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Unrecognized configuration section paymentGatewayService.

I am trying to test out iBO for Dot Net and I followed the initial instructions for set up.

When I run my app I immediately receive an error in my Web.Config file: "Unrecognized configuration section 'paymentGatewayService'."

the section surrounding that area was just copied from the code examples on the SDK Area and looks like this:

<add name="DataSource.iMIS.Connection" connectionString="Data Source=dnntest;User ID=sa;Password=P@ssw0rd;Initial Catalog=BlackBox"/>
<add name="DataSource.SqlClient.Connection" connectionString="Data Source=dnntest;User ID=sa;Password=P@ssw0rd;Initial Catalog=BlackBox"/>


Order API - 15.1.3 - processing an order via API

We have done some testing and are trying to determine if it is possible to process an order thru the API that results in a complete order in iMIS with full Transactional entery (order, order_lines, Invoice, Trans and Activity) without walking thru the order stages in the desktop.

At this point the only order we can get with the API is a proforma and we are seeing missing DIST lines in Trans.  We are working in 15.1.3 and need to determine if the API can do this as part of the design, if we are calling it correctly or if there is a bug in the version we are working with.

Where can I obtain the iBO for .Net dll file?

I've searched and searched.  I would like to do some testing to present it to my boss.

Documentation for creating iParts? Where

I am trying to create some iParts to replace some old xTender applets.

I am very familiar with creating web parts and have created a number of iParts successfully. What I am not able to find is any information on what values, variables and parameters are available to me inside those iParts. i.e. How do I retrieve the selected user ID?

Is this documentated someplace?

This would be for both web and desktop views.

How do I: Get a selected ID in the Desk View?

I have a iPart that is very simple.

It displays the selected ID by using the following code in the ASCX file: 

<%= IWC.Utilities.GetCurrentUserID() %>

This works great in the web view and returns the number exactly as expected. But in the Desktop View it returns a much longer string of numbers and letters. My guess is that it is encoded in some way. How do I go about getting the plain value?

UserValidationException: Validation Failed - Asi.Security.SecurityContext.AppPrincipalFromReader(Boolean withPassword, RolePrinc


I started getting this error ..out of nowhere. I did not do any change on the server. Please let me know if any one has seen this kind of server and how to resolve this.


Validation Failed
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: Asi.Security.UserValidationException: Validation Failed

Source Error:

An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

IBO Access Error

We have an issue with a third party vendor trying to access imis via IBO. When they get to a page it States an IBO error "run cs update sql logins before accessing the IBO". Does anyone have anyinsight into this. We have run the prepare imis database, reset the persmissions and have not resolved this. Their imis version is 15.1.1.xxxx Thanks in advance

Replacement for Extenders? Trying to get away from OCX development.

We are in the process of finally upgrading to 15.

I am wondering if there is a new preferred method of developing extenders or a replacement method to using OCXs? I would much prefer to use .Net

Any pointers or links to documentation would be much appreciated.



When to move to VS2010?

We've been using Visual Studio 2008 for some time now on the theory that it's the version ASI is using.

Is ASI still using VS2008, or have you (partially or fully) moved to VS2010?  If not, do you have plans to make the change?

Has anyone had any issues moving from VS2008 to 2010?

Has anyone found any compelling advantages of VS2010 over VS2008?  Are they big enough to justify upgrading old projects, or should I just use it for new projects and run them side-by-side?

List of Tagged Content through the API

I need some help navigating through the API to find a way to get a list of tagged content. I'm happy to do this through iBO, Webservices or the iMIS business objects directly.

My goal is to produce a custom .NET control that passes in a tag and returns the title and description for content records that have been 'tagged' with that tag. I know that I can use a Tagged Content List iPart to do this - however the output is not controlled enough for what I need it to do.