"Head First": Revolution in instructional authoring

By revisiting the work of Kathy Sierra, of Creating Passionate Users fame, I followed the breadcrumb trail to the new O'Reilly book series she helped to shape: Head First. The Head First Labs blog reveals some of the research and approach employed in these "brain-friendly guides"; I'll try to summarize their strategy as it's presented in the book I purchased, Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML.

Web 2.0 in Plain English: great quick training

These wonderful, fun explanations of Web 2.0 Tools are also great models of efficient training:

RSS in Plain English:
Wikis in Plain English:

Nov. 6: Social Media workshop at Dell

Early registration ends today for "Starting the Conversation with Customers", a day-long workshop at Dell, Nov. 6, 2007.

Even if you can't go, has some great slideshows giving overviews of social media issues and implications.

"Come join our Austin Workshop Team, Dell's Digital Strategy Team, and other social media champions to learn everything you need to know about how to Start Conversations with Customers. In this day-long workshop, you will learn how social media can propel your business to the next level and build stronger relationships with the markets you serve. Whatever your industry, if you are striving to launch a social media program and have real conversations with your customers, this workshop will prepare you for the journey ahead. If you have already embarked on the journey but need to get to the heart of what matters, this workshop will illuminate your path."

Need help finding iMIS customer that deals with immigration issues (Case Management)


I am working with a Immigration agency in Canada that has specific requirements including the Processing and Handling of immigration issues in Western Canada.
The CIAS is a comprehensive settlement agency that supports the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in the Calgary community.
This may include case management, language bank, volunteer management, language bank, and referrals

Interaction Design Pattern Library

This site has some great design patterns used by lots of the most popular websites.

Is iMIS v 10.6 supported under MS SQL 2005 server environment


We are upgrading to iMIS v 10.6 and we also wish to migrate iMIS from our old server to MS SQL 2005. Is iMIS 10.6 supported under this environment.?



Usability review of new Helpsite

This week several of us in InfoDev attended a 2-day seminar on Web Content Usability, taught by Expero, a local usability firm. Lots to say about that, but I'll start with the end, where we asked for and received a quick evaluation of usability issues with our new Helpsite. Here's what we got, in the order they were brainstormed:

Introducing Anne Gentle, technical writer

My first five days at ASI in Austin, TX have been enlightening and not frightening. I'm enjoying the environment. So far this company feels a lot like the small company, Entek, that I worked for in Cincinnati, OH. I'm the new technical writer on the CRM team and I have a lot to learn before I can write much, but I'm happy to be here, and looking forward to being able to contribute. I won't write many blog entries here since my blogging energy goes to, but I wanted to try out the imiscommunity blog interface and introduce myself.

Usability session: Mining Usability Feedback Sources

Presenters: Ted Sienknecht, Marcia Kerchner

Concept: We're overlooking a wealth of usability-related data we have on hand!

Where to gather information?

. Lessons learned: Study system usage statistics and user feedback from current/prior releases for possible improvements and functionality
. Software evaluations: Study other software users currently use for implementations they expect or understand
. Field observations: Watch users while they perform relevant tasks and note process, actions, systems, problems, needs, etc.
. Interviews & Focus groups: Use structured inquiry with users about their opinions and experiences
. Task analysis: Investigate typical tasks users perform on the system
. User profiles: Create representative identities for user subgroups (personas)
. Help desk logs: Read help requests for areas for improvement or new functionality