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Only members of the SysAdmin role are permitted to use Query Service


(Not sure if I've tagged this post correctly.)

We're experiencing an issue integrating a Third Party Web Content Management system with iMIS.

Issue summary
Occasionally the QueryService, when accessed as the "Seamless" user, throws an exception instead of returning results.

Steps to reproduce

1. Acquire a Login cookie for the seamless user using the MembershipWebService LoginUserAndProvideCookies action
2. Acquire a Login cookie for the web user using the MembershipWebService LoginUserAndProvideCookies action
3. Using the seamless Login cookie from (1) to authenticate, query the QueryService, GetResultsWithParameters action, using the queryPath of '$/ContactManagement/DefaultSystem/Queries/Advanced/Contact/Entitlements' and a parameter of the web username
4. Result
a. Expected The set of entitlements associated with the web username are returned
b. Actual A SOAP exception is thrown:
System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.Exception: Only members of the SysAdmin role are permitted to use Query Service.

We have checked the security of the user in (1) that is being used and they are a "full" user and they have the "SysAdmin" role attached.

How to make Xtender notify iMIS Desktop to refresh the AR/Cash settings?


We are trying to build a custom extender that would allow users to edit AR/Cash General Ledger Interface configuration options, such as "Validate GL accounts" for example.

See the options here:
AR/Cash > Set up module > G/L Interface

How can we force iMIS Desktop to refresh those AR/Cash options?

There is a Notify event available from the extender.
What would be the NoticeName parameter, and Arg[x] parameters values to pass?

Dues Billing for New Membership Not Working through iBO

I'm trying to process a dues/subscription payment through iBO.  It would work for a product code that has a renew months of 12 but not for a product code with renew months of 24.  There are no transactions inserted into the Trans table.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks.

Updating shopping cart using PHP ToolKit

I am having problems with PHP tool kit while trying to update or delete shopping cart for anonymous user while user is still shopping and not yet logged in.

Here is piece of code I used:


    $query = new QueryData('Cart');
    $query->addCriteria(new CriteriaData('CartId', CRITERIA_EQUAL, 'CART_ID'));
    $findResults = $client->Find($query);
    if (count($findResults->Result) == 0) {
        echo "Party not found.\n";
    $mycart = $findResults->Result[0];
    print_r($mycart); # print for test
   if (is_a($mycart, "CartData")) {
       echo "CARTData\n";

Check Out Handler Ideas


I have a need to be able to add a handler to the Public view checkout so when a new member makes payment, I need to change their status as part of the update. I was thinking of using JQuery or HTTP Module to accomplish this - perhaps by adding the script to the confirmation page. I wanted to know if anyone else has done this and has any advice.



Can you develop iparts in Visual Studio Express?


Is it possible to develop iparts using Visual Studio Express or do you need a full version of Visual Studio?



Asi.Membership.MembershipService.MembershipWebService ws = new Asi.Membership.MembershipService.MembershipWebService();

We need to generate a password based on the iMIS Businesss rules from the Webconfig file.

Is there another iBO method to generate a password in 15.2.1?



MembershipWebService ws = new Asi.Membership.MembershipService.MembershipWebService();string password = ws.GeneratePassword(); //failed with 404 error

Event Type: Information
Event Source: ASI
Event Category: None
Event ID: 0
Date:  5/31/2012
Time:  6:21:39 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: IMIS152TEST
iPart: The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.

Problem with Login cookie using the MembershipWebService's LoginUserAndProvideCookies request


We are working on integrating a third-party PHP-based CMS with iMIS using the MembershipWebService. To start out, I have created a simple script in PHP that calls the MembershipWebService's LoginUserAndProvideCookies request, and I get a "Login" cookie back (as well as one other cookie, but it looks like only the Login cookie is necessary for iMIS authentication). We are making this request on the iMIS SQL server, which is based at (this is not available to the public). For the cookie, I set the domain to "" to allow all subdomains.

retrieving order details when partyid is available


I am trying to retrieve data via SOA for specific partyId from iMIS shopping cart. I read what was in this post:

however when I tried to use QueryData class using PHPToolKit it always compalined that

"Exception: UnknownEntityTypeFault: Unknown or null entity type name specified"

Passing parameters in URL to a content page containing an IQA query (QueryMenuCommon ipart)


I'm looking to develop a listing of education events that accept two parameters - basically a search for events offering points between a lower bound and an upper bound.

Ideally I'd like to pass these parameters from a navigation element to a content page that contains an IQA. 

Idea behind this is to not create separate IQA queries for each point banding and embed them on separate pages.