Formula query

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I produce reports every couple of weeks to show new membership and membership renewals. These are mostly correct but we do have some anomalies and I've been trying to resolve this, with some progress.

We are currently using Crystal Reports 9 and one of the lines of formula is: if {Subscriptions.BEGIN_DATE} >= DateAdd ('m', -2, {?StartDate}) then '*' else '';

Hyperlink IQA results to another IQA

Running iMIS

I am looking to see if you can hyperlink results of an IQA to another IQA. I have an automated email that I have sent to me telling me of potential issues in the data in my iMIS instance. I want to turn that daily email into a dashboard in WebView where I can click on the results of the error value and be taken to an IQA that has those specific results. Here is a snippet of what I am looking at right now for data coming to me:

Data formatting

I've recently started using IQAs. One thing I'm trying to resolve is the formatting of the date, data, for example, if I run a report with a thru date column, this also includes a times stamp of 00:00:00. I image that somewhere within iMIS I'll be able to amend this to just the date format but I can't see where. Has anybody else been able to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.


IQA to pull street addresses for orgs: which business object(s) should I use?

With as much as I've learned about IQA in iMIS, I'm at a loss for how to pull street addresses for our members. We use office addresses as the default, but we also conduct visits to our members' physical addresses which, of course, do not include PO boxes. I've added street addresses for each member organization, but I'm unable to figure out how to write a query to pull them. Any idea which business object(s) I should be using to make this happen?

iMIS WebView - IQA - Point to an outside URL

Running iMIS I have a view in SQL that I am turning into an active IQA on my WebView. The view has a set URL within it that I want to sort of display on the page this IQA will be visible on. I need the URL to be clickable so that if I click on it, I am taken to the actual URL. Is that possible? This is not an iMIS URL but a webpage that is stored in the view. I have the view showing the full URL right now, I would like to shorten it if I can. In the IQA display settings, for the field that holds this URL in it, I have Alias set to [URL] and link set to ~[URL]. This makes it look like it is hyperlinked as it is blue and underlined but clicking on it takes you nowhere.

How to direct an IQA link to the clicked-on person's full or abbreviated profile, depending on the person running the IQA?

We have an IQA where a column is a link to see the clicked-on person's profile:

If the person logged in is…
• A member – we’d like the link to go to Public_Profile.aspx -- all links are currently going here
• Not a member – we’d like to go to Public_Profile2.aspx (which has less info)

We can’t put a logical SQL statement, field returned by the Biz Object, or IIF condition in the IQA’s link field.

Looking for good examples using foreach command

Does anyone have some good examples of the foreach command being used in Communication templates?  The only out-of-the-box template that appears to be available in iMIS is the Event Confirmation.  I have followed the logic of this template in trying to build another one, yet keep coming up short.  The out-of-the-box template lists all of the functions within the registration, but only the functions of the registrant listed in the email.  Makes sense.  Joe Smith only wants to see his own functions, not someone else's functions and not eveyone else's function.  Following what appears to be a similar line of logic, I’m trying to build a different kind of template, one that lists all of the company admins of a company member.  This feature of the tool is proving to be particulary quirky.  If I include the Default query under the Additional Data Sources area, the template finds no one, even though the Recipient query finds about 900 individuals.  The recipient query also includes the NetContact.ID field, which is what you must have in order to feed it to the Default query's NetContact.ID filter.  If I take out the Default query and just use my query with repeating rows, giving it a Filter of NetContact.ID, the query sorta works, except that instead of listing out each company's admins, all admins (regardless of company) appear on all 900 messages.   What's weird is that I took this approach earlier today and the admins appearing on each company's email message belonged only to the company being previewed, only they were being listed twice.  Therefore I was tryingt to eliminate the duplicates.  Now we're back to seeing all admins on all companies being previewed, in spite of not being able to identify any differences between the queries before and after.  To say this exercise is frustrating would be an understatement. 

Using an IQA in a Query Menu to display an image


Does anyone know a way to have an IQA return an image given the path of that image?

We are using a query menu iPart to display past event details, and the IQA will return the relative path to the image, but it won’t actually display the image.

I was thinking something using the @url dynamic query item might be useful, but if someone has a better idea I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance.

IQA exports to Excel affected by Microsoft Security Update

A recent Microsoft Update appears to be preventing the export to Excel functionality from IQA. Exporting to CSV works fine, but when an export to Excel is attempted (Open, and Save as) the result is an Excel file having a blank, gray window.

I found the following when googling this issue, which sounds very much like what is occurring with IQA and the export to Excel:

"What is wrong?
JIRA’s feature to export issues as an Excel file (.xls) works by creating a html file with the relevant data and saving it with the .xls suffix. Up until recently, this has been an effective solution for our customers.

Link IQA result to content record --- open in a new window

I've got an IQA that I'm linking to a content record using: ContentCode=StaffClassifieds&PanelDefinitionId=BBCCE866-5959-4D17-A3F0-5291F4829FD7&AllowEdit=True&ID=[code_ID]&iKey=[code_seqn]. I'd like to open this link in a new window or a pop-up window. Is there another parameter I can add to this string to the results to open in a new tab or a pop-up window?