SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

I have a client asking for assistance with integrating their iMIS website with third-party services through SAML 2.0. Before I hand them an expensive estimate for building a solution from scratch, I thought I'd check around here and see if anyone has done something with SAML and iMIS.

Feel free to leave any pointers on how you might approach the problem, too!

Configure REST API on IMIS V20.2.1.235

Hi All,
Could anyone give info on Configure REST API on IMIS V20.2.1.235 ?


Issue with Custom Business Objects and Panel Editor

Hi there,

Have come across what I believe to be an issue with how the Panel Editor handles custom business objects vs standard business objects (automatically generated based on User Defined tables). This may or may not be a bug - it may be a limitation around custom business objects in general. What I would like to know is if anyone else has come across this and what your solution was.

List of Objects Available in the REST API

Hi Everyone,

Is there any documentation on the avialable objects that can be queried and/or modified through the RESTful API? Right now all of my development has worked with parties, events, activities, IQA, and some other standard items but does the API support some of the more complex objects?

  • Event Registrations
  • Sales Orders
  • Relationships
  • Gifts

APIs for iMIS 20

Where can I find a list of APIs for iMIS 20.2?

When click on "Edit" pencil icon at runtime to edit data in iPart, "edit mode" never comes up

In IE, FireFox, & Chrome, on multiple PCs,
A page with iParts loads OK, but when you click on the "edit" pencil icon, the iPart displays the loading animation, but "edit mode" does not load. Once the user clears the browser cache the iPart will properly load. This is not limited to a specific iPart.
This also happens when clicking "delete" in iParts which can display multiple lines, such as Employment History.

Decoding contents of Cart and adding item to Cart using SQL

When an item is added to the shopping cart, that info is stored in the Cart table’s ComboOrder field, which is a 6000-character blob. I don’t suppose anyone knows how, in SQL, to add a specific item to a cart, or to decode what is already in the cart?

Any way to use a hidden form field in the results of an IQA? (Rather than pass data on the QueryString?)

We have the an IQA that returns a roster of people.
Each link carries the ID on the QueryString in the URL
Clicking on the link sends the user to another page using a URL such as:

This makes the ID visible and "modifiable" by the user.

Is it possible to tell IQA to hide this ID and to NOT pass the ID as visible on the queryString? Or is passing the URL on the QueryString the only way to pass an ID from the results of the IQA to the new page?

Spanning content over two columns

I am trying to format a field in an iPart so it spans two columns. No matter how I configure it (separate iPart, single column iPart), it defaults to a narrow area. For long fields like the company profile, it looks very odd and is not user friendly. Does anyone have a suggestion or workaround in RiSE to accomplish this?

Hide button

I need to hide a button on a page if the user is not logged in. Is there a class that I can assign to my button that will hide it if the user is not authenticated.

I have tried putting the following in the html above the button but it does not do anything. If you know how to make the html script work or can point me to how to create a class to assign to the button to hide it if the user is not authenticated that would make my day (it is my birthday today :)