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How to get from SOA and what is the value of PartySummaryData.Email

Hi everyone,

I am new to iMis and need help on a SOA question: How to get Name.Email from SOA?
I tried the following code:

MembershipManager mm = new MembershipManager(em);
PartyData party = mm.FindPartyByPartyId(partyId);
PersonData person = (PersonData)party;
person.Email = "";

It did not give me any error, but I can not find where the email goes. No it is not at Name.Email, which always returns null.

Multi-Registrations - how to determine who is currently selected registrant

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to determine who is the selected registrant on the standard Event iParts page when there are multiple people being registered. You know as you add each new registrant they get a little box with their name and you can select your different registrants and make choices for each person? Has anyone figured out how to determine the person that is selected. I already tried "Selected User" but that did not work.

SOA specify AR Batch for Event registration

I have found sample code that uses the EventManager and CartManager, but the AR Batch is autogenerated.

I have several clients that specify a different AR Batch for online Orders, Dues Payments and Event Registrations. And they want to use their existing naming convention, not the SOA "AB" + counter.

Easy with iBO .NET, but can it be done with SOA?

Using SOA to override UnitPrice when registering for event


we're working on custom conference registration iPart mainly using SOA EventManager to register members for various event functions. There is a number of Registrant classes for the event and registrant can belong to more than one so we need to do the following:

1. Determine lowest price for registrant for each selected function or option. I was able to do that using iBO CFunction.GetFuncFeeByRegClass(registrantClass)

iMIS 20 - SOA with Dues and Billing

I noticed in 2011 Adam Oakman posted the question - can this be done. From my experimentation here is what I have found. The MembershipManager.FindPrimaryMembershipsForParty() does return data related to membership, but the JoinDate and DropDate are always null and there does not seem to be a way to bill the dues.

The .NET example "Commerce - Combo Order Manager" does have the ability to pay billed dues - but it is for everything.

content background image with buttons on top

new to css

I am trying to see how to have a content section i.e. new_contenthtml  that has an image for the background and buttons on the top. I am wanting to define the image in the template file so that my person who would be changing the buttons occasionally cannot accidentially delete the image - but I just cannot seem to get it working

I have put the following into the teamplate at the end of the master page styling but i cannot see it available in the css selections in the content confuration drop down, I also tried it with #Homepagebanner above the .Homepagebanner - what am I missing?

Retrieve Auto Enroll flag for Event function using SOA


I'm browsing SOA documentation for last couple of hours trying to figure out how to retrieve Auto-Enroll flag for event function. There is nothing in EventFunctionData class.
Only place I could find it is in EventData.RegistrationOptions but that collection is empty for my test event.

Does anyone know how to get this flag?


Get State names using IBO c oding - IMIS 20

I want to populate state drop down using IBO.
I did below coding, but drop down filled with State codes. How we can get State names instead of codes.
// Load states from DB
if (drpState.Items.Count == 0)
string[] _States = Asi.iBO.iboAdmin.ReferenceData.StatesProvinces;

foreach (string _pr in _States)

Activity class in v20

I'm migrating some code from 10.6 to 20 and am wondering whether the Activity class maps to anything in the current version - I don't see any obvious equivalent in the SOA API.

Does anyone know what SOA class is used to create/edit Activities?

How do you save an event registration with SOA? Following code does not work, and no examples that I can find

The registration is for the demo database, the automatic function REG has no price. The EventManager.ValidateEventRegistration does not return any errors. The code below uses the EntityManager.Add() method. Does it need to be added to the CartManager first? If so, how do you do that?

The following code results in error: OperationNotSupportedFault:

string partyId = "23128";

EntityManager entityManager = new EntityManager("MANAGER", "MaNaGeR");
lblResults.Text = entityManager.ConnectionName + "