iBO Asi.iBO.CStaffUser Dues Error

We just upgraded a customer from iMIS 15.1.3 to 20.2 and are running into this issue with their iBO.Net dues processing. The error occurs when a user tries to join – it processes their dues, and the error occurs when trying to add a subscription. Below is the stack trace so you can see at which step it’s failing and how it got there. This is not happening for commerce through the online store or with registration.

Old iBO.NET CContactUser.LoginByWebLogin() Broke in 20.2 Upgrade

Looking at some old iBO.NET code. Upgraded from 15.1.3 to latest version of 20.2 and am getting the following error when calling Asi.iBO.ContactManagement.CContactUser.LoginByWebLogin():

System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Asi.Security.CommonToken' threw an exception. ---> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Asi.Business.Common.SystemEntityController' threw an exception. ---> Asi.Business.SchemaLoadException: Unable to load object schema definition for SystemEntity ---> Asi.Business.Common.DocumentNotFoundException: Document not found or insufficient permissions to read document. $/Business Object Schema/SystemEntity ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Procedure or function asi_DocumentMainByPath has too many arguments specified.

How to get AuthorizationCode / SecurityCode of CreditCardInformationData after paying by CartManager


I am working on a custom online payment page. After customer paid, I need to display a confirmation page which contains some credit card information (Authorization code / Security Code etc.).
My code is almost a copy from the iMis SOA documentation example code.!commercecartmanager.htm

ValidateResultsData results = cartManager.SubmitCart();
From results, you can find a CreditCardInformationData, but it was not updated. AuthorizationCode and SecurityCode are all null.

un-collapse program option listings

We've got a client who has had several issues with event registrations where the registrant didn't see/understand that the 2nd/3rd day of program options were available just needed to be expanded, so they've requested that all days/groups of options are expanded by default all the time.

I've submitted to ASI, but all that did was get submitted as an RSE - with no potential workaround to accomplish this.

Package Installer Utility

Does anyone know if it is possible to have the Package Installer edit the web.config or perhaps run a custom script such as powershell or .bat file?

Looking for a good example of how to use the "@url:" dynamic filter

Has anyone had success using the "@url:" filter in IQA?  The documentation at is sorely lacking on this feature.  I added two columns to a query - Committe Group Code, with a column heading of 'Code', and Group Name.  A second IQA query is called by the first query that receives the group code from the first query, clicked on by the user.  The second query then attempts to filter the results using the code from the first query with the syntax of CsCommittee.TheGroup = "@url:Code" on the Filters tab.  However, the second query displays all committees, not just the ones for the selected group.  Can anyone provide assistance on this one?  Thanks.

20.2 Upgrade ANSI Conversion Issues

Not once I have ran into this with one of my 20.2 upgrades, but I'm at a loss here. I also have ASI helping me, but wanted to see if anyone else has run into this. My upgrade is failing on the ANSI conversion (even using the standalone process), specifically on the following tables (errors also below).

At this point it almost seems like a permissions issue on the database, but i haven't been able to pinpoint anything specific.

iMIS 20.2 no longer supports WCM only installs

I tried to do a WCM only install using I was getting errors and contacted ASI and they said that WCM only installs are no longer supported in 20.2.

If we can no longer do WCM only installs, does anyone have suggestions as to best practices for the deployment of public sites?

Thank you,


Problem Loading RiSE component into iFrame of external site


I am iFraming several RiSE components, including a donation form, into a Kentico CMS site.

On the donation form (, when I am not signed in, I have an opportunity to click on the Sign In link found within the form. This calls the RiSE login form. When I submit the signin form, I receive this error:

ContactSignIn Common iPart

I have the iPart miniProfile displaying on our home page ( Since the user needs to be logged in to see their profile, the ContactSignIn iPart is also used in this ContentArea. For some reason the labels for the login are not showing up even though they are there in the Content Manager. Anyone have an idea of why they are missing or what I can do to get them back? The labels show up just fine when the ContactSignIn is not part of the home page.