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I was wondering if there is an option to enable E-mail redirecting to a single account to prevent Customers in the database from receiving test E-mails?


Great Site for Web Based UI developers

If you work on web based UI much, and you're a standards junkie...

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Great GREAT articles there. He just recently posted http://www.alistapart.com/articles/previewofhtml5

Got me all excited about HTML 5!

Speeding Up Your Web Applications and Websites

In the days of client/server applications the amount of data sent “over the wire” was not typically a huge concern unless the data was very big. This is because client/server applications typically run on local networks with 10, 100 or even 1000 Mbps connections; plenty of speed for most data applications. In the web world, however, more people access their application over remote networks, like from remote offices, home, or Starbucks. These are typically much slower connections, have to go thru many routers along the way (called “hops”), and often travel thru VPNs which encrypt/decrypt the data along the way.

Another Control for consistent HTML generation

Always a stickler for UI patterns and consistency, I’ve found another pattern that seems to be repeating a lot…

An object that has a title, a description and optionally a Thumbnail Image and (optionally again) a HighRes image.

Cross Browser More Info Control

So, I had quite a few senarios where I needed to display information that took up a whole lot of real estate, but was only needed for a short period of time. Sort of a "hover help" kinda thing. I googled it for a while, and really wanted a "pure css" solution, but after realizing how much "fussing" with it that was needed for it to actually work in IE6 (even IE7 requires a strict doctype to get the hover pseudo element to work properly on non anchor elements), I decided to just go with a JS solution.

Public View login integration with Forms Authentication (For Dummies)

This is a sample application that I worked on that utilizes simple forms authentication to authenticate a 3rd party .NET application (in this case an ASP / C# solution) through the iMIS Public View. This method essentially sets Public Views as the authentication source in the web.config file so if the session is not set, it goes to Public Views and once a user logs in successfully, it passes the cookie information back to the sample application. Once the session expires, it goes through the entire process again. I see this as the simplest way to maintain iMIS as the a single login source for 3rd party web applications. Keep in mind that this only returns the unique Web Login value from iMIS so the appropriate table such as name_security or usermain will need to be queried to get the actual iMIS ID but that is something that is easy to do. Of course more elegant methods such as SOA are out there but I figured this is a good place to start especially for the smaller projects.

Generate Logins from Unencrypted Passwords using the MembershipWebService in iMIS15

Frequently, customers have a previous website where they have logins and passwords they would like to preserve in a new iMIS based website.

The following is sample Coldfusion code on how to access the new i15 MembershipWebService and user the RegisterWebUser method to load logins and passwords into iMIS in bulk.

This can also be modifled to replace the Generate Logins functionality of e-SEries by pre assigning logins and passwords based on a formula.

Unified Login Using MembershipWebService

Attached is a document with specifics on how to use the iMIS15 MembershipWebService to login a user from a third party site.

Please comment with any errors, omissions or additions you may have.

80% of the development of this process was done with the help of Eric Means.



Error when trying to link to event registration

I am writing a custom asp.net application in C# for a client in Brisbane (REIQ). This application is integrated into iMIS and will be accessed from the Certification module.
One of the pages has a datagrid which has a hyperlink column. When you click on the link on this column, it should take you to that event registration.

The URL I am using is: