SQL query to set paid through date?

Some of our member records have blank paid through date and this cause incorrect member count report.
what is fast way to enter mass Individual membership paid through date. All expiry date will be same for current 2014 members, 12.31.14.
I like to use SQL query and run mass update for 2000+ Individual record's paid thru date.
Is there SQL query to set for this? e.g. member type equal to xx and paid thru date 12.31.14

Overriding order line data pricing in cart based on member status


I'm looking for easiest way to override member pricing based on their status e.g. if member type for cart owner is Full Member and their status is Inactive they should be billed Non-member prices not Member price.
Currently I'm seeing two options:

- Using Special Pricing in the product with 'Amount from filed' based on status
-Overriding order line items in custom control in cart checkout page. Using PartyItemPrice query to get non-member pricing.

Lean UX for Business Analysts

From Austin IIBA BA Development Day, August 15, 2014

Lean UX and Its Impact on Business Analysts

Mark Spitzer,

This was a really basic look at UX methods that might work in a lean/agile environment.


  • He referenced the "Standish Report" which concluded that 64% of software features are never or rarely used. How do we know we are building the right thing?
  • Lean UX is concerned with building the right thing. (Dev = building things right, Mgmt = building things fast)
  • Don't need much UX detail early on, but must "measure faster", so do user testing on handwritten mockups or very simple wireframes, then adjust, then check again.
  • Think about BDD (Behavior-driven development), i.e. specification by useful examples
  • Try writing the user scenario as, "In order to <WHY>, the <WHO> wants to <WHAT>."
  • Important aspect of usable software: the data that is displayed MUST be credible.

Tips and techniques

Example vision board

Software Requirements Traps

From IIBA Austin BA Development Day, August 15, 2014

Software Requirements: 10 Traps to Avoid

Karl Wiegers,

Project Failures

  • Functionality is required and built, but never used.
  • The specification is satisfied, but the customer is not.


1. Incomplete reqs

Symptoms: Forgetting usability, accessibility, quality, performance, business rules

Drive Innovation and Creativity

From BA Development Day, August 15, 2014

What's in Your Toolbox to Drive Innovation and Creativity?

Angela Wick, BA-Squared,

I really enjoyed this session and, because I love to facilitate meetings, please call on me if you have a meeting where you'd like to elicit creative ideas from all participants!

Innovation must be accepted by users to be innovative.

SW Requirements Seven Critical Success Factors

Notes from Austin BA Development Day, August 15, 2014

SW Requirements: 7 Critical Success Factors

Karl Wiegers,

1. Shared understanding of what reqs are and why we care

 std terms, classifying data (data def, business rule), where info goes, who is the audience (dev, docs, qa), explain why reqs are important. What they are: constraints, show how the sys should behave. Levels: Vision and scope doc, User reqs, funct reqs with details
"All models are wrong; some models are useful."

Looking for Document Manager hack for Event Display page

In order to give staff a fast and easy way to upload documents to the RiSE system, I created a hack to the \Net\AsiCommon\Controls\ContentManagement\ContentDesigner\ContentHtmlEdit.asc file. The hack was found on somewhere on this Community website, specifically here, I think - It essentially adds an icon to the Content HTML iPart called Document Manager, placing it right next to the Image Manager icon. While it works great for the staff, it only works in that iPart. When clicking on the Edit button from the Event Display page, the same WYSIWYG editor appears, including the Document Manager icon. However, it doesn't work from this iPart, presumably because it's a different one than Content HTML. The main problem is that when you click on the icon, iMIS starts off looking in what appears to be the Images folder rather than the Docs folder I created for this purpose. Can I make the same hack to another control file, which would allow me to use Document Manager from the iPart on the Event Display page?

Using the Membership Webservice to log users into RiSE


We're working on a website redesign for one of clients on our test server, and our environment is set up as follows (the client acronymn has been replaced with "client" for this post):

Kentico 8 CMS is being used for the main site, hosted at

RiSE is being used for eCommerce components, hosted at

If we try using the LoginUser webservice directly from and log in as the manager, this works, and then we are also logged into the RiSE site.

However, if we invoke this webservice from a page on the Kentico site, again using the manager credentials, this does not work. The call to the method is successful, and returns "succeeded", but then if you go to the RiSE site you're not actually logged in.

It was our understanding that as long as the site invoking the webservice and the RiSE site were both on the same primary domain (which they are, in this case, this should work. Is there something else we need to configure for this to work, or is it not possible?

Thank you,

How to update user cart with dues subscription using IBO


iMIS newbie here. Using iMIS I have a "DUES" item sitting in the Subscriptions table for a given user. What I'd like to do is update the user's cart with the modified BILL_AMOUNT from Subscriptions. Using IBO I have a CContact object for the desired user; can I use that to update the user's cart? If so, how? I already tried calling CContact's BillDuesSubscriptions() method but the cart was not updated.

View Products on Website Without Signing In

What is the best way to display all products for sale on web using the $/Store/DefaultSystem/Queries/All Products for Sale on Web iQA where the users can view all products without having to login to the website.

I created a new query and changed the security setting to see if that helped but it didn't.