CContactUser.LoginByWeblogin only works when passing password

I am attempting to reuse some old iBO.NET code with our new system we are testing with. I am unfortunately unable to create an iMISUser to process orders on without providing a password. Is there a security setting I am missing on the iMIS installation that will allow this?

This does not work:

This does:

RiSE Registration Badges

Is there a way and/or a workaround to capture guest badges for RiSE registrations? I realize there is an "Add Guest" option, but we do not want to create a new record for the guests. My only thought for a work around is to create two questions for the Spouse/Guest Registration function (one being First Name, the other being Last Name), then writing a script to write those values to the Order_Badge table once the registration is submitted.

Upgrade to iMIS 20.1.19 causes RiSE site pages to appear with no content

This afternoon, we upgraded two production iMIS/RiSE sites to 20.1.19 after thoroughly testing in our staging environment. We run iMIS in a multi-instance configuration, and because the upgrader provided with the .19 release doesn't work correctly, we had to go through a very convoluted process of uninstalling the default instance, reinstalling it while targeting a client database, going back and uninstalling the default instance, reinstalling that, then uninstalling again, then reinstalling while targeting the other client database, then uninstall/reinstalling the default instance, then finally running the multi-instance utility against the two client sites. Is your head spinning yet? Good, because mine certainly is.

Error during logon: the iMIS website may not be functioning properly... after iMIS OOB Installation

Having gone through the demodb installation of iMIS V20.1.1.4, when I try to login with the generic credential, I get this error message
Error during logon: the iMIS website may not be functioning properly. Please see your system administrator. I have checked through to find a similar 15.2 error blog post in the community and deleted off the temp folder but it did not have any impact.
I have reinstalled iMIS 3 times and each time with eventually getting to the same point.

NiUG Discovery Conference 2014: General Session


Wednesday General Session: Great Things Being Done with iMIS!

(Please watch this recording when/if it gets posted. You'll be inspired! Maybe we could broadcast it at lunch or during DevForum.)

2014 Great Things Award winners (RiSE) -- Check out their sites:

  •, customer since 2000 - Uses CCO and User Roles to target content
  •, customer since 1996 - Good usability, esp. navigation
  •, customer since 2006 - Online self-service, variety of memberships
  •, customer since 2007 - RiSE replaced a 5000 page Sharepoint site. A survey of their members led them to put the calendar on the front page and set up a newspage for the latest legislative and industry info.
  • and - Emphasis on news, partnership with United Press, members submit their own videos

Customer stories

Three customers told their story about upgrading to iMIS 20. It was really inspiring to hear the amazing things they've done with iMIS and how easy upgrades are for customers these days.

NiUG Discovery Conference 2014: Opening Session

The John Howarth Award for Excellence Solution Provider winner was Tricia Fastje from CSystems ( and the iMIS User winner was Dena Collins, New York State Association of Health Care Providers (

The session speaker, Bana Qashu ("The Meeting Yogi") spoke on the "Power of the Mind-Body Connection".
We've heard most of this before, but we forget in our mad daily rush, so it's good to be reminded.


ANSI conversion

I'm doing a test upgrade from 15.1.3 to 15.2.15 and are performing the ANSI conversion separate from the DBupgrader. The conversion never finishes converting our 17 million row (7.5GB) Activity table. When I say never finishes, I mean that after a week of SQL grinding away, it's still working on that table. ASI tech support says this process should take hours, not days. The database log file was very small at the beginning but has grown to 9GB even though my database is set to Simple for this process.

DB server specs:
dual quad core CPU
70GB free on 150GB drive.
SQL 2005 SP4
iMIS database size is 67GB

App server is separate box but we're not seeing hardly any resources being used during this conversion. We are running the ConvertTablestoANSI.exe on the app server.

What we're seeing is that eventually SQL server consistently spikes at 96% CPU on that box and stays at that level. It also takes most the RAM on that box as SQL usually does. The Activity_bak is being created and I've seen at least 4.9 million rows being copied to the Activity table. Later on in the process, if we try to login to SQL Studio to see how large the new Activity table has grown, we get a time out error on the connection. Both these servers are VMs so we've stopped the process and reverted back to snapshots twice but have gotten the same result after each time we've

Has anyone experienced poor performance on the ANSI conversion? Any suggestions as to options we should try would be greatly appreciated!

Mark Pellicore
Second Baptist Church Houston

TaskCentre running multiple instances?

I've got a question about a task possibly running multiple instances of itself creating duplicates in imis db.

99% of the time this task runs fine every 1min and creates rows and sets a flag to indicate these rows don't need to be added again, but for some reason 1% of the time this task seems to repeat the creation of the row causing duplicates. One of our providers suggested we set the maximum concurrent instances option within general tab --> options --> advanced --> to unlimited instances from the previous setting of single instance in hopes of solving this issue. Reasoning being it would give taskcentre more opportunity to catch up if it was behind from running this task every 1min. My thinking is this might not work because allowing concurrent instances would mean the task could create more duplicates by running multiple instances of the create row step before creating the flag step.

RiSE Public Profile Link In IQA Search Result

In the search results for the RiSE Directory, I am trying to link the individual's name in the search results to their public profile, however, I cannot get the ~/Party.aspx&ID=[id] link to work unless I also include the id field in my displayed search results. I obviously don't want the ID of the member to display in the search results when a member searches, so is there a way around this?


Unable to use CStaffUser object in iMIS 20.1.19

After upgrading to iMIS 20.1.19, we now receive the error "Type 'Asi.iBO.CStaffUser' with data contract name 'CStaffUser:' is not expected. Consider using a DataContractResolver or add any types not known statically to the list of known types"

This occurs whenever we user the "CStaffUser.GetDefaultStaffUser or CStaffUser.LoginByUserId"

Has anyone found a viable workaround for this issue? If we use "CContactUser.LoginByWebLogin("MANAGER")" as an alternative, it messes up the current user's cart, since it's authenticating the session to the manager account.