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Can the event calendar IPART be given maximum height?



Is it possible to set a fix height on the Events Calendar iPART based on the Telerik Sceduler Control?


We have it running in responsive on page.


4 x 4 x 4


In the right hand clolumn. While this resizes well we find the that the height remains stretched we only want the calendar to show at 400px high maximum.

Styling Out-of-the-box Themes

I'm very new to iMIS and I'm really struggling with getting the hang of it. I have experience with wordpress and drupal, but the knowledge really doesn't translate at all. I'm building a site using the Austin Responsive theme and I'm having the hardest time styling the navigation and functions of the site (ex. shop functions, member profile etc.). From what I can see, it's pretty much anything that is a Telerik control that doesn't seem to want to take css.

Link to PDF document....

I am trying to link to a unique PDF (Certificate of Attendance) for each user that may have attended the event. The PDF is saved as "ID.pdf" where the ID is equal to their iMIS ID and it's stored in the document system. I am having trouble getting the big button iPart, content link, or content html iParts to properly pull the PDF based upon the "@SelectedID" (we are using this on the staff site).



Can anyone tell me where can I download the iMIS SDK?



SOA promo codes to fix early bird plus normal pricing.

I'm trying to allow users to buy event tickets both before and after the early bird cutoff for an event, (2 different price points. The user buys 3 tickets, waits a week, then buys 5 more.) I use SOA to actually sell the tickets with a CartManager and EventManager within it.

I can use the EventManager's OverrideFunctionPriceInCart method to change the price of ALL the tickets being sold, but even if I calculate the weighted average of the early bird and regular tickets that doesn't always line up to a nice exact dollars and cents value.

Relationships - What API calls are available to perform CRUD operations on relationships?


I am looking for documentation on how to perform CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on relationships in iMIS. I've searched the documentation and the community, and what I've found is at least four years old and suggests writing custom SQL to do what I need to do.

Is that still the case? Or are there API calls available? It can be REST, SOA, iBO, or anything else currently supported.

Connecting fields in the Panel Editor iPart

I am creating a panel using the Panel Editor iPart. I have a field that I am creating using a predefined list from an IQA . Once that is selected, I'd like another field to be limited to predefined list based on the data from the first field. Does anyone know of a way to do that?


Are CSAs usable within tabs?

Hi fellow Community-ists,

We have a “member home” page with a ContentCollectionOrganizer iPart that shows various tabs, like My Account, My Profile, My Settings, etc.
The My Settings tab has a lot of communication preferences, mostly checkboxes inside Panel Editors.
We have a “Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation” (CASL) dropdown selection in a Panel Editor, but we’d like that to be visible and clickable only for Canadians.

Open Source iMIS Themes

Is there any plans to open source any more of the Themes on GitHub? As I was writing this I noticed that there is one theme that on there, but it seems incomplete.

The reason I ask is that I see a good number of bugs, duplicate code, and would like to maybe even contribute to have a Sass version out there.

On the Austin Responsive there is this code:

.Slider.FullWidth {
  height: 24em;  

Checking success of CreateUserSecurity method


I have some code that programatically adds user credentials for records that don't have them using the CreateUserSecurity method.  Per a code sample I saw, the flow of my code looks like this:

                    Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContact thisContact = new Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContact(loginUser, row["ID"].ToString());

                    thisContact.CreateUserSecurity(username, password);

                    if (thisContact.Validate())

                        //additional code to send email here
                        //error handling here