iMIS 15.2 <=> Moodle Integration

I am currently looking into deploying a Moodle LMS on my network, and I have iMIS 15.2 installed locally. Ideally, I want to have integration between iMIS and Moodle.

Has anyone ventured out and completed an integration between these two systems? If so,

      what pieces were integrated?
      Are there 3rd party tools that exist?
      Was custom coding required (if so, what approach was taken)?

Using <object> to embed a PDF

I'm attempting to embed a PDF within <object> tags on one of our webpages.  The issue I'm encountering is an error stating that the content cannot be displayed in a frame.   Specifically, it says, "the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame."  Any idea on what might be happening here or how to fix?

Thank you!

Ctrl F () - Find, Search by email doesn't return all the expected results.

While using the Search feature under Customers, I noticed that by selecting email and providing the first few letters in the equals box, it doesn't return all the desried results.  How does it work for email?  I'm guessing there is a like parameter used in the back end to pull the data.

Is there a better way to search by email address?  We are implementing a policy to enter your email so it would be advantageous to have a mechanism to search by email but there isn't any confidence in the Search capability.

Users unable to log in, no password entry in the Name_Security table. Procedure/Trigger?

How does the password field get updated in the Name_Security table?  I've created some users using the iMIS desktop andthe password field is showing blank in the name_security table.  I would imagine that there is job or trigger that sets the value to what the user has entered.  We are completing an exercise to update the logon name to the users email address so we want to verifiy that the users will be able to login once the change is complete.

Import/Export of Community items (Announcements and Blogs)

Since the community site doesn't allow me to choose 20.1 from the drop-down for the Release/Version, this is for 20.1.

I'm moving a site from a staging site/db to a production site/db, and the import/export functionality for Websites, Sitemaps, and Content works fine, but as far as I can see, the equivalent functionality does not exist for Communities, and specifically for Blog posts and Announcements.

Examples of Insterting/Updating Demographics with SOA

I am really ready to stop using iBO.NET for new development and I have largely moved to SOA for a lot of things however after recenlty reviewing the SOA samples, I am not clear on how to add / update user defined demographics with the SOA API. If anyone has a simple sample they can share I would really apppreciate it.



SXSW Interactive 2014

At SXSW, I learned about variety of topics, technical and otherwise. Most of my time was spent sitting on workshops, classes that last two and half hours. Here are some highlights:

Unstructure: Smashing the Boundaries of Data


In this workshop, we were given a history of databases, starting with the Aristotle’s classification system and how we eventually got to SQL. This overview was much appreciated since I have never taken a databases class before.

We did an interesting exercise where everyone in the class wrote up concepts related to music and put them into this google doc: We then discussed different ways of categorizing this data. We then went to this page, a json database for a music events website called (download JSON viewer for chrome first to see the database: We got to see how they organize music related data.

At the end of the presentation, we got a look at newer, more flexible databases such as CouchDB. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to go into this topic.

Accessibility: Make It Happen!


This workshop was an overview of best practices to make websites accessible to users with disabilities (visual, auditory, motor or cognitive).

The presentation started with an enlightening video given by two students from the Texas School for the Blind: The students talked about how they loved to use the internet and expressed their frustration about dealing with inaccessible sites.

My notes from the presentation can be found here:



This workshop gave me a good overview of Angular.js, a frontend framework for creating web applications. I was excited to learn about that Angular bypasses a lot of the javascript’s event driven structure, making for less frustration with fighting page lifecycle problems.

We built a web application that was a simple Mad Libs program. The code is in this GitHub: The finished code is in the “finish” folder. Unfortunately everyone on the class had a different web server setup so almost no one got the program working on their laptops. However, the presenters were able to get the application running on their laptop. Seeing their code was very helpful in learning how Angular works.

Pimp Your Pitch: Learn Visual Storytelling

This presentation was about giving a great presentation. This was my highlight of SXSW. Nancy Duarte gave the talk. She is the CEO of a firm that consults on presentations in Silicon Valley. She assisted with Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth presentation.

She gave a TED talk that is a condensed version of this workshop. You can find it here: . She talks about the similarities between Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech and Steve Jobs iPhone reveal keynote. The presentations are similar in that they both have a big idea and they constantly contrast between what is and what could be if we buy into that big idea.

Watch this TED talk. It’s great, only 20 minutes, and you can count it towards EQI.

Build Right: Build Responsively


This was an all day workshop given by two very knowledgable web designers/programmers from a website creation firm from Dayton, Ohio (my birthplace).

We’re on the frontier of responsive design as there has been an explosion of mobile devices. Responsive design allows your content to be displayed at fixed percentages of width and height based on different resolutions, making the UX more mobile friendly.

The first part of the presentation covered the design process needed to design website responsively. Although Agile wasn’t mentioned, a lot of the concepts were familiar to me. Content should be considered throughout website building process, not just near the end. The customer needs to be involved with decisions throughout the entire process too.

The concept of media queries was then introduced. We can set different percentages of width based on the screen resolution of the browser. The most interesting part of the presentation talked about how we organize these media queries into CSS files by modules. That way code is easily maintainable.

There was also discussion of CSS preprocessors such as SASS. These are cool since they allow us to use nesting, variable, and write function that generate CSS. They also allow importing, allows you to break up styles across multiple files.

Here are links to some example code using CSS preprocessor to do breakpoint based media queries:

After lunch we took a look at various design challenges for responsive design and possible solutions for them. These challenges included how to handle grids, layout, typography, images, and video.

The next section was about handling navigation in responsive web design. Many design patterns were reviewed. I also learned that “the hamburger” menu icon is everywhere yet it’s quite controversial whether it’s good design for a menu.

IQA report for duplicate records

Our system has hundreds of duplicate records that I need to merge or delete.
I am new to IQA and wanted to set up a report that could search for these duplicate records by matching last and first names only but I can't seem to figure out how to do this.
Does anyone know how I would set the filters up to make this work?

SxSW Interactive Keynote: Show your Work!

SxSW Interactive Keynote: Show your Work!

Austin Kleon, poet and writer,

This Austin-based writer/poet/creative composes poems look like the CIA did a haiku:

CIA haiku by Austin Kleon

He did an excellent talk about how to be creative and stay true to your vision. No wonder I felt such recognition with his POV – he has been a librarian, a web designer, and an advertising copywriter in past lives!

New Members and Renewals in RiSE


We're working on seting up join and renewal pages for one of our clients in RiSE.  Following the documentation at!billingformembership3.htm, we were able to successfully add General Product Display web parts to a join page.  I see that these web parts will display any voluntary items associated with the billing cycle and allow people to check or uncheck them.