iMIS 15.2 - Public View vs iPARTS

I am working with a client that is wanting to upgrade to iMIS 15.2.  I have not worked with this version yet.  In iMIS 10, we created some user-defined tables and fields that were updated within custom tabs.  They also had an e-series system that would allow their members to log into the website and update this information.  What is the best way to do this in iMIS 15?  Where can i find instructions on how to accomplish this? 

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Resource Library - members can move documents and folders

I just discovered that any member who has access to a community can move the documents and folders that are in the Resource Library. We are posting documents to these specific communities to share required documents to the students we gave access to these communities.

However, some students are moving the documents around and are able to delete the documents for some odd reason.

They are provided with the access to this community with READ only rights.

Document Manager equivalent in iMIS 20

G'day all

I was wondering if anyone has come across a way to add Document Manager to iMIS 20 or an equivalent?
I have been informed that the long standing work-around available here (
which worked great in iMIS 15 is not applicable in iMIS 20.

Is there an alternative to having to type out the full path to the document for every pdf I wish to link on the site? We have any pdfs and there will always be more to add.

HTML Editor in Community Wiki ipart

Does anyone know how to enable the image button on the html editor when creating a new article in the communities wiki ipart? I dont seem to have as many buttons on the editor than a regular html ipart edit.


IMIS & Multiple currencies

Dear All

We are looking to develop our payments to allow online payments for our customers in Japan. During our initial setup we have encountered several problems and we are being informed that the software does not support multi-currencies. Are there any IMIS 15.2.0 customers/users that have successfully managed to allow payments in multiple currencies?

Kind regards,


iPart property values not always persisting

Several times now during my iPart development, I have come across a problem where I was unable to get the values of my ConfigEdit properties to persist to the display file when it is published. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to extract the data from the database instead of relying on the iPart publishing system. I wanted to post this here to gather more information from people who have come across a similar challenge and what they did to fix the problem.

Selling PDF Documents in iMIS 20-100

We have a potential client who has several publications that are free to members or for a fee to non-members. What I am trying to do is figure out how to make a PDF download available after the transaction. What I would like to happen is a person clicks on the product, completes the transaction, and is immediately taken to a page with a link to the document. I would also like to make sure that nobody can get this link - so I'd like to hide it in the user's browser if possible, so they can't pass it on to someone else. Is this something that can be done 'out of the box'?

Delete records from tables without using cursor

To delete records from tables that have common id, you can use a temporary table variable to store ids before deleting them. This removes the need to create a cursor to loop through id and delete.


    UserId uniqueidentifier

INSERT INTO @userTable
    SELECT au.[UserId]    
    FROM [dbo].[aspnet_Users] au INNER JOIN [dbo].[aspnet_Membership] am ON au.UserId = am.UserId
    WHERE am.Email LIKE '%advsol%'
DELETE am FROM [dbo].[aspnet_Membership] am INNER JOIN @userTable ut ON am.[UserId] = ut.[UserId]
DELETE au FROM [dbo].[aspnet_Users] au INNER JOIN @userTable ut ON au.[UserId] = ut.[UserId]


Changing demo data in empty database.

1. Follow the steps listed here

In short,

  •  a. clone a CI_Build in labmanager.
  •  b. get latest aio build (aioMain100/aioMain10) setup.exe from build folder and copy to VM.
  •  c. run setup.exe, select empty database.
  •  d. Make changes to empty data base, i.e. delete or add demo data in database.