Shop and News pages from Quick Start Sites - Why don't they function like you would expect?

We are currently building a site on iMIS 20 and I've been very disappointed in what ASI advertises as "Quick Start Sites". The previous employee in my role purchased iMIS and had expected to use the templates site with minimal customization. Since I have been hired on the project, it's clear to me that really isn't possible. I am not a web-developer, I'm a web designer with a pretty good knowledge of html and css, but customizing this seems way over my head.

Styling Out-of-the-box Themes

I'm very new to iMIS and I'm really struggling with getting the hang of it. I have experience with wordpress and drupal, but the knowledge really doesn't translate at all. I'm building a site using the Austin Responsive theme and I'm having the hardest time styling the navigation and functions of the site (ex. shop functions, member profile etc.). From what I can see, it's pretty much anything that is a Telerik control that doesn't seem to want to take css.

ItemDetail links broken in Rise site

Hi All.
We done recent IMIS upgrade from to IMIS
After IMIS upgrade, product display links (ItemDetail) are broken. If user not logged in, it will redirect to Staff sign page. If user loggedin displaying access denied message.
Before upgrade links are working fine.

ItemDetail shortcut pointing to @/iCore/Store/StoreLayouts/Item_Detail

MasterCard credit cards with 2-series BINs

Hi All,
Does any one created work around solution to allow payments with new master card series number start with '2'?
When we test from IMIS Desktop, able to do payment with master card 2 series, but from web page getting script validation error.
As per ASI, enhancement was added in iMIS Interim Update.


iMIS 20 Upgrade


We are currently looking at upgrading iMIS from 20.1.14 to 20.2.25. Wondering if anyone else has been through this jump and is willing to share their thoughts on the experience they had and any heads-up on what to look out for.

Would value your input on this.

Thanks in advance.


Rise -> Community Dashboard -> Recent History -> Types?


I am new to RiSE and was wondering what sort of object lies underneath this:

Rise -> Community Dashboard -> Recent History -> Types?

What I am looking at currently is the site that comes out of the box, and the community dashboard has "Recent History"
When I go and edit / configure the iPart, at the bottom it says "Type of recent items to include -> Choose type(s)" and I have options to enter "Contacts" and "Events"

Automated Banking Reconciliations

Client wants to be able to automate bank reconciliations. Download statements from banks; upload into iMIS and automatically receipt against open invoices or create unapplied transactions against member accounts in ARCash, Dues, Events and Orders.

This is a common requirement for several clients in iMIS20-300 but only now do we have the funding to go ahead and build a generic .Net module as an add-on to the Staff View to accomplish this. We want the solution to be reusable for other clients across Australia/NZ. Before we finalise the specs let me know if you might have any interest in this functionality. We will have the specs finalised by end of June 2016. Below is a high-level plan of the functionality -

Activities in Q42015 release?

We've been working on an upgrade project to rewrite all our eSeries code for iMIS 20. As part of this process, we've been keeping up-to-date with iMIS 20 releases so when we implement we won't already be behind. I applied the Q4 2015 release and found major changes in the desktop client. No problem as long as the functionality we depend on is still present somewhere. Today's issue? Can't find Activities for a person.

QR Code generation in Crystal Reports

I was wondering if anyone has a way of creating a QR code in SAP Crystal reports.  We are trying to setup a way so that we can print badges at our meeting, and each badge would have a unique QR code that contains the wearers name, company and phone number and email printed on their badge in the QR code.

It seems like an reasonable use, and I'm sure someone else has done this, but I haven't found anything that shows how.  I'm hoping someone out there can just go "Sure, just do _______, ____ and _____. 

General questions about Certified IMIS Developers

Does anyone know how many "Certified IMIS Developers" have been certified by ASI so far?
And out of, say, 1000 CIDs, what percentage of these work for consulting companies, and what percentage work for the Associations (IMIS Customers) themselves?