Looking for a good example of how to use the "@url:" dynamic filter

Has anyone had success using the "@url:" filter in IQA?  The documentation at is sorely lacking on this feature.  I added two columns to a query - Committe Group Code, with a column heading of 'Code', and Group Name.  A second IQA query is called by the first query that receives the group code from the first query, clicked on by the user.  The second query then attempts to filter the results using the code from the first query with the syntax of CsCommittee.TheGroup = "@url:Code" on the Filters tab.  However, the second query displays all committees, not just the ones for the selected group.  Can anyone provide assistance on this one?  Thanks.

IQA hyperlink transfers to Page 2; how to have it open Page 2 in a pop-up window?

Hi all,

I've created an IQA with the last column being a "Comments" link, which transfers to a different page that shows that comment text area for the User ID on that report line. The comments will probably often be several paragraphs long.

When the user clicks the browser's back-arrow, the IQA report reverts to its initial "no run params typed in, no results displayed" state.

Is there any way to make the link pop up a pop-up window? This would leave the original window unchanged.

IQA Date Filters

Hello All, 

I'm trying to create an IQA for Informz that will pull IDs only for company records that expired on the last day of previous month.  Does anyone know a way this can be acomplished?  It's appears that SQL cannot be used as a filter. 

Mapping IQA Results

Hello all

I'm creating an IQA for public use that displays the results on a map. Initially the results of the IQA were limited to 10 records. When the map was generated, the zoom level was sensible, i.e. in and around the region of the results. However, when I increased the number of results in the IQA to 20 records, the zoom level of the map was changed so that it displayed the whole world, even though the results of the IQA were all within 10 miles of each other.

Picture in iQA

We are looking to present an iQA in WCM where a list is generated based on active company members along with their logo and a brief description.

I can probably use the picture tab in iMIS to upload their company logo but not sure what field / table is actually referenced for the picture in iMIS and how to drag them on to an iQA. Any ideas / suggestions?

How to retrieve profile image file name

In the mini profile iPart of iMIS20, users can upload an image of themselves, if this feature is enabled.  By default, these images are stored at /net/images/profile.  Each file seems to follow the format id#_random#.jpg (or gif, or png, or bmp, presumably) or id#_random#_T.jpg (gif, png, bmp).  An example for someone having the id of 61525 might be 61525_489866.jpg.  My question is whether this file name is referenced in any of the iMIS tables.  If not, how does iMIS know which file to use when displaying a person's profile?  I was hoping to reference that file name in an IQA.  Can the name be derived through some formula?  I also thought about writing some code that populated Name_Picture.Description or maybe a custom table with the file path.

auto run prompted IQA

Has anyone found a way to automatically run the IQA query for a Query Menu iPart when an optional filter prompt has been added to the IQA?

works great no prompts, but when I add an Optional prompt (if it were required, I get that) - the user has to take an additional step to load the query results.

I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to pass a URL parameter or some other magical trick to get the query to load without the need for an additional action by the visitor.

IQA query for company roster?

How do I build a query in IQA that will list only Company Records* with at least 1 current Member** on their roster?

I have a hunch that I will need to use multiple instances of CsContact and involve the Company ID field somehow, but I can't seem to parse out the Join and/or the Filters properly. Everything I have tried comes out wonky.

All it needs to show is the record ID and company name of those company records. No individuals on the roster need to show up in the results.

Passing URL Parameter to an IQA through WCM

Ok, I have an Org profile page that works fine but I want to load in an IQA to show some specific values for only that Org record when a person opens it up. I have an IQA ready to go but obviously, the IQA requires some sort of parameter to be pushed to it in order to show only the results required for that Org or it shows everything SQL has in the table. What I want is for a person to click on a link that opens the Org profile page I have created to show the org in question(I have this done as this was the easy part) but I want the IQA to be on that page but to have the ID from the URL passed to the IQA or the IQA to pick it up. Is that even possible?

IQA Assistance

Ok, trying to build an IQA but I am coming into a bit of a problem and I am not sure how to get this resolved. I am hoping someone here may be able to assist as I think this is just a small issue.

The IQA is a search on our trade show. We want people to be able to search based on Company name, city and/or booth number. In this search, I want to populate the booth number as a dropdown of all booths that are spoken for and I want to populate the city option as a dropdown of all cities that each company who is registered for are in. The company field is an open field.