e-Content Manager

Cold fusion e-Communities with e-Content Manager Migration to WCM. Oh My!

Phase one. 15.0.3 to 15.1.1

Ok this is a highly customized site that has some very good flow and design. The e-communities side of the website is experiencing a melt down in style and formatting.

In particular the Login and Default e-Communities pages throw js errors while navigating through the site.  These were fixed and used to identify the session state failure.

Trapping the JS error helped Identify a rendering loop that causes bizare behaviour  in the rendering sequence.

Error when accessing store in 15.1.2

I'm getting the following error when I access the store. There are no customizations within the site. Any clue???

Compilation Error

Description An error occured...

Compiler Error Message: the type Asi.Bae.Web.Orders.Admin exists in both c:\windows\microsoft.net\...\Asi.Webroot.Core.Admin.Orders.DLL and c:\windows\microsoft.net\...\Asi.iWC.Core.Admin.Orders.DLL


Search engine results and content manager

I have a customer that wants to bump their site, which is a content management site, to the top of search engine results. I'm curious to know how other customers are doing this. Are you using the meta tags/descriptions in content manager or other applications to handle this? 



Installing asipublishing15 service on server

Anyone know the easiest way to find and install the asipublishing15 service? 

internationalization of wcm sites

Has anyone done much in the way of internationalization of their site. We are currently running several sites in eCM, moving to WCM and .net and need to be able to internationalize and localize site content. For some languages the entire site is translated and in affect becomes a unique site with separate content records for both sites. English (www.visitcalifornia.com) and German (www.visitcalifornia.de) for example, we scripted the duplication of ever content record and both sites are running in eCM, .com is cold fusion .de is .net. But for other sites we are planning to produce like UK and Australia, most of the content records can be served with the standard English content, some however will need to be localized. Has anyone come up with a good way to manage multiple site in different languages serving up similar content. I have seen other CMS systems that have processes for language but eCM and WCM do not seem to have that outright.

Dynamic Sections in CM 5.1

As with most things I know, this was pointed out to me by another smart person, Bilal Jeewa of ASI Consulting - Europe.

There is a standard feature of Content Manager 5.1 that accomodates display of dynamic content in template sections, by Navigation Section.

What does that mean? Well the issue I was trying to resolve was to have a different image appear in the body header based on the navigation section the page was in.

Get correct SMTP mail server for use in eCM

I would like to get settings such as SMTP server and use them when developing addons for eCM 15 .NET. What objects would I use to get these settings?


Developing for e-CM

Hey Everyone,

I've got some clients who are using e-CM and they are asking for some custom web applications that I will be writing in ASP.NET I have limited experience with e-CM and was looking for tips on developing web apps to be used with in the e-CM. Can this even be done? How do I handle user logins? How do I deploy these apps?

Any times, no matter how small, would help me greatly.

eCM performance issue

my customer is getting ready to go live and during final testing has noticed a very serious performance issue. their configuration is a web server running eCM, an application server and a database server, all in house. during analysis they noticed that every page brings in a ton of style sheets. they feel this is contributing to the preformance issue. is there a way to eliminate the unused style sheets and will this improve performance?

Examples of Template Gallery


I'm currently looking for examples of template 1505 implementations of template gallery.

May be this is a good spot to attach URL of websites with their respective template numbers ... Clients implementing template gallery often ask for examples of previously implemented sites using template gallery.

Thank you and kind regards,