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iMIS Simple Orders - how do the Trans, Orders, Invoice and Subscription tables link together?

I am using iMIS on SQL Server 2005. For our Finance Department, I have been asked to create a report listing all transactions relating to a specified product code, or to a specified user. Unfortunately, we cannot use one of the built-in Crystal reports as none of them allow you to see all transactions for a given user. I have tried to write a 2-part SQL script to get the information but I am not clear how the tables link together. For the first part, which is all transactions for one-off orders, I am trying to link the three tables dbo.Name, dbo.Invoice, dbo.Trans and dbo.Orders. For the second part, which is transactions from repeating subscriptions, I am trying to link the three tables dbo.Name, dbo.Subscriptions and dbo.Trans. Neither seem to give anything like the same results as the iMIS front end, so I guess I haven't linked the tables right. I also tried to find out how the built-in Crystal reports link the tables, but I couldn't work it out. Does anyone know how these tables link together? Thanks for any help you can give.

Looking for TaskCentre customer examples

In preparing for a Discovery presentation (Sept 27-29, 2010) on how customers are using TaskCentre, I am looking for examples of how customers are using the product: screenshot of the task design pane, with explanation of what the task does, emphasis on how TC reduces staff busy work.

Got any examples for me? Post here or email me directly at I'll post what I get on the TaskCentre pages, as well.

Can / Should I do significant iMIS development without an iMIS environment?

I am about to begin a large project of retrofitting about 6 applications to use iMIS login accounts instead of our existing custom solution.  If I understand the iMIS stack correctly, all we will need are the iBO assemblies (and some other assemblies) and an iMIS database for the things I will need to do.

I was wondering if it would work and if it would be a good idea for me to use nothing other than the aforementioned assemblies and a copy of a clean iMIS database (plus any changes that come in from those who make changes to the iMIS database schema).  I.e., Visual Studio would be on my machine, the .dll's would be on my machine, and the database could be either on my machine or in on a server or VPC somewhere.  No iMIS installation, Web services, or admin UI's involved.

Viewing WCM site using IE 6.0

A client on 15.1.2 + is reporting issues viewing their WCM site in IE 6.0.   I've seen some problems in the past with other's as well. What is ASI's official stance on which browsers work best when viewing a WCM site and which ones to avoid?



Adding emoticons to Telerik Control in Communities


I want to add emoticons to the Telerik control in Communities as per this article:

I need access to the location where the Telerik declaration is made but I can't seem to find it. I can't seem to add custom drop downs from just the HTMLEditorToolsFile.xml. It would seem you also need to be able to add a function to the OnClientCommandExecuting javascript.

15.1.2.*** Dues Email problems.

Is there a way to create custom emails for Dues?

Agile Austin: Resources for learning the method

Agile Austin has put together a nice collection of resources for learning agile development practices:

It recommends books, websites, listservs, blogs, videos, and podcasts, to support many learning styles. It also links to tools that members have recommended for use with agile.

Has anyone used Biztalk to talk directly to iMIS?

I am looking to get data into iMIS from a number of sources. These are from Sharepoint and a downloaded file like Excel. I guess there are a lot of ways to do this. One is to use Biztalk. If so has anyone done this before? Is there an easier way to do this?

Manager Password Not Working After Upgrade

My client upgraded from 15.0.3 yesterday to iMIS 15.1.2 yesterday.

The Manager password was working, but after I ran the iMIS DB Repair Utility to Reset the Permissions and Prepare the database I am no longer able to login.

The error states the login is not valid. (Please see screenshot.)

The staff that is currently logged intot he desktop is able to continue working, but none of the staff are able to login to iMIS either.

Removing left nav from 1600 Template

I am working on template 1600 in iMIS

Customer would like to get rid of the left navigation. We have the drop down menus working on the horizontal menu, and consider the left nav redundant.

I tried editing the master page by removing the div and/or the panel for the left nav. In both cases iMIS threw an "unexpected error".

Any ideas on how to replace that panel with another content area?