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Common Search iPart Query String Parameter example

I am using the Common Search iPart to filter an Events list page. I have a working example with the InitialText query string parameter working, which looks like this:

It appears that the Common Search iPart filters based on the Title of the Event as per my example above. Does anyone have a working example of the InitialLogic query string parameter? My assumption is that it just filters multiple words against the Event Title.

New Members and Renewals in RiSE


We're working on seting up join and renewal pages for one of our clients in RiSE.  Following the documentation at!billingformembership3.htm, we were able to successfully add General Product Display web parts to a join page.  I see that these web parts will display any voluntary items associated with the billing cycle and allow people to check or uncheck them.

IBO Invoice member interest on arrears?

Does anyone have an idea what code to use for invoicing a member?
In particular, we want to create an application that finds overdue invoices and then invoices the member interest.

Help is highly appreciated.

SOA cart error - Order total exceeds payment amount

I have SOA logic that takes ALL dues/billing items from the subscriptions table for an id and adds to the cart – works great.

Now, the user wants just one of the dues items in the subscriptions table to be added to the cart (there may 4 or 5 dues items in subscription table, but they want just one added to the cart).

I looked around and experimented a bit, but could not find a solutions. I tried versions of the .net sample code but could not filter just the one product code in subscriptions into a cart invoice. seems like all or nothing.

PaymentGateway error in SOA object call for credit card transaction

I am able to implement the credit card transaction using SOA objects ( ref site:!commercecomboorderma.htm ) in .Net framework 4.5 with IMIS 20.1.4 SOA objects.

However, I noticed that if we make two credit card transactions one after another, the first one goes through but the rest of the transactions throw errors with the message “contact your system admin”, which I assume means the IMIS Administrator, as the issue is related to Asi.PaymentGateway.PayflowProPaymentGatewayProvider .

Communities Module - Unimpressed

We recently purchased the Communities Module for iMIS with the idea of being able to give our clients a wide variety of social communication options but so far we have not been able to roll it out to a single client due to it's shortcomings. I just wanted to put this topic up here for discussion and to potentially see if anyone has developed any useable functionality from the module and could share tips.

Using Profile iParts in RiSE

We’re running into an issue setting up a profile page within the members area of our RiSE site.  We’ve tried setting up a new page from scratch and adding contact iParts, as well as linking to the existing “About Me” page under Core Content > Contacts > Contact Layouts.  In both cases, no member data is being pulled into the page if you view it after logging in, although the field names are visible in some of the iParts.  Are there any additional steps we need to take to set up a source for these iParts or get them to recognize the correct business objects?

Panel Editor iPart Security

I have activities and they are displayed in tabbed views on pages with "Panel Editor" iParts (as per the documentation) on the "account page staff" on the staff site.
I would like some full users to be able to edit and delete activity records and other full users just to view. But no matter how I set the security or access keywords on the activity and user account either everyone can do everything on the activity or everyone can just view depending on whether the "Allow users to edit" field is enabled or not for the "Panel Editor" iPart.

Creating iMIS20.1 IBO objects programmatically in a Classic ASP site

Hi all,

I’m changing our old Classic ASP (!) chapter site to work with iMIS 20.1, which we're scheduled to install starting on 2/20/14. Our old version is 10.1.

One of the things the code does when you sign in to our site is to save about 10 items in a session array.
To set various of these items, it creates a few different iMIS objects and calls their methods.

The existing code works fine. When I comment out the old ODBC connection and uncomment the one just below it, the code fails to create the iMIS MemberContact object. I’ve checked the ODBC connection a dozen times.

CSS to auto-expand event titles in the Event Calendar content item

With the Event Calendar content item, you can display upcoming events by Day, Week, or Month. The default view shows the Month (the first screenshot below). We have had a couple requests to auto-expand the height of event title bars in the Month view, so that long event titles are not cut off. For now we've decided to not auto-expand the event titles, but instead, to cut off long titles with an ellipsis, then display the full title when you hover over it with a mouse. We made this decision for a few different reasons: 1) to avoid scrollbars displaying on the calendar, 2) to avoid uneven row heights within the calendar, and 3) to not increase the height of the calendar any further (it's already pretty tall and goes below the fold in some smaller resolutions).

But while investigating a solution for this problem, I came across a post that included some CSS that would allow you to enable the auto-expansion of event titles in this particular control. We decided not to use it for the reasons listed above, but I'm going to post it here in case anyone finds it useful or is interested in implementing this in their own site.

To turn on the auto-expansion of event titles in the Event Calendar content item, add the following declarations to your [theme].css file: