iMIS 20.2 Responsive Template Side Navigation

Is there a way to hide the right hand side navigation in the RiSE responsive template?

It seems to take up at least 25% of the page and our clients are looking to avoid the navigation altogether.

Or is this something that is untouched for all responsive templates?

iMIS to 15.2 upgrade

Need help upgrading imis to 15.2

Current Environment

iMIS App server - Windows 2003

iMIS Database - SQL 2005 SP3


New Environment

iMIS App Server -Windows 2008 R2

iMIS Database - SQL 2012 Standard Edition


What's the best way to go about this upgrade.?

I  waas to told I can't take the current version of iMIS database and restore it on SQL 2012. As it will lead to data corruption issues.

Staff view - Activities recording

Client has a need to record the activity author against the activity, when adding an activity via staff view.
When adding an activity via Desktop, the author is by default entered into the SOURCE_CODE field, but not so when adding an activity via staff view.
Has anyone got a solution? Or a workaround?

iMIS 20.2 - An error has occurred in the script on this page

Using iMIS

In the desktop, the following error happens a minimum of one time, but often two or three times per click 1. when navigating from any module to another module or 2. calling features within a module (example, doing a find in customers and then selecting a row throws this error)

Script Error

Line: 1
Char: 1

SOLVED: Why does Asi.dll always register message: "The type or namespace name 'Asi' could not be found (are you missing a using"

I have a number of iParts... when I move them into a development environment Asi.dll always says "The type or namespace name 'Asi' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"

I remove the reference and replace it and everything looks find until I compile...then the message is thrown. Why is the Asi.dll always problematic this way? I suspect it has to do with versions, but I make certain it matches the version in the manifest...

Does anyone know how to speed up the time it takes to recycle the IMIS App Pool(s)?

Does anyone know how to speed up the time it takees to recycle the IMIS App Pool(s)?

When we recycle the app pool, either manually because IMIS is "misbehaving" or we have triggered it to recycle by changing the web.config or by deploying a .dll - the app pool can take 5-10 minutes to recycle.

Is there any way to speed up this process? At one point ASI recommended loading the BIN into RAMDISK but I believe that is a development technique for using Visual Studio quickly.

MembershipWebservice changes in latest 20.2 interim release

Hi everyone,

I've been playing with the latest iMis 20.2 interim release and have noticed some breaking changes in the MembershipWebService. Now, GetUser can only be called by members of the sysadmin role, while previously any logged-in user could retrieve information about themselves.

This seems like quite a breaking there a recommended workaround?



SmartControls with SOA?

Lately I've been updating code from iBO.Net, SQL and Business Objects to SOA. One of the techniques I have often used in my DCIs (iParts) is to load a business object, set it as the AtomObject and make use of the smart controls. It's elegant, quick and with custom BOs quite configurable through the BOD.

The EntityDefinitionData object returned from EntityManager.FindMetadataForEntity() method appears to contain the information necessary to bind to a smart control ie. control type, caption, etc...

Common Search DCI - Custom search areas in dropdown

I recently had a need to provide a searchable interface for a large number (100,000+) of specialist library documents in a RiSE site. The documents were hosted elsewhere but the client wanted them to be searchable through the RiSE Common Search DCI along with the rest of their content. I created a tool to index these through Lucene.Net. I set the Lucene "indexcategory" for these to Donation (as this customer was not using donations) and on the search page used JQuery to re-label the Donation option to Library. It all works as intended.

Event Calendar Source

A couple of related questions:

1) Can the source query for the Event Calendar be editted?  We have hundreds of classes (Events) and need to limit which show on the calendar.

2) Does anyone know if there are plans to allow for using different source queries so that we could have multiple calendars, each with a different set of displayed Events?

Many thanks!