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I am redesigning my website in RiSE and my graphics designer would like to add a background video to the homepage only. Has anyone done this in RiSE and would be willing to give me some pointers? Not sure how to do this if it is even possible.

The video needs to run with no sound and be the width of the site. The site is in a responsive Template - London_Responsive. I would like this to eat up the top part of the page and then if the homepage goes further than the video does on the height, place a simple background image there. All the rest of the pages should be without the video.



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Hi Jayson, This should be

Hi Jayson,

This should be possible using custom HTML and CSS. The HTML iPart is the most useful iPart to use in this case. Unfortunately I do not have any more helpful pointers, since I haven't tried this myself yet.