How to authenticate from an ASP site, not ASP.NET, get user ID using MembershipWebService

I had a customer today that asked the question below. Also figure to have another one shortly. So I am seeking guidance on how to approach the need to authenticate with the membership web service and get an iMIS ID. It is not clear how or if you get a cookie that can be read, or can return the ID. I know that getting an ID was not available in the membership web service in previous versions.

Please post suggestions on how to approach.

This is her question:

 I now need to generate a list of conference participants on our www.xyz.org site (an ASP site)

Tracking Session ID in WCM

We're trying to track someone's path in WCM.   

The .NET session id (HttpContext.Current.Session.SessionID)does not get reset when someone logs in or out of WCM.  We need to recognize separate logins as separate visits.

Is there something in iMIS that we can use for this? something like Asi.ContentManagerNet.SessionState.SessionID

We want to consider each login to WCM to be a unique activity.

ASP.NET MVC Web site authenticating against iMIS Membership Web service

We have a number of custom administrative tools that we're moving into a separate, internal-only, Web site.

Currently the applications use their own ASP.NET authentication tables, but it would be ideal to leverage the information contained within iMIS directly. Not single-sign on, but sign-on validating against iMIS.

Since we've already got the site setup, I wanted an addition that would impact the site as little as possible. For that reason, I decided to first look at the Membership Web services - methods returned by the service and some detail on http://www.imiscommunity.com/use_the_membership_web_service as well - and see if we could successfully leverage that.

JavaScript and Dynamic URLs

I am looking to write a very simple JavaScript that fades a set of 4 header logo's in and out in sequence.

The script itself is no problem and I can put it into an external .js file and link that into the site. However, I am wondering what is the best way to go about handling the location of the images themselves.

If I write absolute URLs into the Javascript I assume that they will not get rewritten by the WCM and so if the root path of the site changes, the JS will need editing. But as the Javascript will be writing to the page after the WCM has rendered the content, I assume that using the iMIS URL replacement codes in the Javascript wouldn't work either?

Dynamic URL rewriting

This doesn't seem to be working as documented. I have content in an application under a website and on the same server, different url/ip, I have it installed as the root of the web. I have added both URLs to the URL(s) pointing to the IIS Website Root, but it is not taking the URL Name of this Website for the url on the second instance of the site (website root, not application). When I type in the URL/IP address of the site, it is opening the casual site instead of the WCM site. The documentation does not offer any troubleshooting tips for this. Once I can get this resolved, my customer can finally go live with his site. Any ideas?

Custom Payment gateway in 15.1.2 throwing errors. Not a valid hex string Value is 9**********7t5

at Asi.iBO.CCrypto.ConvertStringFromHex(String hexString)
at Asi.iBO.CCrypto.DecryptHexStringViaKey(Int32 masterKeyHandle, String encryptedHex)
at Asi.iBO.CCrypto.EncryptDecrypt(String textIn, Boolean encrypt)
at Asi.iBO.CCrypto.Decrypt(String encrypted)
at Asi.iBO.SystemConfig.CPaymentAuthorizationAccount.Retrieve(CPaymentAuthorizationAccount account, SqlDataReader reader)
at Asi.iBO.SystemConfig.CPaymentAuthorizationAccount.GetAuthorizationAccounts(String connectionString)
at Asi.iBO.SystemConfig.CReferenceData.get_PaymentAuthorizationAccountList()
at Asi.iBO.Financials.CPayment.get_PaymentAuthorizationAccount()
at Asi.iBO.Commerce.PaymentGatewayService.ProcessPayment(TransactionType transactionType, CPayment payment, CAddressBasic billingAddress)
at Asi.iBO.Financials.CPayment.ProcessPayment(TransactionType transactionType, CAddressBasic billingAddress)
at Asi.Bae.Web.Checkout.Review.ProcessPaymentViaGateway(OrderCheckout& oc, Secure sc, String webmasterEmail, CPayment& payment, TransactionType transType)
Not a valid hex string Value is 9**********7t5
2010-01-05 18:43:11.073
secure.org HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL:no-cache
HTTP_ACCEPT:image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg,
application/x-ms-application, application/vnd.ms-xpsdocument,
application/xaml+xml, application/x-ms-xbap, application/x-shockwave-flash, a
pplication/vnd.ms-excel, application/vnd.ms-powerpoint, application/msword, */*
HTTP_COOKIE:__utma=98914563.145153105.1261534105.1261534105.1; __utmz=98914563.12105.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none);
ASP.NET_SessionId=yyjg2a55f55ucbdmwv445; Asi.Web.Browser.CookiesEnabled=true; MeetingType=SE;

Changing web name in WCM

We have a customer who started playing with WCM in a web folder called Demo.  They continued developing in that folder and now have a completed site that they just want to rename and go live with.  This is all on the production server, not a staging server.  Is there a way to just rename the folder and web and go with what they have?  We have tried exporting, creating a new folder and importing but since the content already exists under those names in the database, we get errors.  Any thoughts?

long URLs with wCM

Has anyone worked with wCM long enough and have multiple site where the navigation is in folder structures and causing long URLs with duplicate folder names?  See below, the site name wcmdemo is listed once for the navigation and once for the content, can this be changed?  I have setup a second app server and single site in IIS to host it at a native URL without the need for the site name so that will help, but it still adds more to the URL then is necessary and will impact the nice clean URLs that wCM should have.

How do you get the UserID from an authenticated SharePoint WebPart?

I'm building a SharePoint WebPart, and using iMIS 15.1.1

SSO is working, so the SharePoint client is authenticated.


How do I get the iMIS UserID?

Is there a method on the MembershipWebService.asmx that can do that for me?

If there is no suitable method available, please suggest an approach!


Thank you,

~ Boris

Browser Share and Search Engine statistics

I came upon this site (http://gs.statcounter.com/) reading an article about Bing momentarily being ahead of Yahoo! search.  That was interesting enough, but when I checked their homepage, the statistic they lead with (and which apparently is of the most interest to visitors) is the browser share. They also have statistics on specific browser versions, operating systems, and mobile browsers.