SOA order creation without payment

Hello All,

We are trying to create Orders through SOA and pay these orders at a later point. However having no luck. The 2 main approaches that we have tried are the ComboOrderManager, and the EntityManager.
The former requires a payment object while the later returns success however the returned entity does not contain an order id, nor does it create a new record in the database.

Any help would be much appreciated.

SOA extension

any one tried SOA extension

i got upto registering the class but than it keeps giving " The deserializer has no knowledge of any type that maps to this name" i even tried the ASIs own example SUgestion Box that had the same error.

Device recognition & redirect script to mobile site (aka psuedo-responsive design)

We have a client who is looking to incorporate a responsive design template for their forthcoming RiSE implementation. I discussed with them the lack of an ASI standard responsive design template and explained a handful of benefits to the main/mobile site setup. They were on board with that conversation. I had also mentioned the possibility of a script that would identify devices and, if a mobile/template device is used, the individual could be redirected to the mobile site.

iBO Error on Contact Save from Online Registrations - Error: Incorrect Syntaxt near the keyword 'WHERE'

Recently, I have been working on the project to update our Online Registration system with some major changes in the way we manage contact information within iMIS and expose it over our online platform.
On the development server, after an iteration of source promotion to UAT, I started getting this error in the last page of the Online Registration where I try to save a newly created contact through the form provided.


Hi, I have an unfortunate situation where I have to program an xtender app for a client :) . I need to know what imis events I can listen for besides the ones below. In particular, I'm looking for an event that happens AFTER the save button is clicked in the imis customer module and I can't find that documented anywhere. Does anyone know?

nNewId A new current ID is declared
nCreditCheck The Name ID is selected when adding a new AR sales transaction or order entry.

Table layouts

I know that I can see all of the table layouts here but I was looking for them in pdf format. Anyone know where they are housed?

Define relationship between two source queries in IQA

I have two existing queries.  One lists all 'member contacts' to be made for the year.  The other is a list of completed member contacts based on a custom activity type of MBRCONTACT with a Product Code of COMPLETE.  I am trying to create a third query listing those contacts that have yet to be done.  I added both of the original queries as sources in a new query and need to get results of those IDs in the All query that are not in the Complete query.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I have been changing the relationships between the two queries and it will not run at all.  I have also tried linking the All query to the CsActivity table directly and filtering but could not get that to the right results.

Soa configuration section not found

I'm working with SOA for the first time.  When I try to initialize the entitymanager for the first time I get

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Soa configuration section not found.

Here is the code I'm using to try to initalize the EntityManager

            Uri endpoint = new Uri("net.TCP://ipremoved:16000/iMISMain15/NetTcp");
                EntityManager entityManager = new EntityManager(endpoint, "manager", "passwordremoved", EndpointType.NetTcp);

TaskCentre sending out a double email when only one should be sent

We have a TaskCentre task setup with our events to send out a confirmation letter. The issue we are experenceing is that every now agian for no reason that I have been able to find out yet, TaskCentre sends out 2 confirmations instead of 1 like it should.


Has anoyone else run into this odd issue??

if so did you find a soltion?

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

WCM Homepage Content Areas display on all pages unless a HomePageContent panel is added to the master page.

I'm working on a template for a client (using 15.2). I have six content areas that are utilized by the master page, three of which should exist on every page and the other three contain the special content for the homepage.

I have modified the EnsureContentAreas method as follows:

    override protected void EnsureContentAreas()
        HomepageContentAreas = new List<ContentTemplateArea>(