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Shop and News pages from Quick Start Sites - Why don't they function like you would expect?

We are currently building a site on iMIS 20 and I've been very disappointed in what ASI advertises as "Quick Start Sites". The previous employee in my role purchased iMIS and had expected to use the templates site with minimal customization. Since I have been hired on the project, it's clear to me that really isn't possible. I am not a web-developer, I'm a web designer with a pretty good knowledge of html and css, but customizing this seems way over my head.

Styling Out-of-the-box Themes

I'm very new to iMIS and I'm really struggling with getting the hang of it. I have experience with wordpress and drupal, but the knowledge really doesn't translate at all. I'm building a site using the Austin Responsive theme and I'm having the hardest time styling the navigation and functions of the site (ex. shop functions, member profile etc.). From what I can see, it's pretty much anything that is a Telerik control that doesn't seem to want to take css.

App_Theme Styles in Telerik editor

Has anyone figured out a way to only display the Styles specific to the site Themes in the Telerik tool? Right now it displays all styles which make it almost impossible to find the styles you want to use in your content.

sp_asi_UpdateNameIndex failing due to new clustered primary key for dbo.Name_Indexes (PK_Name_Indexes)

Since upgrading to iMIS 20.1.13 (from 15.x) users have been encountering a Customer Portfolio shutdown we have traced to a new clustered primary key for dbo.Name_Indexes. The primary key is "PK_Name_Indexes". This primary key did not exist in iMIS 15.x. The stored procedure "sp_asi_UpdateNameIndex" executes against dbo.Name_Indexes. It is unchanged between 15.x and 20.1.13, and will now occasionally fail because violations to this new primary key.

RadGrid and Responsive themes

My stupid question for the month....

Using iMIS 20.1.19 - how do you theme or override the styling of the output of a query menu ipart.

We are using the Toronto Responsive theme.

E.g. We want to change the border colour etc, but when I inspect the styling using a tool like Firebug it points me to a file called WebResource.axd.

I'm lost as to how to override this default styling.

Switching from Cash to Accrual Accounting

I need to switch my database from cash to accrual accounting. Our dues are on the calendar year, not anniversary. Should I wait until the end of the year to make the change or can I do it now? Thanks in advance!

iMIS Community Technical Issues

Maybe this isn't exactly "news", but I couldn't find a better topic in which to relate this.

Just recently, while I was attempting to change the font on my signature to a recent post, I noticed that many of the post menu features do not work.  Not only do they not work (at least for me), they actually will freeze up the post* all together, requiring me to have to rewrite the entire post.  I actually had to rewrite my last post 4 or 5 times (I lost count), while attempting to use such features as:  text color (when selecting "more colors"), insert picture, paste text, (hyper)link, etc.  (*I was only able to change to bold and italic font by using short-cut keys.)   It seems that there are many other functionalities that are dysfunctional:   Anchor properties, table properties, insert smiley, insert special character, etc.  Basically, it appears to apply to any button that results in a pop-up box, since the pop-up box will just be blank with a header of what it was supposed to be able to do, and an 'x' in the corner to close out the window, which itself, also does not work.  We are using Internet Explorer 9, so I don't see why that would be a problem.

adding an image to an IC post

Here's how to illustrate an iMIS Community post; I'm not sure if it's noted elsewhere.

First, create your new post.  Scroll to the bottom and click "File attachments", which expands to show a file path entry field and Browse and Attach buttons.  Click Browse, find the image you want, and click Attach.  After the file is uploaded, under the Description there's a URL string in very small font.  Copy the URL, then in the editor toolbar, click the Insert/Edit image icon (next to the Anchor).  In the popup, paste in the URL, then tab out of the field; if all is well, you'll see your picture in the preview.  Click OK.

When will i15 make it to the Release/Version options on this forum?

In developing content for this forum I noticed that the release/versions stop at 10.6.

Can we please get i15+ listed in here?

thank you.

How can you report counts of your iMIS 15 staff users, full and casual?

We are upgrading from 10.6 to 15.03 and in our test environment we are trying to reproduce a report that shows us our staff users.

In 10.6 all users were in the USERS table, so the report was simply a list of active users in that table. In 15 users are now in the USERS table and in the USERMAIN table (and evidently in other tables as well), but we do not see how to get a count of casual vs full users. Also the USERMAIN contains users who are no longer iMIS users but do log into the web. Has anyone figured this out?