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Check Out Handler Ideas


I have a need to be able to add a handler to the Public view checkout so when a new member makes payment, I need to change their status as part of the update. I was thinking of using JQuery or HTTP Module to accomplish this - perhaps by adding the script to the confirmation page. I wanted to know if anyone else has done this and has any advice.



Can you develop iparts in Visual Studio Express?


Is it possible to develop iparts using Visual Studio Express or do you need a full version of Visual Studio?



Asi.Membership.MembershipService.MembershipWebService ws = new Asi.Membership.MembershipService.MembershipWebService();

We need to generate a password based on the iMIS Businesss rules from the Webconfig file.

Is there another iBO method to generate a password in 15.2.1?



MembershipWebService ws = new Asi.Membership.MembershipService.MembershipWebService();string password = ws.GeneratePassword(); //failed with 404 error

Event Type: Information
Event Source: ASI
Event Category: None
Event ID: 0
Date:  5/31/2012
Time:  6:21:39 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: IMIS152TEST
iPart: The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.

Problem with Login cookie using the MembershipWebService's LoginUserAndProvideCookies request


We are working on integrating a third-party PHP-based CMS with iMIS using the MembershipWebService. To start out, I have created a simple script in PHP that calls the MembershipWebService's LoginUserAndProvideCookies request, and I get a "Login" cookie back (as well as one other cookie, but it looks like only the Login cookie is necessary for iMIS authentication). We are making this request on the iMIS SQL server, which is based at (this is not available to the public). For the cookie, I set the domain to "" to allow all subdomains.

retrieving order details when partyid is available


I am trying to retrieve data via SOA for specific partyId from iMIS shopping cart. I read what was in this post:

however when I tried to use QueryData class using PHPToolKit it always compalined that

"Exception: UnknownEntityTypeFault: Unknown or null entity type name specified"

Passing parameters in URL to a content page containing an IQA query (QueryMenuCommon ipart)


I'm looking to develop a listing of education events that accept two parameters - basically a search for events offering points between a lower bound and an upper bound.

Ideally I'd like to pass these parameters from a navigation element to a content page that contains an IQA. 

Idea behind this is to not create separate IQA queries for each point banding and embed them on separate pages.

MembershipWebService SetUserPassword email body

How can I change the subject and the body of the email that is sent by the SetUserPassword operation in the MembershipWebService? Any help appreciated

Trying to Create Activity but Activity.Save() returns false value

Having a problem while creating the activity. We used both ways to create activity. 1. By contact object (Name of Activity - Demo_a) 2. By CActivity object (Name of Activity - Demo_b) We see that the Activity is not saved on the database because activity.Save() is returning false value.

SOAP11 IMIS SOA set up

I am trying to set up IMIS SOA for imis 15.2.1 ,

the url i am trying to access is  http://localhost/iMIS15/EntityService.svc/

but i get the below error

Could not find a base address that matches scheme https for the endpoint with binding BasicHttpBinding. Registered base address schemes are [http,net.tcp].

iQA/event list iPart

Is anyone aware of an iPart that will display the results of a query in a list format? I have a couple clients looking for something as simple as an event list - they don't want to use the calendar event listing nor the grids/tablular view of the standard iQA query iPart.

Just checking to see if anyone is aware of something like this.