Log all changes? on Business Object Designer

Can anyone please explain the difference between the 'Log all changes?' on the Business Object Designer screen and the Customer Setup > Change Logging on the imis desktop.

The description in the documentation!businessobjectdesign5.htm for says:    'If checked, any change made to the value stored in this property is logged to the change log.'

Alerts on staff Account Page using iparts instead of xtender and third party

I have successfully implemented a solution to replace third party alerts using the query menu ipart. displaying a small Alerts panel on the left side of our staff account page, showing different alerts.

the alerts are generated using the following:

database views for each different alert type output ID, RANK, ALERT, image source

for example

SELECT     dbo.Name.ID, 3 AS RANK, 'Permit Conditions' AS ALERT, '<img alt="" src="/imis20/images/ImageLibrary/Icons/flag_red.gif" />' AS IMAGE
FROM         dbo.Name INNER JOIN
                      dbo.CRPNA_CUSTOM ON dbo.Name.ID = dbo.CRPNA_CUSTOM.ID

Letter System Error Message

Does anyone else ever receive an error when merging letters that says " No Caller Selected!" or "No Record Selected"? We use the letter system pretty heavily for correspondence to our members and intermittently we receive the two above referenced "error messages." It just happens on certain letters for certain records and there's no rhyme or reason. The resolution in the past has been to recreate the letter.

Communities Resource Library File Types

I sent this to ASI, but thought I'd post here too to see if anyone has encountered this.

In iMIS, I have reviewed what is currently in place for the AllowedUploadFileTypes in the web.config for the Communities resource library and also have reviewed the allowable file types from the list below from iMIS docs. I do not see the newer Office extensions (i.e. .docx, .xlsx, .pptx) in the allowable file extension list. Should the DOC, PPT, and XLS file types encompass these?

Video streaming of educational events after purchase in iMIS shop


Two years ago I made a post about purchasing_of_electronic_media_through_imis_shop. I'm wondering if anyone has any success stories or how they have tackled similar challenge in the time that has passed.

Our business requirement still stands (to allow members/non members to purchase video streams via our iMIS shop and have them accessible to them), but we are yet to progress.

sp_asi_UpdateNameIndex failing due to new clustered primary key for dbo.Name_Indexes (PK_Name_Indexes)

Since upgrading to iMIS 20.1.13 (from 15.x) users have been encountering a Customer Portfolio shutdown we have traced to a new clustered primary key for dbo.Name_Indexes. The primary key is "PK_Name_Indexes". This primary key did not exist in iMIS 15.x. The stored procedure "sp_asi_UpdateNameIndex" executes against dbo.Name_Indexes. It is unchanged between 15.x and 20.1.13, and will now occasionally fail because violations to this new primary key.

Using SOA to override UnitPrice when registering for event


we're working on custom conference registration iPart mainly using SOA EventManager to register members for various event functions. There is a number of Registrant classes for the event and registrant can belong to more than one so we need to do the following:

1. Determine lowest price for registrant for each selected function or option. I was able to do that using iBO CFunction.GetFuncFeeByRegClass(registrantClass)

Drop down list on contact window of admin console sourced from IQA

I am going round in circles with support on this one and cannot get a coherent answer so I thought I would try you folks.

I have an iqa that is returning the names of contacts that are set up as organizations.

I would like the results to be available in a drop down list for selection on a contact/customer additional window so that the users can select the organization the contact works for (we cannot use the company field as our contacts can work for multiple organizations so we have a custom multi instance table to capture their employers.

iMIS Multi Value Look Ups

Hello all

You may have recently found that all the multi-value look up fields in the iMIS desktop have stopped working, and give an error:

"Duplicate description detected. Please correct the lookup table."

This seems to be caused by a recent MS Update - KB3008923

Once this update is removed, the look ups should work.

Retrieve Auto Enroll flag for Event function using SOA


I'm browsing SOA documentation for last couple of hours trying to figure out how to retrieve Auto-Enroll flag for event function. There is nothing in EventFunctionData class.
Only place I could find it is in EventData.RegistrationOptions but that collection is empty for my test event.

Does anyone know how to get this flag?