Separate batch setup for each Palpal account

We have two rise sites in single IMIS instance. Each Rise site have separate PayPal account setup for credit card authorisation. But both Rise sites sharing same batch for online web transaction. Is there way handle separate batch for each Rise site?


Onsite Check in for events

Does 20.2 event module have any type of onsite check in registrations that could be used with an iPad. Looking for activity to be created under the name of the person that checks in. If iMIS event module does not have that, could you let me where to find one that is compatible with iMIS 2.0.

Order confirmation Template


We know that it is not possible for separate order confirmation for each rise site. Is there way control order confirmation not being sent out for donation checkout. Since if order template contains site "A" logo, if donation order comes from site "B", it has site "A" logo, which is confuse for site B users.


Deleting Records

I am currently trying to clean up our data base and delete records of members who are no longer active. Some of them won't delete and I get a message that they have an open order or A/R, but they don't. I'm not sure how to get them to delete. All of the records I'm trying to delete have not had any activity since 2011. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you resolve it?


Crystal reports not opening from iMIS on Windows 10 Laptop

We are currently testing Windows 10 platform. I came across this issue.
The iMIS versions both and iMIS 20 works fine on Windows 10.
But when it comes to report built in iMIS reports (native&crystal) works fine.
But custom reports that is on the network drive are not be executed.
iMIS throws an error saying 'Can't Find report X:\network path\crystal.rpt'.
When I copy the same report on to the local drive of the laptop. It opens up just fine.

Automated Banking Reconciliations

Client wants to be able to automate bank reconciliations. Download statements from banks; upload into iMIS and automatically receipt against open invoices or create unapplied transactions against member accounts in ARCash, Dues, Events and Orders.

This is a common requirement for several clients in iMIS20-300 but only now do we have the funding to go ahead and build a generic .Net module as an add-on to the Staff View to accomplish this. We want the solution to be reusable for other clients across Australia/NZ. Before we finalise the specs let me know if you might have any interest in this functionality. We will have the specs finalised by end of June 2016. Below is a high-level plan of the functionality -

Get Registrant Class - How to determine which event a registrant is registering for

In events, I am using the stored procedure method to determine the registrant class. This is working as designed, it accepts the registrant ID input parameter and returns the class in the result set.

However, we also need to know the event being registered for to accurately determine the class since it can differ from one event to another. In other words, he can belong to multiple classes and the stored procedure cannot determine which one is appropriate without knowing the event context.

incorrect syntax near '*=' error, iMIS Standard Report (Rosters, Directory - Individuals by State)

When this iMIS Standard (OMNIS) report is executed, SQL Profiler indicates the following is part of the statement being executed: select ... from Name,State_Codes WHERE Name.STATE_PROVINCE *= State_Codes.STATE_PROVINCE

Is there anyway this '*=' in the WHERE clause can be modified?

From Report Specs
Ctrl. Procedure: MemberRep1/1
SearchDialog: MemberSearches
Rpt. File / Format: MDState1

Address Purpose and address editing limitations

I was quite excited to see that I could create different address purposes. However, the excitement ended there when I found that I could not display an address for editing according to the address purpose.

It seems that the only way to edit an address is using the address editor ipart - which displays them all on their tabs. I really wanted to be able to enter and maintain an address for a specific purpose on a separate tab on the contact account screen - separate from the other contact addresses and displayed with other data elements relevant to the specific address.

UD table fields in Rise email Communication template

I want to include UD tables fields (like Name_demo, Demographic etc..) in email communication template ($/Common/Communications/Templates) in Staff Rise site.
Is there any way get those fields?