IQA query for company roster?

How do I build a query in IQA that will list only Company Records* with at least 1 current Member** on their roster?

I have a hunch that I will need to use multiple instances of CsContact and involve the Company ID field somehow, but I can't seem to parse out the Join and/or the Filters properly. Everything I have tried comes out wonky.

All it needs to show is the record ID and company name of those company records. No individuals on the roster need to show up in the results.

Passing URL Parameter to an IQA through WCM

Ok, I have an Org profile page that works fine but I want to load in an IQA to show some specific values for only that Org record when a person opens it up. I have an IQA ready to go but obviously, the IQA requires some sort of parameter to be pushed to it in order to show only the results required for that Org or it shows everything SQL has in the table. What I want is for a person to click on a link that opens the Org profile page I have created to show the org in question(I have this done as this was the easy part) but I want the IQA to be on that page but to have the ID from the URL passed to the IQA or the IQA to pick it up. Is that even possible?

IQA Assistance

Ok, trying to build an IQA but I am coming into a bit of a problem and I am not sure how to get this resolved. I am hoping someone here may be able to assist as I think this is just a small issue.

The IQA is a search on our trade show. We want people to be able to search based on Company name, city and/or booth number. In this search, I want to populate the booth number as a dropdown of all booths that are spoken for and I want to populate the city option as a dropdown of all cities that each company who is registered for are in. The company field is an open field.

Define relationship between two source queries in IQA

I have two existing queries.  One lists all 'member contacts' to be made for the year.  The other is a list of completed member contacts based on a custom activity type of MBRCONTACT with a Product Code of COMPLETE.  I am trying to create a third query listing those contacts that have yet to be done.  I added both of the original queries as sources in a new query and need to get results of those IDs in the All query that are not in the Complete query.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I have been changing the relationships between the two queries and it will not run at all.  I have also tried linking the All query to the CsActivity table directly and filtering but could not get that to the right results.

IQA link to iMIS ID

I have an IQA Query that I want to display the name or iMIS ID as a link - and when clicked on will bring up the record in Customers. Can anyone help with this?
(we are using iMIS 20)


IQA to display the "Logged In" users registered events


I'm looking for an iQA to display the logged in users past events (already registered) *not the upcoming*. Since we don't close the events straight away (at least not until the accounting is completed) since I can't use the activities table to obtain the results.

I tried using the following:

Source - NetContact and CsEvent

Query Help

We're a trade organization and our members are companies.  We have a User Defined Table called Tradeshows.  it's a multi-instance table where we store booth information for each member that exhibited in each show .

I'm trying to create an IQA to be able to report on show participation.  Ideally, I'd like to give our staff users several optional parameters for which shows they want info on.

Reading IQA queries from SQL

Does anyone know if it's possible to retrieve/run an IQA query from a SQL script? I was hoping we could query the Blob field in the DocumentMain table to retrieve the SQL script for a particular IQA query, but it doesn't look like the Blob data for DocumentTypeCode='IQD' is stored in XML format, so I'm not sure how to encode/retrieve the data.

We want to do this so that an IQA query can be executed as part of a SQL job or stored procedure so that the users can maintain the query, but we can leverage it for back-end processing.

Passing ID as paremeter in IQA to SSRS and Back

I am creating some reports for a client that are easy enough to do - I have created the query in IQA but there is one parameter, and that is the ID of the person running the report. For now, I have hard coded an ID - I could have the user enter their ID but ideally I would like to get their login name, run it against the contactmain table to get the ID and use that as the resulting value.

I was hoping to be able to do this using IQA, saving to RDL, going into BIDS, formatting the report, importing the template, creating the report, and then creating the content. I have a feeling it's not going to be that simple. I know once I touch the SQL code, I cannot use the iMIS template system.

IQA - Display Tab - SQL Expressions to control how output is displayed

We're using

I have a query (IQA) which presents via iPart a listing of customer's 'Specialties'.  The data is maintained in a custom table which the customer updates using checkboxes.  The db stores this as either 1 or 0 (True or False)

Currently the output displays as something like:-

Example 1

Breast Cancer True
Palliative Care False
Paediatrics True
Education False

and I would, at a minimum, prefer the display as:-