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Are CSAs usable within tabs?

Hi fellow Community-ists,

We have a “member home” page with a ContentCollectionOrganizer iPart that shows various tabs, like My Account, My Profile, My Settings, etc.
The My Settings tab has a lot of communication preferences, mostly checkboxes inside Panel Editors.
We have a “Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation” (CASL) dropdown selection in a Panel Editor, but we’d like that to be visible and clickable only for Canadians.

Open Source iMIS Themes

Is there any plans to open source any more of the Themes on GitHub? As I was writing this I noticed that there is one theme that on there, but it seems incomplete.

The reason I ask is that I see a good number of bugs, duplicate code, and would like to maybe even contribute to have a Sass version out there.

On the Austin Responsive there is this code:

.Slider.FullWidth {
  height: 24em;  

Checking success of CreateUserSecurity method


I have some code that programatically adds user credentials for records that don't have them using the CreateUserSecurity method.  Per a code sample I saw, the flow of my code looks like this:

                    Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContact thisContact = new Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContact(loginUser, row["ID"].ToString());

                    thisContact.CreateUserSecurity(username, password);

                    if (thisContact.Validate())

                        //additional code to send email here
                        //error handling here

Angular.js app in a custom iPart

I would like to use Angular for client side operations in my iParts but am having trouble. The problem is possibly related to the fact that iMIS is also loading angular.js.

Does anyone know how to implement angular in a custom iPart?


SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

I have a client asking for assistance with integrating their iMIS website with third-party services through SAML 2.0. Before I hand them an expensive estimate for building a solution from scratch, I thought I'd check around here and see if anyone has done something with SAML and iMIS.

Feel free to leave any pointers on how you might approach the problem, too!

List of Objects Available in the REST API

Hi Everyone,

Is there any documentation on the avialable objects that can be queried and/or modified through the RESTful API? Right now all of my development has worked with parties, events, activities, IQA, and some other standard items but does the API support some of the more complex objects?

  • Event Registrations
  • Sales Orders
  • Relationships
  • Gifts

When click on "Edit" pencil icon at runtime to edit data in iPart, "edit mode" never comes up

In IE, FireFox, & Chrome, on multiple PCs,
A page with iParts loads OK, but when you click on the "edit" pencil icon, the iPart displays the loading animation, but "edit mode" does not load. Once the user clears the browser cache the iPart will properly load. This is not limited to a specific iPart.
This also happens when clicking "delete" in iParts which can display multiple lines, such as Employment History.

How to retrieve published document (path to .aspx) location from IMIS Content Management System in Code?

Does anyone know how to retrieve the actual path to a published document in code?
For examples: I want to translate an iMIS Document Path such as "@/ProductTestSite/testLandingPage1" to it's published location in iMIS.

NOTE: I need an actual iMIS method to do this from code... (Of course, I cannot simply replace the @ and add an .aspx to the end of the above location because the document name and the document published path may be different)


1. Does anyone know how to programmatically summon the Document Browser (shown when pressing "SELECT") in the Content Manager? I'd like to bring up that Document Browser dialog, select a content record, and then return that selected path to a textbox on an aspx page (any language will do)
2. Does anyone know how to programmatically redirect to an IMIS shortcut? (i.e. to a link like: @/siteFolder/Content Record)?

Cancelling and adding registration - CRegistration exception (imis20)


As part of integrating moving from iMIS 15 to iMIS 20 (v. 20.2.25...), I am getting this exception when the constructor for a new CRegistration object is called.

- This works on iBOs, our current website
- Register a user for an event on the website -> log in to iMIS cancel registration -> register the person again on the website -> works fine

on iBO