Custom classes in RiSE


We've had success with using custom user controls on a page in RiSE without having to create a custom iPart, by clicking the "Add content" link on a page and then using the field at the bottom of the content gallery popup that says "Or, enter a path to a web user control."

If we have a custom class that we want to use in conjunction with a user control, is that possible? In other ASP websites, I'm used to just dropping the .cs file in the App_Code folder and then it's automatically recognized, but that doesn't seem to be the case in RiSE.


Uploading or Downloading Documents via RISE


This is a two part question - We're about to start using RISE (which I know very little) & the question was asked:

1. "Can you (presenters) upload documents via RISE and make them available for downloading?"
2. "Can those docs be saved in iMIS as an attachment even if it's attached to an activity?"



Renewal Fees and late fees calculated at renewal time, not before

We are upgrating to v20 very soon and would really like to add the ability for the user to change their status at renewal time (i.e. from practicing to non-practicing). However, the dues amount is different for the different statuses. At the momnet the invoice charges are generated yearly and the amount generated is according to their current status. When they want to renew if they need to change their status they have to call or email and we have to change it in the admin screen, reverse the original invoice and generate a new invoice for the amount for the new status. We really would like to have it that they can change their status when renewing and the amount is derived at renewal time according to the status. an additional kicker is that we have a series of asp pages that they must work through to verify and update various data elements in order to complete their registration per regulatory requirements.

Communities vs. Committees

Does Communities replace Committees or how are they related? How do we access Communities? Under Community all we have is Dashboard, Find Contacts and Add Contact. We are on iMIS 20.1.14. Thank you.

iMIS 20.1 RiSE/WebView Questions


Ok, need a little bit of help. My office is currently on iMIS 15.2.15. We are going to be upgrading to 20.1 soon. These questions are specifically toward the use of the WebView that comes out of the box iMIS. I am working to modify this system and so far having good luck but I have run into a few hurdles that I can't seem to find answers to. I am hoping someone else has seen or dealt with any of these that they can provide me some guidance to them. Any and all assistance is appreciated.

Moving Webserver

What are some best practices or changes that need to be made when changing webserver that is connected to live database and application server for imis 15.1.3



Picture in iQA

We are looking to present an iQA in WCM where a list is generated based on active company members along with their logo and a brief description.

I can probably use the picture tab in iMIS to upload their company logo but not sure what field / table is actually referenced for the picture in iMIS and how to drag them on to an iQA. Any ideas / suggestions?

Hide / Remove 'Sign In' and 'Create Account' from Auxiliary Bar

iMIS Version -

WCM Template - Mars

We are looking to remove the 'sign In' and 'Create Account' links on the auxiliary menu and need some assistance.

We still need the auxiliary menu to be displayed but just no the words sign in and create account.

Any suggestions?

The Problem with Single Spaces in iMIS Data

The Problem with Single Spaces in iMIS Data

(originally published in the June 2013 TechLet; updated in June 2014)

Single space data in iMIS, as opposed to empty string data, has been the root cause of several SMRs, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.  In general, iBO.NET (which lies under SOA and public view) treats a single space as significant, so if there’s a stray space in a field that should be empty, it can lead to errors or unexpected behavior.

Case 1: iMIS Mobile site error on conference agenda page

Book: "Race for Relevance"

Race for Relevance, by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers

This is an ASAE publication that Nathan Slovin refers to in his iBEF presentations. I bought the hard copy, so anyone in the Austin office who would like to read it is welcome to it.

My major takeaways:

  • Smaller, more niche-oriented associations are on the rise. This makes sense because (1) they cannot be all things to all people and (2) digital communications allows narrower information to be available to a niche market.
  • The authors recommend changing the way associations are governed and operated: Boards and committees should be reduced, committees should be run by experienced staff members,
  • Associations must demonstrate relevance in order to attract members by becoming the source of industry expertise, referrals, information curation, and training. In many cases, associations are providing consulting services to members.
  • In order to do more for a demanding customer audience with fewer staff, a successful association must keep current with technology, instead of lagging as they have done in the past.
  • Pursuing affiliation with related associations can enable each one to carry lower overhead.
  • To make these radical changes, associations must be armed with sound data for decision making. The authors basically say that you won't get any changes approved or implemented wtihout making your case with good data.

The book includes some simple, but helpful worksheets to start asking questions and planning for change.