Shop and News pages from Quick Start Sites - Why don't they function like you would expect?

We are currently building a site on iMIS 20 and I've been very disappointed in what ASI advertises as "Quick Start Sites". The previous employee in my role purchased iMIS and had expected to use the templates site with minimal customization. Since I have been hired on the project, it's clear to me that really isn't possible. I am not a web-developer, I'm a web designer with a pretty good knowledge of html and css, but customizing this seems way over my head.

These are things that just don't function the way I think any internet user in this age has come to expect: (Please correct me if I'm just missing them!)

-No built in way to create product categories
-No built in way to send digital downloads after purchase
-Shop page is really just an advanced search ipart - this is not a fully functional shop, with a way to sort or filter by category or sub category
-Looks underdeveloped

-No easy way for users to add a news article in a form type template
-No way to have a feed layout with images with pagination
-No way to show an archive of posts by date
-No tag display
-comments ability

Did any one have similar feelings and what did you do to improve it?