Custom Join options ("Relations") as defaults for custom business objects

When attempting to join a custom business object based on the Trans table to a standard business object that has ID while choosing sources for an IQA, I want it to automatically join ID = ST ID. Does anyone know how to do this? What forces that dynamism?

How to get linked-to IQA report to pop up in new window?

Hi all,

We have a working IQA in which the person’s name is a link to go to another IQA query to show details about the person. In the IQA definition, that column’s Link value is:
~/MyAPWA/DCS/Mentor_Profile.aspx?MentorID=[code_ID] like you'd think; of course our ID column has that alias of "code_ID".

However, this opens the next IQA in the same window. So, when the user clicks the browser’s back arrow to return to the list of people, s/he must select the run criteria again and click a button, which is the like worst thing in the world apparently.

IQA Query to pull all contacts who have not attended an event within a specific timeframe?

Hi everyone,

I'm recently self-taught in IQA and I've been able to write almost any query I can think of... except for this one.  I don't know what I'm missing, or if it's even possible, but here is the end result that I'm looking for:

I would like to pull the IDs and names for all contacts in iMIS who have neither registered for nor attended an event within a specified timeframe (for example: those who have not registered/attended in the last 6 months).

Letters - Dealing with Bulk using IQA, Mail Merge, Letter System???

We have a requirement for having a definite class of letters to be printed/emailed ideally from a list again generated by an IQA preferably.

How can we use the current Letter system and/or replicate its functionality but with going bulk and scheduled to happen overnight (for the emailing)

Your thoughts on how this has been implemented at your company or your client would be definitely helpful.

Any way to use a hidden form field in the results of an IQA? (Rather than pass data on the QueryString?)

We have the an IQA that returns a roster of people.
Each link carries the ID on the QueryString in the URL
Clicking on the link sends the user to another page using a URL such as:

This makes the ID visible and "modifiable" by the user.

Is it possible to tell IQA to hide this ID and to NOT pass the ID as visible on the queryString? Or is passing the URL on the QueryString the only way to pass an ID from the results of the IQA to the new page?

Upgraded to 20.2.19, and now new IQAs won't save

Hi all,

We haven’t created an IQA since we upgraded to 20.2, and now it won’t let me save a simple IQA. It's a pretty vanilla case...

1) In our test/dev SQL Server DB, I created a simple database view (unobjectionable code is below);

In our RISE development site which points to that database, in both Chrome and FireFox, I…

2) Created and published a RISE biz object from the view.

Display an iQA in Matrix


Trying to display member type and chapter in a matrix style derived from an iQA. Could you please shed some light in this?

We would like to have member types as rows and chapters as columns.

Is it possible in an iQA or should I go with SSRS?


iQA Paid through without time entry


Is it possible to have an IQA display the PAID_THRU date without the time?

For e.g. PAID_THRU date displays the result as 31/08/2016 12:00:00 AM. Can we have them as 31/08/2016 (omitting the 12:00:00 AM)?


Looking for a good example of how to use the "@url:" dynamic filter

Has anyone had success using the "@url:" filter in IQA?  The documentation at is sorely lacking on this feature.  I added two columns to a query - Committe Group Code, with a column heading of 'Code', and Group Name.  A second IQA query is called by the first query that receives the group code from the first query, clicked on by the user.  The second query then attempts to filter the results using the code from the first query with the syntax of CsCommittee.TheGroup = "@url:Code" on the Filters tab.  However, the second query displays all committees, not just the ones for the selected group.  Can anyone provide assistance on this one?  Thanks.

IQA hyperlink transfers to Page 2; how to have it open Page 2 in a pop-up window?

Hi all,

I've created an IQA with the last column being a "Comments" link, which transfers to a different page that shows that comment text area for the User ID on that report line. The comments will probably often be several paragraphs long.

When the user clicks the browser's back-arrow, the IQA report reverts to its initial "no run params typed in, no results displayed" state.

Is there any way to make the link pop up a pop-up window? This would leave the original window unchanged.