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Get State names using IBO c oding - IMIS 20

I want to populate state drop down using IBO.
I did below coding, but drop down filled with State codes. How we can get State names instead of codes.
// Load states from DB
if (drpState.Items.Count == 0)
string[] _States = Asi.iBO.iboAdmin.ReferenceData.StatesProvinces;

foreach (string _pr in _States)

Activity class in v20

I'm migrating some code from 10.6 to 20 and am wondering whether the Activity class maps to anything in the current version - I don't see any obvious equivalent in the SOA API.

Does anyone know what SOA class is used to create/edit Activities?

How do you save an event registration with SOA? Following code does not work, and no examples that I can find

The registration is for the demo database, the automatic function REG has no price. The EventManager.ValidateEventRegistration does not return any errors. The code below uses the EntityManager.Add() method. Does it need to be added to the CartManager first? If so, how do you do that?

The following code results in error: OperationNotSupportedFault:

string partyId = "23128";

EntityManager entityManager = new EntityManager("MANAGER", "MaNaGeR");
lblResults.Text = entityManager.ConnectionName + "

Is it doable to develop a web service to update our unique non-UDT tables from iParts?

Hi all,

We're on IMIS

Is it possible to develop our own domain web service and have our iPart code call it to maintain/delete rows in a set of tables we designed which are not iMIS UDTs?
Is there anything in particular to be aware of, or beware of?
This service would use the Entity Framework, link to SQL, or some kind of ORM thing like Petapoco on NuGet, as the Data Access Layer.

SOA - Additional Windows - no documentation on how to Get/Set

I've looked through the documentation, and I can't find anything. It would be really nice if would have some examples on how to update additional windows, both single and multi-instance.

SOA and Name.CHAPTER where is it Get/Set?

I looked in the PartyData AdditionalAttributes, but it is not there.

set members login and password using SOA - or do you have to use the /asicommon/services/membership/membershipwebservice.asmx

Can't seem to find any documentation or examples on this:

set members login and password using SOA - or do you have to use the /asicommon/services/membership/membershipwebservice.asmx

Any help appreciated.

SOA MembershipManager.ExtensionData - always null - is there a way without SQL - SystemParams table to get the 3 address purpose

SOA MembershipManager.ExtensionData - always null - is there a way without SQL to the SystemParams table to get the 3 address purposes

any help appreciated

Programmatically checking if a user has access to a page in RiSE


I'm working in a custom user control.  So far I've been able to access both the logged in user (using Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContact thisContact = Asi.ContentManagerNet.SessionState.Contact) and a page based on the document key (using Asi.Business.ContentManagement.Content thisContent = Asi.Business.ContentManagement.Content.GetFromContentKey(thisContentRecordKey)). 

Newbie iPart Development Questions

Hi all,

More newbie questions; just want to make sure I'm clear on the concepts:

Quote from some documentation: “Simple iParts are comprised of a single Web User Control. You insert simple iParts into Content Records by specifying the path of the ASCX when you’re adding content to a web part zone in the layout of the Content Record."
Question 1) In the training, I learned that even simple iParts were to go into a Content TYPE first, then you add the content type to the Content Record... is it ok to put everything into a Content Type first?