Fonts on Crystal Report

Using iMIS 20.2 and TaskCentre 4.6 SR 1a and having issues with a Crystal Report (v. 2008). I have a member certificate set up and the task

  1. is scheduled to run once every night
  2. selects those that renewed the previous date
  3. runs creates a PDF for each member renewed and saves it to disk with ID number as part of the filename
  4. formats the body of the email to prep for HTML email body

Taskcentre - Default HTML Editor

In TaskCentre I don't seem to have a default HTML editor identified anymore. How/where do I set that up?

TaskCentre - added connection to new testing server/db, but how to get Server to show up when configuring a SQL Trigger step?

In TaskCentre, we have several live tasks running against SQL server IMISSQL, database OURDB.
We developed them in a "Test" folder; at that time we went against the same SQL server, but database APWATEST.
Now, the test database we have to use is on a new server, TESTIMISSQL, database APWATEST.

So in TaskCentre I went into Manage / Tools / Input / Database Query (ODBC), and added a connection, for which the Test button shows Success.

Task Centre

We are new to task centre. We hit some bumps with setup but finally have everything ready to set up. During a troubleshooting session we created a task and forgot to disable it at the end of our session. I started some data entry today on one of the tables (that is a trigger for the task left enabled) and the emails went for not only the entries I made today, but for all the ones in the past. Our trigger is on the Activity table. How do you set it up to only send an email if the transaction date is on or after the current day? I tried modifying the query step but can't figure out how to do it?

Connect to Test Database

I have a new client who already has TaskCentre installed. They have asked me to set up some automated tasks for them. I created a copy of their database to use for testing and would like to use it for TaskCentre until I can be sure the task is going to run correctly. In the connection for the query it only wants to connect to the original database. Is there somewhere I can set it to go to the test database?

TaskCentre - Crystal Reports Runtime

Hi guys,


I have a running task centre. I was working fine until I checked it again today and found out that every single task with crystal reports attachment failed.

I have checked taskcentre's event log, nothing's there.

However, other tasks work perfectly fine.

Adding logo to TaskCentre generated email

A TaskCentre job sends an e-mail in html format, to whch content I need to add a logo (.jpg). How do I add the image file?

TaskCentre sending out a double email when only one should be sent

We have a TaskCentre task setup with our events to send out a confirmation letter. The issue we are experenceing is that every now agian for no reason that I have been able to find out yet, TaskCentre sends out 2 confirmations instead of 1 like it should.


Has anoyone else run into this odd issue??

if so did you find a soltion?

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Taskcentre: Can a task be triggered from iMIS WCM page


In IMIS can a taskcentre task be triggered from a link/button on a page that is hosted by iMIS WCM?

i.e. wondering if user can click link and have their membership certificate emailed to the email address we have on record for them?




Has anyone yet reached their maximum number of Tasks in TC?

You may have or may not have been aware, but there is a limit of 25 tasks you can build in an out of the box TC implementation.  You can buy more of course, but I was curious to find out who may have hit this limitation and how fast?  Would you mind sharing how you worked around your issues if you did run into this limitation?