Vista Remote Desktop Client Supports Multiple Monitors

I just came across a useful article about Vista remote desktop supporting multiple monitors.

Vista Remote Desktop Wide Screen:

You can access these features using the command line in a few ways:

If you know the dimensions that you want, you can specify the height and width:

mstsc /w:2048 /h:768 /v:(servername)

Free web conferencing, cross-platform, no participant install: Yuuguu

The problem: Our trainer had a MacBook and no connector to use our projector, and she couldn't use our Windows-based conferencing software. 

The solution: Yuuguu. It works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and with IE, Firefox, and Safari. Only the host needs to install anything; participants simply browse to the meeting URL and enter the correct pin to join in -- a fabulous feature, as I didn't have admin rights on the computer in our meeting room. If I were able to install Yuuguu, we could have gotten control of the web conference and shared our desktop, for full collaborative work. 

Oct. 16: Austin InnoTech 1-day conference

Sounds like a steal: Austin Technology Council is presenting its annual Austin InnoTech (Business & Technology Innovation Conference & Expo) on October 16 this year; it's all but free ($35 gets you into all keynotes, exhibits, and sessions). There are also discounts for groups of 3 or more. Location is the Austin Convention Center. Check out the Software track. You can also browse last year's presentations.

Firefox performance improvement

Ran into this handy tip while wandering the web. No warranty expressed or implied :)

Firefox is set to default to a dialup connection so it will only download up to 4 things at a time, there is a way to change that IF YOU HAVE A HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION to download 30 things at a time, it's amazing the difference it makes in browser speed.

Here's How:

WARNING: This tip requires you to make changes to the way FireFox works and if not performed properly can cause performance issues.

Social networks and nonprofits

Here’s an interesting project to keep an eye on – a collection of case studies of "how nonprofits and social change makers are using social networks to get the word out and inspire action."

It's a wiki, so anyone can contribute their examples to the pages. The Frozen Pea Fund is there, as well as a Second Life scavenger hunt for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Microsoft and other vendor Software Release Schedules

I’ve added a page to IC for recording details of release schedules for software used by iMIS – for example the next versions of Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Office.

If you come across any information on release schedules for products that we use or integrate with can you update it here.

left nav bar in desktop for system setup

i would like to change the left nav bar for the system setup tab on the desktop. i can't find the html file which has it. does anyone know where it might be or is it hidden so it can't be changed.

MSDN Roadshow

I recently attended a Microsoft MSDN Roadshow. The slides for the presentations are here:

It covered
* ADO.NEXT – Entity Framework & Data Services
* ASP.NEXT – The ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions
* Building Rich Internet UI with Silverlight 2
* Getting the most from the Visual Studio Team Suite Toolbox

Probably the most interesting area was all the tools that are now available in Visual Studio Team System for unit testing, SQL refactoring and schema versioning.

Suppressing e-mail communication to adhere to CAN-SPAM act

Has anyone implemented an e-mail suppression process to prevent iMIS users from sending e-mail to customers who have opted out of receiving e-mail per the CAN-SPAM act? We maintain a table of the e-mail addresses of our customers who have chosen not to receive any promotional e-mail. We use that table to exclude that set of customers when selecting lists for mass e-mail marketing campaigns. We also want to programatically prevent our iMIS users from sending e-mail through iMIS to these customers. One proposed solution is to use a Customer Service Alert to notify our customer service reps that the customer that they're viewing has opted out of receiving e-mail (using their e-mail address). That would provide a clear warning to the customer service rep but would not prevent them from sending an e-mail. We would like to programatically prevent such e-mail. We're interested in hearing from anyone who has implemented an e-mail suppression solution in iMIS 10.6 to support the CAN-SPAM act.

Turning Off Smart-Quotes in Outlook 2007

I typically find myself typing actual code into many emails, and get annoyed when Outlook replaces my single and double quotes with the curley "smart-quotes"... as this makes cutting/pasting without syntax errors painful. So after a little digging, I found out how to turn smart-quotes off in Outlook 2007:

  1. In the main Outlook window, on the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, click the Mail Format tab, and then click Editor Options.