Join Page - Only display options based on profiles County.

Essentially our membership system involves a member joining one of three options. Each of these options has it's own dues, determined by the County this person resides in.

We already have all California Counties setup as billing products in iMIS, and each billing product has special pricing to reflect it's three membership options.

My question is - how do I use data in an iMIS users account to determine what join options are available on the page?

Extraneous Name row added, with ID = a single quote

Has anyone ever run into IMIS going insane and inserting a row into the NAME table, with ID = one single quote, and the rest of the columns initialized to nulls / spaces / 0's except for Time_Stamp?

Mike at APWA


1. Does anyone know how to programmatically summon the Document Browser (shown when pressing "SELECT") in the Content Manager? I'd like to bring up that Document Browser dialog, select a content record, and then return that selected path to a textbox on an aspx page (any language will do)
2. Does anyone know how to programmatically redirect to an IMIS shortcut? (i.e. to a link like: @/siteFolder/Content Record)?

Manage customers - content in Desktop client does not display after User Credentials button clicked

When User Credentials is clicked in Customer Management, the Manage customers window opens but the right side of the pane is blank, i.e. no contents appear in the white pane. The only object which appears is a small scroll bar in the upper left corner of the white pane (directly beneath "Manage customers ...").

This problem has occurred ever since we upgraded from 15.x to Our deployment is exclusively through the iMIS Desktop client.

RiSE New layout Definitions Error

Has anybody ever seen this error when attempting to create new layout definitions in RiSE under Manage Content Layouts? When we attempt to edit or create a new layout definition, we get the following error:

Action failed (GetWindowProperties): Invalid web service call, missing value for parameter: ‘folder HierarchyKey’.

We are able to edit and create new content layouts on our test site located on the same server. Our test database was just restored from production ths week so I don't think there's an issue in the databse but a missing file somewhere on the server. I've tried SQL Profiler to see if I ccan get an idea of what it is looking for but haven't had an success.

Marketing module source code generation

We are trying to create new campaign under Marketing module in Staff site. We successfully created new campaign but unable to see assigned source code for this campaign.
There is option in Staff site to import source codes, but we never imported. By default how IMIS assign source code and where we can see generated source code?
Define campaigns summary screen displaying error message: "An error has occured while generating output for this campaign". Not sure what is compaign output?

iMIS Email Preference Center

Hello ,

Does anyone know how to access the new iMIS Email Preference center data?

We need to export the data into IQAs. Does anyone know which tables the data is stored in? A link is below to with more info, this came out in version 20.2 of iMIS.

Any help is appreciated.



iMIS EMail Preference Center

Suppressing Sub navigation.

On sub pages that share a parent page (thinking site-map), I've noticed iMIS dynamically generates an additional menu on each page to the right. This menu does not show up unless you actually load the page from the client-side. Is there an option to suppress this? I've tried suppressing the breadcrumb, but that seems to only hide the menu at the top of the page.


Using Email to login instead of Username?

Trying to figure the best way to go about this. Currently I don't see any easy way to switch out the login page to use Email instead of Username.

I guess I could try synchronizing Email and Username Columns - only issue being users are allowed to change emails in our environment. I'd have to figure out how to keep them synonymous.

I'd much rather alter the sign in page itself (on one website specifically in rise) to synchronize email/password credentials instead of username/password credentials.

Simple Question. Suppressing the Sitemap on Login page.

I simply want to suppress the sitemap entirely when a user is on my login page (aka not logged in).

I see the option of "This navigation item only displays for unauthenticated users" under Sitemap Options, but I literally want the opposite.

Anyone have experience trying to achieve this or something similar?