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Banner / slider in IMIS 20.2.19

Hi all,

Has anyone out there implemented the carousel banner or slider in IMIS 20.2.19? We'd like to have one on our home page that will dynamically generate results from an IQA.
Any thoughts or input on how to implement this, or sample code, is really appreciated.


Paying Individual Invoice Lines with RiSE Cart via SOA

We have a client that needs to be able to allow their members to pay optional SEC dues items without paying the required DUES product item. Essentially, they have members whose company pays for their basic dues and they are responsible for any additional items. A custom dues billing process was already written to handle this (using iBO) when they were using the 15.1.3 iMIS Public Cart and I am attempting to update the code to use the RiSE Cart and need to use SOA to do that.

Intermittent error on EventManager.RegisterFunction

It happens only for certain members.  Here is the code abreviated to SOA related code:

Asi.Soa.ClientServices.EntityManager em = new Asi.Soa.ClientServices.EntityManager();
Asi.Soa.ClientServices.CartManager cm = new CartManager(em);
Asi.Soa.ClientServices.EventManager eventManager = new EventManager(em, lblEvent.Text);
eventManager.RegisterFunction(registrantIDs[i], prodCode);

Create iMIS Record from outside iMIS environment

Can we create new imis record (create account) using iBO coding or SOA coding from outside iMIS environment. I did configure custom ipart, and using iBO coding able to create new record, but Client having different requirement, he want call process or DLL to create new record in iMIS.

IMIS Version: 15.2

Thanks in Advance.


Staff view - Activities recording

Client has a need to record the activity author against the activity, when adding an activity via staff view.
When adding an activity via Desktop, the author is by default entered into the SOURCE_CODE field, but not so when adding an activity via staff view.
Has anyone got a solution? Or a workaround?

SOLVED: Why does Asi.dll always register message: "The type or namespace name 'Asi' could not be found (are you missing a using"

I have a number of iParts... when I move them into a development environment Asi.dll always says "The type or namespace name 'Asi' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"

I remove the reference and replace it and everything looks find until I compile...then the message is thrown. Why is the Asi.dll always problematic this way? I suspect it has to do with versions, but I make certain it matches the version in the manifest...

SmartControls with SOA?

Lately I've been updating code from iBO.Net, SQL and Business Objects to SOA. One of the techniques I have often used in my DCIs (iParts) is to load a business object, set it as the AtomObject and make use of the smart controls. It's elegant, quick and with custom BOs quite configurable through the BOD.

The EntityDefinitionData object returned from EntityManager.FindMetadataForEntity() method appears to contain the information necessary to bind to a smart control ie. control type, caption, etc...

How to find where a Customer Service Alert (CSA) is used?

Hi all,

We have a couple of CSAs which use a certain stored procedure; the SP has to change, so I'll need to test the CSAs.
How can I find out which pages the CSAs are used on? I don't see anything helpful in the ASI Content Browser or Query Browser.


What the stored proc does is to count the number of committees the current user is on, and, if none, create a link with description "Link to join a committee page", Action Text = "~/blah/pagename.aspx?ID=" + @ID... etc, nothing too interesting.

SOA - Post Order with Paypal payment

I am tyring to complete an order using Paypal/Paypal Express and can't seem to figure out what is wrong.

here is a Unit test I have to set the payment method of a cart order to PPE and get the Paypal payment url:

public void SetPaypal()
            var userData = memMan.FindUserByUserName(UserName);

            var partyData = (PersonData)memMan.FindPartyById(userData.Party.Id);

            cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder.Payments = new RemittanceDataCollection() {
                new RemittanceData() {
                    PaymentMethod = new PaymentMethodData { PaymentMethodId = "PPE"
                    Amount = new MonetaryAmountData(cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder.Order.OrderTotal.HasValue ? cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder.Order.OrderTotal.Value.Amount  :
                        0, cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder.Order.Currency),
                        ReferenceNumber = "1"


            PayPalExpressPaymentRequest request = new PayPalExpressPaymentRequest() {
                CancelUrl = "http://localhost:52546/",
                ReturnUrl = "http://localhost:52546/",
                ComboOrder = cartMan.Cart.ComboOrder

            var result = em.Execute(request);

            Console.WriteLine(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(result, Formatting.Indented));

NetTcp endpoint no longer works after iMIS20.2 upgrade

I. I had the following C# code working with the NetTcp endpoint in iMIS 20.1, but after the 20.2 upgrade it stopped working.

new EntityManager(new Uri("net.tcp://MASHTUN:808/IMIS20/NetTcp"), "MANAGER", "xxxx", Asi.Soa.ServiceModelEx.EndpointType.NetTcp);

After the 20.2 upgrade I got an error:
"there is no endpoint listening at..."

II. So I tried using a path recommended by the 3rd-party vendor that sold us iMIS: