SXSW Interactive 2014 - Workshop and session notes

I attended SXSW Interactive for the first time this year, and it was pretty great. For any of you that are interested, I've written up my notes from a few of the best sessions and workshops I attended. When available, I've included links to presentation slides and other resources.

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My Experiences and Feedback from SXSWi 2014


11 -- 130  Taking the Responsive Web to Windows 8

Formerly a go-to for an easy laugh when in a room full of front end developers, Internet Explorer in its current form is a powerful browser with standards in mind. Not only that, Microsoft gives developers the ability to use IE's engine to develop native applications for Windows 8+. Whether developing for the browser or as a native app, developers can take their favorite tools and practices (responsive design, progressive enhancement) to build great experiences that support keyboard, mouse, touch, and stylus in all the forms Windows 8 devices take.

Communities Module - Unimpressed

We recently purchased the Communities Module for iMIS with the idea of being able to give our clients a wide variety of social communication options but so far we have not been able to roll it out to a single client due to it's shortcomings. I just wanted to put this topic up here for discussion and to potentially see if anyone has developed any useable functionality from the module and could share tips.

Using Profile iParts in RiSE

We’re running into an issue setting up a profile page within the members area of our RiSE site.  We’ve tried setting up a new page from scratch and adding contact iParts, as well as linking to the existing “About Me” page under Core Content > Contacts > Contact Layouts.  In both cases, no member data is being pulled into the page if you view it after logging in, although the field names are visible in some of the iParts.  Are there any additional steps we need to take to set up a source for these iParts or get them to recognize the correct business objects?

Lookup table for Event description field

I have a simple question if anyone can help me: Is it possible to define a general lookup/validation table for one of the description fields used to define an event?

How to set today's date to default in ASI Calendar SmartControl?

I am trying to figure out how to get an ASI Calendar Smartcontrol to default display today's date.

I can pick it, but I want to prepopulate the field with today's date.



Panel Editor iPart Security

I have activities and they are displayed in tabbed views on pages with "Panel Editor" iParts (as per the documentation) on the "account page staff" on the staff site.
I would like some full users to be able to edit and delete activity records and other full users just to view. But no matter how I set the security or access keywords on the activity and user account either everyone can do everything on the activity or everyone can just view depending on whether the "Allow users to edit" field is enabled or not for the "Panel Editor" iPart.

Understanding Telerik Version Numbers

Telerik release history gives dates of releases, but no version numbers:

So if you are running version 2013.3.1114.45 how do you know which entry that is on the release history page?

2013 - this bit is easy of course - it is the year
3 - this is the quarter - so this is Q3
1114 - this is the day and month - so 1114 is 11 (November) 14, also be aware (for some reason) having a month of 13 is January

Problem with Custom Credit Card process (BluePay)

We are having an issue with the Credit Card authorization from Service Central. (iMIS 15.2) We created an (VB6) OCX file using samples found on the community site. The odd part, is that it is working on some computers but not others, even identical hardware and software. I was able to track the problem down to the "GetValue" function. When it fails all the user sees is the grey authorizing credit card box, which is blank, and the mouse cursor spinning (waiting).

Fundraising Appeals - setting targets

Question here about best practice when setting up an appeal that spans more than one financial year.
My client has a need to set financial targets for each appeal for each financial year. Fair enough, you might say, but how best to record the 2 financial targets when an appeal starts in one financial year and ends in the next?
The way I see it is to either,
1. break the appeal into 2; one for each financial year;