Modify Existing Event Registration


Is there a way to delete a function from the existing event registration using the SOA client library?

The code below does not seem to do anything:

            var em = new EntityManager(userName, password);
            var manager = new EventManager(em, eventCode);
            var registrationData = manager.GetRegistrationData(partyId, partyId);
            manager.UnregisterFunction(partyId, functionCode);

Manage customers - content in Desktop client does not display after User Credentials button clicked

When User Credentials is clicked in Customer Management, the Manage customers window opens but the right side of the pane is blank, i.e. no contents appear in the white pane. The only object which appears is a small scroll bar in the upper left corner of the white pane (directly beneath "Manage customers ...").

This problem has occurred ever since we upgraded from 15.x to Our deployment is exclusively through the iMIS Desktop client.

Marketing module source code generation

We are trying to create new campaign under Marketing module in Staff site. We successfully created new campaign but unable to see assigned source code for this campaign.
There is option in Staff site to import source codes, but we never imported. By default how IMIS assign source code and where we can see generated source code?
Define campaigns summary screen displaying error message: "An error has occured while generating output for this campaign". Not sure what is compaign output?

iBO PayDues Method No Longer Updating Trans.BT_ID but Trans.ST_ID is Populated




Hi All,

Onsite Event Registration and new EVM Credit Cards

Has there been any talk or discussion about a way to read the new EVM (smart chip) credit cards when onsite and doing registrations? Right now we still use the mag strip readers (which only work some of the time anyway). I understand we (the US) is still in the midst of switching over but the time is coming when cards will no longer have magnetic strips on their backs.

Order Confirmation Email: Adjust [Info] Field


Is it possible to adjust the Order Detail information passed to the [Info] tag used in OrderConfirmationEmailTemplate.htm?  I would like to change the date format from:





When: Sep 27, 2015 11:00 AM - Dec 13, 2015 12:00 PM

Member Pictures

I am trying to find a way to pull out members that do not have a picture on file. Does anyone have a way to do this in a Crystal Report? Thanks, Eve

Refund through iBOs

Can you push a refund into iMIS through the iBOs?
Or how can you get a refund into iMIS without going thru the desktop app.

Weird Informz and Name_Log issue.

I have a few thousand rows in Name_Log that look like :

INFORMZ_MAILINGS.MAILING_NAME: W111116 -> Q111128- Annual Dinner
INFORMZ_MAILINGS.PUBLISH_DATE: 28/09/2011 11:55:00 PM -> 11/10/2011 9:35:00 PM

I have searched Schema : triggers, stored procedures etc for code that might do these inserts, but can find none.

All updates externally to Name etc are done thru IBO code.

Website community eMails Showing

Hi Guys,

When someone subscribing to community articles on our website, then he/she is getting the emails with "To:" instead of showing the subscriber email id in "To" section.
Anyone having idea, how it could be changed to user email id or in the To section?