IQA link to iMIS ID

I have an IQA Query that I want to display the name or iMIS ID as a link - and when clicked on will bring up the record in Customers. Can anyone help with this?
(we are using iMIS 20)


IQA to display the "Logged In" users registered events


I'm looking for an iQA to display the logged in users past events (already registered) *not the upcoming*. Since we don't close the events straight away (at least not until the accounting is completed) since I can't use the activities table to obtain the results.

I tried using the following:

Source - NetContact and CsEvent

Query Help

We're a trade organization and our members are companies.  We have a User Defined Table called Tradeshows.  it's a multi-instance table where we store booth information for each member that exhibited in each show .

I'm trying to create an IQA to be able to report on show participation.  Ideally, I'd like to give our staff users several optional parameters for which shows they want info on.

Reading IQA queries from SQL

Does anyone know if it's possible to retrieve/run an IQA query from a SQL script? I was hoping we could query the Blob field in the DocumentMain table to retrieve the SQL script for a particular IQA query, but it doesn't look like the Blob data for DocumentTypeCode='IQD' is stored in XML format, so I'm not sure how to encode/retrieve the data.

We want to do this so that an IQA query can be executed as part of a SQL job or stored procedure so that the users can maintain the query, but we can leverage it for back-end processing.

Passing ID as paremeter in IQA to SSRS and Back

I am creating some reports for a client that are easy enough to do - I have created the query in IQA but there is one parameter, and that is the ID of the person running the report. For now, I have hard coded an ID - I could have the user enter their ID but ideally I would like to get their login name, run it against the contactmain table to get the ID and use that as the resulting value.

I was hoping to be able to do this using IQA, saving to RDL, going into BIDS, formatting the report, importing the template, creating the report, and then creating the content. I have a feeling it's not going to be that simple. I know once I touch the SQL code, I cannot use the iMIS template system.

IQA - Display Tab - SQL Expressions to control how output is displayed

We're using

I have a query (IQA) which presents via iPart a listing of customer's 'Specialties'.  The data is maintained in a custom table which the customer updates using checkboxes.  The db stores this as either 1 or 0 (True or False)

Currently the output displays as something like:-

Example 1

Breast Cancer True
Palliative Care False
Paediatrics True
Education False

and I would, at a minimum, prefer the display as:-

IQA - Concatenating Fields and Text as SQL expression

We're using

Have an IQA query and wish to display concatenated output using a SQL expression on Display tab.

I can get plain text to display.  For example, entering 'My test text' in quotes displays as expected.
I can get a field from my business objects to display.  For example, entering 'vBONetContact.FirstName' (without quotes) also works.

Attempts to concatenate both text and variables fails.  My syntax is in the form:-

IQA that uses an SQL function?


Hi All,

We have some add-hocs that use SQL functions to limit the data set, but now we want to put these into IQA but at a glance I thought I could do this but now seems it can’t.

So Is that actually possible at all, or am I correct in my thinking that I need to create a view based on what the function was looking for, and then import that as a BO and link that way.



Display 'public profile' page based on iQA search result


We are building a new WCM site in version.

We created an iQA and used the query menu iPart to display in the WCM. All went good but when we click on the search result, we wanted the perseon performing the search to be able to view the 'Public Profile' of the search result but instead it gives me an 'Access Denied' error.

There are certain points to be considered:-

Drop Down menu for a UDT in iQA


We are developing a search functionality for our client. The public needs to be able to perform a search for a 'Translator' from one language to another. I've set up a custom table in iMIS with 'Multiple Instances Allowed' option and also the validation from the General Look up containg about 50 language options.

I'm createing an iQA query to be able to perform this and implement the iQA in WCM. I got it to work except the fact that there is no drop down option available for users to select the languange but they have to type it in manually like:-
From = Chinese
To = English

Is there anyway I can get the drop down menu in the iQA for selecting the language?