Creating iMIS20.1 IBO objects programmatically in a Classic ASP site

Hi all,

I’m changing our old Classic ASP (!) chapter site to work with iMIS 20.1, which we're scheduled to install starting on 2/20/14. Our old version is 10.1.

One of the things the code does when you sign in to our site is to save about 10 items in a session array.
To set various of these items, it creates a few different iMIS objects and calls their methods.

The existing code works fine. When I comment out the old ODBC connection and uncomment the one just below it, the code fails to create the iMIS MemberContact object. I’ve checked the ODBC connection a dozen times.

Error during logon: the application server version...

If you get this desktop error at startup:

...and the URL appears to be valid, it may be a name resolution issue.  Try running ipconfig /flushdns from a command prompt to clear the DNS cache.  If that doesn't help, in Desktop Login / Set Host Location, reference the server by IP instead of name, e.g. instead of http://myserver/imis/CS.

See also:

Passing URL Parameter to an IQA through WCM

Ok, I have an Org profile page that works fine but I want to load in an IQA to show some specific values for only that Org record when a person opens it up. I have an IQA ready to go but obviously, the IQA requires some sort of parameter to be pushed to it in order to show only the results required for that Org or it shows everything SQL has in the table. What I want is for a person to click on a link that opens the Org profile page I have created to show the org in question(I have this done as this was the easy part) but I want the IQA to be on that page but to have the ID from the URL passed to the IQA or the IQA to pick it up. Is that even possible?

Credit cards not processing in iMIS from online(eSeries and i20)

Credit cards are not processing online, they are making it to iMIS but not Paypal. This is eSeries on i20.0. Has anyone seen this before? FYI we can process credit card payments in desktop.

Sticky Footer

I'd like to add a sticky footer onto our website.  I found the sticky footer section in the stylesheet (we're using planets/venus), but I'm not sure where to add the html code.  Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

CSS to auto-expand event titles in the Event Calendar content item

With the Event Calendar content item, you can display upcoming events by Day, Week, or Month. The default view shows the Month (the first screenshot below). We have had a couple requests to auto-expand the height of event title bars in the Month view, so that long event titles are not cut off. For now we've decided to not auto-expand the event titles, but instead, to cut off long titles with an ellipsis, then display the full title when you hover over it with a mouse. We made this decision for a few different reasons: 1) to avoid scrollbars displaying on the calendar, 2) to avoid uneven row heights within the calendar, and 3) to not increase the height of the calendar any further (it's already pretty tall and goes below the fold in some smaller resolutions).

But while investigating a solution for this problem, I came across a post that included some CSS that would allow you to enable the auto-expansion of event titles in this particular control. We decided not to use it for the reasons listed above, but I'm going to post it here in case anyone finds it useful or is interested in implementing this in their own site.

To turn on the auto-expansion of event titles in the Event Calendar content item, add the following declarations to your [theme].css file:

IQA Assistance

Ok, trying to build an IQA but I am coming into a bit of a problem and I am not sure how to get this resolved. I am hoping someone here may be able to assist as I think this is just a small issue.

The IQA is a search on our trade show. We want people to be able to search based on Company name, city and/or booth number. In this search, I want to populate the booth number as a dropdown of all booths that are spoken for and I want to populate the city option as a dropdown of all cities that each company who is registered for are in. The company field is an open field.

Rpt_BadgeTbl issue found in for Badge Reports

When running badges, iMIS populates the Rpt_BadgeTbl table with the records to be run. In doing so, I have found what I believe to be a bug.

According to the SQL traces, and direct observations of data, whatever IMIS is doing to populate the rpt_BadgeTbl is putting Meet_Reg_Class.DESCRIPTION in Rpt_BadgeTbl.REGISTRANT_CLASS and Meet_Reg_Class.LONG_DESCRIPTION in Rpt_BadgeTbl.REG_TYPE. They are REVERSED! Putting a 20 length field in a 40 length field and a 40 length field in a 20 length field. If you put more than 20 characters in LONG_DESCRIPTION for a reg class (which iMIS Desktop allows you to do), and try to run badges with that reg class, you will get a "String or binary data would be truncated" error, and the record with that registration class will NOT be put into Rpt_BadgeTbl.

Using Fibonacci Numbers to Convert from Miles to Kilometers and Vice Versa

I ran across this article a few days ago and thought I'd share it:

Anybody have one that simple for degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit or the reverse?

Connect to Test Database

I have a new client who already has TaskCentre installed. They have asked me to set up some automated tasks for them. I created a copy of their database to use for testing and would like to use it for TaskCentre until I can be sure the task is going to run correctly. In the connection for the query it only wants to connect to the original database. Is there somewhere I can set it to go to the test database?