Chrome and WCM

Ok, need a bit of assistance as I can't seem to find the problem. I am on iMIS 15.2.15 and using WCM for our website. The site has been working great and looking great since we launched at the end of 2013. A couple of weeks ago, and this is only in Google Chrome, a white bar appears between our header image and the gray tool bar at the top of the page. I can't seem to find out why it is there or how to get rid of it. Everything looks good in IE and Firefox. I pinged ASI to see if they had made any changes and they have confirmed they haven't. I don't want to make major changes to the site to fix this to have problem appear in IE and/or Firefox so I want to see if anyone else had a problem like this and how they fixed it. I have attached a picture here to show what I am talking about. Any ideas? In case anyone needs to be able to see it, the site address is

Custom Payment Gateway for Desktop version OCX

I have successfully developed and implemented a new public payment gateway for provider DPS.
Now to complete the second part of the exercise - to integrate the OCX file with the iMIS desktop. It *should* be working but when I try to enter a sales transaction, I get the error - the custom gateway is not installed properly. Is there a setup step that I have missed? How does the imis desktop recognize that the ocx file is there?

Adding gift to SOA Cart

Any sample code on adding an gift to the SOA cart?

Common Search Issues - RiSE 20.1

I'm trying to implement a Common Search iPart for a sub-set of pages on RiSE site. I have created 82 Content records with the Content HTML iPart that I want indexed, and have all of these pages inheriting the tag I want to use for the search filter (the tag is named 'SWONArchives'). All of the pages I need tagged are restricted to several member types.

When I configure the Common Search iPart on the page that is meant to search over those page, I have the following options chosen:

Output of Dynamic Content in RiSE iPART

I have an iPart that is configurable similar to the Content Collection Organizer.
The Asi.Business.ContentManagement.Content object gives me a method for ContentHtml, which works if there is no dynamic content.
Does anyone know the method for rendering dynamic content?

Web_login value was changed to use the email address, CAN'T login into iMIS desktop

A script was executed to update the web_login for our users to the email address that is on file.  We have a few license staff accounts that access the desktop version of iMIS.  After the execution, i can't log into iMIS with any of the licensed accounts.  What could be causing the problem?



Common Search iPart Query String Parameter example

I am using the Common Search iPart to filter an Events list page. I have a working example with the InitialText query string parameter working, which looks like this:

It appears that the Common Search iPart filters based on the Title of the Event as per my example above. Does anyone have a working example of the InitialLogic query string parameter? My assumption is that it just filters multiple words against the Event Title.

iMIS 15.2 <=> Moodle Integration

I am currently looking into deploying a Moodle LMS on my network, and I have iMIS 15.2 installed locally. Ideally, I want to have integration between iMIS and Moodle.

Has anyone ventured out and completed an integration between these two systems? If so,

      what pieces were integrated?
      Are there 3rd party tools that exist?
      Was custom coding required (if so, what approach was taken)?

Using <object> to embed a PDF

I'm attempting to embed a PDF within <object> tags on one of our webpages.  The issue I'm encountering is an error stating that the content cannot be displayed in a frame.   Specifically, it says, "the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame."  Any idea on what might be happening here or how to fix?

Thank you!

Ctrl F () - Find, Search by email doesn't return all the expected results.

While using the Search feature under Customers, I noticed that by selecting email and providing the first few letters in the equals box, it doesn't return all the desried results.  How does it work for email?  I'm guessing there is a like parameter used in the back end to pull the data.

Is there a better way to search by email address?  We are implementing a policy to enter your email so it would be advantageous to have a mechanism to search by email but there isn't any confidence in the Search capability.