Calling the ATS Contact web service insertContactAddress() method gives messages about lookup/validation tables

Hi all,

We're on IMIS 20.1. From a classic ASP (!) page, I'm replacing the old IBO-calling logic with calling ATS's web services, in this case to insert a contact address (IMIS's Name_Address table). It's the insertContactAddress() method.
I went to ATS's ASMX page to test this method to make sure I'm on the right track... clicked on the method, typed in the address values, and clicked Invoke.

Imis Desktop Reload or Redirect

I have a custom control that I have added to the Desktop view navigation. When it is done I would like to reload the customer window or redirect it to a new ID. Any ideas?

Custom Payment Gateway for Desktop version OCX

I have successfully developed and implemented a new public payment gateway for provider DPS.
Now to complete the second part of the exercise - to integrate the OCX file with the iMIS desktop. It *should* be working but when I try to enter a sales transaction, I get the error - the custom gateway is not installed properly. Is there a setup step that I have missed? How does the imis desktop recognize that the ocx file is there?

Adding gift to SOA Cart

Any sample code on adding an gift to the SOA cart?

Ctrl F () - Find, Search by email doesn't return all the expected results.

While using the Search feature under Customers, I noticed that by selecting email and providing the first few letters in the equals box, it doesn't return all the desried results.  How does it work for email?  I'm guessing there is a like parameter used in the back end to pull the data.

Is there a better way to search by email address?  We are implementing a policy to enter your email so it would be advantageous to have a mechanism to search by email but there isn't any confidence in the Search capability.

Import/Export of Community items (Announcements and Blogs)

Since the community site doesn't allow me to choose 20.1 from the drop-down for the Release/Version, this is for 20.1.

I'm moving a site from a staging site/db to a production site/db, and the import/export functionality for Websites, Sitemaps, and Content works fine, but as far as I can see, the equivalent functionality does not exist for Communities, and specifically for Blog posts and Announcements.

New Members and Renewals in RiSE


We're working on seting up join and renewal pages for one of our clients in RiSE.  Following the documentation at!billingformembership3.htm, we were able to successfully add General Product Display web parts to a join page.  I see that these web parts will display any voluntary items associated with the billing cycle and allow people to check or uncheck them.

20.1 RiSE Community mass subscribe

RiSE 20.1: I want to do a mass subscribe for communities. Does anyone know what tables need to be updated in order to complete this task? Thanks! Terry

PaymentGateway error in SOA object call for credit card transaction

I am able to implement the credit card transaction using SOA objects ( ref site:!commercecomboorderma.htm ) in .Net framework 4.5 with IMIS 20.1.4 SOA objects.

However, I noticed that if we make two credit card transactions one after another, the first one goes through but the rest of the transactions throw errors with the message “contact your system admin”, which I assume means the IMIS Administrator, as the issue is related to Asi.PaymentGateway.PayflowProPaymentGatewayProvider .

Communities Module - Unimpressed

We recently purchased the Communities Module for iMIS with the idea of being able to give our clients a wide variety of social communication options but so far we have not been able to roll it out to a single client due to it's shortcomings. I just wanted to put this topic up here for discussion and to potentially see if anyone has developed any useable functionality from the module and could share tips.