Onsite Event Registration and new EVM Credit Cards

Has there been any talk or discussion about a way to read the new EVM (smart chip) credit cards when onsite and doing registrations? Right now we still use the mag strip readers (which only work some of the time anyway). I understand we (the US) is still in the midst of switching over but the time is coming when cards will no longer have magnetic strips on their backs.

Order Confirmation Email: Adjust [Info] Field


Is it possible to adjust the Order Detail information passed to the [Info] tag used in OrderConfirmationEmailTemplate.htm?  I would like to change the date format from:





When: Sep 27, 2015 11:00 AM - Dec 13, 2015 12:00 PM

iMIS StaffView(WebView) and Address Validation

Running iMIS

Starting to work in the StaffView version of iMIS and I noticed something. In Desktop, we are setup with Accumail for address validation and that works very well. This feature doesn't seem to be working or functional inside of WebView. I noticed this as I received an alert from one of my nightly maintenance routines that a record didn't have a County assigned to it. Does anyone know how to enable address validation within the WebView so that it validates an address when it is added or even a way to run the validation automatically as an automated task once a day? I am working to get my staff over to WebView from desktop but there are assignments inside the system that require County and if that isn't there, those auto assignments don't work.

Banner / slider in IMIS 20.2.19

Hi all,

Has anyone out there implemented the carousel banner or slider in IMIS 20.2.19? We'd like to have one on our home page that will dynamically generate results from an IQA.
Any thoughts or input on how to implement this, or sample code, is really appreciated.


Paying Individual Invoice Lines with RiSE Cart via SOA

We have a client that needs to be able to allow their members to pay optional SEC dues items without paying the required DUES product item. Essentially, they have members whose company pays for their basic dues and they are responsible for any additional items. A custom dues billing process was already written to handle this (using iBO) when they were using the 15.1.3 iMIS Public Cart and I am attempting to update the code to use the RiSE Cart and need to use SOA to do that.

Email getting marked as SPAM and SFP errors

We recently have been having issues when email multiple people at once with IMIS.  Having issues where emails are marked as spam and being added to the blocked list with SFP errors.  Wanted to see if anybody else has been having similar issues and ways to prevent it.  I have had success in the past by adding a delay between each email sent with automation software, I wonder if there is a delay in IMIS that can be added between each email sent?

iMIS desktop view - is there a way to pass the selected user ID in the navigation?

We have more than 30 user defined tabs. I am making some of the UD tabs easily accessible to our sales staff by doing the following:

1. Adding a navigation item under customers in the iMIS desktop view
2. Building pages using the panel editor common iPart to design the UD tab for editing
3. Linking these pages to the iMIS desktop navigation.

Currently the only way I can get the correct record to appear is by using an iQA. However, this is not optimal. The user has to search by the ID, select the ID from the query list and then it takes them to the content UD page (which is too many steps). Ultimately, I would like the navigation item to automatically detect the iMIS ID that is currently being viewed in the iMIS desktop. When the user finds the iMIS record through the desktop they can click the navigation item and it will bring automatically up the correct UD tab for that record.

Access denied message for Member Directory

We have Access denied message when member access directory page, though he is member.
It is issue few members only. We don't see any pattern. More interestingly when change his member type, save it, change back same member type as before, save it.
Now he is able to access member directory.


Database Encryption

We are looking to upgrade to the latest iMIS edition next year as well as upgrade our SQL Server.

I have been looking at Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) as a solution to an upcoming requirement that our iMIS database be encrypted when at rest. From what I read, TDE does not affect connecting applications and it appears that it might be a solution to our requirement.

Is anyone familiar with TDE? It appears that it is login based encryption so that any application or user logged in to SQL. TDE database encryption is performed at the page level. Data is encrypted on the disk and is decrypted as it's read into memory. Performing the encryption at the page level enables the encryption process to be completely transparent to the client applications.

Member Pictures

I am trying to find a way to pull out members that do not have a picture on file. Does anyone have a way to do this in a Crystal Report? Thanks, Eve