Taskcentre 4.5 within a clustered SQL database environment

Is anyone using Taskcentre 4.5 within a clustered SQL database environment. ASI and Orbis are saying that the SQL Server Trigger Agent currently does not support clustering but I wanted to see if anyone is currently doing this with a workaround.

Their recommendation was to setup replication to yet another database server and install the agent there, which I only want to do as a last resort.

Thank you in advance,

Mark Pellicore
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I tried this for a client

I worked on this issue for one of my clients.  The results were unsatisfying.

Installing on both nodes and including startup/shutdown in the cluster-switching process wasn't a problem.  The problem was that the Trigger Agent would register itself with the main TC service using the node's name instead of the cluster name.  TC thought it had two trigger agents when we knew it should only have one.

Running two trigger agents presented a problem when creating a trigger task.  If you choose only one agent, then TaskCentre won't enable/disable the trigger when the other node is active.  If you choose both agents, you'll end up with two triggers each place where the task wants one.  Since you do only have one database, you'll have two trigger events run with every insert/update/delete event.

If I recall correctly, the client ended up uninstalling the trigger agent, using manually created triggers to capture the needed information, and letting TaskCentre pick up the details with a scheduled event.

We talked to Orbis about this.  They agreed that using the node name was causing the problem, and took down the suggestion of letting us provide the name to be used when registering with TC.  I'm not sure if it was put into their feature request log or the circular file, but we haven't heard back.  I'm surprised that with so many big names like SAP using TaskCentre that they haven't resolved this already, but that's how it appears.

Bruce Wilson
Director, Technical Services
RSM McGladrey, Inc.

A year later - has anyone heard of this is sorted?

I'm with a client at the moment who's considering clustering their SQL servers but is making heavy use of Task Centre. Does anyone know if this has been sorted since these original posts?

Next version of Taskcentre

I heard that the next version of Taskcentre, version 4.6, will support SQL clustering of an iMIS DB. Don't take my word though.

Let me clarify that if your Taskcentre DB is clustered, everything should be fine. It's when you cluster your iMIS DBs that the SQL Trigger Agent within Taskcentre is not supported. All other functionaility as far as I know is supported.

Next Version of Task Centre

Thanks Mark - Yes it's the iMIs database that they're thinking of clustering so we'll take a long hard look at things before going down that path.

Thanks, Jeremy.