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Create account return url

I've got a membership application iPart that requires a user to either log in or create an account prior to accessing the form. I'd like to replicate the functionality of the event registration process, which allows you to create an account and brings you right back to the event page for registration. My login link works perfectly with the return url, but the create account link does not. The user is required to login after creating their user name and password and then sends them to the site home page  rather than back to the membership application. The return url is obviously lost during the create account process. Is there a way to resolve this?

Best Practice for WCM template design by 3rd party

I've been working on a WCM 1700 template integration for a customer. They have had a 3rd party design the template that we will be integrating into WCM. The pages are made of mostly <divs> which for the most part is standard these days. However, this doesn't seem like the best solution for a WCM end user who is isn't familiar with html code.

What would be the best practice for moving forward on template integration when dealing with a 3rd party design team?

Thanks, Terry

asiweb in the toolbox?

I got home and tried out the iParts examples with my team and bumped into an unexpected surprise: it doesn't appear that I can access the asiweb controls from the toolbox in Design mode.

That means I can't:

  • See a list of controls in the toolbox
  • Drag and drop a control onto my iPart
  • Double-click a control to create and bind a default event (_Click or _Change)
  • Right-click the tag in Markup view and get options I get for ASP.NET controls.
  • Refactor>Rename the control in Source view and update the markup automatically.

Is there some way I can educate Visual Studio about the existence of these controls so I can work with them more naturally?  I hope I'm not forgetting something obvious.

Bulk Insert Committee Records into Activity


I would like to know if there is a better way to enter committee and section member information into iMIS.  95% of our Committee and Section members are the same so we would like to try to avoid re-entering them into iMIS manually if possible.  I had tried doing INSERT INTO SELECT statement from a temp table to Activity table but we cannot add new members into iMIS after the bulk inserts.  The error I got was about "cannot insert duplicate key in Activity table.  The primary key for Activity table is "SEQN" and I have also supplied the unique numbers in my temp table.  Not sure what went wrong.   Is there any other tables I would need to watch out for besides Activity table?  Has anyone had a better way to import the activity records?  The "Import Activities" in iMIS can only import records with the same data values, which is no use for us.

SQL 2005 Service Pack 4 & IE 9 - Windows 2008 Updates - Any iMIS15 Issues?

I wanted to ask the Community about the updates below that Windows Update is telling me that I need to install on my Windows 2008 Servers.  I am very diligent about keeping the servers updated with the monthly security patches but I am hesitant to pull the trigger on service pack updates and IE version changes.  I have been burned before with iMIS bombing in some way, shape, or form after a service pack upgrade (be it either to the OS itself or SQL).  I have a two server configuration consisting of a 32bit Windows 2008 iMIS application server and a 64bit Windows 2008 SQL Server 2005/Exchange 2007/Public Web server.  I wanted to check to see if I should install the SQL service pack 4 and IE 9 on the servers and if anyone had issues (or if ASI has reported issues).

One content record on multiple content pages

I would like to create a content record and pull it in to multiple pages. The content record would consists of a set of links that will get updated from time to time. It would be great if we only had to update one content record instead of going into each page and updating it several times.

Is this possible?

Appyling patch generating error

Trying to install this patch I am getting the following error:

Truncating iMISTable...
Bulk-Loading iMISTable... 
SQLState = S1000, NativeError = 0
Error = [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid format file version


Can anyone shed any light?

Method to Set LookupCodeDescription

This was an easy function to use GetLookupCodeDescription.


Is there a method to write to the gen_tables?

Is there a BO like

 Asi.Business.BusinessContainer container = new Asi.Business.BusinessContainer();
     Guid groupTypeKey = Asi.Business.Common.GroupType.iMISModuleUsers;         
     Asi.Business.Common.GroupController controller = Asi.Business.Common.GroupController.NewGroupController(container);
     Asi.Business.Common.Group newGroup = controller.Add(groupTypeKey);
     Asi.Business.Common.Group newCommitteeGroup = controller.Add(groupTypeKey);
     newGroup.Name = "My New Group";
     newGroup.Description = "Group for managing contacts";

updating a customers record from .net page

I'm working on a project where we pull member data from a view and display on a page inside a sharepoint site. The view pulls Name, Address, affiliation, location, email, web link, and a couple of custom fields. These fields are pulled from multiple iMIS tables. When I try to update the view I get an error stating I cannot update a view that updates multiple base tables. How can I update a customers demographic information? It doesn't appear I can use the membershipwebservice? 

could not start print job

I have a custom crystal report in the Billing module (iMIS version 15.1.3)  which runs a command behind the scene and every time I go to run the report, I’m prompted with the custom parameters but as soon as I select OK, I get an error below:

“Could not start print job”