IQA that uses an SQL function?


Hi All,

We have some add-hocs that use SQL functions to limit the data set, but now we want to put these into IQA but at a glance I thought I could do this but now seems it can’t.

So Is that actually possible at all, or am I correct in my thinking that I need to create a view based on what the function was looking for, and then import that as a BO and link that way.



Display 'public profile' page based on iQA search result


We are building a new WCM site in version.

We created an iQA and used the query menu iPart to display in the WCM. All went good but when we click on the search result, we wanted the perseon performing the search to be able to view the 'Public Profile' of the search result but instead it gives me an 'Access Denied' error.

There are certain points to be considered:-

Drop Down menu for a UDT in iQA


We are developing a search functionality for our client. The public needs to be able to perform a search for a 'Translator' from one language to another. I've set up a custom table in iMIS with 'Multiple Instances Allowed' option and also the validation from the General Look up containg about 50 language options.

I'm createing an iQA query to be able to perform this and implement the iQA in WCM. I got it to work except the fact that there is no drop down option available for users to select the languange but they have to type it in manually like:-
From = Chinese
To = English

Is there anyway I can get the drop down menu in the iQA for selecting the language?


"Desktop Home" Customisations and providing staff with information about IQAs

We are starting to look to use the imis "Desktop Home" page as a communication tool for our iMIS users about what is new (e.g. new IQA's, new Reports) etc.

We are currently on

We do have a Corporate Intranet, but I'm thinking may be better to centralise this type of information in iMIS.

What I'm wondering is how others tell users about new IQAs they are available and also the documentation around the IQA.

Profile Pictures IQA

I have a client who would like to display a list of committee members via IQA and use their "Profile Picture", along with their name, title, etc. I have found the Name_Picture table, a good start I suppose - but how would I get the actual profile picture to force into an '<img src="{{path/to/profile/photo.jpg}}"/>' in the IQA? I was hoping that the Query Profile Picture List iPart would be a little more useful, but that just shows the profile images and none of the other elements in the IQA query.

Disable "Show all 500" results on QueryMenuCommon ipart that displays results of an IQA


How can I disable the "Show all 500" results link on a particular QueryMenuCommon ipart that displays results of an IQA.

Using and ASI tech support say they cannot assist.



using System Setup product sort in iQA

I have a client who is utilizing the Set up commerce web components for their product setup (set as featured), category setting and sort. While this is intended to be used for the PublicView store, this information should be writing to the database somewhere to be able to use to sort the iQA query for the ProductDisplayList iPart, should it not? This is found at System Setup > Set up commerce web components > Store home.

Web view activities cached when switching between contacts

Hi there,

My client set up a page under the Contacts section of the web view to allow casual users to see a subset of customer activities. This is done through an IQA query (CsActivity joined with NetContact, and filtered by activity type and "@SubjectContact" for the ID) and the query is dropped on a content page.

Here's the issue:

- When you look at any contact's activities and then lookup your own record next, the previous contact's activities will show up as your if it's cached. If you click around within your own record and get back to the activity list page, the results correct themselves.

How to add queries as Business Object into another query in IQA

I have created 3 queries with different contents, now I need to connect all of these three queries in a 4th query. So I would like to use queries as business object in Q4; however, I am running into an issue. I am coming from SQL background and would like to have have three three queries turn into temporary table and feed the data into 4th table. I am not too certain how that is possible, but I did hear in conference that we can use queries as business object.

Passing parameters in URL to a content page containing an IQA query (QueryMenuCommon ipart)


I'm looking to develop a listing of education events that accept two parameters - basically a search for events offering points between a lower bound and an upper bound.

Ideally I'd like to pass these parameters from a navigation element to a content page that contains an IQA. 

Idea behind this is to not create separate IQA queries for each point banding and embed them on separate pages.