WCM Drop Down Navigation

Are there any devlopers that have sucessfully got the Drop Down menus to actually function and display in WCM 15.1

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I have done it on my WCM

I have done it on my WCM site.

Dear Abby

Can you tell me what styles you had to modify to get it to show up correctly? Or provide any special things that you did to accomplish this feat

I have a couple sites with

I have a couple sites with them working. I have had some issues along the way. Have you configured the Dynamic Display Levels in the Navigation Pane for the navigation set? Also are you using a template gallery? Templates that have a vertical navigation do not use the pop-out menu's, I had to make changes to the master page to make it work. Also I have had problems with the z-order of the pop-out menus. Try to verify they are not popping up behind your content.


Terry Hammond enSYNC

Terry Hammond enSYNC Corporation Fort Worth, TX terry@ensync-corp.com

Did anyone have an easy solution to this?