Finishing the Clipboard

This is another informational item to make life a little easier and more productive. Some days there is even a joke.
Microsoft never finished the clipboard. They stopped when computers still ran off of floppy disks and so when you copy a second item, the first one disappears. Come on, we have a huge powerful computer here with billions of bytes of storage – how can it not have room to remember the previous clip? So, there are many clipboard extenders on the market to fill that gap. I use ClipMate from (of course) It grabs everything put on the clipboard and saves it in a searchable SQL database. It pops up a list of the most recent clips and lets you double click on one to paste it into the current spot. It does a lot more too (such as clearing out all those >> in e-mails and doing a spell check).

Site Advisor

This is the first in a series of informational items to make life a little easier and more productive. Some days there is even a joke.
Today it is about a new plug-in for Internet Explorer and Fox Fire that identifies malicious sites. It is free from that was recently purchased by MacAfee. They use bots to download software from 700,000 sites to see if they are malicious. They have looked at even more sites for pishing and excessive popups. They have signed up at hundreds of thousands of sites and measured the number of e-mails they get. They have analyzed the links to and from these sites to see if they link to bad sites.


I am back from iNNOVATIONS feeling exhausted but also invigorated as well. I was thinking on the plane back about how great it was to see, meet and put faces to names finally…in the era of remote office, face to face meetings are treasures. iNNOVATIONS for me reinforced my belief in the power of connectedness as a positive agent for change as well. I want to be connected to other like minded individuals. That’s what I saw in Austin - an ecosystem working to achieve harmony – where each individual has a specialized part to play but the acts of each individual work in conjunction and harmony with others for the greater good. That’s what I felt in Austin – we’re all on the same page and the hive is humming. Social and organizational networks are fascinating.

Transparency--the next corporate value?

Am here at iNNOVATIONS conference and reflecting on Don Robertson's session on the imis community site. He made mention of the concept of transparency and I was wondering how people think of transparency as a practice, but almost more importantly (in my mind), how does transparency become inculcated into your worldview so that you are operating from a transparent frame of mind. With Sarbanes-Oxley one of the hottest and most contentious topics in for-profit companies due to strict new financial reporting requirements and non-profits all worrying if SOX is going to be expanded to effect them and if so, how, transparency is becoming a very common term. I wonder the degree of flippancy associated with the term as it is bandied about. Is there a true understanding of what it means, or is it just the new buzz term to drop into convo so that you can eat at the cool kids' table?

Ergonomic product: computer desk for use with couch, recliner, etc.

Bringing home a desktop computer for working remotely doesn't require a desk, as long as you have an LCD monitor:

I bought the basic air desk for my laptop a few years ago and moved my "office" to the living room -- fabulous convenience and comfort, and I'll never go back!

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Persuasion

Okay people, let's not underestimate the power of personal communication, especially that which comes from individuals that you respect. I was recently persuaded today to "get blogging or else" (okay, I mentally added the 'or else' part, but I could feel the threat between the lines. Some negative interaction with a baseball bat or other blunt instrument might have been in my near future if I hadn't heeded the advice and posted this). So, as with donations, membership, getting timesheets in (remember the power of the tag team duo in Office Space asking Peter where his TPS reports were?), and everything else, it is a lot more effective to get someone that you already know to get you over the inertia hump and into the land of action. Why is it key to keep this in mind? We need to make sure that we are always conscious of the fact that we, humans, are normally lazy and in a state of inertia and maintenance mode by default and rarely want to take the effort to learn something new, change, modify, and let's face it--evolve.

Useful AJAX windows widgets

Here are a few great AJAX examples that can easily take the place of popup windows.




All are based off the original LightBox technique

Top innovations of 2006 -- An article in Business Week

This week BW has provided very good presentation slides on innovation articles -- top innovation companies -- Very informative.

Good Ajax Tutorial

ASI Asia-Pacific podcasts

As part of the ASI Asia-Pacific "SMART Company" initiatives for 2006, I am recording a regular podcast on topics related to achieving our goals for the year. I have posted 6 episodes so far. You can download the podcasts or subcribe via iTunes by following the instructions here.