Credit cards not processing in iMIS from online(eSeries and i20)

Credit cards are not processing online, they are making it to iMIS but not Paypal. This is eSeries on i20.0. Has anyone seen this before? FYI we can process credit card payments in desktop.

CSS to auto-expand event titles in the Event Calendar content item

With the Event Calendar content item, you can display upcoming events by Day, Week, or Month. The default view shows the Month (the first screenshot below). We have had a couple requests to auto-expand the height of event title bars in the Month view, so that long event titles are not cut off. For now we've decided to not auto-expand the event titles, but instead, to cut off long titles with an ellipsis, then display the full title when you hover over it with a mouse. We made this decision for a few different reasons: 1) to avoid scrollbars displaying on the calendar, 2) to avoid uneven row heights within the calendar, and 3) to not increase the height of the calendar any further (it's already pretty tall and goes below the fold in some smaller resolutions).

But while investigating a solution for this problem, I came across a post that included some CSS that would allow you to enable the auto-expansion of event titles in this particular control. We decided not to use it for the reasons listed above, but I'm going to post it here in case anyone finds it useful or is interested in implementing this in their own site.

To turn on the auto-expansion of event titles in the Event Calendar content item, add the following declarations to your [theme].css file:

Rpt_BadgeTbl issue found in for Badge Reports

When running badges, iMIS populates the Rpt_BadgeTbl table with the records to be run. In doing so, I have found what I believe to be a bug.

According to the SQL traces, and direct observations of data, whatever IMIS is doing to populate the rpt_BadgeTbl is putting Meet_Reg_Class.DESCRIPTION in Rpt_BadgeTbl.REGISTRANT_CLASS and Meet_Reg_Class.LONG_DESCRIPTION in Rpt_BadgeTbl.REG_TYPE. They are REVERSED! Putting a 20 length field in a 40 length field and a 40 length field in a 20 length field. If you put more than 20 characters in LONG_DESCRIPTION for a reg class (which iMIS Desktop allows you to do), and try to run badges with that reg class, you will get a "String or binary data would be truncated" error, and the record with that registration class will NOT be put into Rpt_BadgeTbl.

iPart for grouping stock items

Has anyone developed an iPart to replace the Public View store functionality for grouping stock items? I have a client that would like to be able to show their stock item (e.g. t-shirts) as one product with the option to select a size. I know this is not available out of the box so I'm hopeful that someone has already developed something similar.

Thanks - Lisa

Retrieving ComboOrderData from the Session

I have an iPart that is used to display messages on the orderconfirmation.aspx page, dependent upon the product codes of the purchased items (Events or Orders). It was initially built and used in version 15.2.10. Since the client upgraded to version 20 it is having a problem with the deserialization of the ComboOrderData from the session for an Event order. I have modified the code for deserializing the ComboOrderData to successfully deserialize for a store item purchase.

Does anyone have a solution for online expo registration for i20?

Does anyone have a solution for online expo registration for i20?

iMIS 20 - Activity Upload Document

Does anyone know where in iMIS 20 I can allow a contact to upload for an activity?
The option is there under 'File -> System Setup' in the Desktop software of "Activity Attachments allowed", but even if enabled there is no option to upload an attachment for an activity.
This is required for instance when a customer adds a line item into CEU they will also be required to upload a copy of the certificate or registration details as a PDF or some other format.

iMIS 15.2 - Public View vs iPARTS

I am working with a client that is wanting to upgrade to iMIS 15.2.  I have not worked with this version yet.  In iMIS 10, we created some user-defined tables and fields that were updated within custom tabs.  They also had an e-series system that would allow their members to log into the website and update this information.  What is the best way to do this in iMIS 15?  Where can i find instructions on how to accomplish this? 

Resource Library - members can move documents and folders

I just discovered that any member who has access to a community can move the documents and folders that are in the Resource Library. We are posting documents to these specific communities to share required documents to the students we gave access to these communities.

However, some students are moving the documents around and are able to delete the documents for some odd reason.

They are provided with the access to this community with READ only rights.

HTML Editor in Community Wiki ipart

Does anyone know how to enable the image button on the html editor when creating a new article in the communities wiki ipart? I dont seem to have as many buttons on the editor than a regular html ipart edit.