Product category user defined fields in RiSE


We have a client who is currently on eCM and using the eSeries store, and they're making use of the user defined fields on some of the product categories. They're going to be transitioning to RiSE, and they want to continue using the user defined fields, but I'm not seeing any iParts that pick these up. Is there any way to have the Product Display iPart pull in UDFs, or are there any other iParts that make use of them?


SQL query to set paid through date?

Some of our member records have blank paid through date and this cause incorrect member count report.
what is fast way to enter mass Individual membership paid through date. All expiry date will be same for current 2014 members, 12.31.14.
I like to use SQL query and run mass update for 2000+ Individual record's paid thru date.
Is there SQL query to set for this? e.g. member type equal to xx and paid thru date 12.31.14

Overriding order line data pricing in cart based on member status


I'm looking for easiest way to override member pricing based on their status e.g. if member type for cart owner is Full Member and their status is Inactive they should be billed Non-member prices not Member price.
Currently I'm seeing two options:

- Using Special Pricing in the product with 'Amount from filed' based on status
-Overriding order line items in custom control in cart checkout page. Using PartyItemPrice query to get non-member pricing.

Renewal Fees and late fees calculated at renewal time, not before

We are upgrating to v20 very soon and would really like to add the ability for the user to change their status at renewal time (i.e. from practicing to non-practicing). However, the dues amount is different for the different statuses. At the momnet the invoice charges are generated yearly and the amount generated is according to their current status. When they want to renew if they need to change their status they have to call or email and we have to change it in the admin screen, reverse the original invoice and generate a new invoice for the amount for the new status. We really would like to have it that they can change their status when renewing and the amount is derived at renewal time according to the status. an additional kicker is that we have a series of asp pages that they must work through to verify and update various data elements in order to complete their registration per regulatory requirements.

Communities vs. Committees

Does Communities replace Committees or how are they related? How do we access Communities? Under Community all we have is Dashboard, Find Contacts and Add Contact. We are on iMIS 20.1.14. Thank you.

How to retrieve profile image file name

In the mini profile iPart of iMIS20, users can upload an image of themselves, if this feature is enabled.  By default, these images are stored at /net/images/profile.  Each file seems to follow the format id#_random#.jpg (or gif, or png, or bmp, presumably) or id#_random#_T.jpg (gif, png, bmp).  An example for someone having the id of 61525 might be 61525_489866.jpg.  My question is whether this file name is referenced in any of the iMIS tables.  If not, how does iMIS know which file to use when displaying a person's profile?  I was hoping to reference that file name in an IQA.  Can the name be derived through some formula?  I also thought about writing some code that populated Name_Picture.Description or maybe a custom table with the file path.

Custom Change Logging with Accurate User Info.

I am looking for options to create a change log and include the user who has updated the data, using a trigger or another method.
This is for additional fields that are not being logged by the standard iMIS change log.

At the trigger level, I am unable to get the individual user who is connected to the database because iMIS is connecting to the database with the same session user id each time. Is there a way to get the user level audit at the trigger level? In the past iMIS 10.6, this wasn't an issue so in the past I could log the entries using a trigger and the session user would reflect accurately who the person is who has changed or added the records.

Switching from Cash to Accrual Accounting

I need to switch my database from cash to accrual accounting. Our dues are on the calendar year, not anniversary. Should I wait until the end of the year to make the change or can I do it now? Thanks in advance!

committee error


We are testing iMIS upgrade from 10.6 to 15/20. the upgrade was done and iMIS desktop seems functioning. However, every time we click on Committees, it gave "Omnis7.exe has stopped working" error and shut down the desktop. and here is the detail information --

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Omnis7.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 34cdf57c

Program Display iPart

Does anyone know how to default the Program display ipart to "View All" in Imis 20.0

I have looked into javascript to cheat it but cannot get anything to work as it rely's on an onchange event to change the view. Would be good if you could choose this in the ipart setup.