Address Purpose and address editing limitations

I was quite excited to see that I could create different address purposes. However, the excitement ended there when I found that I could not display an address for editing according to the address purpose.

It seems that the only way to edit an address is using the address editor ipart - which displays them all on their tabs. I really wanted to be able to enter and maintain an address for a specific purpose on a separate tab on the contact account screen - separate from the other contact addresses and displayed with other data elements relevant to the specific address.

UD table fields in Rise email Communication template

I want to include UD tables fields (like Name_demo, Demographic etc..) in email communication template ($/Common/Communications/Templates) in Staff Rise site.
Is there any way get those fields?


Can a guy add a user-defined field to the desktop IMIS Order Details tab?

We're downloading order shipment data from a third party, and would like to store a field from that (the order shipment confirmation ID, I think) in a user-defined table with each row corresponding to an order.
Is it possible to have this field show up in the desktop IMIS "Order Details" tab of the "Enter and edit orders" screen?

Google Analytics not tracking eCommerce...what gives?!

Hi again!

I have one more issue here.  Could anyone provide me with some insight into the fact that Google Analytics is not tracking my RiSE website's eCommerce data?  Is this a RiSE issue or a Google one?  How can I fix it?


Thanks in advance!


Meeting setup in iMIS 20.1

Good morning:

I am setting up an event on the desktop side of iMIS. I have defined my registration classes and event detail with pricing. However, when I test a registration the error message "Individual registration has no pricing information for Registrant Class". Not sure what else I need to do to get this meeting up and running.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


iMIS Duplicate Merge Manager - Tracking Merged ID Numbers

I know the iMerge product has a specific table for tracking merged ID numbers, but I need to find a way with the iMIS Duplicate Merge Manager to report the same results. I see where DMM will insert a Name_Log record for the ID number that is being deleted along with the Name of the person in question, but it doesn't tell me what ID number had information merged to it from that ID number that is being deleted.

Decoding contents of Cart and adding item to Cart using SQL

When an item is added to the shopping cart, that info is stored in the Cart table’s ComboOrder field, which is a 6000-character blob. I don’t suppose anyone knows how, in SQL, to add a specific item to a cart, or to decode what is already in the cart?

Modify Existing Event Registration


Is there a way to delete a function from the existing event registration using the SOA client library?

The code below does not seem to do anything:

            var em = new EntityManager(userName, password);
            var manager = new EventManager(em, eventCode);
            var registrationData = manager.GetRegistrationData(partyId, partyId);
            manager.UnregisterFunction(partyId, functionCode);

Manage customers - content in Desktop client does not display after User Credentials button clicked

When User Credentials is clicked in Customer Management, the Manage customers window opens but the right side of the pane is blank, i.e. no contents appear in the white pane. The only object which appears is a small scroll bar in the upper left corner of the white pane (directly beneath "Manage customers ...").

This problem has occurred ever since we upgraded from 15.x to Our deployment is exclusively through the iMIS Desktop client.

Marketing module source code generation

We are trying to create new campaign under Marketing module in Staff site. We successfully created new campaign but unable to see assigned source code for this campaign.
There is option in Staff site to import source codes, but we never imported. By default how IMIS assign source code and where we can see generated source code?
Define campaigns summary screen displaying error message: "An error has occured while generating output for this campaign". Not sure what is compaign output?