Can the event calendar IPART be given maximum height?



Is it possible to set a fix height on the Events Calendar iPART based on the Telerik Sceduler Control?


We have it running in responsive on page.


4 x 4 x 4


In the right hand clolumn. While this resizes well we find the that the height remains stretched we only want the calendar to show at 400px high maximum.

Shop and News pages from Quick Start Sites - Why don't they function like you would expect?

We are currently building a site on iMIS 20 and I've been very disappointed in what ASI advertises as "Quick Start Sites". The previous employee in my role purchased iMIS and had expected to use the templates site with minimal customization. Since I have been hired on the project, it's clear to me that really isn't possible. I am not a web-developer, I'm a web designer with a pretty good knowledge of html and css, but customizing this seems way over my head.

Styling Out-of-the-box Themes

I'm very new to iMIS and I'm really struggling with getting the hang of it. I have experience with wordpress and drupal, but the knowledge really doesn't translate at all. I'm building a site using the Austin Responsive theme and I'm having the hardest time styling the navigation and functions of the site (ex. shop functions, member profile etc.). From what I can see, it's pretty much anything that is a Telerik control that doesn't seem to want to take css.

CSS for content types within the iMIS framework

So I have a nifty little iPart that does stuff, and when I test it through a RiSE site or even the old web view I am able to get CSS styles that do things like change the background color for every even row, for example:

#search-wrapper tr:nth-child(even) {
background: #CCC

I'm using asp:GridView and asp:BoundField to generate the output. However, when I run the same iPart within the iMIS client, a lot of the CSS styles don't work properly. Mostly the newer ones (like nth-child()). Should I assume I can't use the more advanced CSS options for custom content types running within the iMIS desktop client?

Communities Module - Unimpressed

We recently purchased the Communities Module for iMIS with the idea of being able to give our clients a wide variety of social communication options but so far we have not been able to roll it out to a single client due to it's shortcomings. I just wanted to put this topic up here for discussion and to potentially see if anyone has developed any useable functionality from the module and could share tips.

background color of confirmation order email

We are using public views imis 15.1.3. Our order confirmation email is inheriting the background color from our custom style sheet (a dark green) so it's very hard to read any text in the email. I tried overriding the style in the email template as follows:


Telerik RadMenu Nightmare

Hi All,

I am trying to edit the new 1700 template to fit with a website I am building. Most of the conversion is going well and I have to say that the new 1700 template is a lot cleaner and easier to understand than the previous templates. However, I am running into a lot of problems around the RadMenu component for the navigation.

RadMenu is inserting it's own styles and I can't find any way to override certain things like the background images.

Flexible width on 1700 template for mobile

I am building out a mobile site on my demo image and came across the following issue – The typical resolution of a smartphone screen is 320x480 – i.e width is 320px (Most new smartphones are similar) I have created a website with the 1700 template in 15.1.3, and stripped out as much functionality as possible to make it really easy to read on a mobile. However, the 1700 template will not decrease in size below 750px - which means, when I access on my phone, it scales it down in size, making all the fonts hard to read. I thought this template was meant to be scalable for mobile. Does anyone know what I need to do to get it to have a flexible width down to 320px?

Browser Share and Search Engine statistics

I came upon this site ( reading an article about Bing momentarily being ahead of Yahoo! search.  That was interesting enough, but when I checked their homepage, the statistic they lead with (and which apparently is of the most interest to visitors) is the browser share. They also have statistics on specific browser versions, operating systems, and mobile browsers.

IMIS 15.1 change size of templates

Can we change the size of the content areas? Is the only way to do that is to manually edit the master page?