Development kits

Deploying iPart

I have successfully deployed the ipart.

But when I add the iPart into content page I am getting this error

"Endpoint Not Found Communication error: Could not connect to the iMIS Web Service."

What is wrong?

iparts event hyperlink

I'm looking for a way to bring in the event hyperlink that would be tied to a specific event. We are using a clone of the Members site. The Members site doesn't include this link in the event display. Two questions:

1. Would it be easier to edit the existing Event Display iPart and point the image link to the event link that can be found in the event setup.
2. Create a new iPart to pull in the information.

Accessing the Subsitute field in the Gen_Tables via SOA

I am trying to access the "SUBSTITUTE" field in the GEN_TABLES using SOA's but the field name references don't necessarily match the fields in the table.

For example to get information from the GEN_TABLES.CODE is used as "Name" in the following code I have written: 

item.Text= providerItem["Name"]

Luckily Description is the same. Does anyone know what I would use as the field reference in my code to get the information from GEN_TABLES.SUBSTITUTE ? 

Login change failed

In an attempt to use either the Login.aspx page or the Change Login Password iPart to allow (or possibly force) members to change their username/login and/or password, we are not getting the results we're expecting. I've created a ticket with ASI tech support, but that has not gotten me far.

On the Login.aspx page (if you login and go back to the login page, you will be prompted with text fields to update login and another option to update your password), the password change section works wonderfully - the login change section doesn't do anything upon click of the button. It doesn't display an error, it just doesn't function. I do get an Informational notice in the Event Viewer on the server:

CartManager/ComboOrderManager are missing via SOA

Can someone help me to understand why there is no CartManager and ComboOrderManager struct returned when I used simple SOAP call like this:

var_dump($this->client->__getFunctions()); (This call made in PhP).

 However, I can create an object type of ComboOrderManager but when I tried to push it to iMIS via SOAP call I am getting error:

How to generate new batch using SOA?

With ibo com i know you can generate a new batch.  Looks like in too.  Can't seem to find any talk of how to generate a batch using SOA.  Is it possible? and if so any documentation or examples?

Thanks. -Ralph

MembershipWebService and Active/Inactive/Suspended statuses

I am using the MembershipWebService to create a custom login script in a third-party content management system. I want to write the script so that it will check to see whether the account is Active (and not Inactive or Suspended) before I authenticate.

Is there a way to check the account status using the MembershipWebService? Will iMIS authenticate an account if the status of the account is Inactive or Suspended?

How best to use On Behalf Of?

I was pondering how best to support On Behalf Of (OBO) in my iParts in addition to the existing support for Logged In ID and Selected ID, when I realized that ASI may have already solved part of this puzzle.

Are there any guidelines or patterns for how these three entities should be used?  My initial perception is that OBO substitutes partially for Logged In ID, but things can get really fuzzy when you start playing with combinations.

Only members of the SysAdmin role are permitted to use Query Service


(Not sure if I've tagged this post correctly.)

We're experiencing an issue integrating a Third Party Web Content Management system with iMIS.

Issue summary
Occasionally the QueryService, when accessed as the "Seamless" user, throws an exception instead of returning results.

Steps to reproduce

1. Acquire a Login cookie for the seamless user using the MembershipWebService LoginUserAndProvideCookies action
2. Acquire a Login cookie for the web user using the MembershipWebService LoginUserAndProvideCookies action
3. Using the seamless Login cookie from (1) to authenticate, query the QueryService, GetResultsWithParameters action, using the queryPath of '$/ContactManagement/DefaultSystem/Queries/Advanced/Contact/Entitlements' and a parameter of the web username
4. Result
a. Expected The set of entitlements associated with the web username are returned
b. Actual A SOAP exception is thrown:
System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.Exception: Only members of the SysAdmin role are permitted to use Query Service.

We have checked the security of the user in (1) that is being used and they are a "full" user and they have the "SysAdmin" role attached.

How to make Xtender notify iMIS Desktop to refresh the AR/Cash settings?


We are trying to build a custom extender that would allow users to edit AR/Cash General Ledger Interface configuration options, such as "Validate GL accounts" for example.

See the options here:
AR/Cash > Set up module > G/L Interface

How can we force iMIS Desktop to refresh those AR/Cash options?

There is a Notify event available from the extender.
What would be the NoticeName parameter, and Arg[x] parameters values to pass?