iMIS15.1 Publuc view theme

Not sure if we are going about this the right way but we are working on getting the iMIS 15.1 public view ready for production.  We've create a master page and template directory but so far when we change the web.config file to point to the new master page it reverts back to the Public.master file in sub pages.

We have tried to change the code in the events.aspx file from:

<%@ page language="c#" inherits="Asi.Bae.Web.Events.Events, Asi.iWC.Core.Events" 
	title="Events" enableEventValidation="false" %>


Publishing from URL to domain name creates an error

I went to re-name the public site from to

so we could go LIVE and get the following error when I publish the web site:

Public:Error: Error in line 1 position 124. Expecting element 'Navigation' from namespace 'http://schemas.imis.com/2008/01/DataContracts/Navigation'.. Encountered 'Element' with name 'Content', namespace 'http://schemas.imis.com/2008/01/DataContracts/Content'.
Public:Error: Error while Publishing document Public: Error in line 1 position 124. Expecting element 'Navigation' from namespace 'http://schemas.imis.com/2008/01/DataContracts/Navigation'.. Encountered 'Element' with name 'Content', namespace 'http://schemas.imis.com/2008/01/DataContracts/Content'.

Hosting iMIS 15.1 Public for multiple clients on a single Virtual Machine

I'm trying to find a way to host multiple clients' Public Sites on the same Virtual Server.  Each would have their own dedicated IP and the Public or WCM would be installed using the Custom installation option. I want to avoid potential version conflict issues as time goes on between each implementation. I was told to perform an initial installation of iMIS which would be used primarily for creating multi instances for each client and provide a means of applying upgrade patches when needed. Has anyone else been successful in running more than one client public site from the same server or is it necessary to dedicate a Virtual Server to a single client? 

Simplifying browser jumping: Firefox's IE Tab

I've just installed Firefox's wildly popular IE Tab add-on, which promises to make my life easier! The problems:

  • remembering to always open certain applications and sites in IE
  • doing without functionality (such as Window Resizer) I have in Firefox only
  • needing to quickly toggle a given URL between both browsers, for testing

The solution is this add-on that hosts Internet Explorer inside of Firefox and allows you to control which browser context is used for which site. (That is, open the site via FF, and it launches in the right browser; one right-click lets me toggle between browsers.) Sites I run in IE include Sonexis (web conferencing), Outlook Web Access, and the iMIS Full view (.../imis15/admin). Some tips:

iMIS public-personal page error!

When I logon to iMIS public and go down to account and click personal> A problem occurred loading this page.

Please help~


Membership and Roles

Does anyone have any information on using iMIS as the membership provider for .net sites? We currently have a login.aspx page, but need to make this work with iMIS login/password with roles to only give access to certain folders in the site. FYI, we are using 10.6 at the moment.

GST can not be applied to event registration

We are using iMIS 15.0.3.
We already set the GST rate to 5.00 and tick the GST checkbox in 'Event Function Detail' window. But seems the GST is not applied to the event when one tries to register that event via web system.
Did we miss any settings in iMIS desktop system?


Bug in event registration

I am using iMIS 15.0.3.
In iMIS web system, after I modified profile (some address info), I went to register an event, but the form seems to be using old info and not the revised ones.


Firefox performance improvement

Ran into this handy tip while wandering the web. No warranty expressed or implied :)

Firefox is set to default to a dialup connection so it will only download up to 4 things at a time, there is a way to change that IF YOU HAVE A HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION to download 30 things at a time, it's amazing the difference it makes in browser speed.

Here's How:

WARNING: This tip requires you to make changes to the way FireFox works and if not performed properly can cause performance issues.

New Member registeration in the web iMIS?

We are on iMis15 and need to be able to have “new members” join through the web. Once the non-member pays membership fees then be able to register to our conference as members. Has anyone done that ?