iMIS 10.6 and Windows 7 mapped drives

Hello all.

I asked this once before and didn't get any response. So I will try again.

We are finally migrating the rest of our old XP machines to Windows 7. We are on iMIS 10.6. We are running in XP Compatibility mode and disabled Windows Composition, etc, and are installing on 32 bit. Everything works like a charm except custom reports. We are using the same drive mapping and configuration we used successfully in XP. When the user selects a custom report, they get an error that the report is not found. The drive is mapped, we can navigate to the drive, etc., but iMIS doesn't see it. If we fake an import or export via the utilities menu and manually navigate to the share via the dialog box, and then cancel the export, for example, the report runs successfully, and reports run successfully for the rest of the day, or until the machine is rebooted.

Recommendations for how create page from iParts?

Hi all,

I'm working on a page that will look something like the following; a couple of questions are embedded. I'd appreciate any "I'd approach it this way"s or other advice you may have for building this sucker with iParts.

The page allows selection of a survey that the Chapter has already started filling out, or allows clicking of a link for an already-started survey.

Upper left - Title of page, including Chapter name and name of upcoming event.

Upgrade from V15 to V20

Has anyone upgraded to V15 to V20?

We tried the upgrade and pretty much none of the menu items or windows can over successfully.

Is this everyones experience or are we just special?

Increase size of Upload Document in TELERIK editors

One of my clients reached a maximum upload limit on the HTML ipart. TS suggested i contact communities to find out if anyone has done this.

Does anyone know how we can increase teh size so that that HTML ipart will allow the upload of more then 2 documents?

A few newbie iPart questions

Hi all,

I’m doing a trivial Hello World iPart just to make sure I know all of the steps, and have a few questions which are probably pretty simple.

When setting up the iMIS Content Type, I’m not sure about this property:
“Name of the serializable class within the assembly that implements this content type”.
I found a comment somewhere:
“Enter the fully qualified class name of the class defined in the iPart Common class file”

Where to include Javascript files and publishing issues ?

Hi Guys,

We recently installed imis at our workplace and now planning to transfer some existing websites to RISE.

I have a couple of questions ....

  1. What is the best place & method to load .js files ? Considering we need to load these .js files on all the web-pages, is it a good idea to add/include these scripts in the master page ?
  2. If we do any changes to master pages, do we need to re-publish the website for the changes to take effect ? I am asking because, once I do any changes to the master page, sometimes it doesn't load at all, instead it picks up the some other (default) master page. Very annoying.

CContactUser.LoginByWeblogin only works when passing password

I am attempting to reuse some old iBO.NET code with our new system we are testing with. I am unfortunately unable to create an iMISUser to process orders on without providing a password. Is there a security setting I am missing on the iMIS installation that will allow this?

This does not work:

This does:

RiSE Registration Badges

Is there a way and/or a workaround to capture guest badges for RiSE registrations? I realize there is an "Add Guest" option, but we do not want to create a new record for the guests. My only thought for a work around is to create two questions for the Spouse/Guest Registration function (one being First Name, the other being Last Name), then writing a script to write those values to the Order_Badge table once the registration is submitted.

Upgrade to iMIS 20.1.19 causes RiSE site pages to appear with no content

This afternoon, we upgraded two production iMIS/RiSE sites to 20.1.19 after thoroughly testing in our staging environment. We run iMIS in a multi-instance configuration, and because the upgrader provided with the .19 release doesn't work correctly, we had to go through a very convoluted process of uninstalling the default instance, reinstalling it while targeting a client database, going back and uninstalling the default instance, reinstalling that, then uninstalling again, then reinstalling while targeting the other client database, then uninstall/reinstalling the default instance, then finally running the multi-instance utility against the two client sites. Is your head spinning yet? Good, because mine certainly is.

Error during logon: the iMIS website may not be functioning properly... after iMIS OOB Installation

Having gone through the demodb installation of iMIS V20.1.1.4, when I try to login with the generic credential, I get this error message
Error during logon: the iMIS website may not be functioning properly. Please see your system administrator. I have checked through to find a similar 15.2 error blog post in the community and deleted off the temp folder but it did not have any impact.
I have reinstalled iMIS 3 times and each time with eventually getting to the same point.