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Moving an iMIS 15 database

I'm currently testing iMIS 15 in a development environment and need to move the database, not the application, from one SQL Server to another. Is it possible to modify the database connection string on the iMIS 15 server? And if so, how? I already tried modifying the ODBC data sources, and grep'd through the entire iMIS 15 program tree looking for the server name, so it must be encoded somewhere... Is there a tool I can use to reset it?

Report works out of iMIS, but not in iMIS...


A user is trying to run a custom crystal report from iMIS in the billing tab. When this report is run through iMIS, this error appears:

"Error in File: [path to report on network]: Failed to open a rowset."

The report runs just fine outside of iMIS. Regardless, I checked the permissions to the views tied to the reports and user 'IMIS' had select permissions. Also, no other reports seem to be failing. The only thing that's changed is the server, which was moved last week.

Special pricing for subscription products using iBO


We are on iMIS 15

We created a subscription product with code ASA_PRINT. We setup special pricing as follows, using the "Amount from field" option:


     when = 'South Africa'
  then 100
  else 150

This works well when adding that subscription for a member using the iMIS front-end.

Main Pages will not load after Upgrade to iMIS 15.1.2. 5640

After upgrade I can log in but the that’s as far as I get.  It acts as if it is loading but then the screen remains blank and I get the attached errors:

Retrieving, inserting and deleting Relationships

I am trying to use Asi.iBO to do some simple CRUD of Relationships (records stored in Relationship). However, I cannot find how to do this using the classes within Asi.iBO assembly. Can someone provide a pointer to where in the API that this functionality is exposed.


Christian Crowhurst

Tag.GetDescendants error in web admin tool

Hello all,

I'm having a difficult time nailing down how to solve a certain exception I'm getting regarding a piece of content created by a user.

The content itself has many web parts on it, the main one being a tagged list.

When trying to access the page through the site, we get our error page.

When trying to edit the page in the web admin tool, we also get an error message, and it appears to have something to do with tags and missing relationships in the database (I believe a user accidentally deleted some tags and then recreated them).

Problem Saving User defined Tables via the iBOs.

I execute the following block of code

contactToSave.SetInstituteContactId(_ContactId, false, false);

CExtTable t = contactToSave.GetExtTableByName("Name_Demo2");

iMIS desktop on Windows 2008 server (32 bit) with Terminal services

We recently migrated one of our client from iMIS 10.6 to iMIS 15.1.2. We installed the iMIS desktop on a Windows 2008 Server, so that we don't have to install it on each users Desktop machine and instead users can access it using terminal services.

From what I understand from the install documentatn, iMIS desktop should have no problem on Windows 2008 server (32 bit). But what we see is that when I launch iMIS desktop and then close in on this Windows 2008 server, it doesn't close it cleanly. I can see an instance of Omnis7.exe in task manager. So when I launch the desktop next time, the application hangs.
I have to kill the instance of Omnis7.exe manually or Log off and Log in to run the iMIS desktop application.

Opportunity for an iMIS expert to work in the UK with Fisher Technology


 An opportunity has arisen for us to take on another person in our iMIS team.What we are after is someone who would like to work in the UK and has been using iMIS for some time or someone who supports iMIS and knows enough to provide a general iMIS support to other users.

If you are happy with IQA and SQL and have a good grasp of iMIS financials, accounting system integration etc..OR If you think you have the basics already and would like to learn more and help develop other iMIS users, We would like to hear from you. Now could be the right time to move to London and spend a couple of years working with iMIS users here in the UK.

Looking for feedback on extender and Auto Draft product

We are going to look into the 3rd party product to do payment of dues via autodrafts on credit cards or bank accounts. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using Auto Draft by enSync Corp? If so,

How do you use it? Are you happy with the product and company support? Which version of iMIS are you on? Which features do you use? Have you found any serious issues?