Member Pictures

I am trying to find a way to pull out members that do not have a picture on file. Does anyone have a way to do this in a Crystal Report? Thanks, Eve

Refund through iBOs

Can you push a refund into iMIS through the iBOs?
Or how can you get a refund into iMIS without going thru the desktop app.

Weird Informz and Name_Log issue.

I have a few thousand rows in Name_Log that look like :

INFORMZ_MAILINGS.MAILING_NAME: W111116 -> Q111128- Annual Dinner
INFORMZ_MAILINGS.PUBLISH_DATE: 28/09/2011 11:55:00 PM -> 11/10/2011 9:35:00 PM

I have searched Schema : triggers, stored procedures etc for code that might do these inserts, but can find none.

All updates externally to Name etc are done thru IBO code.

Website community eMails Showing

Hi Guys,

When someone subscribing to community articles on our website, then he/she is getting the emails with "To:" instead of showing the subscriber email id in "To" section.
Anyone having idea, how it could be changed to user email id or in the To section?


Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_Individual'

We are suddenly getting PK violations on Individuals

Msg 2627, Level 14, State 1, Procedure asi_Name_Insert_Update, Line 634
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_Individual'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.Individual'. The duplicate key value is (81d60870-20ff-4f7a-8b3e-3ac8c6ea2d1b).
The statement has been terminated.

it i is throwing an error on the asi_name_insert trigger at this code.

Adding an Event in Staff Site (With Registrant Class Determination = Stored Procedure)


We are just starting to use staff site on iMIS and are wondering if it's possible to set the Registrant Class Determination = Stored Procedure? See attached image for reference.

Adding a new event via staff site would only offer pricing for default and member registrant classes.

Have anyone achieved setting up event with stored procedure in staff site for registrant class dertermination?

Credit balance on account from orders entry

Issue....A customer made a web purchase but the credit (payment) will not apply properly to the order number....please assist on how to fix this.

Edit Function Code


Is there anyway we could 'EDIT' a function code for an active event?

To my knowledge, I understand it is not possible but just curious to know if there was a work around.

We have a scenario where a custom iPart works based on function code and we have incorrect codes on some of our events that we need to fix.

Any suggestions?


Security Settings (Navigation items) for Staff Site


Could anyone please share their best practice security setting for staff site in

Basically, there are list of tasks we would like our team members perform themselves like:

1. Community
a. View / add / edit contacts
b. view / add / edit committees
c. manage chapters is fine
2. View / add / edit events
3. Commerce
a. View only for products
b. view / add / edit batches

Staff view - Activities recording

Client has a need to record the activity author against the activity, when adding an activity via staff view.
When adding an activity via Desktop, the author is by default entered into the SOURCE_CODE field, but not so when adding an activity via staff view.
Has anyone got a solution? Or a workaround?