Spanning content over two columns

I am trying to format a field in an iPart so it spans two columns. No matter how I configure it (separate iPart, single column iPart), it defaults to a narrow area. For long fields like the company profile, it looks very odd and is not user friendly. Does anyone have a suggestion or workaround in RiSE to accomplish this?

Hide button

I need to hide a button on a page if the user is not logged in. Is there a class that I can assign to my button that will hide it if the user is not authenticated.

I have tried putting the following in the html above the button but it does not do anything. If you know how to make the html script work or can point me to how to create a class to assign to the button to hide it if the user is not authenticated that would make my day (it is my birthday today :)

Modify Existing Event Registration


Is there a way to delete a function from the existing event registration using the SOA client library?

The code below does not seem to do anything:

            var em = new EntityManager(userName, password);
            var manager = new EventManager(em, eventCode);
            var registrationData = manager.GetRegistrationData(partyId, partyId);
            manager.UnregisterFunction(partyId, functionCode);

How to retrieve published document (path to .aspx) location from IMIS Content Management System in Code?

Does anyone know how to retrieve the actual path to a published document in code?
For examples: I want to translate an iMIS Document Path such as "@/ProductTestSite/testLandingPage1" to it's published location in iMIS.

NOTE: I need an actual iMIS method to do this from code... (Of course, I cannot simply replace the @ and add an .aspx to the end of the above location because the document name and the document published path may be different)

Issue using ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider: The property 'LastActivityDate' is not supported by the Active Directory members


While trying to configure iMIS to use Active Directory for user authentication i ran into the Exception:

    Exception message: The property 'LastActivityDate' is not supported by the Active Directory membership provider.
   at System.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryMembershipUser.get_LastActivityDate()
   at Asi.Providers.AsiMembershipProvider.ValidateUser(String username, String password, Boolean testPassword)
   at Asi.Providers.AsiMembershipProvider.ValidateUser(String username, String password)
   at Asi.Providers.AsiMembershipProviderV10.ValidateUser(String username, String password)
   at Asi.Web.Security.Login(String userId, String password, Boolean rememberMe)
   at Asi.Web.iParts.ContactManagement.ContactSignIn.ContactSignInCommon.UserSignIn(String userName, String password, Boolean remember)
   at Asi.Web.iParts.ContactManagement.ContactSignIn.ContactSignInDisplay.SubmitClick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
   at System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button.RaisePostBackEvent(String eventArgument)
   at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

Include externally linked PDFs in search?

We have somewhere between 500-1000 pdfs that are linked throughout our website to their physical location on the web server and would like them to be searchable (e.g. searching for membership form includes the pdf membership form in the results). The native search functionality only includes content created within Rise, so what is the best way to include all of those pdfs? I did try a search before posting, so I apologize if this has been addressed previously/ad nauseam.

user defined multi-instance table allow nulls

ok, have user defined multi-instance table and I need only one of the columns in the table to not allow nulls, but the other to allow nulls, but the table was created by imis to not allow nulls. the BO referencing the table for use by the panel in the staff view says to allow nulls, but of course getting error if I empty one of the fields out and save in the staff view. so how do I allow nulls in these fields?

Join Page - Only display options based on profiles County.

Essentially our membership system involves a member joining one of three options. Each of these options has it's own dues, determined by the County this person resides in.

We already have all California Counties setup as billing products in iMIS, and each billing product has special pricing to reflect it's three membership options.

My question is - how do I use data in an iMIS users account to determine what join options are available on the page?

Extraneous Name row added, with ID = a single quote

Has anyone ever run into IMIS going insane and inserting a row into the NAME table, with ID = one single quote, and the rest of the columns initialized to nulls / spaces / 0's except for Time_Stamp?

Mike at APWA


1. Does anyone know how to programmatically summon the Document Browser (shown when pressing "SELECT") in the Content Manager? I'd like to bring up that Document Browser dialog, select a content record, and then return that selected path to a textbox on an aspx page (any language will do)
2. Does anyone know how to programmatically redirect to an IMIS shortcut? (i.e. to a link like: @/siteFolder/Content Record)?