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SOA - Create order with new person

I've taken the majority of the SOA samples and updated them to run on a web page. How ever the "CreateOrderWtihNewPerson" function is throwing an error at the following line:


results = imisEntityManager.Add(cart.ComboOrder);

I'm getting the "object not set to an instance of an object" error! I have no way of getting inside of this function. I've checked all properties and they are correct. I saw a reference to the sample code having problems. Has anyone else had this issue? If not, can someone help me debug this error.           Tom

Required fields in SOA

I am loading a record in SOA and saving it straight away .. without modifying any fields, but get the following error:

"The supplied value, '' is not defined in in the Contact Management system and is invalid"

That error message is verbatim, including the "in in".
I am simplifying the issue here, we were orignially trying to set field values, but decided to make it a simple as possible.

What are the required values in SOA? ie What fields could it be looking for and not finding a value?

SOA and C# and imis15.1.3

I've just started testing the SOA in C# and have successfully developed the add person function and added the other items such as informal name, prfix, suffix etc. Now I'm trying to add address and other informatio about the person but having very little luck. I'v been reviewing the documentation but found it to be a little confusing. Could someone just point me in the right direction or maybe furnish some real world examples.

Create account page with login for WCM

Has anyone created a page that will allow someone to create a username and password and log them in to WCM at the same time? 

We have a page using iBOs that will create an account with username/password, but then have to pass the user on to the login page to login.  Would be much nicer to create the account and log them in one step, instead of two.



UD fields in SOA

Do we have sample code of how to insert / update customer UD data using SOA?

If possible I'd like to see examples for both single and mutli-instance tables.



User defined fields within Subscription workflow.


When our members pay for their subscription, we require them to answer a couple of questions. Until recently, renewals have been all paper based with administrative staff entering the details from the renewal form directly into IMIS Desktop. The extra fields we require are defined in iMIS as User Defined Fields, so currently our admin staff simply browse to the "Contact managment>User defined fields" screen in imis desktop, enter the values, then complete the order for the member under "Contact management>Billing"

Looking for iBO.NET (ver. 10.6 or lower) documentation

Hi, I could not find the documentation online for iBO.NET version 10.6 or lower. Does anyone have it? A link would be very appreciated. Thanks,

Custom iMIS 15.1.3 OCX


I am developing a .net dll that is registered as an OCX (COM interop) that iMIS calls successfully when CC is set-up in iMIS as a custom gateway.
The dll/ocx is called by iMIS OK, the call to the cc provider web service is made OK, and the response from the CC provider is received and passed back to iMIS OK. A 'success' and a 'Declined' transaction are being tested. The 'success' works fine passing back the CC auth code info to iMIS that is then inserted into tables like Trans successfully. The 'fail' transaction also works with the decline code/message shown by iMIS and no updates made to the iMIS tables like Trans.
There is only one problem getting this dll/ocx completed for the iMIS customer - after a fail/decline message appears, if I try to save the iMIS transaction again iMIS abends with and OMNIS error.
I used the Innovation 2009 C# template as a base and information from the community. This was very helpful but did not provide a complete example with signatures for the passing in of parameters from iMIS and return codes to iMIS from the OCX. I used the DebugView to debug using writeline for the parameters that appear to be fine. For the return codes, I am using return signature/codes I used for previous OCXs I created using VB6 for 10.6 and 15.0.3.
I am wondering if the return signature/codes have changed in 15.1.3 that maybe creating this problem.
Is it possible to get the official return signature/codes from ASI and any examples – maybe cut/paste code from the production verisign ocx source that can be reused for a custom OCX.
Any help would be appreciated to help complete this OCX.

Thanks Nick

CRegistration + Complimentary = FAIL

I'm trying to register a user using complimentary registration. But when I attempt to save the registration I am getting an error..

iboFinancials.CPayment1.Validate : Missing required field CashAccountCode

Is there a way to save a CRegistration without the need to supply a CPayment? The Reg Class is setup for complimentary registration on the event. I may just be missing something completely obvious here.

Using IBO to modify VAT registration number

I can't seem to locate a VAT Reg Number property anywhere in the IBO's. Specifically I looked on CContact and its base class.

I then looked to see if there is a way within the IBO's to access the values from the Name_Fin table in a similar fashion to using GetExtTableByName, but this didn't work for me (I'm pretty sure this is because the table is not a user defined table).

How can I modify this property using the IBO's?