Retrieve Auto Enroll flag for Event function using SOA


I'm browsing SOA documentation for last couple of hours trying to figure out how to retrieve Auto-Enroll flag for event function. There is nothing in EventFunctionData class.
Only place I could find it is in EventData.RegistrationOptions but that collection is empty for my test event.

Does anyone know how to get this flag?


Cloud Based Toenization

Has anyone implemented a cloud based tokenization?

I know AutoPay and Online AutoDraft exists. Are there any others that have been created and tested with iMIS?

copy iqa from one instance to another on the same server

I am looking for how I can easily copy iqa definitions from one V20 instance to another on the same server. any ideas?

Questions about Product_Inventory table

Hi all,

We have a Cost Of Goods Sold SSRS report that's been around for a long time which had a subscription to be sent to various people on the first of each month.
The report mostly just listed fields from the PRODUCT_INVENTORY table like quantities and COGS, nothing fancy.

The subscription service got disabled (oy), so now I'm seeing if I can recreate the report as of 12:00:01 AM on December 1. This table shows the current quantities and COGS for products, so I'm not sure if it's possible, but...

Panel Sequence in cutom iPart

I have a custom iPart with various panels.  Panels come out in sequence that they are defined in the code EXCAPT when the panel is c# code in which case that panel comes out at the top of the web page instead of in the middle of the page where it belongs...  Is there a fix for this?

Login Script redirect based on Language preference

I would like to redirect a user upon login based on their language pref. We have their language pref in a UD table and ideally I would like an IF or some sort of CASE statement. We only have two languages (English and French) so IF UDcontact.preflang ="F" then /MemberHomeFR.aspx ELSE /MemberHome.aspx but I don't know how to code that.

We use the standard auth login script below as part of the login.

Order Processing - never printed - need to recreate

In the process of processing orders this morning we found that our printers are not working, and so all of the reports that print as part of the process of processing orders did not print. Unfortunately, all of the orders were moved through the process. My question is this: how do I recreate the papers that should have printed at each step of the order processing process? I've got the list of order numbers, I'm just not sure what to do with them.

incorrect ship date entered when processing orders

When processing orders this morning an incorrect date was entered. Now, instead of having a ship date of 11/30/2014 we have a ship date of 12/30/2014. This is keeping reports from running correctly. I'm wondering if I can just update the ship_date_time field in the Orders table or if this will not cover all the bases. Are there other feidls/tables that would need to be updated?

Updating Organization Logo

I'm trying to update our Organization Logo in iMIS > File > System Setup > Organization Names > Logo. Information on say I should be able to paste the new logo in if it is  .bmp file and the correct size. However, when I click on Edit, even though I can delete the old logo, I'm unable to paste. Any suggestions?



Updated Invoice Mail Address but not displaying in Crystal

I just updated our organization address in iMIS > File > System Setup > Organization Names in the Invoice Mail Address field. We have a custom crystal report that we are using for invoices. The organization address in this crystal report is pulling from the org_control.InvoiceAddress field. When I query this field the address is correct, but for some reason the new address is not displaying in the organization address section of the crystal report when I print an Invoice.