Staff view - Activities recording

Client has a need to record the activity author against the activity, when adding an activity via staff view.
When adding an activity via Desktop, the author is by default entered into the SOURCE_CODE field, but not so when adding an activity via staff view.
Has anyone got a solution? Or a workaround?

iMIS 20.2 - An error has occurred in the script on this page

Using iMIS

In the desktop, the following error happens a minimum of one time, but often two or three times per click 1. when navigating from any module to another module or 2. calling features within a module (example, doing a find in customers and then selecting a row throws this error)

Script Error

Line: 1
Char: 1

Event Calendar Source

A couple of related questions:

1) Can the source query for the Event Calendar be editted?  We have hundreds of classes (Events) and need to limit which show on the calendar.

2) Does anyone know if there are plans to allow for using different source queries so that we could have multiple calendars, each with a different set of displayed Events?

Many thanks!

Flat Rate Late Fee for those not renewed yet

Have been around this soo many times.

Has anyone got a solution to generate a flat rate late fee using a product and bill run that will charge the late fee to all members of defined member types that have not yet renewed. Th.e charge has to then appear on the payment page for online payment when/if they do renew.

We have tried soo many different ways and none of them work - why is this soooo hard - it really should be very simple!

un-collapse program option listings

We've got a client who has had several issues with event registrations where the registrant didn't see/understand that the 2nd/3rd day of program options were available just needed to be expanded, so they've requested that all days/groups of options are expanded by default all the time.

I've submitted to ASI, but all that did was get submitted as an RSE - with no potential workaround to accomplish this.

Event Edit Page Always Displays Pacific Time

When editing or creating an event in the RiSE >> Events event_edit.aspx page the default appears to always display Pacific time. We confirmed that the server is set to Eastern Time, but the event edit page still displays PT instead. How can we change the event edit page to show ET instead?

Modifying "Register Others" IQA to return

I'm trying to modify the IQA that populates the "Register Someone Else" drop down in the Event Display iPart. The client want "companies" and "individuals" to be able to login to the web site and register for events. When logged in as a company the "Register Self" is disabled but they can register "someone else" which should be staff in the companies roster.. I need the IQA to meet four use cases.

iMIS Error when processing Create GL Journal

We've been trying to run the "Create GL Journal" from Process Month End in A/R Cash and we keep getting the following error message:

Error: No Due To - Due From information for:
owner entity ACA - cash entity V.

I've checked the ASI log file after attempting to run this report and don't see anything specific in the report.

I've been searching online but I'm not finding anything specific to this message in iMIS. I'm looking for any pieces of information any of you might have.

iMIS 20.2 not the best

Just wondering if others are as frustrated with iMIS 20.2 as I am. Some basic functionality has been removed that makes no sense for ASI to do so. A good example is the loss of sending a registration notification to the staff contact setup in the events. ASI informs us we need to setup an IQA and then use Communication Suite to schedule the email.

Crystal Runtime Error during invoice generation

Upgraded to V20

Customized Dues renewals invoice getting error Crystal Runtime Error   Error in file....... Specified value type is different to the current value type

any way to find out what specifically it is complaining about.

I have opened in crystal reports and repointed at new database fields and it says that the database is up to date. but still getting this error. How do I debug?