Business Object Designer

IQA to pull street addresses for orgs: which business object(s) should I use?

With as much as I've learned about IQA in iMIS, I'm at a loss for how to pull street addresses for our members. We use office addresses as the default, but we also conduct visits to our members' physical addresses which, of course, do not include PO boxes. I've added street addresses for each member organization, but I'm unable to figure out how to write a query to pull them. Any idea which business object(s) I should be using to make this happen?

Business Object Display Field from an IQA with a SQL Expression

I am trying to make the display field of a custom business object, a field from an IQA that uses a SQL Expression. I am concatenating a string and a field from the business object. The IQA works but the display field doesn't show up as an option in the Business Object Designer. Before I changed the SQL view behind it, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to do this?

Thank you

Custom Join options ("Relations") as defaults for custom business objects

When attempting to join a custom business object based on the Trans table to a standard business object that has ID while choosing sources for an IQA, I want it to automatically join ID = ST ID. Does anyone know how to do this? What forces that dynamism?

Issue with Custom Business Objects and Panel Editor

Hi there,

Have come across what I believe to be an issue with how the Panel Editor handles custom business objects vs standard business objects (automatically generated based on User Defined tables). This may or may not be a bug - it may be a limitation around custom business objects in general. What I would like to know is if anyone else has come across this and what your solution was.

V20 add table in Sql dbase, not available in Additional Windows

For the life of me I cannot figure out what I am missing and I cannot find the documentation on how to use a new table. Previously I have only had to add new fields/columns to tables and done that through the desktop. this time I have a whole new table, I have added to the sql dbase. Created the BO use that new table. But when I try to create a new window in customer module setup it is telling me the table does not exist. How come BO creation can find the table but Additional Windows creation cannot?  Thinking I have missed something stupid.

Street Address Table Location

I wasn't quite sure where to post this question, but because I'm trying to create a BO with this information, I figured I would post it here.  This is probably a super easy question.

I'm just trying to locate the table containing the "Street Address" information.  I expected to find it in the NAME or NAME_ADDRESS tables, but the only data there is for "Address" rather than "Street Address" as far as I can tell.

Adding Constraints to Business Object.

We have created a series of iMIS Business Objects to enable us to enter the various response messages and response codes returned from the various payment gateways.

The BO field RETURNERROR sets a flag to either display a message(ie. Invalid experation date) or false to send an email and direct the payer to an error page.

The BO_BSCIPayResponseResult has the following fields RESULT RESPMSG, RETURNERROR, BO_CCAuthAcctCode and RESULTKEY.

Business Object Security

There are some user-defined tables created and secured to a single member type. Those tables have corresponding 'Cs' Business Objects but they're available to non-authorized users (i.e. people of a different member type) for selection when building and running an IQA report, thus exposing secured data.

How can security be applied to a Business Object? I see some security options available when editing the BO through the Business Object Designer interface (under the Properties tab) but all fields are disabled, even for Manager.

Business objects will not pubish

Using 15.1.3 on a 64 bit server, I am trying to publish the UD business objects using Tools > Utilities > UD fields.

Problem is when I click Build All it comes back 'unknown failure'.  I've retried like 5-6 times to no avail.

I've even submitted to ASI and after uploading a copy of the db, they were able to publish from their server but i still cannot on mine.

Can anyone think of anything I could be missing on this?

Adding Business Object Constraint for Member Type

I've been trying to get a very simple Member Type constraint to work but am having no success.

What I've done so far is added a property constraint to NetContact and CsContact Member Type field with the following code:

string proposed = (string)proposedValue;

proposed = proposed.ToUpper();

if (proposed == "CH")

constraintPassed = true;

I think this constraint should return an error if the selected record's member type changes to something other than CH.  However when I select a record, go to the Personal link, change the member type to something other than CH and save, I do not receive an error.