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auto run prompted IQA

Has anyone found a way to automatically run the IQA query for a Query Menu iPart when an optional filter prompt has been added to the IQA?

works great no prompts, but when I add an Optional prompt (if it were required, I get that) - the user has to take an additional step to load the query results.

I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to pass a URL parameter or some other magical trick to get the query to load without the need for an additional action by the visitor.

IBO not saving/setting zero Balance for VOL items

We are having an issue with the IBO and VOL items. For some reason the VOL item's balance will not zero out after a payment using the IBO's.
The code retrieves all the outstanding dues items including the VOL items and then iterates thru them, updating the PaidthruDate, amount paid and sets the balance to 0.
We create the payment, batch etc. and then call the Contact.Save. No errors are reported, the Dues items show a balance of 0 but the VOL items still have their original balance, but they also show the amount paid. issue with 20.1.13

I simply haven't had a chance to start looking at SOA development yet and am trying to bring forward some simple code that generally works on older versions. I have a test environment running 20.1.13 and I simply can't seem how to figure out to create a new record. I'm playing with a simple console app right now, trying to keep things simple. My latest error code is one I haven't seen before:

Invoicing on Discounted Registrations


A client has noticed and issue when processing registrations through one of our applications. Within this application we utilize iBO for .NET to perform the registration processing. In addition we handle discounting using functions containing negative unit prices. So a registration may have the following functions:

Registration Fees @ $100
Discount @ -$50

Discounts may also completely offset the cost resulting in a complimentary registration.

Problem with contact.Save() - IBO

I'm having some trouble in 20.1.13 with some simple legacy code that doesn't seem to be working. Everything's fine up to the contact.Save() at which point it fails. I can pull the fields, and Validate() works, but Save() doesn't. The code snippet in question is:

IiMISUser user = CStaffUser.LoginByUserId("MANAGER");

Resource Library ipart - community pages


The Resource Library ipart (in community pages) requires a user to select the file first and then click the 'download' button from the tool bar in order to download the file.

Does anyone know of a way that this can be set to download a file on clicking or double clicking the file ?


Using SOAs hosted in remote AppServer

So, I have iMIS installed on a remote App server and I'm developing a product from my local machine. When I try to access the ASI iBO or the SOA that are hosted in the remote server , it returns me the following error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
The same code works when I run it from the application server. So it seems like, by default, ASI blocks requests from external IPs. I have added my development machines IP Address to the trusted IPs on the application server. But this did not help either.

Guidance on best practice for creation of promotion codes and credits

I'm looking for some guidance on best practice for the creation of promotion codes and credits in iMIS 20. Is there anything in SOA or iBO's that allow creation without resorting to direct SQL Access?

CSS for content types within the iMIS framework

So I have a nifty little iPart that does stuff, and when I test it through a RiSE site or even the old web view I am able to get CSS styles that do things like change the background color for every even row, for example:

#search-wrapper tr:nth-child(even) {
background: #CCC

I'm using asp:GridView and asp:BoundField to generate the output. However, when I run the same iPart within the iMIS client, a lot of the CSS styles don't work properly. Mostly the newer ones (like nth-child()). Should I assume I can't use the more advanced CSS options for custom content types running within the iMIS desktop client?

Custom Payment Gateway for Desktop version OCX

I have successfully developed and implemented a new public payment gateway for provider DPS.
Now to complete the second part of the exercise - to integrate the OCX file with the iMIS desktop. It *should* be working but when I try to enter a sales transaction, I get the error - the custom gateway is not installed properly. Is there a setup step that I have missed? How does the imis desktop recognize that the ocx file is there?