelpful error

When our client sets WCM content up that requires login, and is restricted to specific groups of users (roles and/or member types) using the access settings, and then link navigation items from the site map to that content, they want people to be directed to a login screen.  Instead, site visitors are directed to a generic (and unhelpful) screen with URL and message: You do not have permission to view this content.  The message is preceded by the standard iMIS warning triangle with red text ERROR.

Tracking Session ID in WCM

We're trying to track someone's path in WCM.   

The .NET session id (HttpContext.Current.Session.SessionID)does not get reset when someone logs in or out of WCM.  We need to recognize separate logins as separate visits.

Is there something in iMIS that we can use for this? something like Asi.ContentManagerNet.SessionState.SessionID

We want to consider each login to WCM to be a unique activity.

tabbed panels in WCM

Does anyone know how to create tabbed panels in WCM?

I've tried using <asp:TabContainer> and <asp:TabPanel> controls but they appear to not be supported by iMIS.

Any hints would be immensely appreciated.


PHP Toolkit?

I am at a loss. Where is the php toolkit?

Crystal Report 8.5 - Runtime Error

Hi Everybody,

We have an issue with iMIS and Crystal Reports 8.5.

We're moving from iMIS 10.2 to iMIS 10.6. We have a lot of custom reports designed with Crystal Reports 8.5. We are in a french environment, so the c:\program files\common files exist, but in the registry it is c:\program files\fichiers communs and all the programs and OS common files are installed in this folder

Recover deleted Customer record

Hello iMIS community users,

A colleague of mine had accidentally deleted a customer record (Name, Susbcriptions, Events, Activities, CE etc) from our live database - not the smartest move. The Delete button was put on active as I, as the DBA, was doing maintenance work on empty records being created.

Fortunately, I have a test database copied from the live database from last month. Has any one had any experience in exporting a full record from another database to import it into a live version of iMIS?

How hard is it to find the script to drop 10.6 .net tables

 Does anyone know the location of the drop 10.6 .NET tables script from ASI?

CREATE ACCOUT ---Username is already in use message in


I have a client that is experiencing issues with the Create Account feature in

When we create a new account and get to the screen where you enter a logon and password we recieve the Username is already in use message.

I have spoken with Tech Support and this was a known issue in a previous version and it looks like it was fixed in and now broken again.

Credit card logo display

I have been asked by a client to look at display of credit card icons on the checkout page for both

  • e-Series
  • Public Views

I've done some documentation searches and have not found anything helpful.  Am I missing something simple?

Starting a new task using a crystal report

Hi to all,

We have a crystal report that a user runs every month. It is a standard iMIS crystal report (within the Event Module) called Function Roster. This report when run in iMIS requires the user to select options. First selection group is about event, In our case, the user must select the AdHoc Search radio button. When the list of available AdHoc searches window opens, user selects the AdHoc search Begin Date. The AdHoc Search is configured as from Meet_Master.BEGIN_DATE >= 07/01/2011 (date is just an example). The second set of selection after Event is Print Options. In this set, the Include Cancelled checkbox must be checked.