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Starting a new task using a crystal report

Hi to all,

We have a crystal report that a user runs every month. It is a standard iMIS crystal report (within the Event Module) called Function Roster. This report when run in iMIS requires the user to select options. First selection group is about event, In our case, the user must select the AdHoc Search radio button. When the list of available AdHoc searches window opens, user selects the AdHoc search Begin Date. The AdHoc Search is configured as from Meet_Master.BEGIN_DATE >= 07/01/2011 (date is just an example). The second set of selection after Event is Print Options. In this set, the Include Cancelled checkbox must be checked.

3rd Party Remember Me Option and eSeries

Has anyone successfully integrated the login process with a 3rd party vendor with a Remember Me option that carries over into eSeries? I'm sure a cookie would do the trick but not sure what to store in it in order to keep the user logged in to eSeries once they have closed their session.

Thanks, Terry

Calling SOA Web services via https returns iMIS Login page

I posted this as a comment to a blog post, but since I fear it's being overlooked because of the post's title ...

I'm trying to connect via my local machine to our install of the SOA services. I started with the project in and am able to get the net.tcp binding working just fine:

Add item to checkout process

We are trying to add an item to the checkout process that would allow members to make a donation to a relief fund if they choose.  Has anyone done anything to this effect and if so, how did you do it?

Any help would be appreciated.

Stephanie Mareski


IQA Tabs

We have a client installation where it seems all the tabs for existing IQAs do not display correctly, and so can't be edited. Nor can new ones be created. If I open an existing query, or create a new one, then Summary/Sources/Filters/Display/Sorting appear as text, and won't function, so I can't navigate away from the start page of the IQA to edit/create it.

Has anyone come across this before?

iMIS Version on a Windows 7 Dual Core Machine

  iMIS Version
  iMIS Version Date  07/16/2010
  Omnis Version  3.6.4
  Omnis AX Version  3.50

How to generate New and renewed CM members export report?

Our organization upload list of new and renewed corporate members to our website monthly and I'm trying to find a simple way to export these list to excel from iMIS. Is there iMIS built in report (crystal?) that shows new and renewed members? eg. all members who become new member by paying membership (from biling or on-line) in specific month and members who renewed in same month? We need to export report to excel file for web diretory update.  Currently,  I created two ad-hoc quaries; One using Join_Date (new member) field and renew with MT_CHANGE_DATE (member type change), but this search option is not accurate and doesn't pick up member when join_date value is missing...
Please advise me if you have better solution for this report. Thanks,
*We currently use iMIS V15.1.2

Running an IQA with Multiple Parameters via SOA

I'm trying to run an IQA query via SOA and to pass through multiple parameters. I couldn't find any documentation though a found a couple of samples here in the community.

The base code I grabbed from Paul Rogers example is:

var em = new EntityManager(AppContext.CurrentIdentity.UserId);
var query = new QueryData("IQA");
// The first query criterion MUST be named "QueryName"
query.AddCriteria(CriteriaData.Equal("QueryName", "$/ContactManagement/DefaultSystem/Queries/SingleContact"));

Putting Custom Page in Checkout Process

I'm trying to interject a page during the checkout process to collect additional information from the user (language of books, location etc.).   We can't use attributes for all of these. 

Everything works, except when I try to send the user back to the Shipping.aspx or Checkout.aspx, it instead loads the mycart.aspx page, creating an endless loop.

Even if I remove my redirects and just type in the URL the page I want to go to, it sends me back to MyCart.aspx.  This is true even if I've already submitted past this - so anything this page sets is already set.

Replace SQL

I need your help. I have been tasked with a project of updating Address_1 and Address_2 in the Name_Address table. I found some script that will work but ran into a snag and need some help.

On a test table, I ran the following script to correct an address of 105 Drake Dr

UPDATE tempjohncross
SET Address_1=(
REPLACE (Address_1,

The script fixed the record as 105 Driveake Drive